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North. The headlines tonight: Months after a fall-out at the top.


It seems to be a rather farcical process. Calls to speed-up the


report into the management of Lincolnshire Police.


A large rise in parents being fined for taking cheap holidays in


term-time. I have had a letter saying I might be fined up to �240.


How a view like this is down to the planning of a man known as England's


greatest gardener. I will be back later in the


Good evening. A former senior police officer has


criticised the time its taking for a report on the future of


Lincolnshire's Chief Constable to be completed. It's four months since an


investigation started into the decision by the Police and Crime


Commissioner, Alan Hardwick, to suspend his Chief Constable, Neil


Rhodes. Gemma Dawson has been looking at why that report still


hasn't been published. For months now, Lincolnshire's


Police and Crime Commissioner and his Chief Constable have been


waiting to hear the results of this investigation. The report was


expected to be published two months ago. Neither Alan Hardwick or Neil


Rhodes has been willing to speak to us about the length of time it's


taking for this investigation to be concluded. But one former senior


officer has told Look North, he's surprised it's taking so long.


wouldn't have thought it was a particular complex investigation. I


am surprised. This all began in February when Mr


Rhodes was suspended by Alan Hardwick - "because of potential


conduct matters." On March 14th, Mr Hardwick appointed the Chief


Constable of Greater Manchester Police to investigate the


suspension. But just two weeks later, Neil Rhodes went to a


judicial review, which was successful, and he was reinstated as


the force's temporary Chief Constable. Then in May, Alan


Hardwick told the Home Affairs Select Committee the investigation


should be complete within a month. spoke to said Peter yesterday. We


are confident the matter, or the decision, that will come from his


investigation will be with me within four weeks.


It's business as usual for Lincolnshire Police. But nearly


three months on, still no report. Chris Underwood-Frost used to be a


member of the Lincolnshire Police Authority - the group that was


replaced with the Police and Crime Commissioner. He says this wouldn't


have happened under his watch. would have taken professional,


outside information and got on with life. This is something we would not


have allowed to carry on like this. In a statement, the group now


responsible for scrutinising the actions of the Police and Crime


positions within a few weeks time. We have a lot of weight in the


senior officers, don't get me wrong. It is just that lack of continuity


and clarity. Nobody has been able to give as any indication when this


report will be published. So for now, Neil Rhodes continues as


temporary Chief Constable, alongside the man who suspended him earlier


this year. Earlier I spoke to Dr Julian


Huppert, a member of the Home Affairs Select Committee, and asked


him whether the delay was acceptable.


No, I don't think it is. It is another element in what seems to be


a farcical process. We had the suspension of the chief constable,


then the legal case, then the reinstatement. We had the


resignation of the chair. It is not a great advert for the commission,


for the constabulary or the system. Neither the Greater Manchester


police, who are writing the report, the police scrutiny committee in


Lincolnshire can say it - - can say when it will be ready. Might it be


more serious than we thought? hard to know. It does not seem like


it should be such a big issue. One man decided to suspend one other


man. It is hard to see how many details there would be. A High Court


judge has already described it as perverse, anyway. It is incredibly


strong language for a judge to use. It does seem like a farcical


situation. I would have thought it would be in the best interest of the


Commissioner and the constabulary for this to be dealt with, rather


than hanging over. Can you see why there are claims that this is


leading to instability in the Lincolnshire force? Absolutely. You


have a chief constable who has been suspended then reinstated. You have


a Commissioner that is being criticised. You have the chair of


the panel who has resigned. It is not a good situation. I hope it will


not affect the morale of police on the ground. Your committee said it


will be investigating the police and Crown Commissioners before the end


of the year. What do you think you will find in Lincolnshire? I don't


want to prejudge. One thing that is clear, there are not the checks and


balances. We have situations where there seemed to be inappropriate


processes without proper analysis. We will be having a look at that. We


mainly to update the legislation. Thank you very much.


What do you think about this tonight? If you work for the force,


or rely on the services of the force, what impact is the ongoing


uncertainty of the last few months There's been a significant jobs


boost for Northern Lincolnshire today with the news that a national


firm is to make its new headquarters at the former Kimberly Clark site in


Barton Upon Humber. Wren Kitchens - founded in East Yorkshire - says it


will create up to 500 jobs in the town over the next five years.


Caroline Bilton reports on the impact the investment could have in


the town. An East Yorkshire company that's


fast becoming one of the UK's biggest kitchen retailers, already


owning plants in Howden and Scunthorpe, Wren, now plans to


expand further. It's coming here to the former Kimberley Clark factory


in Barton upon Humber. It as being one of the area's biggest employers


for over 20 years. When Kimberly-Clark announced it would


close operations here, it was a huge blow to Barton and the surrounding


areas. The fact that a buyer has been found but if we soon for this


massive site here is fantastic news. People living in this area are


pleased. Janet Oxley is the mayor of Barton


now and she was mayor when Kimberley clark first came to this town. She


knows what impact a big company can have on a local economy like this


and how significant today's announcement is. This is massive,


absolutely massive. It is massive news for Barton and for the


community. It is gone to massively increase the economy and Barton,


massively improve things. Rent started out in business in 2009. It


employs 1200 people in the UK, over half in the Humber region. This


latest investment will see a further 500 jobs being created in Barton.


They're planning to make this their headquarters, creating both


manufacturing and customer service jobs. We have about 2000 people


employed in North Lincolnshire. This is nearly a quarter of that


workforce that will be able to take up these jobs. We will be able to


get them qualified. There are plenty of people that need work, because


there are not many opportunities. is good. There are a lot of people


on the door. They won't be waiting long. It's


hoped 100 of these new jobs will become available within the next six


months. Scunthorpe Steelworks has won a


60,000-tonne order from Saudi Arabia. The order for steel track


will be made for a transport network in the Saudi desert. Tata Steel,


which owns the factory, announced financial losses back in May.


In a moment: A thirst for success. Even the physio's dog is backing


Grimsby Town as they prepare for the Howard sent this in. Thank you very


much for that. Another picture tomorrow. My favourite e-mail was


from lives. My husband James watches every night to see Keeley Donovan.


He likes to see what she will work. Sad.


That is uncalled for examination mark he clearly has good taste.


Tomorrow will start off a bit cloudy. It brightens up nicely. We


should all see some sunshine. You can see on the pressure chart that


will bring us some patchy rain. Behind it, temperatures might be a


little bit down on today. It has been a pleasant day. We will see an


increase in cloud. A few showers in the short-term, then outbreaks of


rain and drizzle will spread eastwards overnight. It will be a


mild night. Temperatures down to 14 or 15. Temperatures not as low as


they were last night. It may be a cloudy start to the day. We could


see the odd shower continuing through the day, but generally an


improvement. We should have some smells of sunshine. Temperatures


will reach around 2122 degrees. It is about average for the time of


year. Through the weekend, Saturday is probably a better day. It will be


and I am marking off the days. Until his Lordship returns. Do you


think his dress sense is better than mine?


Lincolnshire parents being fined if their children fail to attend


school. Fines starting at �60 can be issued in cases of truancy or if


parents want to go on holiday in term time. The county council says


it's fair, but some claim that the system isn't targeting the real


problem. Sharon Edwards has more. Mother of two client is looking


forward to a holiday in Tunisia next June. She is not looking forward to


the prospect of a fine for taking her children out of school. I have


received a letter saying it is unauthorised and I may face a fine.


In half-time, we would have had to pay �900 per child. To go when we


had going in turn time, we only have to pay �500 for one child. Parents


in Lincolnshire are being fined for allowing children to skip school.


The county council says parents looking for a cheap holiday will be


challenged by schools. We always take each family's case and decide


whether they could authorise that. They are not keen to authorise if it


is just cheap flights. If you want to take your children away during


the holidays, it is likely to cost you a lot more. According to one


website we looked at, and all-inclusive family break for four


in Majorca is �1000 more expensive in August and it would be next


month. The same is true for flights. We found a flight going from East


Midlands to Corfu was nearly half price in September than it would be


now. Persistent truancy is also driving up the figures. The council


says families are offered support before fines are issued. When


support does not work, other strategies have to be looked at.


number of penalty notices issued to parents has more than doubled, from


67 to 156. The rise coincides with a tougher stance ordered by


government. The council insist that find I use proportionately, but many


more parents are paying the price of their - - if their children do not


attend school. Nick Raine is from the National


Union of Teachers. I asked him if it was acceptable for parents to take


their children out of school to go on holiday. You can we do not think


it is a good idea for children to miss school at all, but we


understand that sometimes it is inevitable. Do you agree with fining


parents? No, we do not. We think taking money out of family budgets


is not good for children and we do not think it is a solution. It is a


cheap headline. Lincolnshire county council is not sympathetic to


parents of them for cheap holidays. Have they got it wrong? I think


individual schools try and do their best. We are faced with a situation


where the government dictates the action of parents and teachers. We


do have sympathy with parents who cannot afford holidays during normal


holiday times. We think that is different from children who are


persistently truancy. How do you tackle those who were persistent


offenders? That needs to be tackled at a much earlier stage. It needs to


be addressed by various agencies. Fining parents later on has not


proved to be a solution. It is simply a headline. If you have lots


of persistent offenders, then you have a much lesser number of those


taking kicked out of school for a cheap holiday, can you understand


why those parents feel annoyed? can understand why parents are


angry. In these tough times, people want family holidays, and sometimes


they can only afford to do it during term time. That is different from a


situation where people allow children to miss large amounts of


their education, which can be detrimental to their future. Thank


you very much. What do you think? If you're quick


with an email or text on this one, I'll have your thoughts before the


end of the show. Is fining parents the right approach at all to


tackling school absences? Have you been fined for taking your child out


Thank you to everyone who got in touch with us about the Yorkshire


MEP Godfrey Bloom's comments on foreign aid. Mr Bloom said he


regretted any offence that was caused by his use of the phrase


"bongo bongo land," but stood by his claim that too much government money


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


is being spent on overseas aid. Non-league football's top


competition The Football Conference begins on Saturday with both Lincoln


City and Grimsby Town hoping to make their mark. Grimsby narrowly missed


promotion last season whilst Lincoln fought a season-long battle against


relegation. Simon Clark has more. On a clear and beautiful day, they


are expecting brighter times ahead at Lincoln city. Under their latest


manager, Gary Simpson, they have recruited heavily from far and wide


this summer. Seven players live under the same roof. That is one way


to get a team bonding. At one stage, I think there were three in one


bedroom. I think they have sorted out now. I mean, you know, it is a


big house. Seven, I think, of those. It has been good. Will their high


spirits be enough for the Imps? achieve, you do need a good spine.


Gary has been superb in the way he has gone about his business. It


looks to have paid off. Last season was difficult for the Imps, until


Simpson pulled them up. Neighbours Grimsby looked like they would be


promoted but stumbled in the closing weeks. Last week was a struggle for


Lincoln city, but there seemed to be a bounce in their step this time


around. They seem capable of being better. What about their friends and


rivals at Grimsby town? Remember, they never got promoted last season.


Can they go one step further? Like Lincoln, there have recruited well,


with a number of players joining. Last year, we lost in the play-offs.


It is a big season for risk season. We have a smaller squad. I think


they have deeper quality in it. If you look at the squad and compare


it, it is an improvement. Like Grimsby physio Dave's Labrador, both


teams have a thirst for success. The draw has been made for the


second round. The Tigers have been drawn away to league one side Leyton


Orient. It's been a fantastic summer so far


and gardens everywhere have thrived. So tonight we're beginning a series


looking at some of the most impressive and interesting gardens


we have in this area. Jo Makel's been to Burghley House, near


Stamford, where work is under way to restore an 18th century vision of


its grounds. It is one of the country's greatest


Elizabethan houses. And the grounds surrounding Burghley are also of


historical significance designed by one of the most famous names in


gardening, Lancelot Capability Brown. He is considered to be one of


the country's greatest landscape gardeners, but his ideas were


radical. He had such an impact and changed everybody's view of what


surrounds a great house in the country. Brownlow, who was ninth


Earl inherited in 1754. He employed Brown straightaway. He had a man


called John Hames to draw every angle of the park in the house


before Brown to make a record of what was here. Formal gardens were


going out of fashion and labour was becoming expensive. Brown's redesign


reduced the number of gardeners needed from 26 to ten. He did his


normal thing and put in a park landscape. He took away the gardens,


the reflecting ponds, the maze, the wilderness, all of that went. Sad in


a way because they must have been fantastic gardens. Brown the vandal,


or Brown the creator, depending on your view. This was a job which


really built Brown's reputation. In the end he was here for 23 years and


at �1,000 a year, that was an enormous 18th Century investment in


his vision. I would have this vision of Mr Brown leaving, among a sea of


mud, saplings growing, and Mr Brown leaving, saying, it will be good,


your grandchildren will like it. That generation will never see the


effect. The Capability Brown parkland is all about views and


vistas. And giving tantalising glimpses of the house. This is one


of the best views of Burghley House from the south. Look how it's framed


between the trees. I think we have the most intact example of a


Capability Brown parkland and I think you've only got to look at the


landscape here to see, I think, he was a star, a bit of a legend,


really. It is a really wonderful vista and view we have got here.


While much is unchanged since Brown's day, work is now underway to


restore one of the fuse which over the last century has become rather


obscure. - - restore one of the reviews. It is at the bottom of


almost like an amphitheatre. We're trying to get these views are.


house, recently created a garden. It is formal, contrived. It is a darkly


what he did not want. Yet his garden was equally design. It was driven by


his vision. It looks brilliant there. You can


see the second part of the service next week. We can have a recap of


the headlines. The largest baby-boom sees the population growing


Thanks for the responses on the subject of the late into the report


of the suspension of the police chief constable. This was an


anonymous. I work for Lincolnshire police and I can say the issues have


had no impact whatsoever on officers on the ground. We continue to


perform well and offer Lincolnshire a professional service. Alan says,


it is nothing but a farce. We were also talking about whether parents


should be fined for taking their children out of school to go on


holiday. Andrea tweeted to say: "If they want to fine us for taking kids


out of school we should have a say on when to have holidays." Andrew


says, parent does not have a right to withhold education. Finally,


Allen in Cleethorpes said, if teachers had four or five weeks


instead of 14 per year, like everybody else, they might perhaps


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