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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight: The


rising levels of obesity putting pregnant women and their babies at


risk. There is risk of pre—eclampsia,


gestation diabetes, problems with delivery, things like that.


Learner drivers in Hull face tests on unknown streets because of


explosions in the city. I feel as though I have just everything done


right here, and I will start doing everything wrong in Beverley.


Remembering the past — the film reuniting families of one


Lincolnshire squadron. Caught on camera — but just what are


these young men trying to do? It has been a dreary afternoon but is


tomorrow any better? Join me for the forecast.


There's a warning tonight that more and more pregnant women across


Northern Lincolnshire are putting themselves and their babies at risk


because they're excessively overweight. Figures show that


nationally one in every five pregnant women is obese, but in


North and North East Lincolnshire that figure rises to one in four.


Doctors don't advise dieting when pregnant. However, mums—to—be are


being warned of the risks of eating for two.


British people are getting heavier — health professionals say obesity is


a ticking time bomb for the NHS. But now the obesity epidemic is causing


serious Nationally, 15—20% of expectant


mothers are obese — classed as having a BMI over 30. But in North


East Lincolnshire it's 25%. Louise Broughton is 27 weeks pregnant with


her second child. She's been going to lifestyle sessions put on by the


council to help tackle the problem. This service that is available now,


there was nothing that this in place when I had my son, and I wish it


was. They tend not to focus on losing weight, but they focus on the


prevention of putting on excess weight. The problems were


highlighted in the Channel four series, one born every minute.


Doctors say the best way for obese women to protect their health and


their baby's is to lose weight before becoming pregnant. Once


pregnant, health problems for obese women can include high blood


pressure, diabetes and mothers are more likely to miscarry or need an


assisted delivery. They come a lot of complications for those ladies,


so put a lot of pressure on the hospital. We tell ladies we're here


to help and support them in a friendly way.


The programme will soon expand to include personalised exercise and


gym sessions. Gym supervisor Joss Ryder says that all women should


still be exercising and watching their weight when pregnant. People


have this old myth that when a woman becomes pregnant, she should be


sacked and worshipped for nine months. We're not talking about


training for marathon. It is just maintaining a healthy body. Louise


theirs with her diet and exercise back on track, she's doing


everything she can to reduce the risk to herself and her baby.


Earlier, I spoke to one of the country's leading obstetricians and


asked her if we should be worried by the number of pregnant women who are


obese. Yes. We know obesity is a national


population. The population is getting more obese. Pregnant women


are putting themselves and potentially their babies at


increased risk. What are the risks for a pregnant woman who is obese?


They can be divided into the risks for her, so in the early part of


pregnancy or even before, women who were obese may find it more


difficult to get pregnant, have higher rates of miscarriage early in


pregnancy and can have higher rates of having babies who might not be


structurally formed normally. What would you advise a woman who was


obese? The ideal obese? The ideal thing is for women,


prior to pregnancy, to get as close to their ideal body weight as


possible and this includes planning the pregnancy, planning for any


medical conditions that these women might also have. A large proportion


of women who have obesity, also have what we call co—morbidity, so there


would be other medical conditions that they might have. For example


high blood pressure. Obviously, in this area, some are using the eating


for two as an excuse, is that a myth? That is a myth. Babies are


very good at getting the nutrition they need from their mothers. Eating


for two is generally not a great policy and certainly if you enter


pregnancy with a high body mass index or are known to be obese, it


is best to be very careful about your choice of food, eating


healthily, not eating for two and looking very, very carefully at your


diet during pregnancy. Thank you for your advice.


We'd like your thoughts on this story. Are pregnant women doing


enough to look after their own health? Should they be offered more


help? Let us know what you think. In a moment: The farmer creating new


vegetables to persuade us to eat our greens.


A series of explosions in Hull has lead to the city's driving test


centre being closed. It means learner drivers will have to travel


to either Beverley or Bridlington to take their test. The Driving


Standards Agency took the decision to suspend services in Hull because


of concerns about health and safety. But some driving instructors say


it's going to put more pressure on their students. Amy Cole takes up


the story. In her 80s, Paddy Thomas is


relearning to drive. She's having lessons in Hull, but soon, she won't


be allowed to take her test in the city. Instead, she'll have to go to


Beverley or Bridlington. Not worried, no, but I feel as though I


have just got everything done right here, and I would have to start


doing everything in Beverley. The reason for the change in location is


because explosions at this nearby metal recycling plant are putting


off nervous drivers. Tests have had to be suspended because of what is


happening on this site. What are you doing to try to rectify that? In all


honesty, I don't think it is warranted. We have only had four


explosions. We don't want to do that, but we have ordered new


equipment which will be here in the New Year. That will totally


eliminate any sort of explosion whatsoever. But Paddy's driving


instructor is annoyed at the inconvenience. He argues that


forcing learners to take their tests elsewhere will make it harder for


£20 if they need to pay for an additional hour. The difference is


they are learning to drive in Hull. This is where they take their


driving test. Now they are going to have to go to Beverley, which is a


completely different ball game in Beverley. They need to learn the


areas they are going to go around and the test centre they are going


to use in Beverley, which means it is going to cost them extra lessons


to do that. I would have to pay more, what I would still do it


because I want to pass my test. The changes will come into force from


September 23rd and all candidates who have tests booked in Hull after


that date will be notified. Amy is at the Hull Test Centre this


evening. What have the Driving Standards authority had to say about


this? It says it will try to make sure the


time and date of those tests will have to stay the same. They said


they are working with the Health and Safety Executive and the Environment


Agency to try and ensure test can resume here in Hull as soon as


possible. The manager of the plant which is very close to the test


centre said to me the DSA has been invited to his site on a number of


occasions. He was keen to stress there is no danger for anyone


regarding explosions at the plant. Thank you. This is another story


we'd like your thoughts on. Is it fair to send learner drivers for


their tests on unfamiliar roads? Have the Driving Standards Agency


done the right thing here by suspending tests in Hull?


David Cameron has told the Commons he'll look at the planning


permission for a £450 million marine energy park on the Humber after the


decision was delayed for a third time. Able UK says the wind turbine


manufacturing site on the south bank will create 4,000 jobs. The


Transport Minister Norman Baker says he's minded to approve it but wants


assurances about wildlife. Mr Cameron was challenged about it


during Prime Minister's Questions. Could I urge the Prime Minister to


respond to requests from the leader of North think Insha Council to


intervene to ensure an early determination of the application


well before the December deadline? I have spoken to my honourable friend


and his colleagues on a number of occasions about this very important


investment. We want to see the Humber history become a magnet for


investment, particularly green energy investment, so I am very


happy to look at the issue. I am happy to look particularly at the


issue of planning permission. The Prime Minister. A story we will


continue to follow. An East Yorkshire Caravan company has


announced its largest ever order of more than £5 million. Swift


Caravans, which is based in Cottingham, will manufacture four


different types of caravan for a national park operator.


More one—bedroom homes are being made available in Hull after


derelict flats have been converted. Hull City Council say they've now


completed renovations on almost 60 empty bedsits in the city.


There is a very real demand for these properties. Many people who


would have gone for a two—bedroom flats no because of the bedroom tax


would have two panama and they cannot afford, so the demand is for


one—bedroom properties. With the annual harvest now well


under way, many growers would be happy with a successful potato or


pea crop. But one Lincolnshire farmer is striving to develop new


crops. This year, Andrew Burgess is harvesting red sprouts and other


exotic vegetables. As Linsey Smith reports, vegetable harvests come in


all shapes and sizes. From potatoes to peas, broccoli to


beans, the vegetable harvest is in full swing. But one Lincolnshire


farmer wants to bring something new to our dinner plates. Andrew Burgess


calls this his sweet shop of veg, his field for inventing vegetables.


Some of the things we do are just for colour. Some of the things we've


got here are selected out for flavour. I went to Japan last year


and I brought back one or two really special things. This is a cross


between a cabbage and a lettuce. You can shave


like an iceberg. This isn't just any kohl rabi, it's a melon kohl rabi.


This is all brand new stuff and we haven't got enough of them to


actually start selling yet. Maybe next year, four or five acres. Give


it a try through the shops, if it sells well, we'll scale it up until


we've got a full scale product. Harvests come in all shapes and


sizes and while Andrew's using science to develop new varieties,


fruit and vegetables are being used to teach science here at this small


school plot in Hull. They are only going to get as big as they are now


from a lot of sunshine and water. From the secrets to successful


growing, there's much to be learnt on Victoria Dock School's allotment.


Wonderful. It's quite hard to be a farmer. It isn't just a case of


chucking a couple of seeds onto a field and then leaving them for a


couple of months. It's from watching the plants grow and digging them up.


Most children would see the food products and eat it without having


too much knowledge where it's comes from. This way they can see the full


scope from start to finish from the vegetables to consumption, as well.


There's many more who would like to be harvesting home grown veg. In


Hull you could be waiting up to five years for an allotment to become


available. In Stamford the wait is three years and in North East


Lincolnshire, a year. But whether you're harvesting vegetables on a


commercial scale, an experiment, or a lesson, the best bit is the


tasting as these pupils making French onion soup would agree.


And there's the first of three programmes tonight looking at


Britain's harvest. That's on BBC Two at eight o'clock.


Still ahead tonight: The film bringing families of one wartime


squadron back together. The search is on to find these


youths — but just what were they doing?


Somebody sliced to pictures together. Karen has sliced eight


pictures together. Look at this panoramic view. Talk among


yourselves. It goes on a bit. A bit like new.


— — a bit like you. I had a message from Sandra saying, Peter is welcome


to have lunch with me any time. Tell him I cannot say much more than a


microwave meal. Thank you for that. Life is looking


up. We will look at the headlines now.


It is looking better tomorrow. Skype will turn brighter and there will be


a bit of sunshine in the middle of the day in


another weather front legs, and this will bring rain from the West


Thursday evening. It has been a dreary afternoon. It has been rainy


and drizzling. The rain is edging away. In its wake, quite a bit of


cloud. There could resubmit and patchy fog. It will be a fairly grey


and to the night. Lowest temperatures, 11 or 12. Any mist and


fog will slowly lift. The cloud should gradually break up. There


will be a bit of sunshine, but there is tomorrow evening's rain. All in


all, it should be a better day. It will certainly be warmer. It should


feel a bit warmer. That is good news. Friday, the risk of spots of


rain. Saturday, damp start. It brightens up. Then it turns wet and


windy. See you tomorrow. For the past two


years, the search has been on for Gordon Brown, an RAF veteran. He


flew with Percy Cannings who contacted BBC Look North for help to


find all his wartime Lancaster Bomber Crew. Well, the search was


turned into a documentary by Percy's daughter and today it was premiered


in Lincolnshire. Leanne Brown went to the screening to find out how the


story ends. There was laughter and tears as the


audience watched Percy's plight to find his comrades.


The film shows Percy, who is now 90, searching for the rest of his


wartime crew. My daughter spoke to me about various things. I said, I


haven't been in contact with any member of my cruise for a number of


years, not since just after the war. I said, I wonder if any of them are


still alive. That started it. Was it difficult to talk about it? Or


difficult, but it is something you don't want to remember. Sadly, every


member of the squadron has passed away. There was hope that this man,


Gordon Brown, was still alive, but an appeal on look North Roths bad


news. It would be fantastic if we could find Gordon Brown.


members gathered today to remember them. My father spoke nothing about


his war years. Today, I have learned more in an hour and a half about


what they went through. It has brought so many people together.


This has got members of my family together indirect me through people


researching. The premiere was matched by a fly—past. Although the


remaining members of my command are no longer with us, their stories


will now live on. — — members of former command.


Percy is incredible. Next month, he will be meeting the Prime Minister.


Thanks to everybody who got into it with as last night after our story


about dog owners in east riding. Just a few of the many messages.


Thank you for those. Chris Pain has been removed as leader of UKIP on


Lincolnshire County Council. Earlier this week, Councillor Pain was told


he would face no police action over allegations relating to racist


remarks on Facebook. He says he is in dispute with UKIP's national


party chairman, but is still working for those who elected him.


I am disappointed after eight years of working hard. It is


disappointing. The people who supported me know what I have done


for the party. I have had literally 24 hours of solid phone calls. Luke


Campbell will return to his home city for his third professional


boxing right. It is in November. He will fight Lee Connelly at Craven


Park. Both Hull FC and Hull Kingston


Rovers face knock—out matches this weekend in the first round of the


Super League play—offs. Rovers travel to St Helens on Saturday


while Hull FC have home advantage against French side Catalan Dragons.


Our sports reporter Simon Clark looks at the prospects.


The accident is unmistakably French. This man is backing Hull FC on


Friday. He has been serving diners in East Yorkshire for more than


three decades, and has supported policy with great passion for that


time. Warrington, fantastic game. Leaks, fantastic game. Then


suddenly, we drop. There is no doubt Alessi had been super league was


back most inconsistent side this year. When they have been good, it


was like fine dining, but when they have been bad, it has been


desperately. Fans tomorrow really will not know what is on the menu.


We have raised the bar a few times. It is not all doom and gloom. Why is


he special? He brings/ chair. He brings the pack together. He's


confident. Michael Dobson will be a big loss to the team. One day, he


might combat foot — — he might come back. So both sides aim for


victory. A group of young men have been caught on CCTV in Boston. The


gang were filmed at the end of a night out in the town centre. But


what we are about to see may just surprise. Gemma Dawson explains.


Caught on camera. We're used to seeing CCTV footage like this. So


imagine council workers' surprise when they spotted this. A group of


guys on a night out in Boston, repairing a bike rack. It was quite


a surprise to see somebody doing something positive at that time of


night. It had been bent over, but the group


were determined to fix this bike rack. One man even putting down his


takeaway to help. And after their hard work, it now looks as good new,


with cyclists able to use it again. I am very grateful for what they


have done. It shows a positive attitude. It shows that Boston is a


very special place. But in the town centre this


afternoon, people couldn't quite believe what I was showing them.


They are fixing it. They are fixing it? Good god. I do not know what to


say to that, quite honestly. That is amazing. It is nice to see somebody


mending something rather than wrecking it. People would


automatically issuing they were doing something they shouldn't. Fair


enough. That is good. The editor of the local paper told


me they've now launched a campaign to try to identify the group. We


want is people to come forward to it can give them some credit. We have


had an excellent response so far. But will this be a one—off? Or will


this group be spotted repairing something else, on their next night


out? Cash and she — — what a fantastic story. Maybe you know who


it was. Let us know if so. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. The latest figures on the UK economy


show the number of people out of work has fallen again.


Warnings pregnant women are putting themselves and their babies at risk


if they're overweight. Talking about those driving tests


not being taken in Hull, a big response on this. Sarah says, if


learner drivers cannot adjust to driving in Beverley, are they ready


to be taking a test? Mark says, wherever you take your test,


to be taking a test? Mark says, Somebody said, when are people only


trained and tested to drive in one town or city? What is so different


in Beverley? Do they drive on the other side of the road?


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