17/10/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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dual fuel customers will go up by more than 9%. That is all from the


BBC News at Six. It is goodbye from me.


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight. A


parent criticises the school handing out free iPhones to teenagers. We


came home and there it is. I could not believe it. A day off work for


nurses who get a flu jab. I don't you get many freebies working for


the NHS, so it is a nice incentive. A new multi`million pound leisure


centre for Bridlington. I am live in the town to look at latest attempt


to keep tourists coming in. Landmarks of Lincoln take over the


monopoly board for a new version of the game.


Hope you enjoyed the sunshine today. It is not going to last. The full


details coming up. A Hull secondary school has handed


out free iPhones to its students saying it will help them with


research, revision and coursework.The father of one pupil


contacted Look North saying he couldn't believe it when his


daughter arrived home with the five hundred pound phone without any


consultation.The move has also been criticised by supporters of


traditional education. Jill Archbold has more. They've become icons of


modern living, but smartphones are usually banned from the classroom


not welcomed into them. Sydney Smith School in Hull has used more than


?40,000 of technology funding to give every student interactive


phones. The first parent Paul Bird knew of the idea was when his


daughter came home with one. The letter states it has been loaned,


but then it says other things. She has been given the iPhone without


any consideration to our feelings. She is signing to say she will put


on the house insurance she's 15. Headteacher Kevin Beaton says his


school had the ringfenced money to spend and believes they have already


had an impact on learning. With hindsight, we have acknowledged it


would have been better to consult with parents first. They will use it


mainly in school. If they choose to let their children put a Sim card in


it and use it as an ordinary phone, that is up to them. Unsuprisingly,


it's an idea that has gone down well with students. We feel amazed. We


feel privileged as well. We don't think any of the school has this. We


were really excited. They are going to be really helpful. There are any


number of programmes the students could download for free. There is an


application where they can watch videos of experiments. You can


visualise equations in 3`D. You can download past exam papers. The


phones are only on loan to students until the end of the academic year,


but for now, most are happy to have the latest technology in their


schoolbags. Chris McGovern is from the Campaign for Real Education. I


asked him if teachers and students were wrong to support iPhones as a


good way of learning. I think it is dangerous to feed an addiction, and


this is an addiction to technology. It is undesirable and unhealthy, and


I think quite unnecessary. Most of these children have phoned anyway.


There is no difference. It is a distraction. They can be used in


very negative ways, for bullying and so forth. There was a report last


week on standards in education. Our youngsters come close to the bottom


of league tables. People went to school in the 1950s where further up


the top. These students can download things that will help with their


learning. That must be a good thing. I don't think it be a classroom with


a teacher teaching. Baroness Greenfield has shown that the


make`up of the brain is changing. She talks about mind change being as


dangerous as climate change. We do not know what the consequences are.


I think this is a step too far. We are not Luddites and we do have to


move with the times. Most children this age have a phone anyway.


Doesn't it help the parents? Not at all. When I was a headteacher in


north London, I allowed children to bring mobile phones as far as the


school office so they could be contacted to and from school. Use of


mobile phones in schools is a distraction. The school would be


better spending money on textbooks, for example. Children are addicted


to this. This parent e`mail then and is curious as to why the school did


not contact the parents before. I think decisions like this must be


made in consultation with parents. I would think parents are below the by


this. Thank you. We would like to know what you think about this.


Should students be given iPhones to help them learn? Is it a waste of


taxpayers money? I would like your thoughts on this.


In a moment: The church struck by lightning, getting ready to reopen


following a year of repairs. For health workers in Hull and East


Yorkshire the reward for receiving a flu jab is an extra day's holiday.


Take up among their workers is now among the highest in the country.


But other hospital trusts in our area say that's too expensive and


they're hoping free sweets, stickers and pens will do the trick.


Hospitals who don't hit Government targets will miss out on funding


next year. Our health correspondent, Vicky Johnson reports. This year the


flu fighter team is targeting meetings and wards to encourage more


staff across northern Lincolnshire's hospitals to have the vaccine. Plus


of course they get a sweet, a sticker and a pen. How they lacked


easy to bribe? It is a culmination of making the vaccine easy to


obtain, and a bit of fun as well. It is well`known you can have a free


pen as well. Small incentives they may be, but the team is confident


they'll help double the numbers of nhs staff being vaccinated. Across


in Hull, and staff are literally queuing up to have their jab. Is it


not a waste to be offering people a day off when you could just offer


them a sweet? Well, it is a bit of a thank you. We look at the statistics


over the last few years about the cost. Sickness levels have gone


down, so it is financially viable. The scheme has certainly had an


impact on sick leave. Last winter around 500 days were lost to colds


and flu, when take up of the vaccine was around 80%. Two years before


1,900 days were lost when only 14% of staff had had the jab. Is the


inducement of an extra day's holiday really needed? It is important


employers use a variety of means and methods to realise ` ` for staff to


realise the importance of having their job. It is important to


protect the children. I am on critical care so it is important to


stay healthy. The Department of Health has said it wants to see at


least 75% of health care workers vaccinated. NHS trusts have been


warned that future funding could depend on them hitting this target.


Another one I would like your opinion on. Should they have them as


a matter of course and as part of their job?


A member of staff at Humberside police has been arrested. The


57`year`old man who hasn't been named is being investigated over a


number of serious allegations including stalking and domestic


abuse. The case has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints


Commission. The Department for Education says it's taking


allegations of false exam marking at a Lincoln school very seriously. The


SATS results for all year six students at Manor Leas Junior


academy have been thrown out. The results are used to grade schools in


league tables. The school says there was a staffing issue which has been


dealt with. He'll get more than ?60,000 a year for working two days


a week. Darryl Stephenson is now Hull City Council's permanent chief


executive after taking the post on a temporary basis last year. It's


claimed his part time role will help save money but that's being


questioned as the Council is now expected to appoint a supporting


chief officer as well. Crispin Rolfe has been looking at the background


to this appointment. We have to find ?48 million. It is a fortune in


relative terms. The challenge facing Hull City Council How to balance the


books. But will they save any money by the appointment of this man?


Darryl Stephenson has gone from being the council's temporary part


time chief executive to it's permanent one. But instead of a full


time salary of ?160,000; for two days a week, he'll get 65,000


instead. However, the council says a Chief Operating Officer is still


needed at a salary in excess of ?120,000 which critics say means no


savings at all. That will probably save over ?100,000 a year. I don't


see the point of appointing another chief operating officer on


?130,000. That could end up costing taxpayers more. But the authorities


argue today's decision isn't about money, but continuity. The man now


in charge is the same one who's been overseeing Hull's City of Culture


bid and negotiating with Siemens. We have got Siemens investment, which


people are working very hard on still. Hopefully, those things will


come together. So little or no savings, and a lot to do.


Potentially leaving critics to argue whether the city might have been


better served by a full time appointment instead? I'm joined this


evening by Daren Hale who's the deputy leader of Hull City Council.


It's whole not important enough for a full`time executive? We have


demonstrated we can make huge savings in management and move the


city forward by doing this on a part time basis. Is it that you couldn't


find anyone or as a cost saving? We tried to appoint a chief executive


when Daryl said he would leave. We persuaded him to stay. He wants to


see the job through. He is going to be part`time and to help and there


will be a chief operating officer, so you have not saved money. We are


saving money. Mr Stevenson is on 64 and the chief operating officer is


on hundred and 20, you were paying the last person 120. One post is


just for two years and then we will be looking at it. There are other


costs as well. In two years, will be no chief executive? The chances are


there might not be. The city this size with no chief executive? Daryl


has shown we can move this city forward on a part`time basis. This


city is bidding to be City of Culture, waiting for results and


Siemens, and you don't need a chief executive? We have got the a 63, we


have got the City of Culture buried, and hopefully good news from


Siemens. I think we're very well. It is up to your viewers to tell others


whether having Daryl two days a week is better than paying somebody five


times as much. Thank you for coming in. Most grateful to you. Still


ahead tonight: The Lincolnshire super`biker heading for victory in


the British championships. Ian Lyall sent this in of Hull Fair.


Thank you for that. Good evening. I have had a number of people saying


you are rather like Craig Revel Horwood. Correct if you could get


the name right, it would be better. Oh, dear. Generally, it will be more


cloud the tomorrow, with patchy outbreaks of rain. I hope you


enjoyed the sunshine. It has been lovely. And isolated shower creeping


across Lincolnshire now. The wind will fall. I think later, we will


seek missed and fork. Some low cloud as well. If you are making a


journey, watch out for that. It looks nice in Bridlington. We will


look at the sunrise times. Tomorrow morning, quite misty and murky. It


will take awhile to clear. Some brightness the coast. Later in the


day, the risk of patchy rain. Top afternoon temperatures in


Bridlington, about 13 degrees. Sunny intervals and scattered showers. An


unsettled week to follow. That's the forecast. ` ` nobody saw the join


there. Somebody has got in touch to say


they're going to a nudist colony this weekend.


In this weather? They must be mad. Are you joining them?


No, thank you. ?20 million will be spent in Bridlington on a new


leisure centre aimed at attracting more tourists. Planners have this


afternoon agreed major improvements to the town's Leisure World. It's


the latest investment in Bridlington which some experts argue needs to do


more to secure it's future as a holiday destination. Paul Murphy


reports. Leisure world has been a landmark here for more than a


quarter of the century. It is looking tired. This is the vision


for a replacement. Water slide, a climbing wall and the gym. Over ?20


million of investment that has now been given the go`ahead. It is an


exciting time. It is well past its sell by date. It is something


residents will like and visitors will be attracted to. It has been a


glorious day here. When the weather turns, Bridlington lacks indoor


facilities. IPhone is part of this solution. It is bound to make a


difference. It is somewhere for people to go to. ` ` Leisure World


is part of this solution. It all began with the building of the spa.


For over a decade, there has been heavy investment in the


infrastructure here. It is a single`minded attempt to bring more


people in, to win a bigger share of the UK tourism industry. Leanne


Broadbent is a close observer of life in the town. She thinks


Bridlington is turning a corner. It is a transitional phase in the town.


Even though it is not perfect, money is being put into the town. I think


that is something to be positive about. It is expected the new


Leisure World will open in the autumn of 2015, another milestone in


the regeneration of this seaside town. Paul's in Bridlington this


evening. How much emphasis is being put on the importance of tourism


there? All the facilities being built are


focusing on this. The marketeers refer to resort families, and


elusive group that every result is competing to get. A stay at bit


longer and spend a bit more. Clearly, Leisure World is designed


to bring people here when the weather is not as nice as it has


been today. Tourism to put into an is worth about ?150 million every


year. What is good for this town is good for the wider economy.


Absolutely. Thank you. It's taken 17 months of hard work but a


Lincolnshire church that was struck by lightening is finally ready to


reopen. Sutton on Sea Methodist Church will hold a service on Sunday


following extensive repairs. Today they've been completing the


finishing touches. Amanda White reports. It's just the last few jobs


to be finished before worship returns to this church for the first


time since June last year. A lightning strike and fire devastated


the building leaving worshippers with the enormous task of rebuilding


their home. I can't believe it looks so good. To think that in the roof,


it was so devastating after that fire. It made us cry. And now? Full


of joy. It was August 2012 when I first saw the devastation here.


There is no need for a hard hat today. We have these lovely comfy


chairs, a cosy carpet, new sound and video system. This church has simply


been repaired, it has been reborn. I think friendships have deepened


because we have been in this together if you see what I mean.


Emotional. It is nice to see how A joyful chorus has returned to this


church, but the long journey back will not be forgotten. Lovely


stained`glass window again. A motorcyclist from Lincolnshire could


win one of the country's top racing titles this weekend. Alex Lowes is


currently second in the British Superbike Championship, with just


one more round to go. And there's some family rivalry at stake. Sarah


Walton has the story It's been a closely fought season for Alex and


his number 22 bike. It has been a closely fought season for Alex and


his bike. Sometimes, a little bit too close. I was I was approaching


the finish line, I did not really know who has one. So back at team


headquarters in Louth, they're now focussing on the final race day of


the season at Brands Hatch this weekend. I have worked really hard


in the gym. I have worked for this moment. I feel quite relaxed and I


And while Alex says he's ready, engineers are getting his bike ready


too. Am looking forward to it. I have no Alex since he was a lad. I


used to race with his dad, so we have a bit of history in that way.


To be part of doing what he's doing now is a privilege, more than


anything else. It is not so much a job more than a personal thing. You


could be forgiven for thinking Alex looks a bit familiar. This is


identical twin brother Sam recently winning the World Supersport


Championship. It feels incredible. I am very happy. I had tears in my eye


and I am proud of myself and proud of the team. There is nothing quite


like a bit of sibling rivalry. He has done really well and I am proud


of him. I'm not sure I can put within bragging all winter.


Lincoln is celebrating more national recognition after the City's streets


and landmarks are featured on a brand new Monopoly Board. Steep


Hill, Lincoln City's football ground and the most famous building in the


City are all featured, as Simon Spark reports. My producer told me


to go to jail this morning, straight to jail, not to pass go and not to


think about any extra cash for going there. This is why. We thought it


was time for Lincoln. We saw landmarks and historic pride. We


could see how the board could begin to take place and be created that


would be representative. Each colour represent a sector. Blue for


attractions and museums. Orange for retail, such as the high street and


Steep Hill. Brown is for the pie shop. I think it goes well together.


There is nothing cheap about this establishment. We like to think not.


At the other end of the board, the highest value item was voted for and


the cathedral got it. Where you would put your hotel is another


matter. My kids would tell you I hate board games. I will be playing


this this Christmas. I just love it. What about the stations? These are


replaced by the historic gates to the city. , Carney, MP for Lincoln,


thought of this. I think the designers have done a very good job.


It is lovely. As well as the famous landmarks, there are the details in


the chants and community chest cards, such as the chance to win a


shopping voucher to spend in Steep Hill, and getting stuck at the high


street level crossing. The only thing I have yet to find is the free


parking. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines British Gas raises fuel prices by 9% or eight


million households. A school in Hull defends giving free iphones to more


than a hundred teenagers. On the subject of phones, a pure


waste and the do sick idea, giving iPhones to schoolchildren, the


headteacher is a disgrace says Mrs Holland. Nicky said, just seen that


story about iPhones and I think is ridiculous. David says, it is


ridiculous, the school must be overfunded. Brian says, it is a


brilliant idea, it allows students to adapt to new technology and learn


in a secure environment. James says, I am a student and I believe giving


out free bar phones is a complete waste of money and time. Thank you


for those. Have a good evening. Good night.


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