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Stamford Hospital is saved from closure, as a new recovery plan is


launched for the Trust. This is better news than being named the


best town in England because it lifted and uncertainty, hospital so


they can get on with the job. Jailed for having two wives, the


Cleethorpes man sent to prison for bigamy.


The cost of watching the Tigers, as Hull City is named one of the most


affordable clubs in the Premier League.


Salvaging the Costa Concordia, the East Yorkshire firm helping recover


the stricken cruise ship. It is a one—off, the largest salvaging ever.


And with the release of a blockbuster filmed in Lincolnshire,


could more movies be made in the region?


Good evening. After being threatened And that the detailed forecast,


Good evening. After being threatened with closure for months, the future


of Stamford Hospital is now secure. There was uncertainty, after the


Trust that runs the hospital got into million pounds of debt. Now the


government has agreed to step in, and a planned redevelopment of the


site can go ahead. Tonight, the local MP welcomed the news, but said


he would keep up the pressure on the Trust to safeguard the hospital in


Stamford. Our health correspondent, Vicky Johnson, reports. The people


of Stamford had had a hospital for 185 years but over the past few


months, its future had looked uncertain. Today that threat was


lifted. Quite honestly, I think this is actually better news than being


named the best town in England. It has lifted an uncertainty that was


on the hospital so they can get on with their job.


The problem is the NHS trust which manages Stamford Hospital is


crippled with soaring debts after building the new Peterborough


hospital with private money. Repayments have not been affordable


and today, the health watchdog insisted action had to be taken. It


is surviving only with a subsidy from the Department of Health so we


have announced what we think is the essence of a plan to close that gap


between bearing, and their cost. Management have had to accept a


programme of savings to cut £10 million each year from the deficit.


They will be inviting bids from other health groups to come in and


take over unused parts of the hospital to generate more income,


but they will still be looking for government money to fund the rest of


the shortfall. This is good news for patients and staff. Both hospitals


will stay open and we can get on with developing hospital microbe and


it gives is a proposal to allow us to bring more patients here ——


developing hospital microbe. Very pleased, we have so many people


coming in, we need our hospital. The town has 10,000 inhabitants and we


need a hospital. I am not sure about the NHS and their finances and if it


would be better to have one thing in one place, but it is good for the


local community. Those behind the plan incest it is


not just balancing the books. They say patients in Stamford should


benefit from new treatments and services in the future.


I spoke to Nick Boles, the MP for Grantham and Stamford, and asked if


this guaranteed the future of the hospital. It is very good news. What


you have got from this report is a clear message that the plans drawn


not for Stamford Hospital by the local GPs and by the trust plans


that should be implemented in a sense whatever the future of the


Peterborough trust. That is a vote of confidence but I would be


the first to say that it is still words on paper and what we now need


is to convert it into reality, and I will make sure we keep up the


pressure. Is it mismanagement to get into this pickle or have they not


got enough money to start with? The report is clear that the substantial


source of the problems at the Peterborough trust this disastrous


PFI to build a new hospital in Peterboro under the last government


and it is a contract that should never have been signed, it is a


complete disgrace this got through the system. It saddled the trust


with a level of debt that is unsustainable. And they need to do a


great deal to try and get to the stage where they are able to pay


their way. What is great news for Stamford is that everybody is clear


that the plans for Stamford Hospital help the Peterborough trust almost


whatever it decides to do. The trust has to save £10 million each year


from the budget and that has to affect local services to some


degree? They want to develop services in


Stamford. We have an ageing population and we have changing


needs and their lots of things that can be better done and more cheaply


—— and there are. So the very expensive but very good acute


hospital of Peterboro can focus on the really high value stuff. So


Stamford compliments the plan to bring Peterboro into a position


where it campaign its way. So is —— so Stamford is safe? Certainly for


now, but not —— but do not take anything for granted, we will keep


up the pressure and make sure this plan is implemented.


We want to hear from you. Is this the best use of taxpayers' money?


Should millions of pounds be spent bailing out the Trust: Or is it


right that Stamford Hospital is saved, whatever the cost?


In a moment: The hidden migrants. Now councillors in Boston need to


find thousands apparently missing from official figures.


A man who was married to two women at the same time has been jailed for


three months. Brian Frain, from Cleethorpe, first married 14 years


ago, but failed to declare that when he wed a different woman ten years


later. He claimed in court that he thought the time apart meant his


first marriage was no longer valid. Leanne Brown reports.


This is the picture that exposed Frain as a bigamist. It shows him


marrying Louise Meredith, but he was already married. Both ceremonies


took pace here at Tameside Registry Office ten years apart. Talking to


the BBC before being sentenced, he said his first marriage only lasted


a few months and he didn't think it counted. It was just because it was


in 1999, I thought it would be dissolved. The marriage to my first


wife. But in court today, he was given


three months in prison for his crime. In sentencing today, the


judge said that at the time of your second marriage, you told lies to


the registrar when asked specific questions about if you had been


married before. He also said that ten Micro has caused considerable


distressed to the women involved and he was not a man of devious good


character. He said, considering all the factors, only a custodial


sentence would be justified. Frain now has another partner, Donna


Darwent. She said she hoped the court would see he was a changed


man. He has changed his life around, he is not the man I met three years


ago, he is totally different. He is a better person now.


She said the whole family are devastated, but that the sentence


was fair and Frain knew he had to be punished.


The future of a swimming pool in Hull has been discussed in the House


of Commons today. Hull City Council says closing the Ennerdale Pool will


save £220,000 and ensure that four others in the city remain open. The


authority is asking the public for its views on the proposal and today,


the MP for Hull North, Diana Johnson, raised the issue in the


Commons. Can we please have a debate on the unfair local government


funding to Northern cities? It means lots of sporting facilities are


going to close, including possibly Ennerdale, which is the only


standard—size swimming pool for competitions in Hull.


I won't comment on that point. I just draw to the honourable lady's


attention that the back bench Business Committee has scheduled for


a debate to take place on Thursday 10th October on funding of local


authorities. Village micro slamming Paul


discussed in the House of Commons this morning. —— Ennerdale swimming


pool discussed. We had lots of messages about the decision to


suspend driving exams in Hull because of a series of explosions at


a recycling plant near the test centre. It is worried the bangs are


making new drivers nervous, so they will soon have to take their test in


Beverley or Bridlington. Thank you very much for the messages. Driving


instructors say that will put more pressure on learners.


Thank you for all your messages on this one. Debbie, from Hessle, says:


I think the owners of the site should foot everyone's extra costs


for their move in the driving tests. It is the site's fault and not the


learners! We Sarah tweeted in, saying: If learner drivers can't


adjust to driving in Beverley instead of Hull, are they even ready


to be taking their tests? Similarly, Ken, from Hull, also got in touch


and said: Surely driving instructors can teach to drive anywhere and not


only on test routes? Earlier this week, we told you about


claims that the true population in Boston is far greater than what is


recorded. Councillors in the town want the government to give them


extra funding because of the stress on services from what it claims is


as many as 12,000 migrant workers who are missing from official


figures. The government has challenged the authority to prove


it. Our reporter, Jake Zuckerman, has been searching for the missing


migrants. Unrecorded migrants, Boston Borough


Council claims there are around 10,000 living locally, placing added


pressure on services. So where do you find them? Latvian government


workers have been visiting Boston this week, helping migrants living


here renew their passports. Community leaders feel that official


statistics may be missing some who live in multiple occupancy


households. I'm not sure about the 10,000, but it's hundreds and


hundreds of people in Boston. They are living like ten or more people


in one house. At the homeless charity Centrepoint, they believe


some rough sleepers may be falling below the radar. Last month, in our


drop—in centre, we saw 41 people who presented themselves as being


homeless. Of those, 80% were foreign nationals. Boston has experienced a


population boom. It has risen from around 56,000 in 2001 to around


65,000 by the time of the last Census in 2011. But Boston Borough


Council believes the real figure could be almost 77,000. Here is the


problem, the council says there are around 10,000 migrants unaccounted


for in official figures. The government is challenging them to


prove it. People will tell you that figure is correct, but they are


basing their opinion on anecdotal evidence. Where is the hard evidence


going to come going to come from? Well, that is


very difficult, it's looking for the God particle. You


need to use a range of different statistical records. It's a case of


triangulating those different figures to try and get a more


accurate figure which is going to satisfy the government. But with


good data hard to come by, it may be impossible to prove what many people


here believe. A story I am sure we will return to,


thank you for watching. Still ahead tonight: Topping the Premier League,


Hull City is one of the most affordable clubs in the country's


top flight. The experts from East Yorkshire


helping salvage the Costa Concordia. Tonight 's picture. Sunset on


Lincoln Cathedral, complete with rainbow, taken on Tuesday night,


September 10th. Look at that! That was taken by Barry Hawthorne. And


this is an extra picture, it you will like this. It is not a cloud.


Roy said, My son Freddy every evening shouts at the TV when Peter


comes on. That is him trying to strangle me! He is 20 months old.


You should keep that, most people turn off!


Is anybody laughing? No, they have turned off!


It is a difficult picture with the weather, a complicated looking chart


with a lot of cloud. Patchy rain later in the day and


drier and brighter spells later. But it gets sorted out for the weekend


and if you have anything planned, Saturday is the day to get out and


about after a damp start, Saturday afternoon is nice. Wet and windy


through Sunday. Not too bad today. We have seen some sunshine. This is


another weather front which will ingrain from the West. We start the


evening and a final note but rain will reach all parts by dusk or


shortly after and it will be a wet night. The majority of the rain out


of the way later. But a legacy of low cloud and missed and drizzle.


Lowest temperatures, mild at 12, 13 Celsius. The sun will rise in the


morning at 630 a.m. And it will set at 7:23pm. Tomorrow, a cloudy and


perhaps damp start with a bit of missed and drizzle. Generally a lot


of cloud tomorrow but there will be brighter spells. Drier spells before


a weak weather front brings actually rain. That is towards the end of the


day. A fair amount of usable weather in between, top temperatures around


16 Celsius. That weekend forecast, a damp start in places Saturday but it


ends up nicely. Sunday turns wet and windy. That is the forecast.


I love the forecast —— I love the sentence, difficult to get the


detail right. You have only got one job! I slipped that in.


You did not, I spotted it! Five day week for me this week,


Peter! We will put the flags out!


Priceless, that is how many football fans would regard seeing their team


scoring a late winner or winning a Cup Final, but what is the true cost


of following your favourite team? A new BBC report has found some


tickets to watch Grimsby are more expensive than those to see Hull


City in the Premier League. Hull City and Grimsby Town. They are


four football leagues apart. But potentially, you could see the


Premier League side for the less than the Conference club. Grimsby's


most expensive season ticket is £575. But you could grab one at the


Tigers for just £490. If you want the lowest priced season tickets,


Grimsby's are cheaper though, at 285. Hull's costs £100 more. Grimsby


Town mascot Andy Carr has defended his team's top season ticket price.


That is the top priced ticket but unlike teams in the Premier League


who get £60 million and above with TV money, it is a shame some of that


does not filter down to the lower leagues.


In a year when Tottenham star Gareth Bale was sold for a record £85


million. And broadcaster BT Sport paid more than £700 million to show


Premier League matches. The average cost of watching the footie for fans


in English football's top four divisions has actually fallen


slightly. It is good news for fans, but it comes after a long period of


incremental rises year on year. This is a good result this year but the


key thing is it is replicated for years to come. Last year, whole city


was one of the most expensive teams to watch in the championship and now


it is one of the cheapest in the Premier League. A day here would


cost around £30, including a programme, a cup of tea, a pie and a


match ticket. £30, £50 is quite reasonable, not if you go to every


game. My grandchildren and my son go and it does get quite expensive. The


tickets for £100, you will go, £500 comedy will go if you support them.


You are going to watch the team. On average, a day out at Grimsby,


Scunthorpe and Lincoln would all cost about £25. Whatever the cost of


watching a match, it is unlikely it would put off the most die—hard


fans. Tolu is at the KC Stadium now. So


how surprising is it that, in general, ticket prices have fallen


surprised things are generally cheaper. The FA Chairman, Greg Dyke,


said any price cuts are a case of clubs responding sensibly to the


tough economic times that their fans are suffering. So good news for


fans, many thousands of whom will be packing this stadium behind me here


on Saturday when Hull City play Cardiff, whatever the price.


Anti—very much, I am sure they will! —— thank you.


Another one you might want to comment on. Is it too expensive to


go to watch the football and do you think clubs take supporters for


granted? Or is it a fair price to pay, in comparison to a trip to a


concert or the theatre? And if you want to know more about


this, there is a full report on the price of football on the BBC Sport


Website. We we might have some before we finish at seven o'clock.


And there is a full report on the BBC website. And it will be money


well spent for Hull city fans if they beat Cardiff. Manager said


despite in —— despite losing two of their last three games, he has seen


plenty of encouraging signs. We have played well, we need to look, we


need to stay injury free and clear of suspensions and not do anything


stupid like we did at our last home game and if we do that, I am


convinced we will be all right. Encouraged, but a long way to go.


Scunthorpe United have re—signed former captain Cliff Byrne, on loan


from Oldham Athletic. The defender left The Iron last summer after


almost ten years at the club. He has now returned after Christian


Ribeiro's injury left him facing an extended period on the sidelines.


Tennis player Kyle Edmund will go to Croatia as part of the Great Britain


Davis Cup squad. The 18—year—old, from Tickton, near Beverley, reached


the semi—finals of both the boys' singles and doubles at Wimbledon. He


will go with the team to gain experience, though he won't play in


the tie. It was one of the most dramatic


marine disasters in recent history and next week, an attempt to raise


the cruise ship the Costa Concordia will start off the Italian coast. 32


people died when the ship capsized after hitting rocks almost two years


ago. Now a company from Beverley, in East Yorkshire, is playing an


important role in what is claimed to be the biggest marine salvage


operation in history. Caroline Bilton has the story.


Laying on its side, partly submerged for nearly two years. This giant


cruiseliner has become a feature of this Italian beauty spot.


Go! It was one of the most dramatic


marine accidents in recent history. 32 people died here, two are still


unaccounted for. But now work to upright her is about to begin and a


company from Beverley, in East Yorkshire, is part of the


international salvage team. Our role was to create this


underwater support, I call it a The company has been involved in


building a sub—sea platform for the Concordia to rest on once it is


upright. It will stay on the platform until next June, before it


can be floated and taken away to be dismantled.


The Costa Concordia is a one—off. Undoubtedly the largest marine


salvage ever, there is nothing to compare, it is an engineering


marvel, it has never been tried before. For others is a relatively


small company, it is just fascinating to be involved.


It has become a spectacle for sightseers, but when it is raised


next week, all eyes will be watching to see if this engineering feat can


be achieved and the marine nature reserved it sits in protected.


We have had a oil pollution, so we are quite confident that there will


be some minor bits of debris floating up as she comes out of the


water, but they will be tracked by the nets. We will be proud if it is


a success but in our own small way, we have been part of it.


It was an accident with tragic consequences, but now expertise from


East Yorkshire is helping to make sure the Costa Concordia can be


salvaged and the area restored to the beauty spot it once was.


The salvage operation of the Costa Concordia.


Last night, we brought you the story of the men who mended a bike rack in


Boston town centre during their night out. Well, two of them have


now been found. Dean Mason, on the left, and Martin Griggs, on


right. They were filmed at three in the morning wrestling with the bent


bike rack, making sure it was perfectly straight.


Well done to them. Cadwell Park has become the latest hot—spot for


filming Hollywood blockbusters. Lincolnshire's most famous track was


one of the locations used in the new Formula 1 film Rush, which is


released in cinemas tomorrow. And, as Simon Spark reports, it joins not


only a growing list of locations, but a growth of interest for filming


in our part of the country. There are not many days that Cadwell


Park in Lincolnshire doesn't hear the roar of a high—speed engine. But


recently, it has had much more than that, as it gets its premier as a


filmset for the latest Hollywood blockbuster, Rush.


Rush tells the famous story of Formula 1 rivalry between James Hunt


and Nicky Lauder in the 1976 season. I am quicker than all of you! Let's


race! Cadwell Park has a long history with


bike racing and so somebody like James Hunt would have driven many


times here. So while the story does not have a direct link to Cadwell


Park, it played a big part in motor racing history.


The director's interest was in the twists, turns, elevations and this


wooded section Cadwell Park has to offer. They spent five days filming


here, transforming it for the film. Cadwell Park is the latest in a


growing list of film locations in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire. The


beautiful Burghley House was used for Pride and Prejudice, and the


sequel Death Comes to Pemberley is using Beverley for a major BBC


production. And Hull, which was used for filming


Amazing Grace, about William Wilberforce, is getting a lot of


requests for information, according to Creative England. Writer Russ


Littern, who has worked on the Sherlock Holmes films, is not


surprised. I think it is ready—made for people.


Some of the old town, they have not been touched for 200 years and it is


a great place to make a film. Any film—maker rings with them people


who stay and it is also about jobs for people in the city, about the


profile of the city. And after a film has been made, people often


visit locations. So there are so many benefits.


But for now, the attention is on Rush, which opens in cinemas


tomorrow. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines: The privatisation of Royal Mail will go


ahead within weeks. It is one of the biggest changes in its 500—year


history. Stamford Hospital could be saved


from closure, as a new recovery plan is launched for the Trust.


Tomorrow's weather: Rather cloudy, with a little drizzle at first, and


a risk of showers breaking out later. Top temperature, 16 Celsius.


18 Celsius. Talking about the price of football if you minutes ago, Mike


says, it is very expensive to watch a match. Nowadays clubs are getting


greedy, players are paid too much. On Twitter, only the well of can


afford to get ices. This is from Simon, if fans took a stand and


refused to pay the stupid prices, Cubs would listen, but fans continue


to pay. Richard says, it is priced beyond sensibility. I do not know


how people afford it every week, they even follow teams abroad. I


just watched local teams. Chris, it is far too expensive. A good concert


could be £20, £19 for a game at Blundell Park is generally painful.


Ryan says, people do not go to the concert and theatre every week like


football fans. Many are saying the same thing. Join me to number —— me


tomorrow on the radio if you can, have a nice evening.


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