21/10/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight. The


government acts accused of letting the public down because of turning


its back on Warnings as a teenager is badly burnt by a bonfire.


Coal. They have sat on their hands. A local youngster has been very


badly hurt. The mysterious illness which is


killing dogs ` now scientists say they may have found the cause.


Skegness's new Jolly Fisherman is revealed for the first time. A


Lincolnshire rider is the British Superbike champion but it was not


easy. I am afraid the mild weather


continues tomorrow, join me later on.


A leading energy expert says the Government is letting the public


down by investing so heavily in renewables and turning its back on


coal. It comes on the day that another power company has announced


a price increase. Npower says part of today's increase is to help pay


for investment in green energy. Local authority figures show in


parts of our region, one in five people is now facing fuel poverty.


Well, Peter, the latest price rise comes on the day the government has


given the go`ahead for the UK's first new nuclear power station in a


generation. Energy firm Npower has become the third major supplier in


the last ten days to announce price rises, with a dual`fuel bill to go


up 10.4%, the highest increase announced by any supplier so far.


SSE will increase prices by 8.2% and British Gas says prices will go up


by 9.2%. I've been talking to a family who say these increases have


caused a financial burden which is hard to bear.


Working out what they can afford for this week's shop. Are we going for


frozen or fresh vegetables? An out of work family from Lincoln are


facing up to the reality of fuel poverty, where the cost of fuelling


their home accounts for more than ten percent of their income. It


means making some hard choices and not just about what they eat. Do we


eat two meals a day or do we only have the one? We have two grades are


washing on how dirty it is still depends on what cycle of wash it


goes on. One of us has to be up about 1am so it goes on economy


seven and then we just have strict washes. It's predicted the recent


rise in energy prices could put a further 8,000 families into fuel


poverty in Lincolnshire ` one in five homes. That takes the total


number of families facing the situation to almost 80,000 across


the county. Fuel companies blame the rise on government targets to


replace dirty fuel with cleaner, renewable energy, but it's not ready


yet. Over the last seven days it accounted for less than five percent


of the Uk's energy. So it's unable to fill the gaps on the National


Grid, a situation that many feel could have been avoided. This


government have all been told we would run into the sort of situation


by 2014 as various power stations are closed down for various reasons


are not being be placed. The government have sat on their hands


are not done anything about it. But Drax, a coal`fired power station


near Goole, is looking at greener alternatives and ways to reduce its


carbon emissions. I don't think this plant in its current form will be


burning sustainable biomass in 30 years. There will be more efficient


ways to do it but as transition technology, applying sustainable


practices to them is a very good way to get the practice moving. There


doesn't seem to be a quick solution to bring fuel prices down ` so many


families will still have to budget carefully well into the future.


Sam Pick represents the renewables industry and asked him what he


thought of comments made by the Head of UK Coal that too much money was


being poured into green energy. It is a simple choice. Coal is


undisputedly the cheapest way of producing energy. The issue is that


it is also by far the worst in terms of pollution and it has a huge


impact in terms of planning. If you are worrying about your energy bill,


you're not too worried about pollution. In my experience of


talking to people, consumers and planning applications and so on,


they are concerned about the environment and that is a valid


issue. It is about compromise and we need to be investing in a mix of


energy. The problem with coal specifically as it is so bad in


terms of pollution. If these subsidies were cut, people say an


average of ?110 would be cut from a bell. Here's the head of a wealthy


multinational company which is making huge profit. Reading your


balls are right now a more expensive way of producing energy. People are


not convinced they work? They do work that they would not be building


them if they did not. Why do I get e`mails seeing wind turbines do not


turn and so one? The wind turbine is not turning our because the car on


and find you occasionally stop them for maintenance, the power demand


for this country is not flat, so you adjust them. It can mean there is no


demand for it right now. The energy issue this country faces are really


a complex problem with no single solution that will make everybody


happy. It is about an energy mix and coal is a part of that but the


simple solution is not a massive number of coal power stations.


Thank you. Should the government look again at more traditional fuels


like Coal to generate our energy or are they right to continue with


their plans for green energy? As always, you can follow us Twitter.


We will have some your responses before we finish at 7pm. And you can


see more on the debate over whether the government should invest in coal


on Inside Out tonight. It's on BBC One at half past seven.


Thank you for watching. In a moment. A ?4 million boost for fishermen on


the East Coast. A 14`year`old boy is being given


specialist care after being badly burned by a bonfire in Lincoln.


Police were called to a house in the east of the city after receiving


reports two children were heart. `` hurt. It is thought five


teenagers started this fire here and we are told that an Excel and was


added and fire officers stored as it is the kind that is used in toy


cars. `` accelerant. One boy was so seriously heart he has been taken to


a specialist unit in Birmingham and his parents by his bedside tonight.


Another 12`year`old boy was burned on the face but he has been


released. Fire officers have said this serves as a warning to people


not to put things on fires. We were alerted to children having formed a


bonfire and when you ignite a vapour cloud, you can be standing in its


path. I spoke to a neighbour who did not want to be filmed but said he


heard the screams coming from the back garden and the police said


earlier he hopes it will serve as a warning not to start fires in the


run`up to bonfire night. This is an awful incident where the local


youngster has been very badly heart and it demonstrates the dangers of


messing around with fire and accelerants. This afternoon we have


seen police officers making house`to`house enquiries here and


the police have also arrested a 15`year`old boy who is helping them


with their enquiries. A sweet factory in Skegness, which


employs more than 80 people, is to close. Manufacturing at Glisten in


the town is to be transferred to Leicester and the Czech Republic.


Staff have been offered the chance to move to other UK sites.


The steel works in Scunthorpe has won a contract to supply track to


Network rail for at least the next five years. Tata steel will provide


95% of Network rail's steel until 2019. Managers say they hope the


contract will secure jobs at the plant, which employs 6500 people.


Delays for communters using the Humber Bridge this morning were


caused in part by a broken down vehicle. The Bridge master Peter


Hill says his staff are working hard to minimise disruption to journeys


caused by toll booth work. Additional repair work to the bridge


has been delayed until next month. A disused church, used in the ITV


production of 'Moll Flanders' has been badly damaged in a fire. The


roof on St George's church at Goltho near Wragby, was destroyed by the


blaze. Damage to the interior of the building is extensive. The roof is


gone completely and internally it is still smouldering with all the


fixtures and fittings still destroyed. The font has obviously


been damaged when things falling down on it. It is a true disaster as


far as the building is concerned and I cannot see how it is ever going to


get back to like it was before. A fire at Boston's Pilgrim Hospital


has caused most planned appointments to be cancelled this afternoon. The


fire started near the X`ray department but nobody was heart.


`` hurt. Concern is growing for the safety of


a 73`year`old man who's gone missing from his home in Hull. Keith


Thompson hasn't been seen since yesterday and police say they don't


believe he has his medication. They're asking for people who may


have seen his Silver Kia Rio in the West of the City.


Scientists think they may have found the cause of an illness which has


been killing dogs in several parts of our area. It's now peak season


for Seasonal Canine illness and around 50 dogs have fallen ill this


autum after visiting woods in North Norfolk including the royal estate


in Sandringham. Now the estate has teamed up with the Animal Health


Trust who say all the data they have collected points to a tiny bug as


the strongest explanation. Leanne Brown has more.


At this time of year dogs are at a high risk of catching Seasonal


Canine illness, this vet recently saw half a dozen dogs in one day,


all of which had been on the Sandringham Estate. The owners have


said that the dog has started to shiver and shake and looks in pain


and is being sick. They often had orange dust on them which we found


to be caused by harvest mites. We looked under the microscope and


could see them. The size of a pinhead, it's now thought the havent


mite could be responsable for the illness. Living in the undergrowth


they only bite during their larval stage in autumn. It wasn't something


consistent with all cases and at first we thought it could be a


coincidence because harvest mites are active at the same time of year.


However, more recently it has become more consistent with more cases


being reported that also have harvest might infestations.


The investigating team are now doing more research on the Sandringham


Estate and want dog owners to help them. We are encouraging owners to


speak to the vet about preventative treatments with the idea that if


they use these and then the number of cases decreases, that could


potentially be evidence that there is a link. Their study concludes


next month and warning signs have been put up across Lincolnshire and


North Norfolk, until they know for sure if this tiny mite has caused so


much damage to dogs. If you are dull corner and have a


view, a reminder of our contact details. `` a dog owner.


Still ahead tonight: Putting the finishing touches to Skegness's new


Jolly Fisherman. We are with the team celebrating the British


Superbike success. Keep the pictures coming in and


tonight's is sunrise over Beverley Westwood taken by Campbell Whyte.


Another picture tomorrow night. Incredibly mild spell.


It is incredibly mild. We have an exceptionally mild night on the


cards with warm air coming up from the south. It will be wet once again


at times. Through this morning, a band of rain from the south`west and


it turns lighter and patchy and some of us to look to have a reasonable


afternoon but then a scattering of showers which will fizzle out and


for the bulk of the night it will be dry. Loads of around 14 Celsius. ``


lows. Tomorrow morning, the sun will rise. These are the high water


times. We hold on the southerly ear so it will be a mild day but once


again, increasingly breezy. Some fairly heavy and persistent bursts.


Some fairly heavy and persistent downpours but in more northern


parts, it could be largely dry with temperatures much like today. This


continues and overnight into Wednesday we are looking at strong


and persistent showers. It may feel a little cold but there should be


some showers around. We are once again looking at heavy rain from the


south. More local jobs should be created in


Withernsea following a multi`million pound investment in the town's


Shellfish industry. Crab and lobster catches are worth up to a million


pounds a year to the local economy. Now, a new compound and freezers are


being built on the sea front which it's hoped will boost the industry.


Our business Correspondent Paul Murphy reports.


This is one of 11 shellfish boats operating out of here and the crew


will soon be benefiting from a ?4 million project to improve the


seafront compound where local fishermen store their catches. It


should give the industry much more flexibility in the way we work, and


we should be able to buy it in bulk and stored it, but at the moment we


should have only small freezers at home. We will have more facilities.


It will allow the industry to be far more competitive. In a town where


unemployment is far higher than the regional average, people hope this


industry can be developed further particularly for the next


generation. By the time I left school, I had started school time


and since then I have worked my way up and I am now the skipper. I love


it. The fishermen have been working with the Yorkshire wildlife staff.


Yorkshire land crab below a certain size are never taken from the sea.


They also want to get more of what is caught here eating here. Most of


it is exported at the moment but it has the potential to be marketed as


a high`quality local food. It is fantastic. Any investment to move


the town former is. We are told we are told the crabs and lobsters here


are the best in Europe so we want to make the most of them. This fishery


is worth ?1 million a year to the town but many believe it is a


sleeping giant. Hopefully, the ongoing investment can help to make


it. Let's hope for some good news.


Thanks to everyone who's contacted us about our story on plans to breed


dogs for medical testing in East Yorkshire. Campaigners gathered in


Hull at the weekend to oppose B and K Universal's application to extend


their site at Grimston. They already breed some smaller animals for lab


work. UK law says all new medicines must be tested on animals. It's a


controversial issue and we had a lot of messages from people on both


sides of the debate. Jonathan says, "Medical trials should be carried


out on willing volunteers, not animals. Many people would respond


if they were terminally ill and it allowed them to make a difference


for somebody else." Jordan thinks animal testing is


wrong "because scientists can't be completely sure that the effects on


the animals will be the same on us." While Chris says "I don't


particularly like the idea of testing on dogs but my Mum died from


cancer when I was 12. So if there is a chance to cure cancer and this is


what you have to do, then do it." Greg Knight is to receive a


knighthood. Downing Street confirmed today. He recently lost his job as a


government whip in the reshuffle. A motorcyle racer from Lincoln is


celebrating today after becoming British champion. 23`year`old Alex


Lowes claimed the British Superbike title just days after his twin


brother Sam took the title in another motorcycle competition. Our


sports reporter Simon Clark has been in Louth where Alex's successful


team is based. It was a close run thing. Very


close. Three astonishing races at the legendary brands Hatch came down


to this. Alex had to finish ahead of the defending champion. The


36`year`old veteran did everything he could to hold him off. Then the


championship changed hands in the blink of an eye. The young man from


Lincoln held on to wind the championship he had clearly always


cherished. You could see it in his eyes. I tried to keep focused and


once he passed me, I thought, their letters. I just gave it my best and


it was enough. Today the team left them behind in Kent still revelling


in a job well done. Really, really good to work with. The hardest


working lad there is, honest and hard`working. If you think we are


going to rest on their laurels having won this title, think again,


because development on the 2014 team bike starts almost straightaway


which will hopefully wield more of these for next season.


A man from Hull who helped to write the laws of football 150 years ago


has been honoured at a special 'blue plaque' ceremony in London today.


Ebeneezer Cobb Morley was one of the game's eight pioneers. Today


relatives of his colleagues attended the historic event at Wembley after


the Football Association launched a search to try to find some living


descendents. The Association says the game's seen many changes. It was


a bit of a free for all with regard to the height of the crossbar and


pitch size and so on. We still talk about the current rules and see the


need to be changed and we get frustrated.


Hull City will be without striker Danny Graham for three weeks after


he suffered an injury during their match at Everton. The Tigers went


down 2`1 at Goodison Park, with people talking about Everton's


Gareth Barry. He appeared to be offside when the first goal was


scored, and then got himself booked for a dangerous tackle on City's


Sone Aluko. Scunthorpe United suffered their


worst defeat of the season as they lost four nil at home to Exeter. It


ended a six match unbeaten run and leaves them in 13th in League Two.


For more than 100 years, the Jolly Fisherman has been a symbol for


holiday`makers in Skegness. One revised design was ejected but


finally the sculpture has been cast and is almost ready to be shown to


the public. Gemma Dawson has been to Buckinghamshire to see the new


sculpture. He's a familiar site in Skegness.


But inside this workshop in Buckinghamshire, a new Jolly taking


shape. He is very bright at the moment but he looks good. Now he is


out of the mould and you can see the colours and what he looks like and


how it is actually evil thing into a finished piece. The new statue is


made from fibreglass. `` evolving. Lynne's now filing down the joins


then she'll need to treat the surface of the statue. But it's been


a long and controversial process to get to this point.


This was one of the original designs ` but it received local opposition.


So it was decided the new statue should look like the original, which


was removed from Skegness Station earlier this year. Back in


Buckinghamshire, artist Siobhan Coppinger has arrived to see the new


sculpture for the first time. I was delighted. I know how much work it


is to make a cast like this and although there are flaws at this


stage, it will be fabulous. Siobhan's no stranger to Jolly. She


made the old station statue more than 20 years ago. The original


piece was designed specifically to beyond the platform all in one


sense, I am slightly sad he is going outside but having said that,


obviously people were very proud of him and want him to be seen. There


are just some finishing touches to do before this can be installed in


its new position. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. The first nuclear power station to be built in


the UK for a is approved. The government is accused of letting the


public down by turning its back on call. Tomorrow's weather ` A mostly


dry and cloudy start, before rain pushes in becoming heavier and more


persistent by early afternoon. `` on coal.


We were talking about power and one man says, how can the spokesman for


the renewables industry say they are days when the wind turbines do not


need to generate power when the industry is still seeking planning


permission for more sites. Will they stand idle as well? If the last


Labour government had not been sought antinuclear, we would be


enjoying carbon dioxide free energy. We now Britain has vast coal


reserves and we know smoke emissions can be cleaned so why no new coal


minds? That's it from us. It is two weeks tomorrow since that incredible


story of the passenger who landed the plane at Humberside airport and


tomorrow I will be talking to him about how he did it on the radio.


Have a nice evening, goodbye.


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