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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


A report clears Lincolnshire's chief constable of misconduct —


drawing a line under the row at the top of the force. The conclusions


have let me in my words to say that the Chief Constable of Lincolnshire,


Neil Rhodes, has been exonerated. Work versus university, teenagers


look to the future after A—level and BTEC results.


Fans see the Premier League trophy at the KC hours before Hull's


return to top flight football. To think I am seeing the real version,


it is just amazing. It is our team. And everyday like how we play.


There's nothing else like it in the north, why there's so much pride in


this city garden. We have got a spell of wet weather,


some heavy rain on the cards overnight. Fresher day for tomorrow.


I'll be back later with the fall forecast.


The Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police has spoken of his relief


after he was cleared of misconduct, following a five month


investigation. Neil Rhodes was suspended and later reinstated by


the county's police and crime commissioner, Alan Hardwick, after


he became embroiled in a dispute involving another force. A report


out today found no evidence that Mr Rhodes had abused his position. In


a moment, we'll hear from police commissioner Alan Hardwick. But


first, our political editor Tim Iredale has this report.


It is hard to imagine the two men responsible for keeping the streets


of Lincolnshire safe have enjoyed happy working relationship over the


past few months. Back in February, Neil Rhodes was suspended by the


police and crime commissioner, Alan Hardwick. In March, Sir Peter Fahy,


the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, was asked to


investigate. Later that month a judge quashed Mr Rose's suspension


and he was reinstated as temporary chief constable put up the day Neil


Rhodes was cleared of any accusation of misconduct. He has


not been available for it to the bat gave this reaction on the


internet. I have sought over the last six minutes to maintain a


dignified silence, a safe in the knowledge I knew that there was


never any substance in these spurious allegations. I do not


intend to depart from that approach. I want simply to get on with my job


with working with the commissioner to provide an effective and


improving policing for Lincolnshire. This issue was never about police


and immigration. It involved the advisory role Neil Rhodes had


played in of case involving claims of racial discrimination brought by


a solicitor who worked for West Yorkshire police. Sir Peter Fahy's


report found that Mr Rhodes had done nothing wrong. As it was the


dis —— wrong decision to suspend the chief constable. It was quite


wrong and proper —— right that any allegation was investigated.


Suspension is a big step, and I do not think the level of misconduct


as alleged justified the suspension. The saga has attracted critics at


Westminster. I think that Alan Hardwick and others will be to look


carefully at this report so that everybody learned the lessons. A


think the government needs to provide the support and advice that


commissioners so desperately need. Both the chief constable and the


commissioner say they want to draw a line under this matter, which has


cast a black cloud over Lincolnshire's Thin Blue Line.


Earlier, I spoke to the police and crime commissioner, Alan Hardwick,


and asked him if the findings of today's report meant that he had


been wrong to suspend and investigate Neil Rhodes. I received


a very serious allegation, what was I supposed to do? I was not going


to ignore allegations like that. The people of Lincolnshire would


not expect their PCC to ignore an allegation. That would be the thin


end of the wedge, what would they suspect the of covering up next?


Sir Peter interviewed Mr Rhodes for three hours for this investigated,


but you say you still remain troubled by the nature of the


investigation and the allegation. Are you but letting the matter


rest? As fire as I'm concerned, this draws a line under the whole


episode. To answer your question more directly, in an ideal world it


would have been good if Sir Peter's inquiry could have come down on one


side or another. It did not, and that is not really a surprise


because this all revolved around a private conversation between two


very, very highly placed individuals in the High it world of


policing. There was no independent witness. The conclusions have led


me, in my words, this is my words, to say that the Chief Constable of


Lincolnshire Neil Rhodes has been exonerated. Do you regret doing


what you have done? How much has a cost Tech —— taxpayers for example?


My legal bill is £37,500. I do not know whether you expect me to dodge


that question, I have no intention of doing that. Any other bills


associated with this will be published by my website. Money


which could have been spent on policing which has gone down the


tubes of a right carry on? No, it is not a right carrying, policing


has not gone down the tubes, the money will be found from the Budget


in my own department where I have already saved a I have saved


£200,000 per year. You can prioritise money, but what price


integrity and what price democracy? Mr Rhodes has indicated that he


intends to apply for the role of chief constable permanently. Do you


wanted to be Chief Constable? I AM delighted you race that, Peter. I


am also delighted that Neil Rhodes has told me that he will apply for


the permanent role, when I advertise. The applications and


every part of the process will be supervised by the New College of


policing. I welcome Mr Rhodes's application. Would he make a good


chief constable for you? Neil Rhodes a knowledge of ligature, of


accessing, hit Sanderling good —— it stands him in good stead. Will


he make a good Chief Constable? He is the acting chief constable, and


he has a 27 year unblemished police career, what more can I say. They


queue for your time. My pleasure. Was Alan Hardwick right to


investigate, even though the cost to the tax payers as we just herds


has been almost £40,000? If you have a view on this, we will have


some before we finish. This is how you get in touch.


We look forward on hearing your thoughts on this one.


In a moment. A last chance to have a say on the biggest local road


investment for three decades. More teenagers are choosing to


study job—specific university courses or take up apprenticeships.


Head teachers say it's a trend which means many students will be


better equipped for the jobs market. The news comes on the day school—


leavers across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire picked up their A


level or BTEC results. Sarah Corker was with some of them.


After two years of hard work, relief for pupils at John Leggott


college in Scunthorpe. I didn't sleep very much, I kept waking up


in the night. I was nervous. But it paid off. My heart was pounding


from around 5am, refreshing the page, trying to log on. Then I got


them and it was just, oh my gosh! I got three A*s and add A! It's been


a record year for the college. We have gone from a low point three or


four years go to the best ever achievement rates, the best ever


high—grade rate said we have ever had. We are very proud. It's a


story repeated across our area. In Mablethorpe, teenagers chose to do


BTECs instead of A levels, a qualification geared towards


employment. What are the advantages of BTEC over A—level? They offer


more work—related learning, and students perceive that it is a more


direct route to into employment. And it gives them an opportunity to


express succeed where they might not be so successful if they are


not very good at examinations. Like Rachel most here have a clear


career path. I wanted to be an air hostess can I just needed some work


experience. I want to do an apprenticeship at the school. I


have now got experience, so it would hold me up greatly. I got a


distinction, Merit, married, in sport or exercise science, and I am


going to university to do sport and excitation —— education. For those


who didn't get the grades, they were probably on clearing hotlines


like this at the University of Hull. The message is, do not panic, we


make office where we can but we encourage people to visit. They are


making a decision which will affect them for three or four year. These


school leavers are hoping their job focused approach to learning will


give them the edge when looking for work. Many young people have no


coast —— choice than to leave the area if they are going to perceive


their careers. If you were getting results this morning, I hope you


got the results you were hoping for. A new school will be built in


Lincoln which will teach students vocational skills. A former art


college will be expanded and turned into a University Technical College.


It's a joint project between Siemens, the University of Lincoln


and Lincoln College to improve engineering and science skills in


the county. Consultation on plans to improve


one of the regions busiest roads ends today. People who use the A63


Castle Street in Hull have until midnight to comment on a proposed


£190 million scheme which could begin as early as next year. Amanda


White reports. Even at quiet times, the traffic on


Hull's A63 Castle Street just keeps on coming. Cars, lorries and


pedestrians trying to cross for busy lanes of traffic. It's hoped


long awaited improvements will ease congestion, improve safety, and


once again link the city with its waterfront. We are looking forward


to successful completion of the scheme. It could make a huge


difference to us in terms of journey times, fuel efficiency, and


just the general level of service that we can give to our customers.


If realised there'll be a new footbridge on the eastbound


approach to Mytongate which would itself be transformed by lowering


the road seven metres, allowing cross city traffic to flow straight


through. At the other end there's be another footbridge linking the


fruit market area. area by between the marina and


Prince's Quay shopping centre that seems to be the most contentious. A


third footbridge is planned here. But that's not enough for some


campaigners. What we would like to see is a land bridge, something may


be 25 metres wide, connecting Prince's Quay copping centre ——


shopping centre to the Riverside. We think that would have the


benefit of reuniting the town centre, at the moment, it is


divided. To get your opinions on the scheme considered by the


Highways Agency, you need to complete an online survey before


midnight. Flaky for watching. Still ahead. The council gardeners' pride


in bringing colour to their city centre plot.


That made me jump! Tonight's photograph was taken of the yachts


in Bridlington. Thank you very much for that. Good evening, Keighley.


Rachel says, Peter, my husband has given up eggheads to watch Keeley


every night, could you send a picture? A promotion for you. Or a


retirement job! No one is laughing... Yes, they are! We are


co—ordinated, as well. The wardrobe department had a word.


It has been a mild, she midday today, it will feel fresher, less


humid my bed feeling warm in the sunny spells. —— less humid, but


feeling warm. We have arranged front coming on Saturday, later on.


We have had some sunshine today, but we have also had a few showers.


One or two quite sharpens developing across Lincolnshire.


They will ease away. It will be replaced by heavy and persistent


rain spreading in from the West. It will be heaviest in the morning.


The rain will turn more patch and laity —— lighter in Nature later


during the night. Tomorrow morning, we start off with


a lot of cloud, patchy rain and drizzle about. That will ease


southwards and it will brighten up from the north during the day. A


less breezy day that today. And also a slightly fresher day. It


will feel less humid, but temperatures will still get into


the low twenties. In the sunshine, feeling very pleasant. Looking


further ahead, it looks as if it will be a breezy weekend. The


better of the two days is Sunday, it will be the drier day. On


Saturday, early sunshine but a few showers around, then they will


merge into longer spells of rain later in the day on Saturday. On


Sunday and Monday, fewer showers, a good deal of emphasis on dry


weather. The weather settles down as we go through next week.


Amazing how someone who looks so sweet can be so acidic! That is a


bit harsh! It was meant! A chip shop in Lincoln has become


one of only twenty in the country to be certified by the Marine


Stewardship Council. All their haddock is sourced from sustainable


fisheries. It means customers can be sure they're not damaging


dwindling fish stocks. Jake Zuckerman reports.


At the Burton Road chippy, they're used to winning awards for the


quality of their food. But the latest accolade recognises their


environmental credentials. This haddock is Marine Stewardship


Council certified. That means it comes from a sustainable source


where it's not being overfished. It is our way of saying, we like to


look after our oceans. We care about our oceans, the stocks of our


fish. It means a lot to ask to be part of it. The fish is caught in


Scotland on boats like these, but despite the journey to Lincoln,


owners say its carbon footprint compares favourably with other


sources. Our aim, to be honest, is to support the British trawlermen.


At the end of the day, if it is not British, it means it has come from


somewhere else, I E Norway or Iceland. So the carbon footprint is


even more. For many customers it's a new concept, and one that's


proving popular. It is important, because as with a lot of things


these days, we are trying to make sure that we know where our food


comes from. Although it did not bring us here today, it would


sudden encourage me to come again. More places should go around the


country. At the moment, only the haddock here is MSC certified, but


the owners are hoping to add more species to that list. It is


becoming more of an important issue with consumers, a lot more media


coverage around that so we really need pioneers and advocates like


them to play a champion role, so it is great to have them on board. Was


customers may arrive here lowing —— knowing little or nothing about the


issue of sustainability, such is the owners' enthusiasm for the


subject, they are likely to leave convinced of its importance.


Hull City fans groups are calling on the club's owners not to change


its name to Hull City Tigers. Supporters groups have today signed


a joint statement criticising the decision. They say the re—branding


is being drip—fed through the club and says such a 'radical change


should not be made without first consulting the supporters.


And if you want to see my interview with Hull City's owner Assem Allam


from last night's programme, an extended version is now on the Hull


City page of the BBC Sport website. Record Hull City signing Tom


Huddlestone says there is no reason at all why Hull City should not be


in the Premier League next season. The player, who has four England


caps, made the switch from Tottenham to the Tigers yesterday


for £5.2 million. on the day when the Premier League


trophy was in the city and our sports reporter Simon Clark went


along to see it. This is what the Premier League is


all about. The trophy itself was in Hull, being shown at the youngsters


and backroom staff at Hull City. Inspirational? You bet. Yeah, I am


really excited to see us play again like, against last sitting at


Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea. Amazing. It is exciting, I


have never seen it before. It is our team. And I really like how I


play. It is here because Barclays wanted to celebrate people coming


up to the league, so the three promoted clubs have got a tricolour


to show what we have got part of. It is also to say, if you are


really good, you might win this one day. The first man to lift it was


Steve Bruce, then the Manchester United campaign captain. Towards


the end of the campaign, Sir Alex said, go up and of the trophy


together. We were Billy —— delighted to be taking part in the


biggest and best league of the world. You just have to look around


the room to see what it brings compared to last year. Let's go and


enjoy it, we could not have wished for more difficult start, but that


is the Premier League. Steve Bruce had cooler to lift the trophy again


but first needs to consolidate Hull City's position. So he has brought


in highly rated Tottenham midfielder Tom Huddleston and Jake


Livermore. Some squads come up I do not see why we cannot look to have


that, but we need to remain Premier League. It is a great opportunity


and a call for me to come here, and the idea of playing every week,


Sharon Laws I can do. The pitch looks picture—perfect, although we


will have to wait a week until they are back here to play against


Norwich City. This week, it is about Chelsea. Jose Mourinho, and


with these players that City have now signed, they are being talked


about again. That is what the Premier League is all about. Hull


City are back on the footballing map.


It's considered a jewel in Hull's crown, with nothing like it in the


north of England. The colourful displays around the fountain in


Queen Gardens draw shoppers and office workers every day. In the


latest in our great garden series, Jo Makel's been investigating how


the flowers are kept looking so good, and why big changes are


planned. It is perhaps the most public front


garden you could have. And one of the most vibrant scenes in Hull. On


sunny days, it bustles next to the bus lanes. But it also brings


colour and calm to the city centre. Creating this tulle all start on


industrial estate. These are for spring and winter of 2014. Again,


we have got the eternal area which chart permanently planted. We have


got a new type of pansy here. It is one of the only areas within the


country that has an open space in the middle of the city. Outside of


London, obviously. There is nothing like it anywhere in the North of


England. To see people use the gardens, to see them, admire them,


it really is a privilege. We are stuck with circles, we have then


designed within the circles. So we can have other circles going in, we


can look at them, in segments, and the varieties of shapes, and we can


look at the plots themselves to give us the best design possible.


The designs are changed pricier so the Carl Hester last —— to the


designs have the last, and the plants have to be hardy against the


weather. Simon is already thinking about the design to next year. With


him is Deborah, and if you have ever wondered he keeps this area


looking tip—top, it is down to Deborah and her colleague. We will


do one of the sections every morning. We have got to watch the


diseases and watering. And the weeds, especially weeds. This is


the main thing in the city centre, and if you are not proud of what


you do, there is no point in doing it. The fountain area is only half


of it. Queen's Gardens includes a park, created in 1930, when the


dockers filled in. It had a post for the revamp in the Fifties, but


since then, then it should trees are not the only things to have


changed. For 30,000 people come to work in the centre of whole every


day, biscuits and somewhere to go it is present, open, lots of


greenery. We would really want to put in a


Heritage Lottery funded thing, we use it for major events, and it was


not designed for it. We have used it more and more for the last


couple of decades because it is the perfect location. This part of the


gardens has not always had the best of reputations. A place where you


might find people worse for drink. But the council will bid for four


or £5 million to create a more open, light and User Friendly Speight. ——


space. Designing a garden like this is not just about the plants, but


the people who use it as well. They do a fantastic job, always


looks magnificent even in the winter. Let's have a look at the


headlines. More violence in Egypt, there is a


huge jump in the official death toll after yesterday's clashes


between security forces and Islamist protesters.


And a report clears a Lincolnshire's Chief Constable of


misconduct, drawing a line under several months of uncertainty in


the force. Early rain is Clearing, varied


amounts of cloud, sunny spells, feeling fresher tomorrow but


temperatures still good at 23 degrees Celsius.


Let's go back to the top story, our political editor is a Thai police


headquarters. What lessons can be learnt —— is outside the police


headquarters. What lessons can be learned from this process? We have


learnt what willpower these police and Crown Commissioners have. ——


what real power. The government always said a big part of their job


would be to hire and fire chief constables and Alan Hardwick wasted


in no time in flexing his muscles. I think some would ask about the


accountability in this case. The Home Affairs Select Committee was


critical of the lack of scrutiny from the police and crime at panel


in Lincolnshire. This is the body set up to oversee the work of the


PCC. Some will come away from this saga asking, who polices the police


commissioner? A big response on this story. Brian on the text says,


now the Chief Constable Neil Rhodes b exonerated, will Alan Hardwick


resigned for wasting public money on a spurious action? Another one


says, this was not right, just PR and inexperience at dealing with


top—level decisions, I feel for the chief constable. This one says, of


course he was right to investigate, if he did not and later the chief


constable would have been found guilty with Alan Hardwick having a


tip—off, he would have been criticised and accused of


protecting him. John says, this just proves that having a


commissioner is a waste of time and money. Is he now going to resign


after the embarrassment he has brought to the local police force?


This one is anonymous, the police and crime commissioner was right to


investigate. If he had ignored, it would have been called a cover—up.


A good response of a story. 34 watching, have a nice evening. See


you tomorrow.


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