30/09/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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is stunning, thank you very much. What is so funny about that?


Robb said he saw you wandering around the marina.


Let's have a look at the headline for tomorrow. The grey start in


places. Some places will start clear. There will be variable cloud.


High pressure continues with Steph southeasterly is along the coast.


These weather fronts trying get sent from the south—west. Some rain in


western parts on Wednesday morning. The rain coming through on Thursday


afternoon and into Thursday evening. The farmers will welcome that rain I


am told. It is a lovely afternoon today. It is clear right now but the


coast. Gradually we will pick up some low cloud overnight. There will


be begat in the cloud. But it will cloud over to an extent. —— be a gap


in the cloud. The sun will rise at seven o'clock. A mixed start in the


morning, some of us have a great start with sunshine. As cloud will


break up during the day, turning increasingly bright with sunny


spells. All parts will be dry but there will be a keen southeasterly


breeze. The wind will whip into the harbour at Bridlington. Best


temperatures in the West, 16 degrees which is normal for early at


Trowbridge. There could be a patch of rain in the West. After a fine


start on Wednesday. We could all do that for yourself.


Alec to edge my vets. —— Alec to hedge my bets.


Hull's bid to become the City of Culture for 2017 has now been


formally submitted. passed almost two hours ago and


earlier in the programme we followed the journey to Manchester where the


document was handed over this morning. If, it's successful, what


difference will it make to Hull? Londonderry is the current City of


Culture and our business Correspondent, Paul Murphy has been


to see the effect there. The party is nearly over, but what a year it


has been, hundreds of events and visitors from 70 countries. The city


once infamous for conflict has become renowned for its cultural


offering. What about the economic legacy? Where are all the jobs? The


truth is people who thought this would create an economic


transformation were wrong. would create an economic


transformation were There is a lot of false assumptions about what it


can do. It can change the perception of a place. It can make people feel


happier about the place the 11, but doesn't create a big change in terms


of the economy. —— the place they live in. In certain pockets there is


gross in the economy. This small creative business has started to


expand. It has helped our sector because it is people were sitting in


their bedrooms before but now they have a chance to get out there. It


has helped fund high—speed broadband. Everyone is making use of


it. At the software company did say they are using that connectivity in


conjunction with the culture status to when new business. There are real


comparisons between Londonderry and Hull. The big advice would be to


focus on making a big noise and telling people about the city and


getting them to go there. There is continued debate about the true


economic legacy of the year they have had here but what is clear is


that cultural status has given this entire community a confidence boost


as well as a world stage on which to tell its story. What Hull wouldn't


give for a bit of that. If you look at places like Liverpool and Glasgow


and you see how they have changed the attitude of people towards


them, it is much easier for them to get in Word investments because


people have a more positive image of Liverpool and Glasgow. —— inward


investment. Londonderry is on the start of that journey. Halle wants


to change the way people think about it, it is as simple and complex as


that. —— Hull. In this corner of Ireland there is plenty of evidence


it can be done. If Hull is successful, what will the


long—term benefits be? Those behind the bed have two main aims, the


first is to raise them. They want to bring many more people into the city


to enjoy it and part with their cash. There is a feeling that we are


currently missing out on the tourism cake in the UK. The second is


altering the way people view the city, especially with relation to


inward investment. They want to come to a vibrant city where jobs could


be created. Taking part in this so far has already helped the city


enormously. Thank you very much. Thanks for the response on our story


about a North Lincolnshire father who's threatening to fine his local


school if the teachers there go on strike tomorrow.


And you can keep up to date with news of the teachers' strike on BBC


Radio Lincolnshire's and BBC Radio Humberside's Breakfast programmes


tomorrow morning. Hull City meet Aston Villa on


Saturday lying seventh in the Premier League table. But despite


their success on the field some fans still wanted to make their feelings


clear about a change of name. Chairman Assem Allam wants the club


to be known as Hull Tigers. Our sports reporter Simon Clark was at


Saturday's game. They wanted to make their feelings


known. A number of fans are dead against a change from Hull City to


Hull Tigers being proposed by owner and chairman Assem Allam. So is this


a universal thought? It is Hull city, the Tigers and that is how it


should remain. I know a lot of people have strong opinions but I am


not bothered. I've really not got a problem with the name change.


For or against, it's the product on the pitch that matters and this was


a game of luck. West Ham lucky to have eleven men after this early


collision involving their captain Kevin Nolan. Hull City a little


lucky to win a penalty. No matter, Robbie Brady took it and he's due


for surgery for a hernia after playing Aston Villa next week. West


Ham were a little miffed this was not a penalty. So it's three points


and what about that for a league table. Hull City seventh and above


the champions Manchester United. We cannot get carried away, first and


foremost league. We have had a great start.


Long may it continue. They have only been there a couple of months. Some


of them are playing at the top of their game. They are coming year and


enjoying it. We have been great since the Chelsea game. Hopefully it


will carry on. Very evenly matched. I think it is wonderful.


This week Roy Hodgson names his England side with Tigers waiting to


see if Tom Huddlestone becomes the first Tiger to be selected for the


senior side. Strictly Come Dancing is underway.


Scunthorpe golfer Tony Jacklin and dancer Kevin Clifton from Waltham


near Grimsby have completed their first dances. Kevin performed the


jive with BBC Breakfast presenter Susanna Reid while the judges were


less than complimentary about Tony Jacklin's first attempts. It's


brought back many fond memories for last year's Strictly finalist Dani


Harmer, star of the children's show Tracey Beaker. She's appearing at


Hull's New Theatre in the "Rocky Horror Show" at the moment and has


been speaking to Amy Cole. It was a year ago you were part of this,


dancing with Vincent. What was the experience like for you? It is


probably the best thing I've ever done in my life. I thought it was


going to get easier every week, but the nerves got worse every week. We


have Kevin from Grimsby on the show, you know him well? I do because the


lovely Karen, that is her fiance and he came on to revise. He did this


strictly tour. He is such an amazing dancer. Golfer Tony Jacklin got


terrible criticism. He was described as the hunchback of Notre Dame, what


does it feel like to get back into criticism? Well, from Krieg, you


know he's going to be nasty. But for the first week, it should be


lighter. I did a wall is for the first week and it is one of the most


difficult dances. He had to take it on your chairman, most of the time


they are trying to help you and want you to improve. —— you have to take


it on the chin. That was Amy Cole chatting to Dani


Harmer who was a finalist in Strictly last year. You can follow


our competitors on the show this Saturday evening at 6.20pm here on


BBC One. Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


At the Conservative party to confidence, George Osborne says he's


planning a freeze on fuel duty and changing the rules for long—term


unemployed. Halle has posted its bid to become


cultural city of 2017. All parts try, still warm, temperatures of 16


Celsius. At a reminder on inside out you can


see how Hull is supporting a government crackdown on companies


which break the law by not paying the minimum wage. They say they are


being underpaid by their company. That is in half an hour here on BBC


One. We have some of the messages here. Well done to Hull getting this


far. Let's hope we win in 2017. We are trying to find money to keep the


local swimming pool open and the council squanders the money on the


city of beds. How can we afford this when they are closing swimming pools


and golf courses, I do not think the council has its priorities right.


Priorities are mixed. Louise says, if it was based on Twitter, Hull


would definitely win. Have a nice evening. Goodbye.


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