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Good evening. Coming up on Look North: An influential financial


magazine says money is being wasted on trying to save decaying cities


like Hull. It is rubbish. It is an insult to


people in Hull. After beating plans for a super


dairy, the villagers who now face a fight against a wind farm for the


second time. The Lancaster is the best bomber


produced by any air force in the world war. The former home of the


Dambuster Squadron could be turned into a nature reserve.


The father who who delivered his own baby by a busy roadside.


And changeable can process `` in prospect. The very latest coming up


in 15 minutes. Hull is decaying and should be


allowed to die. That's the verdict in a report published in one of the


country's leading financial magazines. The article in The


Economist says that the Government should stop spending money trying to


create jobs in Hull. Instead, people should be encouraged to move out, or


they should be given better transport links to commute to


elsewhere. The comments have prompted anger in the city as


Anne`Marie Tasker reports. High unemployment. Failing schools.


"Teenagers in baseball caps and tracksuits wandering aimlessly".


That's the picture of Hull painted by the influential journal, The


Economist. But one of Hull's MPs says its just not accurate.


I think it is rubbish, actually. It is an insult the people live and


work and Hull. We are going to the last four in the city of culture


bid. We have a great university and a thriving port. It is absolute


nonsense that has been put out by The Economist. The article `


entitled Britain's Decaying Towns ` says giving public money to cities


like Hull is "misguided". It says instead of trying to rescue failing


towns, they should "help the people who live in them...commute or move


to places where there are jobs." But Kerry Allen says they may have a


point. When she's not at home with her baby, she works as a financial


analyst. But she had to look outside Hull to find that skilled job. You


have to have a car to go elsewhere. That is expensive. I have to go over


the bridge. There is bridge tolls. That is an expense in order to make


an income. And young people studying in Hull say they, too, will probably


take their skills out of the city. There should be a lot of jobs coming


out of this project. Otherwise, it'll have to be of Hall. I will


have to go somewhere else. It'll probably be Leeds or London or


somewhere like that. What opportunities, really. `` more


opportunities, really. And figures suggest The Economist has a point.


Nearly 8% of people in Hull claim job`seekers Allowance, compared to a


national average of just 3.4%. Hull's fifth from bottom of the


secondary schools league table. And at the start of this year, more than


20% of its shops were empty. But Dr Mike Nolan, from the University of


Hull, says those numbers don't tell the whole story. Those local


authority boundaries are drawn quite narrowly. There is no doubt that


some of these men `` measures were Hull might not be seen to be


performing well, those would come out differently if suburbs were


included as well. Public money has helped transform parts of Hull, but


if the advice of The Economist is followed, other decaying parts would


be left to die. Daniel Knowles wrote the article for


The Economist. He joins me this evening. They say the school 's


overall and appalling, teenagers wandered around aimlessly. Was that


your impression of Hull and you're less than one day's visit? It was. I


should make clear this article was about several times. It included


Wolverhampton, Hartlepool and Middlesbrough. This was a look at


the economic geography of Britain. It was not an attack on Hull. It


comes across as an attack on Hull, such as the headline on the front


page of your magazine. Can you understand why people will find that


offensive and stereotypical? I do not think it is a straightforward


North `South thing. They argue it is about where jobs are created. For a


long time, Government has put a lot of effort into trying to move jobs


to where people are. Frankly, it has not worked. We divides. In Hull, 27%


of households have nobody in work. It is quite hard to push jobs. We


spent enough a lot of money trying to push jobs to Hull. So we give up


and go and work somewhere else? We should focus on people. We should


focus on Hull's education. That would make a difference to Hull. But


Daniel, Hull is on a short list of four to win the city of culture


2015. That does not sound to me like a city that is on its uppers. I come


from Birmingham. I am talking about Hull. My point is a city of culture


will not give you an economic and a son so stop `` renaissance. That


will not only city around? It will not turn around unemployment.


Regeneration is lovely. It is good thing that a museum quarter looks


prettier. It is a good thing that you have a wonderful aquarium. This


is a very respected magazine. Seeing a headline that this doesn't help


us, does it? It doesn't. But it doesn't make it untrue. Our job is


not to have propaganda for Hull. How many people do you think need the


Economist in Hull? I don't know. We have a worldwide situation of 1.5


million, but in Hull, I don't know. We'd like your thoughts on this


story. Should the Government stop giving money to Hull or does the


city need financial help from Westminster? What you think about


the headline there? Should we be encouraged to work elsewhere and get


out of the city, commit or move for jobs quicker might `` for jobs? Look


forward to hearing from you on this one. We will have some before the


finish at seven o'clock. In a moment: An East Yorkshire pig


breeder says China has huge opportunities for local businesses.


People living in a Lincolnshire village have already fought plans


for one wind farm and a super dairy, but they've now been told another


company wants to build turbines near their homes. An initial study at


Nocton Fen shows that around twenty turbines could fit on the site.


They'll now spend the next few weeks speaking to people in Nocton and


other nearby villages, as Emma Massey reports.


Nocton and Potterhanworth. Two villages in rural Lincolnshire, but


they could soon have a wind farm on their doorstep. We want to make it


absolutely clear that this is the start of a conversation with local


people. We have not made a decision about turbine numbers and the skill


of the wind farm yet. We really want people's views on this before we do


it. Study suggest that up to 23 turbines could fit on this site here


at Nocton Fen. It is just a few miles away from a village whose


residents are used to putting up for `` putting up a fight if it is not


something they want. Back in 2011, the company behind the proposal to


build a super dairy near here abandoned the plans following a


high`profile campaign from residents. One of them was Martin


Long, who embraces green energy but does not think wind power works. I


think it is according to where it is going to be positioned, we had


enough trouble protecting the community against 6500 cows being


dumped on us in Nocton. This is just another much smaller problem, but it


is one that could face those who live nearby. Lincolnshire already


has nearly 100 turbines with more in the pipeline. Plans have been put


forward for ten in Hemswell. Orby near Skegness is waiting to find out


if it will have nine wind turbines. And in February, the Secretary of


State approved plans for one of the largest wind farms in the country at


Heckington Fen. In the coming weeks, all local


residents here will have a chance to have their say. We're going to


explore setting up a neighbourhood plan. This will be the sort of thing


that will be discussed in it so that we know `` so that we know what we


want in the area. We do have a say, but the applicant on any planning


application can go to appeal. Of course, only last week, the minister


has said that local communities and people should have more say. In


fact, he is going to deal personally with the appeals.


It's too early to tell the outcome yet. After all, plans were dropped


for a wind farm here in 2005. But many residents say wind farms are


inevitable. This is another story we'd like your


thoughts on. Do you live in the area around Nocton Fen? What do you think


of the plans for the wind turbines? There is the text number and e`mail


address. A 70`year`old man has been arrested


after a woman was found dead at a house in Gosberton in Lincolnshire.


Police launched a murder inquiry after a postmortem examination was


carried out on 69`year`old Margaret Morton, who was found last Thursday.


The man has been released on bail. The future of Endeavour High School


in Hull will be decided after a period of consultation. The school


opened ten years ago at a cost of ?15 million, but the council has


been unable to find a sponsor to get it out of special measures and there


are fears it could close. The consultation will last for six weeks


from the start of November. A teenager from Louth has won four


and a half million pounds in compensation after complications


during his birth left him needing constant care. Daniel Vertigan's


family says mistakes were made when he was born at Lincoln County


Hospital. At the High Court today, United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS


Trust denied liability, but said it hoped the settlement would help


Daniel "have a better, more fulfilling and happy life".


It's the world's fastest`growing economy, and businesses in East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire say that trade with China is becoming


increasingly important for local jobs and wealth. It comes as the


Chancellor, George Osborne, is in Bejing leading a trade delegation to


the country. It's estimated that exports to China from local


companies are now worth more than ?1billion a year. Here's our


business correspondent, Paul Murphy. Here we have what is called the


gestation house. It might be more than 4000 miles away, but China


cannot get enough of East Yorkshire's pics. The Chinese are


not just interested in the livestock. As its population grows,


it wants some of the Yorkshire nous which has gone into reading it.


Specialist knowledge about genetics and bleeding. Some people have used


the analogy that they are developing a century worth of technology in a


matter of a decade. That is an enormous challenge for them. So as


well as providing genetically advanced breeding stock, we have


also got to support these companies. The export market to China is well


established. But is it six `` as its economy becomes more developed, it


is increasing investment into the UK. The relationship becomes


diversified. Last year, the UK became the fourth largest


destination for Chinese outward investment. China has the


fastest`growing high`speed railway network in the world. Some of the


technology behind it is made here in Lincoln. The Chinese liked this


company so much, they bought it. We're both manufacturing and


research and development centre. One of the things that attracted us was


a in the UK. It is world`renowned in terms of our ability to innovate and


create new ideas. There are challenges, too. This Hull based


design and branding company sends huge files of data and artwork


around the world. But like many in a digital centre, it is found China


has a different kind of customer. The chime `` the challenges relate


to a technical aspect. The Chinese censor what is going through the


internet. We have to work out... We have to do a lot of productions


Singapore to transfer files to China and work within that constraint.


China's economic growth is slowing down, but it is still at least five


times faster than that of the UK. For those involved in this


long`distance relationship, it remains a land of opportunity.


Paul's with me in the studio. What's been the experience of local firms


in their dealings with China? Generally very positive. It is a


huge country with 1 billion plus people. They are starting to invest


as they develop father, sorts of investment. It is not without


challenges. Doing business there is very difficult indeed. Fortunately,


there is a lot of local support for businesses who want to get involved


with China and I think we're going to see that relationship grow in


years to come. Thank you for watching here on BBC


One. Still ahead tonight: nobody knew if


the bouncing bombs would work. The former home of the Dambuster


Squadron could be turned into a nature reserve.


Early delivery ` the baby born with the help of his father in the front


seat of a car. Tonight's picture was taken of


Flamborough Head by Jane Richardson. Thank you very much indeed. Lovely


picture. Close the, hopefully. `` cloud three. Georgia said to me an


e`mail. When I leave school, I want to be a weatherman and have as many


holidays as Paul has. Even the schoolkids have sussed you.


The downside is, I have to talk to you every night. The colour has


drained out of your face. Let's have a look at their headline for the


next 24 hours. There will be some spots of rain around. Mist and fog.


It should brighten up as it does so. A risk of one or two showers. We are


in between systems. This system brought bad weather and showers


today. The next system will bring rain on Wednesday. That is in


between are settled interlude. It is not very exciting before that next


rain band moves in the Wednesday. You can see this area of low


pressure which brought such a poor weekend. As we head through Monday


evening, there will be for the showers feeding in around this area


of low pressure. One or two showers will be sharp but will tend to fade


and become more isolated later tonight. As winds fall, there could


be mist and fog and cloud. Temperatures around eight or nine


Celsius. The sun rises in the morning and at `` around about


7:20am. Tomorrow, many of us off to actively and damp start with fog in


places. Gradually, skies will brighten, but there is always a risk


of one two showers feeding from the north`west. Generally speaking, an


improvement. Let's have a look at the top `` afternoon temperatures


coming in at around 13 Celsius. It is close to average for this time of


year with much lighter winds. That is the good news. A changeable week


to come. Wednesday, a dry start, but rain will spread from the south`west


through the course of the day. The brighter interlude on Thursday with


writer sunshine. Thicker cloud on Thursday with patchy rain in places.


No good mentioning where I live just get yourself back on my good books


in it `` good book says commission Mark `` good books ex`commission


Mark see you tomorrow. A former RAF air base which was once


home to the 617 Dambusters Squadron could be transformed into a nature


reserve. The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust is trying to raise half a


million pounds to buy the land at Woodhall Spa, where parts of the


original runway can still be seen. Nobody knew if the bouncing bombs


would work. The tale of The Dambusters mission


and the men of 617 Squadron are fondly remembered in the county they


lived in. But a lesser known fact ` this land, the former RAF Woodhall


Spa, was once their home at the end of World War II and this, the only


remains of its runway. Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust hope to buy this land


and transform it into a nature reserve. Large acres of concrete as


a venue for us. It is a Wii fit that into the landscape and make it


work. It is whether we Mac the edge of the runway with hedges or wild


flowers. It will have gone from a World War II airfield to 550 acres


of tranquillity and peace and quiet for reflection. It is a very fitting


memorial. The current land owners have used the old runway as a


foundation for their quarry and tonnes of this sand will need to be


moved. It will say that quarrying destroys natural habitats, but I


think we create habitat. A lot of wildlife is moved in since I have


been here for five and I have years. It is a question of landscaping


everything. At the nearby Petwood Hotel, the former officers' mess,


there are no shortages of reminders. And aviation enthusiasts are


welcoming the idea that Woodhall Spa could have another place of tribute.


It would be nice to see the site of the main runway with so many


aircraft took off and so many young men took off and didn't come back in


September of 1944. It was from that runway that the Wing Commander took


off on his very last mission. Omission from where he didn't


return. We have got the chance to see native wildlife being brought


back and also its edible site for memories `` a suitable site for


reflections of memories as you wander down the runway. The Wildlife


Trust needs to raise half a million pounds to buy the land, and they


hope in doing so those who fought to protect this land can be remembered


by those who visit it. Response now to our story on Friday


about the Government's plans to raise the driving age from 17 to 18.


It's being considered because younger drivers are more likely to


be in accidents than older drivers. A big response after the programme


on Friday night. Thank you for the messages. Jen in Boston says, make


new drivers display a green L`plate like abroad and do a post`driving


test at night or on a skid pan. like abroad and do a post`driving


Chris in Hornsea says, putting the age up won't make a difference. You


pass your test and you are buzzing and go straight on the road. You


never fully learn how to drive. It should be a compulsory part of the


test to do an advanced test to make you aware of potential happenings.


And Ian in Skegness says, I think that learner drivers should have a


minimum of a set number of hours of driving, before being permitted to


apply for their test, as in the case of pilots.


There are plans to encourage people to eat food when it's past its best


before date to help reduce waste. It has been revealed around 20% of food


bought in shops ends up in landfill. But much of it could still be


edible. On Inside Out tonight, Toby Foster tries out a tin of


seven`year`old soup. We've been out and about in Hull to see what people


think about the idea. Two weeks, maybe, but not seven


years. My daughters would not take anything out of date. Chocolate, I


don't mind that he doesn't mind, at wouldn't give it to my kids. Wayne


gets better with age, doesn't it? `` wine.


And you can see Inside Out's special programme looking at the food


industry tonight at 7:30pm on BBC One.


A former care home in Sleaford has been demolished to make way for new


housing. Bonner House was one of eight council`run care homes to


close its doors last year. North Kesteven District Council say 26 new


homes will be built on the site as part of a ?300 million building


scheme. There is a significant need for


affordable housing in the district. We have already got 2400 people on


the waiting list. The population of the district is expected to grow by


25% over 25 years, so we think needs are only going to increase.


East Yorkshire`based golfer David Lynn came back from six shots off


the lead to win his first European Tour event in nearly a decade. The


39`year`old, who is a member at Hull Golf Club, made nine birdies in the


final round at the Portugal Masters to win by a single shot. For a


mother who had already had two children, you might have thought


number three wouldn't have been a problem. But for Craig Baker and his


partner Gemma Fraser, from Kilham, near Driffield, their latest


addition to the family came much quicker than they ever imagined. It


meant they had to deliver their baby on their own at a busy roadside.


Simon Spark has been to meet them. You couldn't get a more relaxed


picture of a new birth in the family.


But less in three weeks ago, the drama of how Nathan was born was at


the extreme end of the scale. He was four days late. It was just before


he left for work, wasn't it? I had to bring the labour ward. We didn't


get there. As they headed to the Royal Infirmary, this is whether or


forced to stop and pull over. This lane here. Still nine miles and a


good half an hour's try to the hospital. Ironically, they were just


the way from the Community Hospital, but it was too late. Jumped out the


passenger seat, ran around as quick as I could, I placed my phone on the


dashboard, and the lady said , can you see the daily's head question


mark I couldn't at first, but then his head appeared. No sign of any


gods. That is when it hit me that I am going to deliver my own sun. ``


no sign of any ambulance. It was very emotional. Even after the baby


was delivered, the problems did not stop. Nathan wasn't breathing and


Craig has to resuscitate twice. Did the mouth to mouth again and


pressing on his chest. He started crying again, which was a relief.


The ambulance came, which was another relief. Then I just let the


ambulance takeover. I prayed for the best. You're just trying not to


panic and waiting for the sample is to hurry up and arrive, because of


something had gone wrong, it is not worth thinking about. I do not know


what I would have done. For someone who has already overcome every


hurdle that has come for him, an Baker could not be more prepared for


adventures in the future. `` Nathan Baker.


Great story. You can get in touch with us by e`mail.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


Police searching for Madeleine McCann say the accepted version of


events has changed. They've issued two new e`fits of a man they want to


talk to. A writer defends his article in an influential financial


magazine which says Hull is decaying and the Government should stop


spending money on it. We should focus on improving Hull's


education. The schools are not particularly good. That would make a


difference to Hull. Some people would leave Hull. The weather


forecast for Tuesday. Tomorrow, a generally drier and


brighter day. Patchy rain slowly clearing, brightening up with a


light northeasterly breeze. Top temperatures around 13 Celsius.


Response story about the writer and he has to say from `` about Hull.


Gary says Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s wanted Liverpool to follow


into decline until someone stepped in and degenerated to the docks. It


won the Capital of Culture and now it is booming.


Another says Hull is in need of help. Money equals jobs and more


money. Dave says the author comes across as a typical southern toff


totally detached from reality. Unfortunately, David Cameron and


George Osborne and in the same mould.


Lord Prescott


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