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That is all from the BBC News at six so it is


Godfrey Bloom, the UKIP politician for Yorkshire and the Humber who


referred to some women as "sluts" is quitting as one of the party's MEPs.


He will instead sit as an independent in the European


Parliament. The party leader Nigel Farage criticised Mr Bloom after his


comments overshadowed the UKIP conference last week, but says he


shouldn't be thrown out of the party. In a moment, we'll hear from


Godfrey Bloom, but first here's our political editor Tim Iredale.


It's goodbye, Godfrey. After being suspended from UKIP following his


controversial comments, the outspoken MEP has says he no longer


wants to represent the party in the European Parliament. Everybody knows


me, they are either a bit like me or they hate me. I have always told it


like it is. I am a bit long in the tooth to do political correctness.


You have pointed out the colour of peoples's. Disgraceful. This


altercation with a Channel four news reporter came on the day that Mr


Bloom had described a group of UKIP women activists as


people in Rotherham what they made of the row. Are you offended by the


term? Yes, definitely. I don't think it is appropriate. He comes from


another era of about 30 years ago where attitudes towards women were


very different to the way they are today It is not very nice, is it?


The UKIP party leadership say his use of the word "sluts" was the


final straw, after previous controversies which included claims


that woman should clean behind the fridge and claims that aid should


not be sent to "bongo bongo land". He has developed support and hey has


worked hard for us, but it is a great shame that it has come to this


as far as him being an MEP is concerned. He says he intends to


remain a member of the party, but he will sit and —— as an independent.


That is until his term ends next May. Godfrey Bloom admits his


political career is almost certainly over, although he hasn't completely


ruled out standing again as an independent. In his words, "never


say never." Earlier, I asked Godfrey Bloom if


—— he regretted referring to party members as slots. It wasn't as


simple as that, was it? If you listen to the clip and I know that


you have, you will know that it was a joke and it was taken as a joke.


Everyone was there, and everyone took it as a joke. All of our ladies


were there and everyone took it in good part and it has been broken ——


blown out of proportion. Do you regret saying it? Not really, it was


a joke and I think you have no need for many years, Peter, if you cannot


have a joke, I think it is a public do. As I always do, on these


occasions, I already have 1000 e—mails in support, because I think


people in the North of England understand a joke when they hear


one. I will be keen to get people's views on that in a moment. You have


resigned, is this the end of politics for you? Iraq I shall stay


my course as an independent. —— I shall. Never is a long time, but I


suspect that I will probably finish in June. It is difficult to commit


what may happen in six or seven months, so I will be a bit


circumspect, but what I am really after is that I believe in UKIP, I


remain a member and I hope that Jane Collins will become our next MEP. It


is not right that if you are not an MEP, they haven't chosen you as an


independent, they have chosen UKIP, should its not go to the second


choice candidate? Well, that might be a point if I had not had and


after the speech I made on overseas aid. We have topped over 10,000


messages of support, so I think I have the broad support of the


electorate and the membership, I have to say, behind me. The answer


is I think I am doing a good job in representing the right people. As a


general question, do you think with hindsight you have been too


outspoken and to saying it how it is and that has cost you this? I think


that is probably true. I have a bit of a dinosaur, I have never


pretended anything else. Everybody knows me. You know me well enough. I


always tell it like it is, I will continue to do so and I think I can


do that with a lots more freedom in my final six months of office. More


time to stay at home and clean behind the fridge. Indeed and I will


be more likely to be supervising and doing it myself.


We want to hear from you on this story, was Godfrey Bloom right to


resign or do you think we need politicians who speak their mind?


Was it just a joke as Godfrey just said? Email [email protected],


Text on 81333. We will have some responses before


we finish at 7pm. There will be more from Godfrey tomorrow lunchtime.


Thank you for watching. In a moment. I'm live in Scunthorpe as


councillors promise to invest in an estate criticised on national


television. Bite at a level crossing where a


—year—old girl were killed —— was killed were not as bright as they


should have been. Emma Lifsey was a passenger in the car driven by her


grandmother. It was hit by a train travelling at 60 miles an hour, on


the line between Gainsborough and Doncaster. The grandmother said she


only noticed the lights when she was close to the barrier. The report


recommends similar lamps are replaced at other level crossings.


Lincolnshire Police are investigating the discovery of a


body in Market Deeping. A dog walker found the body this morning in a


field near Northfield Road. Police say they're treating the death as


unexplained and appealing for anyone with information to come forward.


At least 40 nurses from Spain and Portugal are due to start at


hospitals in Lincolnshire in the next few weeks. The hospital Trust


says its recent recruitment tour abroad has been a great success.


Several reports have criticised the United Lincolnshire Trust for its


low staffing levels. Our Health Correspondent, Vicky Johnson reports


from Madrid. Madrid looks busy and prosperous,


but the recession has hit hard. Newly—qualified nurses can't find


work in Spain, but NHS hospitals are queuing up to recruit them,


including the Trust from Lincolnshire. We have candidates


that are scheduled in for today. All of the nurses that have been looked


at, they have completed four years and have a similar skill set to what


we are looking for. Low staffing levels have contributed to poor


patient care, according to recent critical reports. This overseas


recruitment drive is part of a £3 million investment. We have reviewed


all of our board establishments and that is what has led us to have the


understanding that we need to increase the staffing establishment


in all of our wards. The Lincolnshire Trust has targeted


Spain because of the fierce cuts to its public services. Poor job


prospects are driving more nurses away from their own hospitals. In


2010, 247 left to work in British hospitals. By last year, that figure


had risen to 918. With 20,000 Spanish nurses out of work, that


figure could rise even higher. Salaries too are a factor. A Spanish


nurse starts on the equivalent of £12,500. In the UK, it's more than


£21,000. Antonio has three years nursing experience, but he's


struggled to find work. The main thing to me is to get a permanent


job, there are a here to get that. The team have so


far made around 50 job offers. All of my family, they are very happy


for me. I am very happy, thank you. I cannot believe it. It was the


first opportunity of a good contract. It's not just the Spanish


nurses who are competing for the best offers. We are aware that there


are other NHS Trusts that... We are a direct competition with other


trusts. Union leaders in Lincolnshire have welcomed this


latest recruitment drive. We have historically struggled to recruit, I


have worked for 30 years and in all that time, we have struggled to


recruit trained nurses. But for union reps in Spain, there are real


concerns. TRANSLATION: we can have problems in the future, especially


in terms of our nurse and patient ratios. Our inability will have a


impact on the population. 80 local nurses start their training


tomorrow. Meanwhile, the recruitment team prepared to fly off to Greece


for the third and final leg of their European tour. Send us your


comments. What is the best way? Give us your thoughts. Start the text


with the work Look North. —— words Look North.


Residents of the Scunthorpe estate featured on the Channel Four


documentary Skint will continue to get help to improve job


opportunities. North Lincolnshire Council has already created a task


force to help cut unemployment. And tonight it has decided to invest


more in the area. Our reporter Simon Spark is live in Scunthorpe tonight.


Simon, what's happened there? There were two options at night's meeting,


the first was to build on the work started by the task force. The


second was to do nothing and that was decided not to be an option. It


is not surprising. You must remember that this programme was


uncompromising on its focus on some of the most serious issues in the


town. If the council has said there has been good work done since and my


colleague has been back to the estate to see what has changed. Life


goes on 24/7 for some people. Millions tuned in to watch this TV


documentary about people living on this Scunthorpe estate. Thanks so


much for the people who have turned up. After their area made headlines,


residents held meetings to discuss ways to improve life here. But four


months on, has anything changed? The community spirit


there, it's just been enhanced with more people getting involved in


activities. You always get the odd one, whatever


estate you're on. But we've got a closer knit community than we had


before. A number of local organisations have now formed the


Westcliff Task Force and have put together an action plan. But the


local council claims there have already been a number of positive


achievements for the area, including the enforcement of an alcohol


restriction zone on part of the estate. Money management training


for a group of local volunteers and the creation of paid work experience


placements for 26 of the town's unemployed young people. For those


people who have got issues, we are there to support them. And I think


they realise we are there listening and working with them. And it's not


just going in for one time, but we're there continually working


through different issues. There has been some speculation here in the


town that Skint would return to our screens, but in a statement Channel


four says discussions about further plans are at an early stage and


nothing is confirmed. I think quite a lot of people would watch it, even


though a lot of people complain about it, everyone watches it. I


wouldn't watch it. We've seen it, we wouldn't bother looking at it again.


Four months after it was first broadcast, many here say they


community is stronger than ever. There are positive feelings from the


area and what the council has approved could transform the area


even further. They are calling it a can —— community investment project


which could see the building of a new community hub which would house


help for various things. It would not just be continuing the work


already started, it would be significantly investing.


Still ahead tonight. Peter Gentle leaves Hull FC after a disappointing


end to the season. From the rugby field to another stage, the team


that has inspired airplay. The iMac on one hand, you have eloquent


women, on the other hand, sees you get on the pitch, they will take


your head off. —— as soon as you. Keep the photos coming in.


Good evening, young man. People want to know... That it is useful to


clean behind the fridge though, isn't it? No, you just read the


forecast. It is a quiet one. cloudy, but there will be some


brighter spells in places. It was obvious from this game last


Thursday that Peter Gentle was unlikely to survive with his job.


Hull FC conceded a record number of points. Despite talking about the


future... Something about the body language suggested it would not be


with this club. We are making progress. You would not think so on


the night's performance, but we are. Ultimately, this decision is about


bums on seats and making sure FC have success in the future. I


want to know what the fans think. Everybody thought he was the answer


to the questions, but he has never done it, so he had to go. Put


someone in with experience. Someone who makes sense. To sack him and put


someone else with no experience makes no sense. Get someone there


who can put a good side together. They have the ground and the


support. Hull have not had a grand final win since 1996 and yet in


terms of attendance, we are still one of the sport's leading clubs.


How do you marry this discrepancy between a lack of trophies and a


substantial fan base? This is the view of one rugby league observer.


They need to get in a situation where players want to come and play


for the club. If and when they can do that, the sky is the limit for


Hull FC. They have so much potential. They just need to show


that they can fulfil it. Is the last to pay with his job. One of his


deputies is tipped to replace him. —— he is the last.


Swimming coach Jon Rudd, who's originally from Hull, will manage


the England swimming team at the Ruta Meilutyte to gold at both the


London Olympics and World Championships this summer in Russia.


We wish him well with that. Hull City are favourites to go through to


the Capital One Cup as they entertain Huddersfield town. The


Tigers' game will be live on local radio. Sports talk is on the air now


with Bill. His —— Grimsby Town's game against Dartford will be on AM


and digital. That is from 7:45pm. BBC Radio Devon and has commentary


on Lincoln city's trip to Hereford. The kick—off will be at 7:45pm.


Enjoy the football. A group of motor home owners are


calling on Lincolnshire County Council to remove a barrier blocking


them from a seaside car park. The council says it installed the


barrier at Huttoft car terrace, near Sutton on Sea, because some people


were camping there illegally. But the motor home owners say they're


being discriminated against. Bus to be able to go up in the daytime,


obviously, we have camped up there, but we have never been challenged or


told we couldn't. People have selfishly been living on the site.


Last bank holiday in May, people could not get onto the site as there


were so many of these fans. The Bishop of Grantham says he has


some surprises ready for tonight's farewell service. The Right Reverend


Dr Tim Ellis is leaving his post this week. He's been vocal about a


number of controversial issues in the past, including the cost of Lady


Thatcher's funeral. A special service will be held for Bishop Tim


at Lincoln Cathedral this evening. We have the youth choir from


Grantham, the parish church, we have images been projected by the


luminous community. We have the hospital chaplains involved and we


will have a jazz setting for the Eucharist itself.


We wish him all the best. A women's rugby team from Hull is


the inspiration of a new play which opens tonight in Hull. Muddy Cows,


written and directed by John Godber, tells the story of the Hull ladies


and an important match between them and an unbeatable side from New


Zealand. Emma Massey reports. Ready for action. The team's been


scrumming and crash tackling for five years. But now their game is


being played on a different stage. Call it. At the back. Inspired by


the Hull—based club, Muddy Cows tells the story of a woman's


courage, passion and commitment of their male counterparts but none of


the cash, back—up or kit. It makes me feel proud that we had such an


input into the play and the subject and the stories that are in there.


They feel close to home. And it should do because John Godber, who's


written and directed the play, researched the in and outs of the


team thoroughly for over a year. I thought they were fantastic. They


were straightforward. They were very eloquent, but on the other hand,


they will take your head off on the pitch. That seemed to me to be a


great subject to investigate. And up. They are a scary bunch and if


they work as a unit, if they wanted to have a line—out competition in


the bar, we are acting it and they are really into it.


On seeing the play, the film felt it portrayed them perfectly. We were


turning to each other going, oh, that is you. He got a good idea of


us as people. He betrayed us well. One of the characters is loosely


based on my character as a social worker. By trade. Hull ladies are


hoping it will not only raise their profile but also encourage more


women to get involved in the game. Good luck to the cast.


The Mayor of Boston has thanked four men caught on CCTV mending a bike


rack in the town. The group were given certificates of commendation


in a special ceremony and then went for a meal at a local kebab house.


Their good deed has become an internet hit, with more than two


million people watching the footage online. It shows that we have young


people who with a bit of banter have which I think has humoured the


people of Boston and we know it has humoured the people of the world. I


thank them again and know that it is something that will live with them


for the rest of their lives. Well done to the lads. I hope they


enjoyed their kebabs. It is 6:55pm. Ed Miliband tells the Labour


conference he will freeze gas and electricity bills if they win the


next election. Godfrey Bloom resigned as a MEP after a row.


Tomorrow's weather, cloudy with sunny intervals, a chance of drizzle


in places. Top temperatures of 19 Celsius. That


is 66 Fahrenheit. Someone said that they believe it is


political correctness gone mad, a support Godfrey Bloom. Richard says


that we need more people like him who speak it like it is, we are too


politically correct. Tom asks whether Godfrey Bloom has no moral


fibre at all? Dave says, taken out of context,


shame on you and the media, Peter, jumping on the bandwagon. Bet this


one does not get to read out. Wrong, it's dead. It seems that no one can


take a joke these days. I am female and wish more people


could be like him. Finally, this is from Paul, he says, I think


Godfrey Bloom should lose his job, calling women sluts is this


respectful. As I said, there will be more from Godfrey Bloom tomorrow at


lunchtime. Enjoy your evening, take care,


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