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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight: The


£50 billion project for high speed trains — but will other parts of our


rail network lose out? There are huge swathes of the


country which will get pretty much no benefit whatsoever from this


scheme. The £12,000 theft of specialised kit


which which could put lives at risk. To be in a situation where we have


two say, can we go and for your relative it is heartbreaking.


Denied a possible Wembley appearance — the Lincolnshire club thrown out


of the FA Cup. The five September weather looks set to continue. Join


me later for the forecast. — — the fine September weather looks set to


continue. The human statue who's hoping to


strike gold in Europe. Good evening.


It could cost up to £50 billion but there are warnings that train


passengers in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire will see their rail


services get worse if the new High Speed Train line gets the go ahead.


The Government says the planned link from London through the midlands and


onto Manchester and Leeds is essential for the British economy.


Campaigners here though say it will lead to a North—South divide. Sarah


Corker reports. Early morning commuters start their journey from


East Yorkshire, catching a direct train to the capital. I asked those


at Brough Station just what difference the much talked about


high speed rail link would make to them? Maybe I would drive over to


lead and get the train from there, but it is unlikely. We will get left


out at this end of the line, so to speak.


things up to date, but I am not sure whether it is money well spent.


Passengers from East Yorkshire use the East Coast main line to travel


to London. A purpose—built high—speed rail network would mean


people could connect with this fast online and carry on to the capital.


But we don't know if that would be any faster. The government believes


a new high—speed rail network would generate billions for the economy.


Critics worry there will be no money left to maintain existing networks


and areas like East Yorkshire not included in the plans will see a


worse service. There are huge swathes of the country, not least


Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire, which will get no benefit from this


scheme which is costing upwards of £50 billion.


But a boom in rail travel has pushed the case for high speed rail. When


you look at the growth we have seen in Railways of the last 15 years,


there is no alternative that will provide the capacity this country


needs in the future. Could that investment be at the


expense of the East Coast Main Line? Its 900 miles of track are due to be


upgraded — but it's already suffering from delays and


disruption. And critics of HS2 are queuing up. Earlier this week, Lord


Prescott gave us his view at Labour's party conference. It isn't


going to do any good for the North. They wouldn't build it in the North.


And so debate rumbles on — invest in the lines we have or build a brand


new network? But for now, these passengers seem happy with the


service they're already getting. I'm joined now by the Cleethorpes MP


Martin Vickers. Do you think your constituents will be in favour of


this train line which is nearly 100 miles away, as? I suspect the


reaction of my constituents is fairly mixed, as it is up and down


the country. The country is divided. It will benefit the UK economy. How


will HS2 help Grimsby and Cleethorpes? Well, without freeing


up capacity on the line, towns are unlikely to get better services they


need. Transferring capacity will divide better services. We need to


consider the massive growth in freight. A lot of it comes through


Immingham. Lot Prescott has said it will do nothing for the North. He is


entitled to his opinion. As on many other things, I think he is wrong on


this. This is the biggest spend in British history. This money have


been better improving local connections to East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire, which some would say we desperately need? We do need


better services. The additional capacity will enable the network to


provide that. It is beneficial to the whole economy. Tap to steal in


Scunthorpe will be a contender for providing much of the Railtrack — —


Tata Steel in Scunthorpe. What we need is greater connectivity between


the provincial part of the country, particularly those out on the


periphery is such as my own constituency. That can be provided


when we free up the capacity. Too much emphasis is placed on the


speed. This is about capacity. When we talk about the 42 billion, we're


talking about that over 20 years. Very good to talk to you tonight.


We want to hear from you on this story, is it a good idea to spend


£50 billion in high speed rail or spend the money on improving other


parts of the transport network? In a moment:


look forward to hearing from you. In a moment: The mystery of the missing


memorial. The empty space which campaigners are desperate to see


Phil. ? Police and voluntary


help find missing people say lives are being put at risk because of the


theft of thousands of pounds worth of equipment.


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Search and Rescue is now asking for help


after thieves took radios, rescue equipment and first aid kits.


Crispin Rolfe has been to speak to them. The blue bag is a medical grab


bag. Very life—saving and life dependent equipment. Examples of


just what has been stolen from Yorkshire and Lincolnshire search


and rescue. Not just medical supplies, but safety equipment and


communications, without which they cannot operate. The kit adds up to


nearly £12,000 worth of equipment. It has taken so long to raise money


to buy this. To be in a situation where we had to make a decision, do


we can we go out and look for your relative, that is heartbreaking. The


last four years, that is what they have done. In recent cases, local


teams have played a key role. People need to be found as quickly and


swiftly as possible. These people help us. It is vital we find this


equipment and it is returned so they can continue delivering the


excellent service and carry on saving lives. It was stolen from the


back of the team 's van. A blow to the men and women who have come


together to provide extra support, not just to Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire, but also to a butcher in Cheshire. This team of volunteers


hopes for generosity, either from the themselves from charity, to help


them buy new equipment in order to ensure they do not have to pack up


for good. Some more news now.


Police in Lincolnshire say they've begun a murder inquiry following the


death of a 79—year—old woman. The woman, who hasn't been named, had


been taken to hospital in Lincoln from her home in the village of


Dunholme on Sunday. She died in Hospital on Tuesday. A 51—year—old


man has been arrested in West Yorkshire and is helping police with


their enquiries. The Trust which runs the East Riding


Community Hospital has revealed that its funding is being cut by almost


£4,000 a day. 18 beds at the hospital had to be suspended after a


report raised concerns about the quality of care. A spokesperson for


the Humber Foundation Trust says the funding will increase once all the


beds are re—opened. The emergency services have spent the afternoon


dealing with a lorry fire on the A17 in Lincolnshire. This was the scene


on the road near Holbeach earlier this afternoon when thirty tonnes of


straw caught fire. Drivers faced delays in the area as two fire


engines put the fire out. A group of influential MPs says a


Government programme to roll out super—fast broadband to rural areas


including Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire is taking too long. The


report by the Public Accounts Committee says there's a lack of


competition in the industry. A campaign group lobbying for better


rural broadband says Lincolnshire County Council is making


improvements. There is a lack of competition so it is hard for


authorities to judge if they are getting good value for money. There


is only one supplier. It is a problem.


Sleaford Town Football Club have been kicked out of the FA Cup. 12


days ago, the team was involved in a huge brawl which involved rival club


Huntington Town. Amy Cole is in our newsroom. Was the team expecting


this punishment? They were expecting something to


happen, but this was the toughest punishment they could have got and


they're very disappointed. The brawl broke out during the home game


between Sleaford Town and Huntingdon Town on Saturday 14th, and it spread


to fans from both sides. They were playing in the FA Cup First round


qualifying tie, but the match had to be abandoned just minutes before the


final whistle. Both clubs were charged by the FA for failing to


ensure their players and supporters conducted themselves in a proper


fashion and refrained from provocative and violent behaviour.


It's still unclear what led to the brawl. Today's decision to throw


them out of the FA Cup was made on the basis of a report by the


referee. This afternoon the club said it believed witness statements


submitted to the FA were fair. We believe that a lot of the witness


statement where broadly in our favour.


Both clubs have been fined £150. Sleaford Town say they are waiting


to see the official report, due tomorrow, before deciding whether to


appeal the decision. If they choose not to appeal, it means they won't


be able to progress any further in the competition.


Still ahead tonight: Sitting down on the job — the human statue looking


to take on the world. ?? new I have been punched, Spartak,


kissed, offered drink. It is like being in the newsroom.


The Red Arrows themselves sent in this picture of them on their way to


Nice, flying over the Alps. Stunning picture. Good evening,


young man. I am very well. The dicky bird tells


me you were discussing clouds with Alistair Campbell yesterday on the


radio. Absolutely. It is your worst


nightmare, they knocked in a room with Alistair Campbell, you and the


cloud appreciation Society — — being locked in a room.


It looks as though we will have a lots of fine weather with sunshine.


The good news is that this system is not going to make much progress


northwards. For others, the last week in September is looking very


nice. That is great news. It is been a lovely afternoon. Lots of sunshine


around. Through this evening, it looks set to be dry with clear


period. Overnight, it may be that cloud tends to increase from the


south. Clear spells. Temperatures down to nine or 10 Celsius. The sun


will rise at around 6:56am. It looks as though we are in for a lovely day


tomorrow. A bit of cloud first thing, but a dry and bright day with


some long spells of sunshine. Temperatures will be very pleasant.


I'd injury field of 16 Celsius. That is 61 Fahrenheit. — — highs in true


field of 16 Celsius. The weekend is very nice. Not bad for the end


September. It will become quite breezy. That might take the edge of


the temperatures, but some pleasant spells of autumnal sunshine.


It is like it is like a lottery. I suppose it is when you are doing it.


See you tomorrow. There are calls for a war memorial


at Great Coates near Grimsby to be returned to its original location


until a new site for it is agreed. The memorial was removed from the


wall of a community hall when it was sold for redevelopment. But the


village council says it's unlikely to be relocated in time for


Remembrance Sunday. Caroline Bilton reports.


Remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice — in just over a


month's time we will do what we have done for decades, not just in


London, but at memorials across the country. But not here in the village


of Great Coates — because this is where their memorial used to be, and


no—one seems to know where it has gone. It's been in the village for


95 years. My uncle came was killed in Florida. He is buried there, so


there is no local grey. The memorial is sort of a gravestone. The


memorial used to be on community hall until it was sold for


redevelopment. A few months ago, it disappeared. Rumours have been rife


that it has been damaged in that process. The village council told as


it is safe and undamaged, and they plan to re—erected here, on the site


of the new village. That would be in time for Remembrance Sunday. We have


to get planning permission. As soon as we have permission, we can do


that. Local residents say in the meantime, it should be returned to


its original home. That war memorial should be put back where it was


until such a point as it can be effectively, properly and


sympathetically put up. People here want to see and enter this saga.


They want to know where the memorial is, what state it is in and when or


if it will ever be replaced. We will follow that one. We told you


last night that the Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart said


parents were being "left out of pocket" when it comes to school


transport. In the village of Thorngumbald, some children who


qualify for free travel, have been told next term, they'll have to pay


more than £500 for a pass. If they walk, part of their route is


alongside a road with a 60 miles an hour speed limit.


Thank you for Workers have begun to fill


Sleaford's new swimming pool in preparation for its opening next


month. The process will take around six days to complete. The leisure


centre has taken a year to build, and cost nearly three million


pounds. We have a number of tests to do. The sheer weight of the water,


that puts a lot of pressure on the Paul. It has been sat empty for


getting on 11 months now. We do not want to change the alignment


quickly. After nearly 13 years working for


the Diocese of Lincoln, the Bishop of Grantham is standing down from


the post. The Right Reverend Doctor Tim Ellis was ordained 37 years ago


today. He's been outspoken about a number of issues, including gay


marriage, the first Gulf War and the cost of Margaret Thatcher's funeral.


And Bishop Tim joins me now from our Lincoln studio. Good evening. When


you became bishop, I guess you where aware about how outspoken you were.


Very different from what we have been used to. I don't think so.


There has always been a rich tradition within the church of


people expressing all sorts of opposing views. One thing I always


say is that the church is not a political party. We do not have two


to eight line. — — we do not have to tell a party line. You have never


been afraid of speaking out. Do people mind you having strong views


about things like Margaret Thatcher and her economic policies? The


people who agreed with the policies she issued will disagree with me — —


people agreed with her policies will disagree with me. My concern is that


we look to the future, but learn the lessons of the past. As I lead, I am


concerned about problems which affect the people of Lincolnshire


now. You like football and you are perhaps the first bishop to have an


earring. Is it still in? Yes. It is. old. My children will not allow me


to take it out. I just forget about it. Well, it does suit you. We wish


you well for the future. Another passion of yours is Sheffield


Wednesday, isn't it? Yes. I hope I will have more time for them, but I


hope I will have something more worthwhile watching. Also, the


bishop elect rock and pop music. Yes, I do. I always have done since


being a small boy. I try to keep up with music as it has progressed. I


still buy contemporary music. I learn a lot from my children and my


grandchildren, and from that young people I have dealt with here. We


think you are the trendiest vicar. We wish you all the very best for


the future. Hope you are happy. That is very kind of you. Thank you.


The Hull City manager says they couldn't have been given a harder


draw in the Capital One Cup. Steve Bruce will take his team to


Tottenham Hotspur in the fourth round. The two sides meet in the


League on Sunday 27th October, with the cup tie just a few days later.


There are three or four individuals who need games, so it has been


invaluable for them. We are in the next round. Let's hope we can


perform at Spurs. We look forward to it.


In rugby league, Hull FC captain Gareth Ellis has announced his


retirement form international retirement with immediate effect.


That means he'll play no part in the upcoming World Cup for England


despite having been picked in the initial squad. Ellis says he wants


to focus on playing for Hull FC and "make a contribution to help us


achieve things." The latest twist in Hull's bid to


become the next UK City of Culture was revealed earlier today in a


multistorey car park. Two elephants made from papier mache spent the


afternoon walking around the City's Pryme Street car park. If Hull is


successful in its attempt to win the title, the elephants will appear in


the opening parade. If we win, it will be in the opening ceremony, if


we are successful in getting the title of City of Culture. It fits


with our themes of freedom because elephants are symbols of freedom in


Africa. A performer from Hull is to


represent the UK in a rather unusual World Championships. Andy Train is


one of 40 living statues who will travel from all over the world for


the competition, to be held this weekend in the Netherlands. Jo Makel


has been to meet him. In Hull, the statues can be the


royal, the righteous and sometimes the real.


living statue often seen keeping still on the city's streets,


delighting young and old alike. I think it's fabulous. Everybody who


has gone posting has smiled. It is amazing, just not moving. Some try


and make him him move. Others are caught out. The gold man is the


creation of perfromer Andy Train. He's spent years perfecting the art


of stillness. It is concentrating on the breathing. Relaxation


techniques. I often think stone or metal. It works. In fact, Andy's got


so good at it that he's now been asked to represent the UK in the


Living Statue World Championships, due to be held this weekend in the


Netherlands. And the practise he's had in Hull has certainly prepared


him for anything. My home city is the most challenging place to be for


being a statue. I have been kicked in Hull, kicked, tickled, kissed by


men and women, offered during, spat acts. He was certainly a hit with


the crowd while we filmed. Some amazing people as well. So hopefully


the man with his seagull and chips will strike gold in Europe too.


Good luck to Andy for this weekend. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines: Interpol issued an international alert for a


British woman who may be involved in an attack in Nairobi.


BMP for Cleethorpes tells us that HS2 will have indirect benefit for


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Unless we free up capacity on the East


Coast Main line, Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Scunthorpe and other


provincial towns are unlikely to get the better services they need.


Finally, the weather: response on the subject of the


high—speed train. Paul said, I think the money should be well spent on


other parts of the network to improve the service. Victoria said,


the money should improve existing lines and how about upgrading our


trains to double—decker trains as seen in Europe? Laura says, it would


free up capacity on the East Coast mainline. We need electrification.


Finally, Pauline Scunthorpe said, will we would be able to afford to


purchase tickets for the HS2? We do not enter as much as the


southerners. Drama for the radio tomorrow


lunchtime if you can. Have a nice evening. Goodbye.


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