12/08/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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North. The headlines tonight. Calls for a badger cull as farmers


criticise government plans to protect their cattle from TB.


wants to see rats in the back door or in the kitchen carrying disease.


A new chapter for Lincolnshire's libraries as protesters step up


their fight against closure plans. Parking charges in some other


hospitals are set to nearly double. How a Hull family had a lucky escape


after a car crashed into their living room. It is horrific. If it


had happened during the day or when I was popping downstairs, who knows


what could have happened? The field in East Yorkshire which could be the


cream of the crop. It will not be as Wendy tomorrow, I will be back


A cattle farmer in Lincolnshire says the only way to protect the county


against the spread of bovine TB is a cull of badgers which carry the


disease. The controversial call comes on the day the government has


announced what it says are tough new measures to protect Lincolnshire.


These include a quarter of a million pounds for a badger vaccine. But one


of the county's most prominent figures has told our Rural Affairs


Correspondent Linsey Smith it will be a complete waste of money.


Alan Hargreaves not only has his own herd of Lincoln Reds - he's


president of the county's Cattle Soceity. He believes there's only


one way to protect these animals from a disease which would see them


slaughtered. Inevitably, the cull will have to come in and it will be


extended beyond the south-west and over to the east. You are saying you


would like to see one in Lincolnshire? It is inevitable.


Tests have shown Badgers do carry TB. They have been filmed sharing


water troughs and feed with cattle. Most cases of TB in cattle are found


in Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset. But the disease is a growing problem


in areas including Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire. It's


these counties what the government is calling Edge Areas where they are


focusing new measures to stop the disease spreading into Lincolnshire


But some scientific research suggests a cull would not work. The


changes announced today that come into force on the autumn include


changes to movement, but what has caused most debate is the quarter of


�1 million for badger vaccinations. It is difficult to capture and


vaccinate them. They are already carrying TB. But some research


suggests it would not work. It found badgers are sociable animals. When a


cull begins and they notice numbers dwindling, they move to join others


in a new area. Therefore, spreading the problem rather than solving it.


We will extend the cull in due course. We will look at areas where


we have a particular problem and a high incidence of the disease. We


have no interest in culling badgers that are healthy. That's something


that Alison Townsend agrees with. She runs the Weirfield Wildlife


Hospital and says a badger cull would spark protests. I do not agree


with it. I have seen culling happen in the past and the badgers have


gone into those areas and the ones that would move into those areas, we


cannot guarantee our clean and at the moment the ones here are clean.


28,000 cattle were slaughtered last year because of TB, wasting their


potential as a food source. With a growing population, most of whom


want to eat beef, doing nothing is not an option.


Linsey is with me in the studio tonight. Why is the government


deciding to announce the measures today? The problem of bovine


tuberculosis is costing taxpayers money and when an animal tests


positive it has to be slaughtered. The government has to pay


compensation. The cost of all of that and the cost of developing


vaccines has cost �500 million, and imagine what that could have been


spent on. With a growing population who needs feeding, most of whom like


to eat meat, that needs to be in the food chain and not wastefully


slaughtered. Although that opinion may prompt debate, the farmer there


is only saying what many think privately is inevitable. It is about


what could happen if the test culling she was scientifically that


it works. It In a moment. Is a story we will


follow. How the scrap for the super league play-off places spilled onto


the pitch. A woman is seriously ill in hospital in Hull after being


pulled from a pond in the city. Emergency services were called to


Pearson Park yesterday morning after reports that a woman in her 30s had


collapsed while swimming. She was pulled from the water by a passer by


and taken to hospital where she remains in a critical condition.


A woman from Hull has described the moment a car crashed into her home


in the early hours of this morning. Emergency services had to winch the


car out of the living room of Iris Baxter's home in the west of the


city. The accident has caused thousands of pounds worth of damage.


Sarah Corker reports. They are now too large gaping holes


in this living room. A gaping hole and brick work left hanging. It was


just after 4am this morning when a car lost control on this straight


road in Hull. Iris Baxter was in bed above her living room. Her son Tony


accesses the damage. It has set the blue and silver car and come through


here missing the trees and gone through the wall, and then gone


through and crashed into their windows. I was still asleep but I


have been buying and thought it was just a lorry. I did not know what it


was. -- a bang. I opened the front door and the man next door said,


look at your windows. The driver was taken to hospital but wasn't hurt.


The ceiling is propped up inside the house to stop it from Next door, the


garden wall is now a pile of rubble. Collapsing. It was as if something


had fallen into the road from a great height. Luckily the rest of


the Bay stayed up. As she waits for the halls to be boarded up, police


are trying to find out how and why the car left the road.


Campaigners are stepping up opposition to plans which could see


more than 30 libraries closed in Lincolnshire. The county council


says the plans will save �2 million and people have until the end of


September to put their views forward.


The battle to keep the library as it says has started. Lots of people


still don't know that the libraries have been marked for closure.


could go somewhere else but it means a 45 minute bus ride. It is the same


in Birchwood. More views on why libraries need librarians, not


volunteers. We shot nor libraries during the First World War or during


the great depression. Why are we having to shut them no? I would like


to say that the councillors have not been looking at what people use


libraries for. At the consultations, there have been difficult times. It


is a picture repeated across the county because Lincolnshire county


council want to save �2 million by asking communities to take on 30


libraries voluntarily to save them. We are looking at different ways of


running libraries. They have to be more efficient. We can provide a


comprehensive service, and we will look at all the options. The council


says there has been a 40% drop in borrowing over the last ten years


and in the last year, 82% did not use their local library, but every


generation of this family have used the Birchwood library. They want to


close and restrict funds. They treat a library as if it is the


supermarket only business. Is it making enough money? How efficient


is it? That is not the point. The council are halfway through the


consultation and the challenges to take everything into account when


the consultation ends. Simon is in one community tonight were the


library is under threat. What is happening there? The meeting


happened just a -- started just a few minutes ago and there is a


typical car note, with a huge number of people on how to respond to the


consultation. North high, are set to lose the library unless there's a to


save it. They say they have been encouraged by a lots of positive


responses and they say they have been looking at all ideas but are


sticking to their guns with the fact that services will have to change.


The consultation runs until the end of September. An award-winning


children's author is joining me now. Good evening. Do you accept


libraries are traded drain on taxpayers and one of the least


painful cuts? I do not accept that. Libraries are an organisation that


develop literacy and it is one of the key things that will make young


people able to compete on the world market. Education is the key to the


future. Lincolnshire county council say that fewer than 20% of people


borrowed items in the last year. That is still one set of the people


and they should look at other areas we the law libraries are being


closed. This appears to have been through leadership in that locality.


They want to look first at the Royal leadership. They want to look at the


Rhone leadership and opening hours. Kerry Deeley has said that libraries


have been around too long and are no longer relevant. -- Terry Deary. He


is only minority of one. Virtually every writer and author has gotten


behind supporting our libraries. Terry Deary likes to be contrary and


that is his choice but the overwhelming literary world are in


support. They have been around for 150 years and they cost taxpayers


and affect the sales of writers and small book shops. It is not true


that not many people go. 3 million visits last year. They borrow more


than just books, and they use computers and get access to jobs and


all sorts of services. It is a cheap service at �900 million out of a


huge budgets. The cost to the public if young people are illiterate and


disaffected will be much bigger than �900 million.


Thank you for your time. What role do you think libraries should have


in our towns and cities? Shouldn't they be top of the list in saving


money? We will have some before we Commissioner says American-style


"drunk tanks" could be the key to reducing the strain on emergency


services. Matthew Grove says having the ability to hold drunk people in


cells until they've sobered up would prevent alcohol related crime taking


place later in the night, allowing more police to remain on the streets


and freeing up ambulances too. with my own eyes how they were


reviewing meeting on public places in front of people and falling


asleep in front of people's doors. It is not serious crime but it is


very damaging for communities and we have to do more to stop it from


happening. It's hoped a multi-million pound


regeneration project will improve accommodation on a Hull estate - and


bring jobs to the area. This was one of two council tower blocks being


demolished on Orchard Park to make way for new housing. Councillors say


contracts for the redevelopment work should go to local companies. It's


hoped a multi-million pound regeneration will improve housing on


a Hull estate, and bring jobs to the area. Keep the economy in Hull. We


don't want outside contract is coming down and then driving away.


We want to keep jobs for the local people. Still ahead on the programme


tonight. Hull FC closes in on the super league play-offs. And the East


Yorskhire farmer hoping his bumper crop brings him an official world


record. The photos are coming in and I chose


tonight's. Belmont transmitter at Donnington on Bain taken by Richard


Enderby. Thank you indeed. Twitter, Keeley was wearing some lemon


trousers. Where did she get them? This is a news programme. I can't


remember where they are from. sandals! He has a lovely pair of


lemon trousers. Tomorrow looks like a slight improvement on today, not


quite as windy and not so many showers but there will be a fair


amount of cloud. On Wednesday, a very weak warm front and then


temperatures will recover, moving from the low teens to the early 20s.


We have seen a mixture of sunny spells and scattered showers. There


has been some heavy rain in the last hour or so and showers will tend to


move offshore. Becoming brighter so if you are interested in any meteor


sporting it will be a finite. Temperatures in the towns and cities


down to around 11 Celsius. In the country said, that little bit


cooler. To start tomorrow morning, a little bit of patchy messed and some


sunshine. Increasing cloud through the course of the day and although


there will be a few showers, not as many as today, so the odd light show


about. Temperatures just below average at around 19 Celsius.


Looking further ahead, weapons they starts off brightly and there will


be some patchy, light rain and Thursday, those showers could again


be heavy in nature with temperatures on the rise. Lots of rain in the


forecast for Friday and some of that never worn sandals with white socks.


A tax on sickness - that's what campaigners from the Royal College


of Nursing have called the planned increase in parking charges at


Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals. From the 1st of September


parking costs will almost double for some patients and visitors to the


hospitals, making them the highest parking charges at any hospital


within East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Emma Massey reports.


Parking charges at hospitals have always been a subject for debate.


Parking at these hospitals is about to become more expensive. For


patients like this, who comes on a regular basis with her son, it'll


hit her hard. Not just visiting, actual scans and appointments and it


adds to the cost and time to get here. There are lots of restrictions


on the parking, so it is a strain on finances. When the charges come into


force the will no longer be a free 20 minute periods. It will instead


be charged at �2 50 for the first hour. From first September, two


hours of parking will increase to �3 50. Over four hours will increase to


�5. Campaigners say most outpatients and visitors need to use the car


park for between two and four hours and it is the best charge and that


is increasing by 50% which they say is unacceptable. They are putting


car parking charges up by 50% which is a tax on sickness. It will make


parking in North Lincolnshire hospitals by far and away the most


expensive parking anywhere on the south bank of the Humber.


hospital trust say the charges are essential. Disabled people parking


for longer than two hours will be paying much less, and all the income


goes towards operating the car parks and the security system, and also


investing in new lighting. We will also be putting in more parking.


Whatever patients and visitors think, they will have no option but


to pay them if they want the convenience of parking directly


outside the hospital. Another controversial one. I'm sure


you'll have your thoughts about this story too tonight. The trust says


the new charges will help pay for improvements to car parking, but how


will they affect you? Let me know what you think.


We've had a big reaction to reports that Hull City football club is


changing it's name. As fans prepare for life in the Premier League,


owner Assem Allam has announced Hull City AFC will now be called Hull


City Tigers, and says the name could eventually be shortened again to


just Hull Tigers. He says it will make the club easier to market


abroad. There were plenty of responses to this. Dave in Hull


says, As a season ticket holder, the whenever there's a change some


Sport now and both Hull Kingston Rovers and Hull FC are counting the


cost of yesterday's derby after key players limped off injured. Hull FC


won the match but both clubs are in with a great chance of making the


play-offs after the defeat of Bradford Bulls. Our sports reporter


Simon Clark explains. Both Hull Kingston Rovers and Hull FC are


counting the cost of yesterday's derby after players limped off


injured. It is the only city derby in the British game. It can be very


intense at times. Scrum-half Jacob Miller scored but not before a bad


injury. 8-6 at the break, it was Hull who responded with the


quickfire tries. Two more tries and it was settled in favour of Hull but


at a cost. They are saying we can compete with the top sides in the


competition, so we want to be there in the semifinals and today was very


important. We are very happy. It is a disappointing loss and we feel we


could have won today but it was not to be. What does all that pushing


and shoving add up to? Let's look at the league table where we can see


that both Hull and Rovers are four points clear with the games to play,


so they could be just a victory away from securing a place in the


play-offs. But at a crossed. Greg Eden is out for the rest of the


season and it? Over Tom Lionel. And you can see highlights and


discussion from the derby on tonight's Super League Show. That's


here on BBC One at 11:20. Scunthorpe United drew away at


Bristol Rovers to remain unbeaten in Legaue Two. -- League Two. The Iron


hit the post twice but couldn't get the breakthrough. It finished


nil-nil which leaves them fifth in the table.


East Yorkshire tennis star Kyle Edmund has won his first competition


since playing at Wimbledon. An East Yorkshire farmer looks on track to


enter the Guinness Book of Records for growing the World's biggest


yield of barley. If successful, John Porter who farms near Aldborough


will have beaten some of the worst weather conditions in years. Phil


Connell joined him this morning as the record breaking attempt began.


20 acres of the finest barley, but could this field produce a


record-breaking crop? Here on the ground, there was only one way of


finding out. After months of careful nurturing, this was the moment of


truth. We all strive to do the best we can. If you grow the best crop,


that is a good thing. The existing record goes back 24 years and to be


that, it would have to be the cream of the crop with more than 12 tonnes


for every hectare of land. Could this be the worst kind of year to


break this record? In autumn the ground was wet and soggy and in the


spring, temperatures were they coldest they'd been 50 years. To


become a record-breaker, it needs to meet required standards in things


like moisture. It is the rigorous testing process and the Guinness


book of records leaves nothing to doubt. We have very tight


regulations to make sure that all our clients. This is a big one sort


is very exciting. I think it will be very close and if we achieve it it


will be good. We will find out by the end of the week it has attempt


has been successful. Too close to call tonight for the farmer aiming


to put this small part of Yorkshire in the spotlight.


Good luck to John. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. Labour finds itself in hot water


after it takes on two of Britain's biggest retailers over jobs for


foreign workers. Farmers call for a badger cull to


protect their cattle, saying government plans for a vaccination


against TB are a complete waste of money.


Tomorrow's weather and a dry and a bright start with good spells of


sunshine. Cloud spreading later with the risk of a few light showers.


Some responses coming in on the libraries. Libraries are a vital


part of our community. I take out at least five books every week which I


could never afford to buy. Libraries are not just about


borrowing books. I visit mine as a peaceful haven where a person can


sit and relax with no noise. Also talking about raising parking


charges. A ridiculous idea, it will force more cars to park on nearby


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