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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines


care standards at a recent inspection.


From care, staffing levels, looking after medication, they are not


delivering the we expect. Now the Government will send in the


best managers to help run the worst hospitals with Lincolnshire and


parts of East Yorkshire being targeted. Also on tonight's


programme: After a car ends up in their back garden, a family calls


for stronger crash barriers. There is speculation all over the


place. We speak to the party leader who's


refusing to rule out standing as an MP in Lincolnshire.


The East Hull gardener who's added another award to his growing


collection. The weather looks set to settle


down. The very latest in 15 minutes. Hello. Two Lincolnshire hospitals


have failed to meet any national care standards. The Care Quality


Commission visited Lincoln County and the Pilgrim in Boston after they


were put into special measures due to higher than expected death rates.


Now a manager from a top performing trust in Sheffield is being brought


in to help managers from the United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust improve


its services. Caroline Bilton reports.


Two months ago they were told they must improve.


of five in Lincolnshire placed in special measures. A new daily


monitoring system is in place to ensure patients needs are being met.


Those working here believe it is helping to drive up standards.


We have seen a big difference on Dixon Ward with our standards. It


has given me quality assurance every day that every patient on my ward is


risk assessed and they are receiving the care that is needed.


Today, though, another damning report from inspectors — Lincoln


County Hospital and Boston's Pilgrim Hospital are failing to meet any


national care standards. The Trust argues it's working hard


to improve, but for the foreseeable future, unannounced inspections are


going to continue at these two hospitals. These are problems that


date back three years. Two years later, patients were found to be


dying a necessarily at Stafford Hospital. It prompted an


investigation called the key report, which would scrutinise all


hospitals. Shortly after that, it was said that things were improving


at Boston hospital, and it was meeting targets. That good news was


short lived when the Health Secretary placed United Lincolnshire


hospitals trust and another trust in our area in special measures. The


report had found serious failings at birth. Today, the quiet — — the


QC said the hospital trust are failing to meet standards. Unions


say this is affecting morale. I talked to nurses today. They feel as


if they are being scapegoated for the failings of management. If you


do not have sufficient staff, you will get a position where there will


be difficulties for the staff to complete all the tasks that I needed


to provide the highest standards of care. We have 87 new nurses starting


this month. We are actively pursuing international recruitment. Despite


the negative reports, patients today seemed happy with the care they were


receiving. Absolutely fabulous. Couldn't wish for a better team.


Farewell really friendly. — — they were really friendly. My wife just


had to treatment and she has been fine. No complaints. The trust


argues it is working hard to improve, but for the facility will


future, unannounced inspections will continue at least two hospitals.


Earlier, I spoke to Julie Walton from the Care Quality Commission.


She told me what was wrong with the two hospitals.


They are basically not meeting the essential standards from care,


staffing levels, record—keeping, looking after medication is, they


are just not delivering basic standards. In April, the trust met


nearly all of its target. How can things have changed in such a short


time? There have been a lot of changes over the summer. A lot of


changes have been put in place. Things were looking much brighter.


Staff were not reporting things there have been. Are you confident


in your organisation 's credibility? The Health Secretary said the


organisation was fundamentally flawed when it was better. Is that


right? I am very confident in the findings. I am confident we have


applied the appropriate methodology. But are you doing more


harm than good? The union says staff morale is suffering. What is your


message say to nurses who feel constantly scrutinised? It is really


down to the trust to take ownership of the problem, and staff who


reported two was that this inspection — — and staff reported to


those low levels of morale. They were already know and demoralised


before we went in. These inspections should result in improvements that


will hopefully bring that morale back to the staff. Very good to talk


to you. Thank you very much. As well as United Lincolnshire,


another trust described as failing in our area will get staff and


managers from successful hospitals to help it improve. Northern


Lincolnshire and Goole is still waiting to hear from the Health


Secretary as to who they'll be paired with. Hospitals in


Lincolnshire will work alongside managers at Sheffield Teaching


Hospitals NHS Trust. The biggest single thing we can do is give them


a partner organisation that is successful, that has done all the


things they are trying to do. I think it will make a real


difference. We want to hear from you on this


story. Do you think the hospitals in Lincolnshire are getting better or


worse? of Humber jobs could be compromised


unless the Government commits to green energy.


A woman from Lincoln is calling on the county council to install


stronger crash barriers, after a car careered into her back garden. The


vehicle landed in an area where her young daughter had been playing only


hours before. Jake Zuckerman reports. Look at all the damage.


Lisa Cowley and her daughter, Bethany, examined the damage to the


back garden of their family home in Lincoln. This was the scene one


month ago after a car left the road, ploughing straight through crash


barriers. Coincidently, no—one was outside. It was a lovely sunny day


and myself and Bethany we were outside that morning. My husband was


out here, just half an hour before it happened. You know, it was


incredibly fortunate. Now Lisa and her husband have started a petition.


They want the county council to install stronger barriers. I want


them to reinforce the roadside barrier on there. It clearly wasn't


fit for purpose. The vehicle came through it, it broke through into


the garden, quite easily. The council denies there is a problem.


We put barriers in where there is a track record of accidents. There is


no real history of accidents at this spot and the right approach is not


if there is an accident, we spend taxpayers money. In hotspots where


people are being killed, that is where I want to spend our money.


Lisa and Andrew say they feel it is not safe for the family to use their


own garden, and are determined to continue their fight until the


council takes notice. An investigation is taking place


into a bomb hoax at Lincoln Prison earlier today. Emergency services


were called to the jail on Greetwell Road this morning and remained there


for several hours. The Prison Service say there was no threat to


the public, staff or prisoners. Two petitions campaigning for a


swimming pool in Hull to remain open have been handed in to councillors.


Hull City Council says closing Ennerdale Pool will save £220,000


and ensure that four others in the city remain open. The authority is


asking the public for its views on the proposal.


The UKIP leader Nigel Farage has admitted that a recent split in the


party in Lincolnshire has been damaging. Six UKIP councillors have


formed a breakaway group on the county council and their former


group leader has been thrown out of the party. In an interview for BBC


Look North, Mr Farage refused to rule out speculation that he might


stand in Boston and Skegness at the next general election. He's been


speaking to our political editor Tim Iredale, who's live at Westminster.


So what has Mr Farage had to say? Nigel Friars has been responding to


critics who say his party is in a bit of a mess in Lincolnshire. It


was confirmed that Chris Payne had been expelled from the party. He is


appealing, but Chris Pain is one of six councillors who have now formed


a breakaway group from the main audio Lincolnshire county council.


They are calling themselves UKIP Lincolnshire. I asked Mr Farage


today how much damage this than to his party. Short—term, it doesn't


look very good, but it is a question of how we get out of this. The other


counties have not suffered this. Chris Pain has gone. The other


councillors need to recognise the one the seats with the UKIP label.


We need to get reunited. They risk a vacancy when it comes to a UK


Parliamentary candidate in the bottom in Skegness constituency.


They did very well in the last elections. There has been widespread


speculation that Nigel Farage himself make take on sitting Tory MP


Maxim and at the next general election. I asked in that question


and he said he wasn't really himself in but wasn't running himself out.


There are a series of constituencies around the country that look very


tempting for UKIP. My absolute priority is to do well at the


European elections next year. The UKIP at a conference gets under way


tomorrow here in London. One item which caught my eye on the agenda is


a discussion on women's rights. It involves the outspoken Godfrey


Bloom, who recently said women's talents were more suited to the


kitchen and driving a car. That will be interesting, Peter.


We are not getting drawn into that. Thank you.


Still ahead tonight: The East Hull gardener who's been given another


award to add his growing collection. I am in Huddersfield to see if


policy can put themselves within 80 minutes of this season 's grand


Millington Dale in the wolds taken by Ernie Howard. Fabulous picture.


Thank you very much for that. Good evening. Our cameraman Joe Bilton


has been in a pulp, and this is a sign outside the Pope. Isn't that


fantastic? Fabulous. Can we see that again?


Perhaps I can see what the forecast will bring.


More accurate than you. Can I just say our cameraman do not spend


Thursday 's in the pulpit. The headline for the next day. It is


not looking too bad. It is shaping up very nicely. High—pressure


starting to dominate, so it will be much brighter and there will be some


sunshine around. A little bump in the isobars, and it will be


predominantly dry. Part of Lincolnshire have ended the day on a


bright note. The chance of a light, drizzly shower. The wind will ease


and lowest temperatures will be down to nine or ten Celsius. Cloud


amounts will be variable. There should be further sunny spells and


all parts will be dry. I think it will be a pleasant day. These


average temperatures for the time of year. A nice weekend to follow.


Variable cloud, but all parts try and becoming quite warm.


I like the way you say, I think. I am designing a poster I will put


up. See you tomorrow. I don't think so.


OK, touche. Four day week. Thousands of jobs in green energy


could be created locally in the next decade. That's according to a group


which represents the renewables industry. But Renewables UK is


warning that the sector needs more support from Government if it's to


fully develop. Its latest report says that the UK has seen a 74%


increase in jobs in the sector since 2010. And those already working in


the industry say they've noticed a steady growth in the number of


opportunities. Here's Paul Murphy. 300 offshore wind technicians are


based in Grimsby. using the high street catamarans


which shuttle to and from the turbine fields of the North Sea.


Plenty of evidence this is a growing industry. That growth is not really


reflected in other industries in the UK, and in Grimsby, we started off


with just Siemens and Centrica, and now we have more companies.


Renewables UK belief 70,000 green jobs could be created nationally in


the next year, with the humble winning the lion 's share. This


report warns that the government needs to give the industry more


support, and says that schools and colleges need to think more


carefully about equipping the next generation of renewables workers at


the right skills. Government has an energy bill. What we need is to seek


government has strong aspirations. A mood of uncertainty has stalled


projects, like the proposed Siemens factory in Hull. That does not


dampen the spirits at this engineering training Centre, where


well—paid green jobs are already a reality. We have supplied


apprentices to a number of companies, and we have filled in


some positions. opportunities to. A government


spokesman said they would continue working with the industry.


Thank you for the messages about the big rise in the number of stray dogs


in Yorkshire because of irresponsible breeders. We talked


about last night. We had there is a particular problem with status dogs,


who are abandoned and then are difficult to rehab. We had a big


response on this story. Thank you for all of those. Your ideas on the


best ways of reducing the number of stray dogs.


Many people were saying dog licences should combat. Thank you for all of


those. Hull FC are just two games away from


an appearance in the Super League Grand Final. The Black and Whites


are away at Huddersfield in the end of season playoffs tonight but a


defeat would see their season come to an end. Our sports reporter Simon


Clark is live at The John Smith stadium. Simon, what are there


chances tonight? This is a competition that has not


been too kind to Hull FC over the years. They only met one grand


final, in 2006. Their opponents Huddersfield, who may have been the


league leaders, lost last week, quite unexpectedly. We caught up


with some of the Hull FC fans making the journey here. I think they will


do pretty well. They have started to turn things round. I am hopeful they


will put on a good show. They are going to win, without a doubt. They


can go right through to the final. I don't know. We will take it as it


comes. Been very consistent. It is going to be tough. When it takes


all, loses, the season finishes. — — winner takes all. I cannot get tired


of seeing this try from last week. Gareth Ellis added a second, and


Hull FC are through to the big game tonight. Craig Murdock is with me.


What do Hull have to do? They need to get the attack in order. They


have been a bit ropey. They can do it tonight. They need 20 points.


Where will they come from? Briscoe is due a good game. They have


definitely got potential. Hull FC have got the players. Conditions


would be great, I don't think, but they can do it. It has stopped


raining here. You can hear how Craig describes the game on the radio.


Thank you, Simon. Good luck to Hull FC.


Hull City manager Steve Bruce says his team will have to cope with a


"passionate atmosphere" if they want a good result away to Newcastle this


weekend. The Tigers are 16th in the Premier League having drawn in this,


their last game against Cardiff. Bruce says his side have shown


positive signs heading into the match at St James' Park on Saturday.


We must make sure the atmosphere is handled. It is a pretty passionate


place to play football, so we will have two handle that. We will have


to be at our best. Grimsby Town have confirmed they've


sacked their joint manager Rob Scott for gross misconduct. Scott — who is


here on the right — was appointed with Paul Hurst in 2011. He's been


dismissed because of an incident during their recent home defeat to


Nuneaton Town. The club say Scott has appealed the decision but it's


been rejected. its players and supporters after a


fight on the pitch during an FA Cup game. It happened at the game


between Sleaford Town and Huntingdon on Saturday, and spread to fans from


both sides. The match was abandoned just minutes before the final


whistle. Huntingdon have also been charged. Both teams will now attend


an FA hearing next Wednesday. Dennis Shaw from East Hull has been


winning gardening awards for the last three decades. Today he picked


up his 131st accolade at the Guildhall in the city, recognising


his passion for gardening. On a shoestring budget and with a new


design every year, Dennis's colourful displays have brought him


a lot of attention. You Sarah Corker has been to meet him.


In this small corner of East Hull, Dennis Shaw has his very own slice


of the English Countryside. Should every plant in the garden, most of


them tell this story. — — most of them tell a story.


From bright displays to the more unusual features, this gardening


champion has 131 awards. It all started at school. When I was ten


years old, at the Maybury school, I won prizes.


Today, he picked up another top honour. The


talent and work helping other gardeners. That is fabulous.


He's certainly made a name for himself. We first met him on Look


North 20 years ago. He's also appeared on Gardeners World. But his


favourite tale — having lunch with the Queen. We were talking about


gardens. I said to her, what is your favourite colour? She said, every


flower is beautiful. I got the official tour today. We are looking


that way and that way, to see the beauty of the garden. If you ever


get down, walk around Europe garden, see the beauty. It works wonders.


So as Dennis and wife Beryl add the latest prize to the collection — the


next honour in his sights, the Hull in Bloom Award, he's won it 29 years


running — he's hoping this year's design will make it 30!


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines: The


Government says its reviewing whether NHS staff should be allowed


to wear full face veils. Two failing hospitals — Lincoln and


Boston — didn't meet any national care standards at a recent


inspection. Tomorrow's weather:


response on the subject of hospitals after our report and interview.


Daniel says, the pilgrim needs more nursing staff, not managers. CJ


says, the problem in our hospitals is too many managers are not enough


stuff on the floor, and too much paperwork. Robin says, the principal


problems is inadequate staffing and poor training. Suzanne said, I


cannot fault pilgrim hospital, I had major problems after giving birth


and they were fantastic. Some good news there. This is another message,


as an ex—NHS employee, I saw the money wasted by senior managers.


They cost low morale and are not bothered about the stuff of


patients, only their expense. Join me tomorrow lunchtime on the


radio if you can. Good evening.


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