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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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The headlines: The Yorkshire MEP, Godfrey Bloom, says he regrets any


offence his comments on foreign aid may have caused. How we can possibly


be giving �1 billion a month when we're in this debt to bongo bongo


land is complete completely irrational. Of He says he's glad the


issue of foreign aid has been put on the agenda.


Also cleaning teams start work at a play area in Hull linked to the


spread of an infectious bacteria. It's gone through the family in the


past couple of weeks any way. Hopefully we won't get it again. It


is quite worrying something like this. Snrvment How money from a


charity, run by Prince Charles, is helping local farmers.


Yes, we've done it! And find out later why this 72-year-old is


celebrating after his morning dip. After another fine, dry day across


east Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, I'll be back later with your full


forecast for tomorrow and into the Good evening. The east Yorkshire


based MEP, Godfrey Bloom, says he regrets any offence that's been


caused by his use of the phrase "bongo bongo land". He was recorded


at a public meeting where he criticised the amount of Government


money spentds on overseas aid. The UK Independence Party has warned him


not to use those words again. However, in an interview with BBC


Look North, Mr Bloom defended his Godfrey Bloom, he thrives on the


image of being one of our most politically incorrect politicians


sm. Claim the UKIP MEP has overstepped the mark. How we can


give �1 billion a month when we're in this debt to bongo bongo land...


As well as using that phrase, Mr Bloom told a meeting of supporters


in the Midlands those who received foreign aid spent the money on ray


ban sun glasses, apartments in Paris and Ferraris. There's no such place


as bango bango land. I don't see how I could upset to a place that


doesn't exist. However Natalie says she is offended. Natalie and her


husband adopted an African orphan called Star. The family have worked


with charities in Africa. It's making them sound nothing more than


running through the shrub in loincloths beating drums. They're so


much more than that. They're just like us. He's just perpetuating the


idea that they're not worth our money because they're black and


because they sit around playing bongos all day. It's absurd.


question the �11 billion the Government will spend this year on


overseas aid. The money that the UK Government disperses through


organisations like Christian Aid is very, very heavily accountable. It


is going to places where the level of poverty is such that it would be


unimaginable for people in this country and where it makes a very


real difference to people's lives. Godfrey Bloom is no stranger to


controversy. When he was first elected in 2004, he was asked about


gender equality and said, "Women should clean behind the fridge." In


2010, he was ejected from the European Parliament after directing


a Nazi slogan at a German MEP. Following Mr Bloom's comments,


UKIP's chairman said today, "We're asking Blood Red Shoes blood not to


use this phrase again, as it may be considered disparaging to members


from other countries." Steve Crowther claims the response from


voters has been anything but negative. I have been in touch with


the region quite extensively today. I have to say that from many parts


of the party up there we are hearing that the response has been


overwhelmingly positive. UKIP say they won't be taking any further


disciplinary action against the outspoken MEP, other than a warning


to mind his language. Earlier today I spoke to Godfrey


Bloom. I asked him if he stands by his comments. Yes, I do. I made a


speech in Birmingham and I was talking about the �1 billion a month


we send with virtually no audit trail every month. I think it's a


disgrace when we're cutting back on hospitals and police in our own


country. Do you understand why using the phrase "bongo bongo land" is


offensive to many? No, it's offensive to Guardian journalists.


It's not offensive to anybody else. Not offensive to people at home.


There is no such country. How can anybody be offended? I might have


offended and I'm going to write and apologise to President Bongo of the


Gambon in case he thought I was referring to him. I was reading an


e-mail from Russ who says, "Not just un-PC, but child itch. Would you go


along with that? What is stupid is sending nearly 100% of our growth in


GDP next year abroad and without a trail, we don't know where the money


goes. I would argue that is criedish. You say the Government


shouldn't be picking people's pockets to give on foreign aid. It


works out at �137 per person. Is that too much? You have to ask the


viewers that. We are going to in a moment. I would have thought when


people are waiting for cancer treatment, dialysis machines so on


and so forth, waiting for these things that we don't have, I would


argue sending money abroad is not a good thing. People say it's not just


morally right it helps stop breeding grounds for terrorists. That is in


our national interest, surely? I believe people should and I do give


money to all sorts of charities. I we have a worth worthy charities


here in Hull for fresh water but that's not the Government's


responsibility. Britain has been praised for being one of the most


generous countries in the world. Should we be proud? We are the most


generous country in the world per capitala. It isn't for rich men like


David Cameron to take money from poor people to send abroad. �430


million spend on malaria programmes, that's not apartments in Paris.


but of course, only part of the speech has been released. Some of it


does good work. I still don't believe it's the role of Government


to take taxation from people to give to charities. If I want to give to a


charity, Save the Children or antimalaria or Red Cross, whatever


it is, that is my responsibility. It's not for the Government to do


that. What percentage of people watching will think we give too much


in foreign aid? I think nearly 100%. 400 million a month goals to the EU


to distribute in aid. We have no idea where it goes. Your listeners


who have a mother waiting for cancer treatment or a father waiting for


dialysis machines or not enough police in their neighbourhood, I


think they'll agree with me. Final question on the bongo bongo land,


apology? Do you want to make one? will apologise to President Bongo of


the gap Bonn if he -- Gambon if he thinks I was referring to him.


you think Britain should be spending billions a year on foreign aid? It


is �11 billion. Were you offended bit comments made by Mr Bloom today?


If you want to comments, we'll have some before we finish. We look


some before we finish. We look some before we finish. We look


cycle race will set off from Yorkshire. Will it now be called


England's Grand Depart? Cleaning teams have moved onto a water play


IRA in a park in Hull linked to an outbreak of the cryptosporidium


infection. An investigation is under way after reports of 18 cases in the


area. The bacteria can cause severe diarrhoea, mainly in children.


East Park's paddling pool remained closed as workmen moved in to clean


the area in what the council has described as a precautionary


measure. Since the middle of July, 18 cases of cryptosporidium have


been confirmed with the pool being seen as a possible source of


infection. We treat all outbreaks seriously...


Now public health experts have been called in to assist the council's


own investigation. We are taking all the precautions and we are doing all


what we have to do, because the first thing is stop the, reduce the


risk of infection, try to identify the source. Is most common in


children aged between one and five. It's also a danger to the elderly.


Though experts say anyone with a healthy immune system should recover


within a month. Parents with experience of the


illness say it's the one bug they'd rather avoid. It's gone through the


family in the past couple of weeks any way. Hopefully we won't get it


again. It's quite worrying something like this. Then it puts you off


going to other paddling pools. recent hot weather, hundreds of


families had enjoyed the paddling pool. Today parents were finding


different ways to occupy their children. I'm not happy but if


that's the case, we seen somebody yesterday, said they were putting


taps in it for the kids to watch their hands. It would be concerning


to go if we didn't know about it and then found out later on. I would be


angry. Ensure the outbreak's contained, the council says other


pools in the city are also being tested It could be possible that


somebody who has been to East Park play area could have been to another


pool. But it's unlikely. We just want to be sure. Are you doing about


that? We're testing the water. In other areas as well? All through the


city, to make sure. Mat jort of those affected are said to be


children who recently visited the paddling pool, with families tonight


being advised to be extra vigilant over hygiene.


Phil is in East Park now. How long have the -- are the


authorities expecting the pool to be closed? The council will give no


clear indication as to when the paddling pool here will be back to


normal. It is the height of the summer holiday. They'll be keen to


try and resolve these problems as soon as they can. We do know that in


the last 24 hours, every GP in Hull and east Yorkshire has been


contacted by health experts and alerted as to what has been


happening. They are, they say, expecting more cases over the next


couple of days to appear. Catching the symptoms early could be crucial


in preventing the spread of the infection.


More news now, a new inquest will be held into the death of a man whose


body was washed up on a Norfolk beach 24 years ago. DNA tests last


year led to believe it was Michael Sutherland who lived in Cleethorpes.


That should now be determined by the Coroners' Court. An open verdict was


pronounced in the first inquest held in 1990.


Detectives investigating the armed robbery at a jewellers in Beverley


have released a CCTV image a second person. They would like any


information about the clothes worn during the robbery. Both suspects


wore white paper overalways and black balaclavas. Watches were


stolen from the Guest andPhillips Jewellers yesterday morning.


Staff Attenborough the City of Lincoln Council will now earn what's


known as a living wage, a minimum of �7. 45 an hour. The change will


affect 39 people who have been on a rate of �6. 35, just above the


national minimum wage. The living wage is worked out with members of


the public based on what households need to maintain their standards of


living. �7 million is to be spent on


improvements to the buildings at the University of Lincoln. The


Government money will fund two new schools. The new students are


expected to start there in the next two years.


Now Prince Charles is well known as a champion of rural life. He even


runs his own organic farming business. Now his charity is helping


farmers in Lincolnshire. The coastal grazing marshes project is getting a


share of �3 million from the Prince's Countryside Fund. The money


will be held to help farms diversify and survive. It's being seen as


another sign that the future of farming is looking brighter.


One of our colleges has just reported that more youngsters are


Ben is one of two apprentice iss in Lincolnshire funded by the Prince 's


countryside fund. He's being guided through the most important event in


the farming calendar by a custodian of this industry. I was hoping I


wouldn't have to spend five days a week in college, so now I get the


chance to earn money and work and dot job I like at the same time.


started work at 15. This has always been a family farm. We've continued


in the same way really. I'd like to think that some of the skill that


I've picked up over the years that they'll not die completely, because


they'll be passed on. Farmers who congregate in the market, they work


hard and they've had long experience. Farming has changed


dramatically since the war, as these pictures of a cattle market show.


But with many farmers now exceed exceeding retirement age, new blood


is needed. Latest figures suggest the number of people farming in


Britain has declined 26% over the past 20 years. And it's estimated


that 60,000 new farmers are needed in the next decade to ensure its


future sustainability. Bishop Burton College in east Yorkshire is helping


to train that new generation. Alfie Graham was in the classroom just


last year. He now works on the college's farm. The number of young


people comeling through -- coming through is quite astonishing. There


are more and more people coming into agriculture from nonfarming


backgrounds. That's because they see it as something that's not in


recession. It could be decades before these graduates are ready to


run their own farms, to independently produce the food that


this country needs. That is why in the meantime, this industry needs a


bit of help. The Prince's Trust have been good in giving us money towards


training of people in the area, so that they understand and help to


preserve the Lincolnshire coastal grazing marshes use. Ben drives the


four miles home to a neighbouring village each night in his tractor.


An apprentice taking his training seriously! It's a dedication which


help him produce the British produce we enjoy in the future.


Good news and a boost for farmers in Lincolnshire. Thank you for


watching. Still ahead on the programme: How far? Keep going.On


the tides. The 72-year-old swimming the Humber for a 70th time.


It will be unique. I really can't think of anybody who would be daft


Thank you for the photos. Tonight's was taken by Mike B ra d.


-- Bard. -- Bard.


"I was shopping in and very excited when I saw Peter Levy in the pound


shop." With all your money! In the shop." With all your money! In the


pound shop! All right, get over it. Taking after Hudson. Should have


brought some Lypsil for you. Tonight has been nice and warm. The greater


risk of catching a shower tomorrow I think. There will be spells of


sunshine that could be a little bit warmer tomorrow. 22, 23 degrees


around the Wash. And it's because we are still in the settled spell of


weather. Still a ridge of high pressure. Tomorrow night, this


weather front pushes in. It's a fairly weak affair. It brings patchy


rain and drizzle overnight into Friday. Friday should brighten up


again. On the satellite picture, we have a mootling of cloud. We have


had cloud through the day. Also spells of sunshine. Sunny spells


into this evening. It looks like a fine night. A dry night with long,


clear spells that. Allows patchy mist and fog to develop.


Temperatures back to around 11 or 12 degrees. I think in the countryside,


like last night, it could be quite drop to around seven or eight


degrees, which is possible, we get a bit of mist, it could feel autumnal.


It will warm up. The rest of the sunshine through the morning. The


cloud bubbling up. Through the afternoon showers about. Not


everywhere catches one. In the sunshine in between, it feels warm


with temperatures around where they should be for this time of year. The


breeze will be mostly gentle and temperatures will lift to around 22


degrees, which is 72 Fahrenheit, perhaps 23 around the Wash.


On Friday, we start with a reasonable amount of cloud. It


should brighten up. The best day of should brighten up. The best day of


the weekend will be Saturday. Can't believe I'm saying this, but


when is he back from holiday? for ages. He likes to take about


three months off! He's like a politician. Oh, gosh.


Serve you right. I've been savage the last couple of weeks. See you


tomorrow. Next year, the world's biggest


annual sporting event, the Tour De France, will start in Yorkshire.


When the decision was announced in December, it was seen as a coup for


the county and a huge boost for tourism. Now it's emerged that the


Government wanted to market the event not as Yorkshire's Grand


Depart, but England's. In a moment we talk to the man given the job of


running the tour. First this report. It's one of the biggest sporting


events in the world. It attracts millions of spectators. When it was


announced that the Tour De France would start in Yorkshire next year,


the county was propelled not -- into the international spotlight. We're


delighted. For the whole of Yorkshire this is an early Christmas


present. Though the route wouldn't pass directly through east


Yorkshire, tourism bosses urged local people to embrace it. Now it's


emerged that the Government wanted to market the event not as


Yorkshire's Grand Depart, but as England's. The national tourist body


visit England's first news release about the tour mention England's 11


times and York Yorkshire -- mention England 11 times and Yorkshire just


three times. With less than a year to go, the revelations make


uncomfortable reading for those who worked to bring it to the county.


Joining me now is Sir Rodney Walker, the man put in charge of the tour


here by the Government. Good evening to you. Hello, Peter.Let's clear


this up. The lion's share of the route is in Yorkshire, will it be


granded as Grand Depart Yorkshire. The brand is secure. It's agreed


with the rights holders and it will be the welcome to Yorkshire Grand


Depart. The Government want to market the event not as Yorkshire


but as England? It isn't something that I've been full lay ware of. Do


visit England want to be aware? Of course, they do. Because there's two


days in Yorkshire. The third day is Cambridge, via Essex and the Olympic


Stadium to the mall. It is at the end of the day, an English event.


There's no question of it being anything other than two days of the


Grand Depart in Yorkshire. Two days in Yorkshire and a press release, 11


references to England and only three to Yorkshire. Was that a bad move?


have spoken several times to the chief executive of visit England and


I'm waiting for him to give me his proposals as to out Visit England


can complement the publicity that Welcome to Yorkshire are going to be


putting out. I don't see any conflict at all. I do want them to


be involved but not take over the events. Briefly, we in east


Yorkshire here feel already a bit left out of the race. Can you


understand that why when west, south and west are part of it and we're


not. Is it too late? There's nothing I can do about changing the route,


I'm afraid. But what is good news is that a lot of the local authorities


through the length and breadth of Yorkshire want to see this event a


great success. It's going to cost us �21 million or there about and the


prospects are that it will generate over �100 million of inward


investment and tourism. I'm sure you regret we're not coming to east


Yorkshire as well? I would love it to go to one of my favourite towns,


which is Scarborough, which I think is North Yorkshire, rather than


east, but it can't go everywhere. OK. Very good to have you on the


programme tonight. Thank you very much.


Now, lots of response last night on bus, taxi and lorry drivers


attending a course in Hull designed to give them a cyclist's view of the


city's roads. It's part of council efforts to make drivers aware of the


dangers facing cyclists and involve them getting on their bikes and


going on the road for themselves. A big response on this one. Just a


few, Graham, "If the cyclists choose the cycle lane that has been made


available to them, there would be a available to them, there would be a


those. Scunthorpe United have been knocked


out of the League Cup against barnedzly after a goal -- Barnsley,


after a goalless away draw sent it to penalties.


This was the decider after a shootout that saw nine missed spot


kicks. The Iron lost narrowly by five penalties to four.


It took him over three-and-a-half hours, but 72-year-old Pete


Winchester from Lincolnshire has completed his dream of swimming the


Humber for the 70th time. He set off from Spurn Point yesterday for a


12-mile swim to Cleethorpes. From east Yorkshire's coast to


Lincolnshire's. A 70th Humber swim for 72-year-old Pete Winchester and


his guide boat team. Over the years, he's raised thousands for charity


and still keeps coming back. This time, though, he insists it's his


last crossing. I had an ambition to swim the Humber to emulate join


finch or Brenda Fisher that swap the channel. When I did it once. My


first question to the lads - when are we going again? Now we're on my


70th, it will be unique, I really can't think of anybody who would be


daft enough. That's because there's more than merely smearing on


Vaseline. He has to time it just right and avoiding some obstacles.


You can't swim against the current, so we have to make use of a little


bit of the ebb, cut across dush the slack water period and then take the


flood assisting us behind the swimmer and cut back into the shore.


I want to be successful. I do want to call it a day. It is a big one,


really. So to the swim. With the tides against him at first, peat's


fast start soon slowed Andujar hour in, conditions -- slowed and an hour


in, conditions worsened. We want to be further down. Pete this was


becoming an epic swim. Two hours in and the shore still not in sight.


Normally he would be almost home and dry by now. Instead it was another


hour-and-a-half before this. Stop! hour-and-a-half before this. Stop!


hour-and-a-half before this. Stop! Pete, stand up! Yes! We've done it.


Yeah three-and-a-half hours it was a long one. I was cold, though I'm not


cold now. I think because of excitement. I can tell you honestly,


it was tough. It's amazing, it is really. Nobody will do it like Pete


has, not 70 times. Not as many times. No. So 70 Humber swims at the


age of 72, time to retire, you'd think and who knows, maybe he will.


I reckon he'll be back. Well done to Pete. Now the main national and


regional headlines: The Governor of the Bank of England says interest


rates could stay at a record low for another three years. The Yorkshire


MEP, Godfrey Bloom, has said he regrets any offence caused by his


comments on foreign aid. Tomorrow: Sunny spells and scattered showers.


Some places stay dry. Temperatures Some places stay dry. Temperatures


up to 23 Celsius. Big response on Godfrey Bloom's comments after


talking to him a few minutes ago. Steve says, Godfrey Bloom is right


in what he says. We fought in two world wars for the right of Free


Speech. Why ostracise the man for speaking the truth? Another one


says, complaining of millions of pounds going in aid was speaking for


many of us. Quite ridiculous to see the wealth of some of the leaders of


third world countries. Simon and Judith say, "We are not


amongst Mr Bloom's nearly 100%. His comments and glib manner are


designed to create an environment which racist comments are


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