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North. The headlines tonight. The end of an era for Hull City as


the football club is re-branded as the Hull City Tigers.


Why change it? Everyone knows it as Hull City AFC. The iMac I don't


think we should drop the city. Campaigners call for a total ban on


motorists drinking alcohol before getting behind the wheel. If it was


a zero tolerance attitude, everyone would be aware where they stand, you


cannot drink and drive. The woman who says she was trapped


in her own home by a pair of angry seagulls.


And the musician who's uncovered what is thought to be a piece of


Beatles history. I will be back later in the


It's been in existence for more than 100 years and next week Hull City


will start life back in the Premier League. But tonight, the decision by


the club's owners to change the team's name has been criticised as a


backward step. Hull City AFC is now Hull City Tigers, with the owner


Assem Allam saying he would eventually like to shorten it to


just Hull Tigers. He says it will make the club easier to market


abroad. Simon Clark reports. Since 1904, they have been Hull City


AFC, but from today, the AFC is no more. No, this is Hull City Tigers.


If there is one thing to get fans talking, it is the name of their


club. So, today we have invited two of them to discuss the change. They


had plenty to say. The Tigers as apart from that name, the best in


English football. Make something of that, but make something of it by


clumsily merging it... My personal view is that it could have been


handled so much better. I am concerned that there may have been


some serious alienation of supporters. If there were plans are


put to make this fundamental change, you would expect the


supporters to have been consulted. marketing expert reckons the change


has merit. I think foreign fans new to the Premier League looking for a


club to support will find it is difficult to support Hull, they will


monitor surly know where it is, therefore find it difficult to


identify with that club. Whereas rebranded to the Tigers, it will be


easier to attract new foreign fans. Councillor Terry Gerraghty, who's in


charge of leisure and culture at Everybody knows it is Hull City AFC.


I can understand why it is the Tigers, but I do not think we should


drop the city. But Mac changing brands is nothing new. Last year,


Cardiff City turned their home shirts from blue to red. And who can


forget the brief rebranding as Hull Sharks? Just a matter of the


football pictures. Chelsea versus Hull City Tigers, it may take some


getting used to. I spoke to councillor Terry


Geraghty, who is in charge of leisure and culture at Hull City


Council. I asked him if he welcomed the name change. I do, -- I do


nothing there needs to be any change because Hull city is branded all


over the world and especially no way for doing that then we are doing as


far as the city is concerned for the year of culture 2017, we are now


recognised by people down in London. Hull is the area to come to.


Alain says the word city is common, is he right? The Queen the stowed


this. That is what was invested on us many years ago. If you want the


Tigers to compete on the world stage, win the Premier League, do we


not have to move with The Times? name city has been mothers for 100


odd years now and I do not see any advantage. -- has been by bus. I


believe that there are many looking -- they may be looking to sell the


club, I don't know. To me, I would be thinking, what is in it to make


it an even bigger brand than what it has no? Do you think you might want


to do that you Mac no I think that might be something he is not saying.


If you have a brand that is known as Hull city, you do not change the


brand unless there is something else behind it.


The Daily Telegraph says the name change shows a lack of respect for


fans. Should they have been asked to? I think so. You should have put


it to the fans, whether they wanted to change the name. But it would


have been common courtesy to get in touch with the City Council and ask


their opinion. I think they have done this because of other reasons.


It is not the reason that he is saying. Can you understand why the


fans are unhappy? I can. I have supported them since I was a boy. We


did not say, go and see the Tigers, we went to see City. Do you think


changing the club's name matters? Maybe you think it will make it


easier to market it around the world? I know several people have


been in touch already, they are very We will have some before we are done


at seven o'clock. In a moment: Why campaigners in


Louth have come up with their own plans to stop their council selling


land to a supermarket chain. Road safety campaigners don't want


people to have any alcoholic drinks at all if they are driving. A man


from Hull, whose brother was killed by a drunk driver, is among those


demanding a total ban on motorists consuming alcohol before they drive.


Figures show the number of casualties in the Humberside Police


area is higher in August than in any other month. More from our political


editor, Tim Iredale. While the majority of responsible


drivers remain within the legal drink drive limit, a stubborn


minority continue to break the law and the summer months are often the


worst time. We are trying to highlight, if you are out at family


barbecues and weddings, to be careful and not only about drinking


and driving that may, obviously that is the main message, but to actually


think about the morning after, are you still, diesel have alcohol in


your system due Mac With many teenagers hoping to celebrate after


getting their A-level results next week, young drivers are being warned


that drink and driving could ruin their big night out. Figures from


the Humberside force revealed the average number of drink drive


related casualties is 18 in August, compared to nine over the Christmas


period. That is when most campaigns are focused. Successive governments


have argued against lowering the UK drink drive limit, to bring us in


line with other European countries. But some campaigners would like to


go further and to see a total ban on drivers touching any alcohol before


they get behind the wheel. Stephen Meara-Blount has felt the pain and


misery caused by drink-driving. In 2006, he was knocked down by a


speeding driver on Beverley Road in Hull, along with his brother, Tony,


who later died in hospital. Stephen now campaigns for the road safety


group Brake. People take a chance, maybe one or two drinks. Not knowing


if they are over the limit or not. If it was a zero tolerance attitude,


then everybody would be aware of where they stand, you cannot drink


and drive. So, would these drinkers supported tougher drink drive


limit? I think the laws are OK as they are. Personally I think you can


have a pint or maybe to maximum. don't think the pubs would get any


trade, there would be no one driving. The Government says it


remains committed to educating drivers about the dangers of


drink-driving. Tim is with me now. So the Government says it has no


plans to change the law on drink-driving, but how much pressure


is there for a rethink? Many road safety campaigners and professionals


and senior police officers would like to see a zero level ban, but


officials from the Department for transport have told us that this is


not a practical option, the reason they give is that they say even


without drinking it is possible for small amounts of alcohol to be


present in the body for other -- from other sources, such as the


fermentation process involved in the digestive Asian of certain


foodstuffs, or as an ingredient in mouthwash. -- in the digester in. I


think pressure will come to reduce the limit in mind that other


European countries. You might also want to get in touch about this


story. Do you think a total ban on alcohol if you're driving is the


right way to go? We look forward to hearing from you.


50 officers from the Serious Crime team at Humberside Police are


investigating an armed robbery in Beverley. More than �200,000 worth


of watches were stolen from a jewellers on Tuesday. The police are


studying hours of CCTV footage of Beverley, and the area of Hull where


one of the getaway cars was parked before the raid.


There's been a rise in the number of 999 calls attended by private


ambulances in the area covered by the East Midlands Ambulance Service.


Officials say they're now investing �4 million in their own new


ambulances to meet increasing demand.


They want to protect Louth from commercial development. But


campaigners have come up with their own plans for developing its cattle


market. For years there has been speculation that East Lindsey


District Council would sell the site to a supermarket. Instead the


community group Keep Louth Special wants to turn the area into an


activity park, as Simon Spark reports.


As market towns go, Louth was voted one of the best last year. But there


are still ongoing issues about what will happen to its cattle market


site. One community group desperate not to see it turn into a possible


supermarket have now come up with their own alternative plans. The


group Keep Louth Special want to see a climbing wall, cafes, shops and an


hotel outside, and inside, the cattle market would double up as a


live music venue. This is where the climbing wall would be.


supermarket is convenient. A lot of people would want it here. This is a


bad site for the survival of the town, as a centre for independent


shopping. We have seen it in many other towns across the country. All


the character gets bleached out by the supermarket. This site can


continue to provide the agricultural focus and the community focus.


many today, this was the first they'd heard of these new proposals.


I would not have thought we would need any more shops. I think the


climbing wall is quite good. Sue-mac people have to go into Grimsby or


Skegness if they want to do a really big shop. I think it looks good.


Anything is better than a supermarket. We have nothing to do


with our kids around here and we have plenty of supermarkets.


Eastland Council say they have taken no decision, but are currently


seeking advice to inform a decision as to whether it should be made


available. They add, "Once the advice is received, the council will


consider its position. If in the future, the site is made available


for sale or lease, the District Council would be keen to hear from


any organisation or business which would be interested in the site,


including Keep Louth Special." For now, the wait on this cattle


market's future continues. A story that we will continue to


follow. Still ahead tonight: The woman who


claims aggressive seagulls made her a prisoner in her own home.


These are the trousers that Paul McCartney used to wear. And how a


piece of Beatles history ended up in the hands of an East Yorkshire


musician. Tonight's photograph. This is Hull,


taken from Barton on Humber at 5:30am this morning, by Chris James


of Barton. That is a stunner. Thank you for


that and for all the e-mails and pictures this week. She league


Donovan, good evening. -- Keeley Donovan. People think I have the


best job in turn, chatting to the Donovan every night.


Right, the weekend weather, a mixed bag, not too bad. Not a wash-out,


but not blazing sunshine. Variable amounts. Sunday, the greater risk of


catching showers. The odd shower, but generally there will be no


proper rain. Perhaps a little on Saturday night but the showers will


be hit and miss. Earlier today, the cloud is well broken, lots of


sunshine to end the day but it is rather breezy. Fine as we had


through this evening with long, clear spells. It might be an little


more cloud filters up from the south. These are the values in the


towns and cities. I think out in the countryside, particularly where we


keep the clear skies, it will be cooler. The sun will rise at 5:31am,


setting again at 8:42pm. The next high water... It should start the


day in parts of east Yorkshire on a sunny note. More cloud across


Lincolnshire. Variable amounts of cloud, at times fairly cloudy, but


there will be a lot of rightness and spells of sunshine. The showers are


very hit and miss, you will be unlucky if you catch one.


Temperatures leading to around 20 Celsius. Around 20, 21. The greater


risk of catching a shower on Sunday and it will be a more breezy day.


Variable amounts of cloud as we go through the day on Sunday. It will


be broken and we will have a few showers to content with Allsop there


could be the odd heavier one. On Monday, a repeat performance.


Variable cloud with sunny spells. Showers on Monday tending to the


Have a nice weekend. It may be summer, but gritting teams


in Lincolnshire say they are busier now than at any other time of the


year. They're using new technology to map nearly 2000 miles of the


county's roads to make their gritters more efficient. They've


just taken delivery of a brand new fleet, ready for when winter sets


in. Caroline Bilton has been out with them.


Let's face it, you will not have seen one of these for a while, but


in a few months, they will be back, laying a vital role in keeping the


roads clear of ice and snow. But just because we haven't seen much of


the white stuff recently, it doesn't mean that our gritting teams are


getting to put up their feet. Two we are probably busier in the summer


than the winter, the amount of operation, it is the hottest day of


the year and we are getting ready for when it is snowing. It feels odd


to be talking about gritting but keeping the roads moving during the


winter months is an all year round job and it is not just about


throwing a bit of grit on the roads. There is a science behind this. To


prove it, we will need one of these. For the past few months, the roads


in Lincolnshire have been scrutinised by this computer. The


latest in GPS technology. These controls set the salting and the


width of how the salt is spread, to be membered for the future. The


greater will mimic what I have been putting in. Act in the office, the


roots are put into the computer, complete with how much salt needs to


be spread, depending on the width of the road. The result, precision


gritting. You do not need that much salt to have an effect. It is in


this kind of technology, this modern way of doing things, that we are


saving our salt and making efficiency savings that means we can


develop things elsewhere. Like taking delivery of 14 new critters,


all the way from Denmark, which will eventually be fitted with the new


computers, ready for the start of the new winter season, which


incidentally is only eight weeks away.


Now, last night we told you about the amount of parents being fined


for keeping their children off school in Lincolnshire. It's a


number which has more than doubled after the County Council decided to


get tough on term time holidays and other unauthorised absences. Parents


face fines of �60. But is that fair? Well, many people have been in touch


with us since. John from Lincoln says, "Parents should be fined for


taking children out of school for holidays. We go on holiday during


school term to have a quiet holiday without kids!"


But Marc from East Yorkshire, which also has a similar system,


Hull KR play Hull FC this weekend in another local rugby derby. The two


teams meet on Sunday at Craven Park. Hull KR won the first derby of the


season away at FC, but were then beaten in the Magic Weekend game in


May, when FC won with a controversial try. We just want to


write a few wrongs. We have probably been guilty of not being at our best


previously. Very much about us this week. Looking after our fans and


giving them something to write about. We like playing here at the


like the supporters and it has been a long time. We are looking forward


to it. And BBC Radio Humberside will have full commentary of Sunday's


match on FM and online. Build-up starts at 1:30pm, with kick off at


2:15pm. In Football, Scunthorpe United are


away at Bristol Rovers in League Two tomorrow. BBC Radio Humberside's FM


frequency has full coverage of that game. As the new Conference season


starts, Grimsby Town play their first match against Aldershot.


Commentary is on BBC Radio Humberside's Digital and Online


services. And BBC Radio Lincolnshire also has full coverage of Lincoln


City's trip to Woking. Kick off is at 3pm.


A Bridlington woman says she was too afraid to spend time in her own


garden for fear of being attacked by seagulls. Penny Freeman actually


avoided leaving her house for four days because two gulls were


protecting a chick, which had fallen from it's nest. -- from its nest.


Jill Archbold reports. As British as changeable weather and


fish and chips, seagulls are part of England's coastline, but for one


Edlington woman, they have become the neighbours she never wanted. --


Bridlington. Much bigger than you think and they have piercing yellow


eyes that look filled with hatred. You cannot attribute those emotions


to a bird, but that is how they look. For four days, Penny stayed


indoors, the reason, this young seagull chick fell from its nest and


to it -- too inexperienced to fight, it was aggressively protected by its


parents. Two there are always one or two, guarding it. You put your head


outside through the door and they is that much pace between your eyes and


a very sharp week, so I never went outside, I was too scared. Every


time we opened the back door, that was it, the seagull was down. It was


definitely wanting some action. Her brother says the birds have caused


problems for others on the street. Next door came out and they dive


bombed him, he had to beat it off with a baseball bat. For the wrong


person, it can be very intimidating. Two I could not do any of the things


I wanted to do, I was so angry about being told by a bird to stay


indoors. The RSPB say the end of breeding season is near, but while


the interest in their chicks fades, do not underestimate their taste for


chips! During their early performances,


black leather trousers and matching jackets defined the Beatles. They


were made by a tailor in Hamburg in Germany in the early 1960s. But when


Brian Epstein took over as the group's manager, he changed their


look to stylish suits. Well, before they hit the big time, a man from


Bridlington was performing with them and he ended up with a pair of Paul


McCartney's trousers. As Leanne Brown reports, it's thought they


could be worth thousands. These are the trousers that Paul


McCartney used to wear. The Beatles were actually Mike's support band


when he played a regular gig at the famous Cavern club in Liverpool, and


he was good friends with the group's new manager. I have a look around


the dressing them, and the trousers were in a bag, hanging up. Brian


headstones, those are all McCartney's trousers, have them. I


will get them into these suits I have organised. From then on, the


Beatles started wearing smart suits. It was a bit sort of old hat anyway.


So, we didn't want to look ridiculous. Brian suggested that we


wore ordinary suits. A leather jacket owned by George Harrison


recently sold for more than �110,000, his custom-made boots for


�60,000 and a Beatles guitar for �40,000. They are highly


collectable, the Beatles, the greatest pop band ever, so their


fans all over the world really do go to auction to get the choice pieces


when they come up. Looking back at photos, the trousers' unique style


is clear to see. This picture was taken at the Catherine club in 96


D1. -- the Cavern club. It is like a fingerprint, almost. Exactly the


right inside leg measurement and exactly the right waist measurement.


They went to a small, independent Taylor in hamburg. They commissioned


the trousers to be made. That is what makes these trousers so very


individual. The family hope they could now go to a museum, so


everyone can enjoy the story they have to tell.


Good to know that the trousers were verified by the inside leg


measurement of Paul McCartney! Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. An investigation begins into the


Government's controversial posters telling illegal immigrants to "go


home". The end of an era for Hull City as


the football club is re-branded as the Hull City Tigers.


Tomorrow's weather, sunny spells and a few showers possible. A gentle


westerly breeze with highs of 21 Celsius.


Response on the subject of Hull city, Paul said, I hope the fans do


not turn on Assem Allam. Let's not forget how much of a state the club


was in when he took over. Paul says, yet another owner hoping to get a


foothold in the Far East market. An expensive way to find out that they


all support Man United and Chelsea. The name change has riled


supporters, it may not be for ever, look at the Hull Sharks, that didn't


last long. The response for this story. Good idea, the name change,


but dropped the City. Hull Tigers would be a good brand worldwide.


Gary says, he has shown total disrespect to the fans, we were here


before he came and will be here when he is gone. He does not own the


club's soul. Frank is watching in Spain, he says, Assem Allam owns the


club and he can call it what he likes. The council should keep their


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