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That is all from us. It is goodbye from me, and on


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look from me, and on BBC One,


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight: The


graduate told to hide her qualifications to improve her


chances of getting a job. I am doing everything I can and the


only response is to take Under a cloud.


My degree off my CV. The town that may have to live with bad smells


until next summer. Campaigners fear a Grimsby swimming


pool may never reopen after asbestos is found at the site. ?? new line A


woman who's become known as The Bee Lady wins a national award after


raising thousands for charity. That important forecast follows in 15


minutes. Good evening.


An unemployed university graduate says she's been told to "dumb down"


her CV if she wants to find a job in Hull. Liza Fitzpatrick has a degree


from the city's university, but claims she was told by an employment


advisor that it would make her overqualified for most vacancies.


Her local MP Karl Turner has criticised the advice she was given


and claims there's evidence of a "brain drain" in Hull. More from Tim


Iredale. After leaving school with no


qualifications, Liza Fitzpatrick never expected to go to university.


So when she became a student in later life and graduated from the


University of Hull, Ms Fitzpatrick thought it would give her a


much—needed leg—up on the career ladder. That was until she says an


adviser told her to remove any mention of her degree from her CV.


He claimed employers will look at my CV and say, she is over employed, we


will not take care on. Liza Fitzpatrick lives in the


Bransholme area of Hull. She graduated last year with degree in


social and community studies. She is looking for a job as a support


worker with formidable people. I have been applying for advertise


jobs. I am doing everything I can, and the advice is to take my degree


off my CV. I don't know where to turn what else to do.


Ms Fitzpatrick says she was advised about her CV by Work Solutions, an


organisation which helps the long—term unemployed. The company


said qualifications and degrees are achievements to be proud of, and


that they would never recommend the removal from a CV. However, they add


a CV should be focused clearly towards an industry sector or a


vacancy that a candidate is applying for. I don't think it is appropriate


for her to be told to dumb down her CV. It creates a brain drain. People


want to go to their local university, get a good degree, great


qualifications, then find themselves having to leave the city because of


a lack of skilled jobs. This East Yorkshire—based


recruitment agency says job—seekers shouldn't have to hide their


qualifications. I have never come across anybody who says they do not


want to employ somebody because of their qualifications. Meanwhile,


Liza Fitzpatrick remains on the hunt for work and is hopeful that she'll


find a vacancy to match her qualification.


Earlier, I spoke to Apprentice finalist and enterprise champion


Claire Young. I asked her what she thought of Liza being asked to


remove her degree from her CV. I think it's absolutely ridiculous


that somebody who has been to university, put the time and money


in, has been advised to remove her CV — — remove her degree from her


CV. People should be proud of their qualifications. She has and that


degree and should be proud of it. It is completely wrong. Presumably, you


can be other qualified for a job, so therefore dumb down and take it off.


That is a counterargument. There are a lot of people with degrees and not


a lot of jobs. You just have to turn on the TV, read a newspaper or


listen to the radio to see that. You cannot discriminate against somebody


because of qualifications. It is a free for all. You want to hire the


right person for the job. Can you be overqualified for a job?


I think some people would dismiss people straightaway if they are


overqualified. The fear that they will walk into the job, stay a few


weeks and then me far better job. I think that is the fear. So people


can be overqualified. People want a job and they do want to work. If


they want to clean floors or stack shelves and they have a degree, they


just want to get to work. There has been a big response on this. Ian


says, it just goes to show a degree is not worth the paper it is written


on. I think that is a flippant comment. I think lots of


degrees are worth the paper they are written on, such as the doctors we


see and the vets who fix however — — the vets who fix our pets and the


accountant who helps businesses. To search all degrees are not worth the


paper they are written on, I think that is extreme. Thank you for your


time. We'd love to hear your views on this


story. Should Liza have to dumb down her CV and take out some of her


qualifications if it means she then has a better chance of finding work


in Hull? Or should she let potential employers know all her


qualifications? If anyone might be able to help as a


mental, get in touch. — — mentor. People living in Beverley have been


told they'll have to suffer bad smells from the town's water


treatment works for the foreseeable future. Yorkshire Water have


apologised for the increased odours from the site but say it'll be at


least nine months before an investigation can begin. And it'll


be next year before they can start to solve the problem. Sarah Corker


reports. It is a pleasant, picturesque place


to live in the East Riding, but it seems in Beverly, there is something


in the air. Sometimes it's not very sickly. Sewage, eggs, I don't know


what it is. It is the smell of sewage. The toilets now. That's now


emanates from the town 's sewage works. Those living nearby say that


at times, it is unbearable. It is very depressing. It is ongoing and


relentless. To odour control unit already operate 24 hours a day. This


serves a population of around 47,000 people in and around the Beverley


area. Every day, it treats lots of sewage. Yorkshire water has spent


millions to upgrade the sites to curb growing demand. They are


beginning an investigative study early next year. Once we have


carried that out, we will be in a position to say what we intend to do


to improve the site. Beverley 's population is growing, putting more


pressure on the system. We are going to have another 3000 people, near


enough. This need sorting now. Can this site cope with the number of


people in this area? Yes. It is working and operating well.


Elsewhere in East Yorkshire, the smell has played people in Hebden


for years. At this resource, people said the smell is putting off


visitors. Back in Beverley, they're using delicate ways of masking the


odour. A short—term fix while Yorkshire water work on a more


permanent solution. We will continue to follow that story.


Swimmers in Grimsby have been told that the town's main swimming pool


will remain closed until further notice after asbestos was found in


the building. It was initially thought work to clear it would take


only a few days, but North East Lincolnshire Council who own the


pool say they don't know when it will re—open. It comes as nearby


Cleethorpes Pool is also closed at the moment. Phil Norton is in


Grimsby this evening. Why will it take so long to reopen this pool?


Well, it is because of this doors have been closed for almost


two weeks after this asbestos dust was found in the main swimming pool.


The council say the specialist clean—up is taking place, and it is


closed indefinitely until the results of special test are known.


Campaigners have been telling me there have been campaigning against


the closure of this pool. It is earmarked for closure and demolition


in the next few years, to be replaced by smaller, new


facilities. Campaigners say they fear these doors may never open


again. Personally, I believe this is what they consider to be a step


towards closure. I sincerely hope the rest of the town and everyone


stands up and speaks out. North East Lincolnshire Council say this


closure is precautionary, and say it follows an asbestos survey. It says


the cleaning has been completed but it is waiting for the all clear


before it can reopen. I do sympathise with the views of people


who are passionate about the facility. On behalf of the council,


we are sorry. We put health and safety as a top priority. The


important thing is to get those results. Campaigners have told me it


has thrown leisure facilities across Lincolnshire into disarray. They say


it is putting more pressure on other facilities in the area.


Thank you. The Prime Minister has told


delegates at the Conservative Party Conference that the Humber should


become a centre for green energy. Plans for a wind turbine factory in


Hull were proposed in 2010 but the company behind them, Siemens, has


not yet committed itself to the deal. David Cameron said the British


economy had been too focused on London for too long. Think what more


we could do with the Pistons fire ring in all parts of the economy.


Let's make the Humber the centre of clean energy. Let's make Blackpool


the centre of Europe for the shale gas industry.


A woman accused of hiring a hit man to kill her husband is set to face a


re—trial. A jury at Hull Crown Court failed to reach a verdict on whether


Lisa Fairpo, seen here in the blue hoody, was guilty of conspiracy to


commit murder. Prosecutors say they've contacted the court to seek


a re—trial because the case is in the public interest.


The Trust which runs hospitals in Lincolnshire says there's no


decision on the future of out—of—hours emergency care at


Grantham Hospital despite concerns that it maybe cut. The chairman of


Lincolnshire County Council says he's worried that a review of how


health care is town's accident and emergency unit


will close overnight. But United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust says


they're investing in health care in the county and no decisions have


been made. You are


maternity has gone and the out of hours. It is a good hospital, and it


is a shame they keep putting it bit by bit. They ought to look after it


and not reduce it. It would be not good if they did so. Thank you for


watching. Still ahead tonight: How 11 newts are holding up development


of an East Yorkshire nature reserve. ?? new line She's known as the Bee


Lady — now there's a national award for a popular charity fundraiser.


Sunrise over the Humber Oil refinery at Immingham taken by Lee Wilson.


Thank you very much indeed. It made me laugh when I saw you pop—up. I


thought this will be good, because you have been in a class.


My course was in spoken English as well.


I should have come with you. I am gone to watch carefully to see


if the course was worth investing in.


Peter, it is always accurate, you know that. After great start, it


will turn brighter. We are expecting evening rain. It could be


particularly heavy, courtesy of this very active weather fronts which


will push through tomorrow evening and night. The good news yet again


is that the weekend is looking to write with sunshine I think much of


next week will be fine and quite one for October. Something to look


forward to. You can see on the satellite picture, still a lot of


cloud out there. I think for many, it is a dry and mild night for early


October. Lowest temperatures down to 13 or 14. The sun will rise at


7:06am. Perhaps a damp start in places. Thicker cloud threatens in


the afternoon. Quite windy, especially later along the coast.


Friday, sunny spells and scattered showers and a lovely weekend to


follow. That's the forecast. Bari said, we no longer see


barometric pressure charts. We do, because I use them every


night. Are you sure?


I am positive. What is wrong with him, then? Don't


answer that. I am holding back a response.


I know, that is why I said don't. Watch more politely tomorrow, Barry.


That is the polite way. A growing number of young people in


Lincolnshire who are being bullied are using a new online counselling


service rather than talking about their problems face to face. The new


service has seen the number of users double since it began in March.


Leanne Brown reports. They should have been the best years


of her life, but Katie from Market Deeping says her final days at


school left her depressed and lonely. It started through Facebook.


People would put comments on. What sort of things were they saying?


Things like, go and die, you are fat, nobody likes you, your family


hates you. Comments that made me feel that I hated myself as it felt


like everybody else hated me. Katy welcomes Lincolnshire County


Council's online counselling service which they've commisioned for 11—25


year olds. Young people can talk about anything that's troubling


them, and it's available out— of—hours — 365 days a year. So far,


more than 80% of users said they prefer online counselling more than


face—to—face. You can instantly access qualified counsellors, who


are at the other end. You can have dropping chats with those


councillors or have upped sessions with them. Young people like having


that use of technology, so we have to make sure the services we provide


move with the times as well. Teachers say in the last few years


there has been a surge of youngesters using the internet. They


welcome anything that could prevent a repeat of what happened to


14—year—old Hannah Smith, who took her own life after being bullied on


Ask FM. Bullying used to be just at school, in school. Now, of course it


is anything to do with new technology. It might be Facebook, on


instant messages, on phones. It is also on the major games, where they


get headsets on. Any situation where the children who do not know where


they are talking to. Here at Caistor Yarborough School


they have anti—bullying ambassadors and drop—in sessions. But if


students don't want to talk face—to—face, they can now do it


online. Thanks to everybody who got in touch with us about the teaching


strike yesterday. One of the region's biggest teaching


unions has not ruled out further strikes. Around 250 schools in East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire were affected by yesterday's industrial


action, which was widely condemned by the Government.


There has been a very big response to this story.


Thank you for the many messages. We read and listen to them all. The


development of the visitor centre at Bempton Cliffs near Bridlington will


cost £1 million and work was due to start this autumn. But it's been


held up by a rather unusual discovery—a handful of Great Crested


Newts, which are protected by European law. Amy Cole has been to


find out more. It is stopping you from doing any


redevelopment? It has delayed an aspect of the project. Scott is


talking about the great crested newt, a species that has recently


been found at the nature reserve. What is the problem with them being


here? They are protected under European law. Any development which


takes place, we have to make sure they are safe. Just over there is


our overflow car park. With it being so close to the pond, it has delayed


things. Is frustrating? Not at all. It is fantastic. The building of a


major new shopping centre in York will not now open in time for


Christmas, but has been pushed back to next Easter, and in Durham, work


on a new police headquarters has been halted. Back in Pemberton,


there is a lot to do, including fencing of the areas earmarked for


construction — — backing Bempton. We will release the newts outside the


fence in a safe area with a new improved habitat. When the


contractors come on site next autumn, we will know their rhino


newts to be injured, damaged or even killed. More than half of the


development has come from the Heritage lottery fund, which has


been told why, and usually that money cannot yet be spent. ?? new


line You all remember this lady. Jean Bishop is also known as the Bee


Lady from Hull. She raises thousands of pounds for charity and now she's


won a top national award. Jean's been named as a winner at the Pride


of Britain Awards and will appear on National TV next week. Jo Makel has


been to meet her. ?? new line Jean Bishop has been an inspiration in


this area for some time now. But now it seems she's being recognised as a


national treasure too. The 91—year—old has raised more than


£90,000 for charity. She knew she'd been nominated for a Pride of


Britain Award. But while she was filming in London ahead of next


week's ceremony, she got a surprise visitor. I started to look up and I


came up to his chest. I thought, back is a cheek, he's pinching my


patch. He is really kind. He explained I had won the award. I am


very proud of it, yes. Last year, Jean was an Olympic torch bearer.


She is also met the Queen. Those who have benefitted from her charity


work say she deserves the recognition. To actually raise


nearly £100,000 over 20 years is phenomenal. And just the way she has


done it. It is has just been about her, dressing up and going out


talking to people and collecting funds. She is such a lovely person,


everybody loves her. Jean and her family will be at the


awards ceremony. Although for the lady who loves dressing up, choosing


an outfit is proving a challenge. Fantastic story. Well deserved.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


The Prime Minister tells the Conservative Party Conference that


he may cut benefits for the under—25s. The graduate told to hide


her qualifications on her CV. On the subject of hiding


qualifications, Jay says, this does not surprise me, employers and


recruiters in Hull do not seem to be able to grasp the value of having a


degree, it is extremely infuriating for those who have the skills but


cannot find the work. Tony says, when I employ staff, I took the view


that if anybody needs that much extra education, there were not good


enough for my company, the CV is with degrees went in the bin. Susan


said, this happened to my son, he was told to remove his university


placement degree and embellish his job at McDonald's. The response on


this. Alan said, the advice to leave a degree of the CV can be good


advice, because many employers will not take you on if they think you


are looking for a stopgap job. Sue says, no, we shouldn't dumb down, if


you have got it, flaunt it, it is absolutely upper limb. John Lyon the


radio tomorrow if you can. Goodbye.


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