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me and on BBC One, we can join the BBC's


Good evening, and welcome to BBC Look North.


The headlines tonight: A Warning about the impact benefit cuts could


have on local youngsters. Coming in and out of the factories, the work


dies down. If I lost my benefits, I would not be able to survive.


A Hull school that cost £15 million to build could shut just ten years


after opening. I am here at the Endeavour School which had promised


to offer children in the city a bright future.


There's strong support for a saved library by one of Hull's most famous


daughters. It is the Kindle generation, but this is a place


where children learn how to read. A dramatic display to show just how


destructive illegal fireworks can be.


And don't forget to join me for that all—important weekend forecast. That


is in 15 minutes. Scrapping benefits for under—25s who


refuse work or training will lead to an increase in homelessness in


places like Grimsby, according to one charity.


The Conservatives say young people should be prepared to "earn or


learn", or face losing the dole. And while a leading homeless charity


says it would have a "devastating" effect, the Cleethorpes MP Martin


Vickers says unemployed 16—25—year—olds shouldn't


automatically get a home from the state. Here's our Political Editor


Tim Iredale. This is the East Marsh area of


Grimsby, with a number of people claiming benefits out numbers those


in work. This area was described as one think tank as a benefit ghetto.


According to the Centre for social justice, 51% of the working age


population here rely on benefits. This man is 23 and seeks


job—seeker's Allowance and housing benefit —— claims. He worries that


young people could be the target of the next big welfare crackdown. I am


really trying to get a job as well. I have an interview at a factory


tomorrow. But even still, humming in and out of factories, the work dies


down. If I lost my benefits, it would not be able to survive. David


Cameron has suggested that 16—25 —year—olds who shun education,


employment or training, would lose their benefits under a Conservative


government. One charity claims that that could have a big impact on


places like Grimsby. I think that the impact on areas like the North


of England is potentially devastating. Our members in the area


report that they are already at record numbers of young people


approaching them for help with homelessness. If this goes


we expect to see a significant increase in the number of young


people seeking help with homelessness problems in these


areas. However, many conservatives say that they are simply responding


to widespread concern about the abuse of benefits. This was the view


of some voters in Cleethorpes. I think that some young people could


do more than they do, and in a living. There's always a job out


there, you just have to keep looking and applying for courses on things


that help you get into work. The reality is that if we are going to


meet housing demands over the next generation we cannot be providing


social housing for people who are only 17 or 18, and expecting the


state somehow to pick up the tab. Expect an increasingly heated war of


words from politicians and it comes to the Warren welfare. —— the war on


welfare. I spoke to The Independent columnist Owen Jones, who is opposed


to the changes, and Robert Oxley of The Taxpayers' Alliance, who says


people can't have something for nothing.


I asked Mr Jones if he agreed with the Prime Minister's approach. Not


at all. This will only drive young people into poverty and


unemployment, punishing them for the allure of successive governments to


provide full—time work. government got rid of the


maintenance loans to encourage young people to stay on in sixth form. Is


it fair to almost force youngsters into some form of learning rather


than working? It is absolutely right that these people have to do more in


the current job market. It does not stand you a good chance of getting a


job in today's market. Are people being too picky? Some people need an


extra push to go out and look for work. Other people just need greater


opportunities. Making sure that anyone who is not in work, and 25,


who is going to struggle to get on the job market, is doing something


further to improve the chances. And other people agree with that, once


the Owen? Damian Green, but according to the joseph Rowntree


foundation, there are lots of people applying for the one job —— they may


agree. You cannot drive people onto the streets and into poverty because


of the failure of governments to deal with this huge jobs crisis. But


in the last decade we created 3 million jobs and over 2.5 million of


those jobs were taken up by people who were not worn in the UK. So how


did those people who were younger were not equipped by the education


system to take up those jobs, or they were not willing to take up.


So. So a system which both equips them and make sure that they are


taking up employment available to them, is what is needed. We need to


create skilled work, learning from Germany where they have created


renewable energy jobs. But in Germany they have eased... Do you


accept, Owen Jones, that this is hugely popular with the public? Not


true. The latest poll shows that these measures are not universally


supported. Young people are sending CDs and not even getting a response.


Many of these young people have paid their national insurance and have


been kicked out of work. A lot of young people need that leg up on to


the jobs ladder. Mr Jones is trying to pull up that ladder from people


who have been struggling. The education has so far failed them and


they need further training. Very last word, Owen Jones. The work is


not there and you are punishing people because of successive


government's inability —— successive governments's inability to create


jobs. Should 16—25 year olds be able to


claim housing benefit and unemployment benefits if they don't


earn or learn? You can email us at


[email protected] Or text us. You will be charged at your standard


message rate for each message. And you can join him on this week's


Sunday politics. He will be debating scrapping benefits for young people


who will not work or learn. In a moment: Lincoln Ladies look to go


out on a high as they prepare for their final match.


Just ten years after opening at a cost of £15 million, a school that


was supposed to improve standards in Hull could close. Endeavour High


School has hundreds of spare places and has been regularly labelled as


underperforming by inspectors. Caroline Bilton is live outside the


school. What's gone wrong there? There has been a


errors. Pure grades, poor reputation. Falling pupil numbers


are all a far cry from what it set out When it opened it was to be the


jewel in the crown of Hull's education system, costing £15


million. To achieve ten years ago. But within


six months cracks began to show. The headteacher resigned and since then


it has been placed in special measures three times, which not


surprisingly has had an effect on its popularity. I do not think that


it is a bad idea that it is closing, because I do not think that it is a


very good school. My son did not get on very well there at all. It has


been struggling for the last three or four years. Their brother goes


there, he is 14 now. He has gone to a college learning school. He has


been struggling with the teachers. I would not send my two boys there. I


walk past their quite a lot and the things that I have heard about it,


the reports on it. The school was built to teach 1,200 pupils but


there are fewer than 400 pupils now at Endeavour.


By 2016 it's predicted there would be just 228 pupils, with the school


facing a £1 million deficit each year. It's since been replaced by


newer, bigger schools and acadamies created under the Building Schools


for the Future programme. Endeavour has struggled to compete,


and today the Council announced that it's once—flagship school is now


under threat of closure. It was hoped that it could be turned


into an academy and no sponsor has come forward so parents have now


received letters saying that the closure needs to be considered. A


period of conversation dashed —— consultation has now started. No


decision on the future has been made. Parents and staff will be


consulted and the results of that will be published in January. With


the decision is made to close the school then it could close in 2015.


A lorry driver from Goole has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for


causing the deaths of two soldiers by careless driving.


Colin Pattison's lorry hit the back of the soldiers' Army Land Rover on


the A66 in Cumbria two years ago. Pattison also received a six—year


driving ban. Hull City Council is taking legal


action to try to prevent a horse—drive. Officials and police


say the event, which often takes place in Hull Fair week, has caused


disruption in the past. The search has begun for a Chief


Constable for Lincolnshire Police. Temporary chief Neil Rhodes, here on


the left with Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick, said


recently that he would apply for the job. Safety experts in Lincolnshire


have blown up a Vauxhall Corsa to demonstrate the dangers of illegal


fireworks. They're asking the public to report


anyone selling fireworks in the county without a licence. They say


it's a problem in the run—up to November fifth. Jake Zuckerman


reports from Waddington. It is a timely warning designed to


grab attention. This afternoon pyrotechnic experts set off a car


full of fireworks. The idea — to demonstrate the potential danger


illegal firework—sellers could cause. What we want to do today is


simulate what would happen in a worst—case scenario, a car—boot sale


scenario where someone selling illegal fireworks, literally at the


boot of the card, unfortunately an accident happens and the car goes up


in flames. This is a stark warning about the potential danger of which


fireworks pose. It's part of a clamp—down by Lincolnshire's Trading


Standards. We always get intelligence about illegal sales of


fireworks. What we would like to encourage people to do is to contact


us a fair bit earlier. With a month to go before bonfire night,


emergency services are keen to get the message across, to make sure


that something like this doesn't happen for real. Jake Zuckerman, BBC


Look North, Waddington. Still ahead tonight: Some people can't stand the


sound of one set of bagpipes — this man says he has more than anyone


else on Earth. Tonight's picture is of the sunset


at Claxby Top. He was a picture that you do not often see on a Friday.


You will have to put up with me today! Baycol bagpipes musical


instruments. How did the work that one out?


Seeing as we have a guest coming on you please their bagpipes, you


probably don't want to say that! The forecast for the next 24 hours


looks like not a bad one. Partly cloudy with some sunshine. The risk


of one or two showers, but basically a ridge of high pressure should be


in charge of our weather. It should be there for much of next week with


some pleasantly warm conditions. Almost an Indian summer next week.


In the short term, it is windy. We have got one or two wet showers


pushing and from the West. They will largely fizzle out. The wind eases


towards dawn and we will see temperatures down to 12 or 13


Celsius. The sun will rise in the morning at ten past seven. A bright


day, variable cloud and some sunshine. The hint of one to light


showers. —— one or two light showers. But otherwise we will see


some sunny spells developing. The breeze will be right to moderate


south—westerly. Temperatures will be generally 17 Celsius. Around the


wash, just a degree higher. Sunday looks nice as well, high pressure in


charge. It may tend to cloud over at times but we are looking at a fine,


bright day. A lovely day to visit the coastal strip. Next week the


emphasis is on a lot of fine, dry weather, and really quite warm for


this time of the year. That is the forecast.


The forecast is always accurate! Nice to see you on a Friday night.


Five—day week, it is the future. She is one of the nation's


best—loved actresses, and earlier this year, Maureen Lipman joined the


campaign to save a small library in her home city of Hull.


I spoke to Maureen earlier visited the library close to her


childhood home in Hull. After protests and petitions the Hull City


Council let volunteers take over its running in order to keep it open.


Lincolnshire county council wants to hand 30 of its libraries to


volunteers to save millions of pounds. The QB 1000 closures


nationwide. —— there could be. If councils are short of money and


three quarters of the population do not use them, should they be cut to


save money and let that money go to vital services? Will it go to vital


services? I do not think it will. I think the library is incredibly


vital. It is a place for the community to meet, for


get—togethers, parties. This one is in lovely surroundings. You can have


all manner of fun here. It should not go. It is not that much money.


In Lincolnshire there are 45 libraries, that could drop to 15.


That is a great saving of £2 million. Is linking in the running


for City of Culture? —— Lincoln? But should be celebrate the fact that


all in tears running the libraries now, or should BBC and that that


not good thing? I think the library is evolving. What would you say to a


bestselling children's author who says that libraries are a drain on


tax payers money. Yes, it is the Kindle generation, but this is the


place where children learn how to read. They take out the extent they


decide what they like and they do not like. They come here and they


make friends. That was a sound bite. If we took his books and take them


outside and trod on them, would he say the same? This place will evolve


into something very special. Is Hull going to be City of Culture? We will


be behind you. I am performing in Sheffield tonight and we have made


the journey easier to stand up for this library. There are a lot of us


about, it is not just me, but we need to get behind Hull, it is


historic and it deserves a break. We salute you for that. We need you to


come back and live here. Don't be ridiculous! Maureen Lipman talking


to me this afternoon at the library. A real legend and of course Hull


born and bred. A reality TV star from Hull says he'll stop being a


bin—lorry mechanic to pursue his music career.


Ryan Mathie has been busking in the city centre today, ahead of his next


X Factor appearance. Now he claims, whatever happens, he wants to keep


playing to the crowds. I have always been behind my city because this is


where I am from. Every little bit helps and it just shows what an


amazing city it is. People have got behind me and that is why am so


proud of my city. 18 years of footballing history


comes to an end tonight. Lincoln Ladies will play Arsenal in


the Women's League Cup in their final game before they change their


name and move to Nottingham. Sarah Walton was there as they set off for


London this afternoon. It was all smiles as the team caught the bus


earlier, but the emotion of the day was clear.


Your mindset is to do well for the history of the club and 18 years


that have been built up. From next season the team will be based in


Nottingham and known as Notts County Ladies. Today, perhaps the closing


of one chapter four Lincoln, but we will be developing and promoting the


game on our move. This is the last time that the team will leave from


this part of the world to compete. Earlier this week the trophy was in


touching distance. But to get their hands on it, they need to get past


Arsenal first. We are the only team that they have not beaten the


season, so definitely there is a psychological thing for us to draw


on when we go into the games. They have always been really close games.


Last year we managed to beat them as well. But they finished third from


the bottom in the women's super league. As we become not county we


want to think about challenging a little more.


But if comes as the Lincoln Ladies finish third from the bottom in the


women's Super League. So while the team prepares for change, Lincoln


Ladies, as they are now, have this one last chance to win big. And in


men's football tomorrow there's commentary of Hull City at home to


Aston Villa on BBC Radio Humberside's FM frequency at three


o'clock. The sports team go on air at 1.30.


Scunthorpe United versus Cheltenham Town is on 1485AM. And Aldershot


Town versus Grimsby Town is on Digital and Web. BBC Radio


Lincolnshire will have commentary on Lincoln's trip to Nuneaton.


Lincolnshire will have commentary on Hull's Olympic gold medallist Luke


Campbell is boxing tomorrow night. He will aim to move up the rankings.


A policeman from Cleethorpes believes he has the world's largest


collection of bagpipes, and he's hoping to prove it with an entry in


the record books. Danny Fleming started collecting the instruments


as a teenager and has spent £10,000 on one set alone. Sarah Corker has


been to meet him. Think of a bagpipe it conjures up


images of tartan, tassles and a thick pair of socks. He has been


playing to visitors year for the last decade. This is where it all


began. This is the first set that I was given by my late father. It was


refurbished in 1973. This is the oldest set I have, which is an


original set. This set is my most expensive, they are valued at about


£10,000 now. These are just a selection of his 105 sets. At the


age of 13, who wanted to join the army and be a pipe. The great thing


about bagpipes is that they can be handed down from generation to


generation. Next week he will be showing off his talents on the


BBC's programme Bargain Hunt. I think it is ridiculous. He just


wants more and more. Once he gets the record, you never know, he might


just sell a few. It is not something you often hear at the British


seaside, he has been getting some odd looks this afternoon. I think it


brings people happy. Brilliant. Other papers usually half 5—10


sets, so he is pretty confident that the record is in the bag.


If you think you have a story then send us an e—mail and include a


contact number. Let's have a recapture of the main


national headlines. Amanda Hutton is jailed for 15 years for manslaughter


and child neglect after luring her son to starve to death. —— after


allowing her son to starve to death. Tomorrow's weather, dry and bright,


some spells of sunshine in the afternoon. Still very warm and


humid. Responses on the subject of


benefits. Paul says, I agree with Martin Vickers, we ride the parents


of these young people? I do not want my taxes to subsidise these wrong


people. There are many people chasing every job, they simply do


not exist, it is not the unemployed's fault. Jobs need to be


created urgently. If they cannot be bothered to go to school or work


then why should you get benefits? Then says that the government needs


to invest in organisations to help young people. Forcing people to do


things never actually works. Have a really good weekend. Look


after yourself. Goodbye.


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