20/09/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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That's all from the BBC News at Six. It's


That's all from the BBC News at Six. It's goodbye from me and on BBC One


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight: The


Yorkshire MEP Godfrey Bloom faces disciplinary action from UKIP after


he describes women as sluts. All of


Also on the programme: The Labour leader Ed Miliband tells Look North


he'll scrap what his party calls the bedroom tax — if he becomes Prime


Minister. The victims of crime waiting longer


than a year to see justice done at Lincoln Crown Court. And the shop


that has banned mobile phones. It is ignorant. Anyone should have the


decency to end the conversation. I will be back later in the programme


with a full forecast of the weather. Godfrey Bloom, the outspoken MEP for


Yorkshire and the Humber, is tonight facing a formal disciplinary hearing


after having the party whip removed. The politician who lives in East


Yorkshire has admitted calling women sluts at a UKIP fringe meeting. The


leader of UKIP Nigel Farage said the comments were beyond the pale and


that Mr Bloom's repeated behaviour was overshadowing the party's work.


That is an appalling thing to say. He's a politician known for his


oubursts, but today he's pushed his party too far. In one incident,


lashing out at a question he didn't like. You have checked out the


colour of people 's faces. Disgraceful! Mr Bloom has become


infamous for his maveick style of politics. In 2004, the year he was


elected to served Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire in Europe, he


said "women should clean behind the fridge" when asked about gender


equality. In 2010, he was ejected from the European Parliament for


using a Nazi slogan against a German politician. In August of this year,


Godfrey Bloom referring to foreign countries which


received aid as Bongo—Bongo Land. How we can possibly be giving a


month when we are in this amount of debt to Bongo—Bongo Land. Earlier


this week, he was recorded saying to a group of women at the UKIP


conference "this room is full of sluts" after talking about whether


they cleaned their kitchens. all of the girls said they didn't clean


behind the fridge and I said they were all sluts. It was the joke.


Godfrey Bloom dismissed it as a joke. This afternoon, the leader of


UKIP said Mr Bloom is his friend but that his beahviour had crossed the


line. His behaviour is starting to overshadow all the good things we


are saying. He has gone beyond the pale and I think we have no option


but to remove the whip from him. By six o'clock, that supsnesion was in


force. For now, at least, Godfrey Bloom is adrift in a political


wilderness while investigations continue.


Well, for the latest, our political editor Tim Iredale joins me from our


Leeds studio. Do we know any more about what's going to happen to


Godfrey Bloom? We know he has been suspended from the party. The phrase


they'd use in these situations is that he has had the whip removed


which means he can no longer sit in the European Parliament as a UKIP


MEP. It is clear from that clip of Nigel Farage, the party leader, that


Godfrey Bloom had become a serial embarrassment to him. I think there


was a serious question about his long—term future in the party. I


followed his career with great interest. I have watched the gaps,


the clangers, the bloomers, and I think while in the past everyone has


been able to —— some people have been able to forgive his more


controversial amends, even the recent outburst of giving aid to


Bongo—Bongo Land land, I think there is a widespread feeling, Peter, that


this time he has gone too far. The Labour leader Ed Miliband has


told BBC Look North his party would scrap what he calls the bedroom tax


if the party is returned to power. This is the Government policy which


sees people have their housing benefit reduced if they have a spare


room. On the eve of the Labour Party Conference, Mr Miliband has also


defended his leadership following criticism from some, including the


former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott. He's been speaking to our


political editor Tim Iredale. It has been a tricky few months for Ed


Miliband in the bruising world of politics. Some of Labour 's big


hitters have been good call of his leadership. The former deputy


minister and long—term —— long time Hull MP John Prescott said Labour


had massively failed to get it case over to the public during the


summer. I was offered advice including from our former Labour


deputy leader. This is the cost of living crisis. If Labour are to form


the next government, the party will have to win back seats like Lincoln


from the Conservatives. What did voters in this city actually know


about Ed Miliband or what he stands for but a mark can you tell me who


that is quite a mark that is Ed Miliband, the leader of the Labour


Party. Do you know much about him or his policies? Not really. I know


that he doesn't really put himself out very well. I guess that is why I


don't really know his stuff. He is the leader of the Labour Party. What


does he stand for? Who knows. Lots of things. But some things we don't


all agree on. But I can't name them now. Do you know any of his


policies? Not really. They haven't announced many, have they? Many


voters don't seem to know anything you I do think that is true. There


is an opportunity at our conference to focus on the things that matter


and the things that we care about. How we create and coming that works


for working people and I hope that is what voters in Lincoln and


elsewhere will see. Ed Miliband has revealed one new policy


announcement. Bedroom tax policy has led to thousands of tellers with one


or more spare rooms losing their housing benefit. —— tenants. I think


it will make a real difference to families. Other people think it is


fair because most of the people are disabled people, . The pressure is


on Ed Miliband to land a can of Just a reminder, this weekend's


Sunday Politics will be be on air from 11 o' clock on BBC One.


In a moment: As one village shop closes every day, the people in


rural areas opening their own corner shops.


Lincoln Crown Court has been revealed as one of the worst in the


country when it comes to the time people have to wait for justice. New


figures from the Government show that it takes more than a year for


criminal cases to be dealt with and that makes it the fourth longest


wait in the country. Phil Connell has the story. It may be one of the


country's most attractive Crown courts but when it comes to


processing criminal cases, Lincoln is one of the slowest. On average,


from crimes being committed, it takes 55 weeks for cases to be


completed. According to the Ministry of Justice, that is the fourth


slowest in Britain. For Karen and Allen from Boston, their experience


of the legal system was even slower. Their son Justin was killed in a


work—related accident in 2010. A case for negligence has just been


settled at Lincoln Crown Court, three and a half years later.


Instead of giving people 28 days to comply, everything is electronic,


you would expect if someone was a document of another company, it


should be there very quickly. Britain's fastest court in Merthyr


Tydfil takes 28 weeks to process cases so why is the legal system


here so much slower? Leicester will have four judges sit —— sitting and


Lincoln will only have two. It is not surprising there are delays. To


make matters worse, by the end of this year, BCP office in Lincoln


will close with all cases being transferred to Nottingham. Many fear


it will exacerbate the problem and create even longer delays. It is


hoped today's league table will highlight the problem and make the


legal here in Lincoln.


Earlier, I spoke to Bill Waddington a local solicitor specialising in


criminal cases and asked him why he thinks cases are taking so long in


Lincoln. Well, I think it is quite a complex issue, to be honest. First


of all, it depends how we cases there are. It depends what sort of


case it is, and it depends how money cases are feeding into Lincoln from


outlying areas. Is Lincoln inefficient? Absolutely not. I think


the Crown courts around the country are generally speaking struggling at


the moment because of course we are going through a period of court


closures, Magistrates' Courts closures, —— magistrates are


arriving quicker than they did a few years ago. Why does it matter how


quickly the case is heard at court? It is generally accepted that


justice delayed is justice denied. And it is of course far more


efficient for everybody who is involved in a case for it to be


dealt with as quickly as possible. There are victims, witnesses and so


on and so forth, memories fade, there are defendants who may or may


not be in custody who have the pressure of the trial coming up and


so on. No one wants to wear such a long time. A year is the average in


Lincoln. What can be done to speed rings up? I think Lincoln has had


its problems, shortage of court or judges. Other perhaps more slightly


efficient areas that are dealing with them speedier perhaps have more


court rooms available or more judges available. We have a period here in


Hull where there was a backlog and the backlog had to be sent out to


Sheffield which was of course very inconvenient for a lot of people.


Very interesting to talk to you. Thank you for coming in.


A man who repeatedly punched an anti—fascist protester during an


English Defence League march in Hull has been sentenced this afternoon.


John Claydon, who's an EDL supporter from Derbyshire, hit David Harding


during the march in August. Claydon pleaded guilty and was released on


probation. He was also fined and ordered to take anger management


classes and complete 100 hours of community service.


A shop in The owner says he's made the decision because of a growing


number of people talking on their phone while being served. He says


its good manners for customers to end their conversations before


coming into the store. And there are calls tonight for other shops to


follow suit. Caroline Bilton reports.


They've become a fixture in our lives. We don't like to leave home


without them. Everywhere we go, they go with us. And 94% of the adult


population in the UK owns one. should there be rules we adhere to


when we're using one? This shop in Crow believes so. We have had so


many customers come in and stood talking their mobile phones. We are


busy at lunchtime and it is hard to communicate. It is distracting and


slightly rude. They serve up their sandwiches with a good dollop of


courtesy here and they believe the least a customer can do is to return


the gesture, but believe it or not it doesn't always happen. If they


are gesturing to the menu, to what they want, as opposed to speaking.


You have had people who just gesture at the menu rather than asking what


they want? yes. So, what do customers think to the mobile ban?


It is ignorant. I hate it when people get on the bus and they are


on the phone. I think anybody using a mobile phone should have the


common sense and decency to at least stop the conversation. That is


probably a good idea. You can get the job done as well. I am not


surprised a shop has on to this link. They should be commended. I


think every shop should do it. Interestingly, the chains are rather


scared to implement this sort of rule where as the independent stores


are leading the way in mobile phone manners. It's a bold step to take


but this store believes putting good manners before profits will benefit


their business. We'd love to hear your thoughts on


this story. Are they right to take this stand at what they say is bad


manners? Or are they being heavy handed? Let us know what you think.


Still ahead tonight: Why the future of Hull FC's coach is far from black


and white after they were thrashed in the Super League play—offs.


The ten—year—old with his double — made from 30,000 toy bricks.


If you have got a picture you up part of, send it in. Waltham


An extra pick to windmill and a field of


An extra pick to tonight. This is a bonus. This woman got in touch. One


of her hens at Grange farm laid this head this morning. It is four inches


long, 2.5 inches wide and weighs seven ounces. There it is next to an


ordinary egg. She has been in touch with the Guinness book of records.


There you are, egg news. Let's get the forecast. I've got an e—mail


here from the festival organisers. They are big fans of yours, Peter,


they say the ladies who have organised it have a soft spot for


you. To quote, if Peter would you turn up in person, it would make the


ladies go weak at their knees. Isn't that nice? Good luck to the ladies


with the flower show. I hope it goes well. And the weather will be fine


for them as well. A lot of settled weather to come. Tomorrow, settling


through the morning. That dry day and it will brighten up. The best of


the weather will be around tomorrow to time. You can see this area of


high pressure building in from the continent. It won't be complete dry


and settled. Temperatures will climb over the next few days. Getting


above average for the next few days. A lot of sunshine through the course


of this morning but a bit more cloud spreading. It has


broken in some places so pleasant and to the devil stop this evening


and overnight, likely to stay dry. Sun breaks in the cloud will allow


for patchy mist and fog to do. Out in the countryside, we could slip


back to around seven or eight degrees. The sun will rise in the


morning at these times. These are the times of high water. A little


bit of patchy mist and fog to start the day tomorrow but this will lift


by nine or ten o'clock. There will be a fair amount of cloud through


the morning hours. An imprudent throughout the day. A dry day. A dry


datacom tomorrow with increasing... a similar day on Sunday, brightening


a bit quicker. Simmer story for Monday. Brightening up through the


course of the day. Of course, you won't be able to go for the festival


because we are meeting for copy. They have been closing at a break of


400 a year but the village shop could be making a comeback in parts


of Lincolnshire and East Yorks. People are coming together to open


their own community shops to take on the supermarkets. Villagers in


Scothern in Lincolnshire are among those hoping to establish to revive


Queues, they just don't know the affairs correspondent


Queues, they just don't know the meaning of the word in the village


shop. And the man who serves you is more than a friend more than


anything else. The village shop has long been at


the heart of rural life. But in recent years, at least one a week


has closed across the country. For some in Lincolnshire, that means


travelling up to four miles for a pint of milk. In Scothern, villagers


find this so frustrating they're planning to open their own


cooperative. It'll be in this disused garage in the pub car park.


I would like to see the doors thrown open, tables and chairs outside,


boxes of fresh fruit and veg. We are going to be a nonprofit making


organisation so any money we do make we want to put back into the


community. In 1993, there were just 23 community—owned shops. 20 years


on, there are over 300. And they are riding the economic downturn, with


an average turnover of £157,000, some research suggests beating some


supermarkets in terms of sales growth. They do provide this really


essential social hub for annuities, especially rural amenities where


people can become isolated, people can come together to volunteer in a


shop and to be customers and that revives a really vital service.


Beccy advised Tealby villagers how to set up this shop. She distributes


funding from organisations like Prince Charles Countryside Fund.


nicely take over, we have good times and bad times. For no reason what so


ever. You can never say Tuesday will be a good day because it varies. So,


whether it's gossip or groceries, more communities are helping


themselves as they lose vital services.


Hull City's manager Steve Bruce says the Tigers go to Newcastle United


tomorrow full of confidence. The black—and—white sconces a record


number of points. Today, Adam Pearson has ordered a review of all


first—team matters. Simon Clark looks at watch this —— what this


means. The hunched shoulders and stern expression said it all. Nearly


a thousand Hull fans had gone to Huddersfield and it didn't take long


to realise there would be known need to purchase tickets. Within minutes


of the start, Huddersfield had so many points on the wall, a fightback


was of —— out of the question. For Hull, the shorts try was followed by


two for this chap. It didn't gloss over the highest number of points


conceded by a black and white team. I think we should be able to


motivate the players to do better than this. Absently terrible.


Terrible. It was not very good. I'm disappointed in what happened here


tonight. We will, in the coming weeks, and we will knuckle down and


work out over the preseason, what ever you want to call it, . Today,


Adam Pearson said he wanted to apologise unreservedly for the


embarrassing performance that was produced last night. The club will


now undertake a significant review of all areas and matters involving


the first—team squad and every supporter who attended the game will


receive the admission price of their ticket as a discount when renewing


or buying a season pass for 2014. The question for today is can Peter


Gentle survive such a humiliating defeat? Here is the view of one


regular observer of Hull FC matters. When you look at the season as a


whole, it has been one of disappointment. —— Hull. It has been


that of a call league campaign. There is no question that Peter


Gentle, Goddess —— position will be considered. The decision about his


future rests with Adam Pearson and review he began this afternoon. We


will continue to follow their future and see what happens. Hull City's


manager says the Tigers go to the game tomorrow full of confidence.


City drew in their last game against Cardiff and are 16th in the Premier


League and Bruce says his players are ready for another tough test.


And you can hear how the Tigers get on with BBC Radio Humberside who


have full commentary. on with BBC Radio Humberside who


have full Coverage starts on their FM frequency at 1.30. They'll


United's match against Plymouth. That's on AM.


When he started racing money for charity, this boy never been to his


reward would be a life—sized model of himself. It has taken 35,000 Lego


bricks to build but it is less than five feet tall. Jack took delivery


of it this afternoon. Unwrapping not a resident but his twin self. In


Lego form. This was built for him after he won a competition looking


for real—life heroes. Jack has raised thousands of pounds for


charity after the death of his mother from cancer. Jack takes it


all in his stride. He is a humble little boy. He deserves this and his


mother would be so proud of him. Where to put Jack to is the current


dilemma. But it is a reward for an 11—year—old boy who has been through


as well as given a lot. This has been scaled one—to—one and we have


taken all shapes and sizes and different


colours. Jack to is in the kitchen but he would stay there. I'm taking


my statue of me to a centre in Skegness to hopefully raise more


money for Saint Barnabas. Of course, this Lego will be hard to shift but


he aims to raise money in aid of cancer.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines. The


Yorkshire MEP Godfrey Bloom has been suspended from the party after


calling a group of women at the party conference slots. He says it


was just a joke. The Labour leader Ed Miliband says he will scrap the


bedroom tax if he becomes Prime Minister. The weather for tomorrow,


mist and fog lifting, at times cloudy but staying dry. It will


brighten up with good sunny spells in the afternoon. Temperatures good


as well. Up to 19 Celsius. Talk about shops who refuse to serve


customers who are talking on the mobile. Robert says, I was on my


phone to my friend and said I would bring back as I needed to address


the driver to get my ticket. Gary says if the sandwich shop refused to


sell me, I would go elsewhere and not use it again. Catherine says,


the public, they cannot cherry pick their customers like this. Lisa


says, it annoys me when I get customers doing it. Some do not even


acknowledge you or make eye contact, it is really rude, would they like


me to serve them in the same manner? Thank you for those messages. Have a


peaceful weekend. I will see you on Monday, take care.


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