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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Growing demand but are some people using foodbanks because they can't


manage their money? There are people that come to be


foodbank that generally can help their situation and they are just


choosing not to. I'm at Lincoln Crown Court where a


teenage girl has been charged with the murder of her newborn baby.


The MA student banned from the army because of his tattoos. I thought


perhaps logic would come into play, I am not a 16—year—old and has


applied on a whim. Bringing the Ashes home to inspire


the next generation of cricketers. If we keep having successful


national teams, the men all the women, that will push the amount of


people buying push it —— cricket. And the weather forecast late.


To some they are seen as an essential lifeline but there are


claims tonight that foodbanks are actually just propping up families


who can't budget properly. The comments come from the Education


Secretary Michael Gove and have prompted an angry response from the


Bishop of Hull, a city where more than 100 charities are involved in


handing out food. However, there has been some unlikely support for Mr


Gove from people working at foodbanks. In a moment we'll be


hearing from the Bishop, but first, Phil Connell has this report.


The free food hand—outs very here everyday, one thing that is certain


is that by the end of the week, most of it will have gone. The whole


foodbank —— the whole foodbank has said it has never been so busy. When


they come to our door there is a lot of pride and embarrassment and they


feel quite scared and it is a deer in the headlights look because they


don't know what will happen. In the Commons, the free food parcels have


caused a political storm. With the education secretary stating that


owns —— those that are receiving them are only themselves to blame.


It is a result of decisions made by families that mean they are not able


to manage their finances. When need to do —— what we need to do is to


make sure the supporters and their not just financially but that the


right decisions are made. Here, where 100 charities supplying food


his comments are being condemned. In the two years it has been open the


hull foodbank has donated 30 tonnes of food. It has fed 2000 hundred 49


people last year. Since April last year, the figure has already ——


since April this year, 2000 people have already come. Kimberly is now a


volunteer at the foodbank but this time last year she was living in a


tent and receiving food parcels. She thinks that Michael Gove may have a


valid point but says he could have expressed better. With him saying


what he is saying it could stop people coming because it could make


those people feel as though it is their fault where in some cases it


is not. There are people that come to be foodbank that generally can


help their situation and they just don't, they choose not to. This


foodbank helps around 100 people per week in the city. A debate now


ignited over their genuine need or whether their own bad decisions have


been to blame. Earlier I spoke to the Bishop of


Hull and asked him if people who use food banks are responsible for their


own situation. No, not really, I think there is a real danger of


getting into a situation where poor people are being blamed for their


own poverty, that is simply not fair. What you make of Michael


Gove's comments? Issey out of touch? Yes. Poor people are being blamed


when there are other factors. He is making the point that people are


needing to work within their means and not rely on hand—outs, is


because people have heard about them and media. When people have no


margin of error at all, inevitably when things go wrong in whatever


way, they are bound to be up against it and very quickly get into debt


and get into really serious need and it is often a foodbank that can tide


them over. You have seen the number of people using foodbanks increase,


while you think that it is? Because there is an increasing need and I


think that with the welfare pawns, the —— welfare reforms, the need


will increase. People would still be surprised that a bishop is speaking


up politically. Does not up politically. Does not party


political, it is part of our care for our neighbour. When we see our


neighbour in real need it is very important that we do what we can. A


text that I had during the week, I wonder how many people we see at the


foodbanks with a giant plasma TV, harsh! That is a perception. I heard


the chief executive of the Joseph Rowntree foundation speaking this


week saying they have done extensive research and almost all the people


using foodbanks at doing so because of crisis, real need, because they


have hit on hard time. Nothing to do with luxuries at all. If that is the


case, then depressing? Very depressing indeed. Let us know what


you think about this story. Should people on low incomes have more


discipline when it comes to their budget? Is Michael Gove right? May


be a user foodbank or maybe you are offended by the comments you have


heard. Please contact us. In a moment, how a harsh winter


could threaten the supply of sloe gin this Christmas.


A 16—year—old girl has appeared in court charged with the murder of her


newborn baby. The girl, who can't be named for legal reasons, is from the


village of Baston in Lincolnshire. Our reporter Leanne Brown is outside


the court for us tonight, what more can you tell us about this case?


The body of a newborn baby was found by the emergency services last week


at a property in the village of Baston, near Bourne. The baby's


16—year—old mother, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was


charged last night with his murder. She appeared before magistrates in


Grantham this morning where she was accused of the murder between the


second and 6th of September. Too serious to be dealt with by a


magistrate, the case was automatically sent here to the Crown


Court in Lincoln where this afternoon she appeared, dressed in


black and accompanied by a family member. The judge remanded the


teenager into the care of the local authority with conditions including


health investigators are court appearance set for


health investigators are investigating infection from a


children's play park, a water park. The park was closed after 18 people


fell ill with cryptosporidium infection. People that went to the


park in July need to complete an online questionnaire even if they


were not ill. They're seen as a way of expressing yourself but these


tattoos are stopping one man from Hull from getting a job. James


Hastie has a degree and wants to join the Army but he's been told his


tattoos are inappropriate. Caroline Bilton reports.


James Hastie wants to join the Army — he's spent the past few months


going through the application process but he's been told he won't


be accepted because of his tattoos. I thought that perhaps logic would


come into play, I am not a 16—year—old that has decided on a


whim to join the Army. I have done a lot of things and I thought that


would get taken into account, the fact that I have got an education


behind me would be a benefit. The MOD sent him an email explaining why


he wasn't eligible. It said it's because of army policy about tattoos


which "would be detrimental to the service." It refers to any tattoos,


excessive in size or number, offensive or obscene, which are


visible when wearing parade uniform. is is about if those tattoos are


visible and in a park and inappropriate. Tonight the Ministry


of Defence said that James should visit his army careers office again


to discuss the decision. This is another story we'd like your


views on. Is it right that someone should be barred from a job with the


army, or any job, if they have visible tattoos? Start the text with


Look North. Thank you for watching tonight. Still ahead tonight:


England's Arran Brindle bring the Ashes back to Louth. It is quite


amazing, to see the Ashes brought to us. Is really good they have won it.


Banks of Humber taken from Barton by Jonathan Boddy.


I know what you have done there! And he was going to slip in a Humber


Bridge picture. You have been caught red—handed. Now the weather


forecast. We would just have the forecast! Let's look at the headline


for the next 24 hours, it is important that you take note of this


because Saturday will be far better than Sunday a gap stars but Saturday


will brighten up —— a gap start. Sunday, it is wet and windy, a poor


day to come on Sunday. A real test of autumn temperatures in the mid


teens. For those meteorological minded people like myself, it is a


synoptic chart on a ridge of high pressure, look at this on Sunday,


and whether Brian —— a weather front with tightly packed isobars which


means strong winds. A gap and dreary evening, a lot of surface spray on


the roads. The rain will continue overnight, on and off. Showing signs


of easing from the North later but it is a miserable September night,


with the dim —— with temperatures up to ten or 11 Celsius. 50 Fahrenheit.


The sun will rise in the morning at 6:32am. Your next high will be just


after midnight tonight at Cleethorpes. Many of us are off to a


grey start. Patches of rain slipping away southwards. Bright in


north—east Yorkshire. A nice afternoon on Saturday, sunny spells


and the small chance of catching a light shower. After the jury start,


but in the afternoon. 15 Celsius is 59 Fahrenheit. Next week looks cool,


showery, unsettled. That is the forecast!


Is so easy with the other one. I try not to dumb down the audience. It is


a bit late for that. A senior Conservative in


Lincolnshire, who's suffering from terminal cancer, has attacked the


government's decision to spend £11 billion this year on foreign aid.


Chris Underwood—Frost who serves on the County Council, says the money


should instead be spent on treating Cancer. But the Deputy Prime


Minister Nick Clegg has told Look North that the foreign aid budget is


right. Here's our Political Editor, Tim Iredale.


Conservative councillor Chris Underwood frost has been fighting a


15 year battle with cancer. Which started on his skin ended as now


spread to his brain. He has nothing but praise for the medical staff who


have treated him. He says he is angry that billions of pounds worth


of tax payers money is being spent on overseas aid. Is far better that


we spend any money in this country to prop up the NHS, to keep people


alive and doing it. Unfortunately, I am now terminal, therefore I think


that some of this overseas money should be spent here for people,


especially to make sure people can be treated locally. The government


is committed to spending 0.7% of our national income on overseas aid.


That adds up to around about £11 billion this year. A controversial


figure that has attracted controversy will criticism.


can possibly give £1 billion per month when we are in debt to undergo


bongo land. UKIP MP Godfrey Bloom had to defend his comments. The row


reopened the debate about the government's moral duty to spend


money on less fortunate parts of the world. I put the paint made by Chris


Underwood frost to the Deputy Prime Minister. Can you understand why


people believe the money should be spent at home when they have


problems a? Of course I understand. It means that we try to help other


countries dealing with grinding poverty, violence, extremism and


conflict it also means that people are encouraged to stay at home


rather than move across continents and borders. Is a subject that


polarises opinion but despite the government's arguments, there will


be many that insist that charity should begin at home.


The subject of foreign aid will be one of the discussion points on this


weekend's Sunday politics. We've had a big response on our story about


how much money some football fans were paying to watch their teams


play. A BBC report has found that the general cost of football had


gone down slightly and that Hull City was one of the cheapest clubs


in the Premier League to watch. Just a


Maly says "I've purchased four tickets for the Hull vs West Ham


match. The annoying point is I was charged a £2.50 booking fee for each


ticket — rip—off Britain." Chris from Hornsea also texted in to say


the cost of watching Premier League football could be reduced if clubs


were allowed to introduce safe standing. And this tweet from Jodie


Sippel believes it's just the latest thing people want to complain about.


If it was that expensive they wouldn't pay it in the first place.


Two new pilots will join the Red Arrows in 2014 — the team's 50th


display season. Flight Lieutenant Stewart Campbell


and Flight Lieutenant Joe Hourston have been announced as the newest


members of the aerobatics team. The two pilots have both flown


operations over Afghanistan and will stay with the Red Arrows for three


years. It is now feeling real now being in Jersey and being in the


back of a real show with crowds. Obviously getting a number last


night made it feel like being a part of the team now. Exciting. We're


looking forward to the challenge of the next few years. It is going to


be life changing experiences, we get to visit places and meet people that


we would never have the opportunity to make. Congratulations to them in


the talent islands —— challenge violent —— Channel Islands.


It's a symbol of cricketing excellence and today school children


in Louth saw close—up the Women's Ashes trophy. Arran Brindle, who was


part of the side which beat Australia this summer, brought the


trophy to her home town. As our sports reporter Simon Clark


explains, more and more girls are now playing the game.


It is one of women's crickets top prizes. It is a privilege to bring


the Ashes trophy here. The Ashes were shown off to school children in


Louth. They were suitably impressed. It is quite amazing to see the Ashes


right there. Really good they have won it. Aaron was at the non—striker


's end when the showings were beaten in front of a huge crowd. The


women's Ashes caught the public imagination. They have tennis fever


when Wimbledon is on, and cricket, especially when the showings around.


Cricket has generally grown and if we have successful national teams of


men and women, that will push the matter people playing cricket.


Thanks to the talents of the women's team, the growth of the girls in the


women's game has been phenomenal. Nowhere is that more evident then in


Hull and East Yorkshire. I am seeing a 30% increase. A lot of the


are attending the local clubs expressing interest to play. We're


going to support them through that. We have now got the right mechanisms


in place. The growth is extraordinary. In 1998, England


women warmed up under England was like under 16 boys are in front of a


handful of enthusiast. By 2013, the game against Pakistan attracted 2000


fans. We have a close working relationship with the ECB for Dell


support, not forgetting the man we are fully supportive of that. I


personally believe that everyone should have the opportunity, that I


did not have many years ago. Thanks to a talented player from Louth,


women's cricket is in good health. Hull FC can book their place in


Super League's Preliminary semi finals tonight if they win. The


Black and White's face the Catalan Dragons and Coach Peter Gentle says


playing at home will give his side a slight advantage. They have had a


month of footy where they have played four of the top five sides in


the competition and being very competitive in the competition. They


are matched Harden —— match hardened. We are playing at home


which is fortunate. It means our preparation will not be disrupted.


It is going to be a tough game. And you can hear full commentary of that


game on BBC Radio Humberside from eight o'clock tonight. That's on AM,


digital and online. In the other play—off game affecting


our local teams: Hull Kingston Rovers are at St Helens tomorrow.


Kick—off is at 5pm. Commentary is on BBC Radio Humberside, on the FM


frequency. And in football, there'll also be


commentary of Scunthorpe United's trip to Southend. That's on BBC


Radio Humberside's FM frequency. That match kicks off at 7.45pm.


In tomorrow's matches, in the Premier League, Hull City take on


Cardiff at the KC Stadium. Commentary is on BBC Radio


Humberside, on the FM frequency, from 3pm. Grimsby entertain


Braintree at Blundell Park. Commentary on Radio Humberside's


medium wave, digital radio and online.


Also in the Conference, Lincoln City travel to Barnet, full match


commentary on BBC Radio Lincolnshire. Enjoy the football and


rugby league. Only 100 days until Christmas but if you are hoping to


toast the festive season with Yorkshire sloe gym, you may have a


problem. A poor harvest of berries could mean there will be a shortage.


It is a typical tipple for Christmas, enjoyed with a mince


pie. 80,000 bottles of Yorkshire sloe gin produced by Jonathan but


his run—up to Christmas may be fraught. Towards the end of the


season we will run out of slows. —— sloe. We are certainly not seeing it


is a good year for us. To meet festive orders, the team are


scarring east Yorkshire Fog bushes and hedges. We are trying to find


anyone in the area that has quite a lot of sloe. Things have fared


better this year. Orchards have bumper crops for cider. And an eagle


—— Inn in East Yorkshire's Hop farm, they are harvesting enough to make


600,000 pints in the —— of beer. I'm just a waiter in a restaurant. It


does help having a knowledge of hops and real ales. Customers want to


know that. They don't want the typical liger, all of them. A bit


more flavour to go with the food. Similar to wine. It is Matthew's


first commercial harvest and his crops were bored. They are using one


of the oldest breweries in the country, previously Victorian, it


used to be used to brew beer for farmers. We now get these fresh hop


flowers not frozen. They have but a delicate taste to them. Beer is made


of three things, barley, hops and yeast. We now have all three of


those products, it is totally a local product. It is almost unique


within the beer industry. The buyer will not run dry after the harvest,


many fruit growers are celebrating a bumper year. After a disastrous


2012, the many dead is a huge relief. —— for many that is a huge


relief. That's on BBC Two at nine o'clock


with Gregg Wallace and Philippa Forrester. Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlines. The mother and her three children


are killed in a house fire in Leicester, the police say it is


murder. The bit above Hull hit back at claims —— the Bishop of Hull hits


back at some people that use foodbanks are not using their


finances correctly. Tomorrow's weather: a cloudy and damp start to


the day but it will brighten up with spells of sunshine. Top temperature


— 15 Celsius. A big response to the story foodbanks after talking to the


third Bishop —— after talking to the bishop. Someone says that smokers


with new phones to add foodbanks. Tell them to ditch the luxuries.


Someone else says they have a neighbour that users foodbanks, she


is happy to tell me she gets free food from two different banks. If


you visit the house, the children want for nothing, best phones,


widescreen TVs. Someone says that they receive food packages and have


a big—screen TV, it was a gift. People should not be judged. Eddie


in Scunthorpe says that Michael Gove is out of touch with real people. He


is lucky not to be in a position to use a foodbank. Someone says to get


Mr Gove to live on a rundown estate, I bet he has never gone


hungry. We will have some of the tap to responses on Monday. —— tattooed.


Have a very good weekend.


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