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Monday. That is all from the BBC's News at


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


job`seekers hanging on for work but getting big bills, the Government is


asked to investigate a high cost phone line.


Can we have a debate on how we can stop these exploitative racket to


desperate people looking for work? A bus company wants to introduce


cameras to keep other drivers out of their lanes.


How the home of Dylan Thomas hopes to find the right words to beat Hull


in the competition to become City of Culture.


Pampered pet pigs getting five`star spa treatment in Lincolnshire. After


a pleasant day, we are looking at wet weather on the cards,


particularly tomorrow morning. I will be back with a forecast.


There are calls tonight for a Government investigation into claims


that vulnerable job`seekers are being tricked into calling a premium


rate phone line. A number of unemployed people from East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire say they've run up big bills calling


what they thought was a recruitment hotline ` but turned out to be an


overseas call centre. The Hull North MP Diana Johnson told the Commons


they've been victims of a "racket". More from Tim Iredale.


These are two of the job`seekers who they phoned what they thought was a


genuine recruitment service, but were left with a hefty bill. Sarah


is a mum of two from North Lincolnshire. She's looking for work


as an admin assistant or receptionist. I received an e`mail


from a recruitment agency, asking me to call a number. I was on the phone


about 45 minutes, and they said they would give me a call if anything


came up. I checked and I had been charged ?20.


Mark is self`employed from East Yorkshire. He tells a similar story.


It was one more question, one more question, and after each question, I


said, is that the last question, and they said, yes, but we have one more


question. How much did it cost? I found out later it was ?3 50 minute


plus a connection charge. The company in question is called SB


Millers, and its operation appears to be based in an overseas call


centre. How can I help you? Yes, the number of people have contacted our


programme saying there have been calling you and been charged an


awful lot of money, and you are not a genuine company offering genuine


jobs. Is that true? No. You are genuine? Hello? They would not give


me a number for anyone in authority. The e`mail address they gave me has


bounced back, saying it doesn't exist. There is no sign of the


company's website on the Internet. Can we have a debate on how we can


stop these exploitative racket for people desperate looking for work?


Today, the matter was raised in the Commons by a Hull MP. If they are


sent an e`mail saying there is an opportunity, when this number, a lot


of people will bring that number, acting in good faith, then find they


are being ripped off. The premium phone line regulator


says it is prepared to take action against firms which target the


unemployed. We can find people up to ?250,000. Recently, we find a


company doing something very similar to this.


So those on the hunt for work are being warned they could end up


paying a high price for one wrong call. If you have been affected by


this, or if you have a view on this, get in touch.


We will have some off your thoughts before we finish tonight. Thank you


for watching this Thursday night. In a moment: Papua New Guinea


players bringing the excitement of World Cup competition to a young


audience. A bus company is calling for cameras


to be used to fine drivers who go into bus lanes in Hull. The city


council is looking at how it could enforce the proper use of lanes.


East Yorkshire Motor Services says some car and van drivers are


illegally blocking the lanes, making buses late. Phillip Norton reports.


The morning rush hour in Hull, and one of the bus lanes that could soon


be landing motorists with a fine. They're a controversial addition to


the road network, but bus companies say more needs to be done to help


keep them clear. The lanes really help goes. We would like to see


consistent and fair enforcement with the lanes. CCTV and remote


enforcement of that type is the fairest way to do it. And that may


soon happen. Hull City Council's compiling a report which may see new


methods of enforcement such as cameras being introduced. But it


comes at a time when other cities such as Liverpool are getting rid of


bus lanes altogether. This will allow the traffic to


smoothly run through the city, and in that sense it will be more


environmentally friendly because I do genuinely believe that bus lanes,


in certain parts of the city, actually add to the congestion. Here


in Hull, commuters had differing views. I suppose they are trying to


help. We have to use public transport. People get the bus to get


to work. If they are not the on`time, I don't mind is a car


driver. With ?60 fines as a penalty, it could be the solution to keeping


buses on time, at the risk of an outcry from cash`strapped motorists.


Well, Phillip joins us live from a bus lane in the city now. Phil, how


likely is it that Hull will get enforcement cameras in these lanes?


Peter, this is still at the report stage. If councillors agreed that


more needs to be done to enforce these lanes, powers could be ` `


cameras could be installed as early as next year. These lanes tends to


run only at certain times of day. Bus drivers say that it is


infuriating when they are empty at times when drivers are allowed to


use. I spoke to Rupert Lipton from the


National Motorists Action Group on this one. I asked him whether using


CCTV to police bus lanes was a good idea. It is not as simple as that.


In some circumstances, it is appropriate. If motorists did not go


into them, there would be no need for cameras. What this is really


about is efficiency of road space. Too often, when the bus lane is 24


hours, there is only one bus every 20 minutes, it is insanity to have a


long queue of motorists trying to get where they are going. At the


cameras to keep the buses running just as a revenue generator? To be


fair, for some local authorities, I am sure it is the former. There is


too much evidence to suggest that when local authorities are given


this potential to find people, they use it with too much glee. Too


often, it is the ideology, car bad, plus good that gets in the way. As


we discussed this, Liverpool is scrapping them. His Liverpool right


or wrong? Does it depend whether you are waiting for bus in the morning


driving? Look, we will get very interesting evidence from what


Liverpool are doing. They are clear it is a trial, which is sensible. We


can wreak on being in nine`month time on the back of that experience.


Very interesting to talk about. Thank you. Not at all.


You might have a view on this story as well. Should there better


enforcement on bus lanes? Maybe you think they should be removed?


New ratings for hospital trusts put this area in the lowest categories.


The Care Quality Commission has ranked all hospital trusts from one


to six. Band one means they have a higher risk of providing poor care.


Band six is for the best performing trusts. The data used to make the


rankings, includes death rates, serious errors and patient surveys.


In this area hospitals in Lincoln, Boston, Grantham, Grimsby,


Scunthorpe and Goole, are run by trusts in band one. The Hull and


East Yorkshire Trust, which runs Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill


Hospital at Cottingham, is in band two.


A multi`million pound agricultural college could be built at the


Lincolnshire Showground. Bishop Burton currently runs agricultural


courses at Riseholme College near the showground but says the


University of Lincoln has decided not to extend the existing lease.


It's applied for funding to develop a new site at the Lincolnshire


Showground. The total cost will be ?30 million and we're hoping to get


a glance towards that. ` ` we're hoping to get a grant towards that.


A Scunthorpe woman accused of stealing thousands of pounds from


her disabled daughter wept in court today as she gave evidence. Cathy


Watson, seen here in the pink scarf, is accused of four offences of theft


and one of transferring criminal property. Her daughter Samantha, now


29 years old, was awarded 2.6 million in compensation for medical


negligence. In her defence, Cathy Watson claimed her ex`husband,


Robert Hills, was the one who dealt with finances and she had no idea he


was using Samantha's money to buy houses and cars. The trial


continues. Still ahead tonight: The home of


Dylan Thomas. How Swansea Bay hopes to beat Hull


to become City of Culture. And an unusual girls' night in for


Mika, Molly and their owner in Lincolnshire.


Keep the photographs coming in. Rainbow over Molescroft Primary


School in Beverley, sent in by Matt Britton. K Donovan is here.


You have made a new friend to day. Amanda Holden. You were exchanging


little twits with her today. I was not. She was on the radio show


today. You can tell me later.


There is nothing to tell. I will get my own back, doomed worry.


It has been a lovely day today. Rain through tomorrow morning. Heavy at


first and a rather windy day. It is courtesy of this front. On Saturday,


another band of rain pushing through. Potentially Anastas storm


on Monday as well. You can see this mass of cloud. That will track


northwards over the next few hours. It will turn increasingly cloudy and


increasingly windy. Some wet weather will push up from the south. It will


be a mild night. The sun will rise at 7:47am. It will be a bit of a


Crotty start. Not a great commute. It will be windy and rainy. The rain


will clear away and we will see dry and brighter conditions. The risk of


the odd shower in the afternoon. For most places, and improvement during


the day. It will be mild as well. Temperatures will make their way


into the mid`are high teens. ` ` into the mid`or high teens. The


potential for Anastas storm on Monday. ` ` the potential for a


nasty storm on Monday. She showed me a little bit of


respect, something you could learn from.


I will take note of that. I liked the old days when you didn't


say boo to a goose. I lead from the best, didn't I?


To share. See you soon. Next month, Hull will find out if it


has been named City of Culture for 2017. The hard work will end in one


final presentation before the judging panel makes their decision.


Hull is one of four cities short listed, but what do we know about


the competitors? Swansea Bay, Dundee and Leicester are all bidding


alongside Hull to secure the title. This week, Look North is visiting


our rival cities to find out more about their bids and the culture on


offer. Tonight, Caroline Bilton reports from Swansea in South Wales.


Is my journey today takes me from east to west, into a different


country, to the city by the sea, Swansea. I am here to see an area


spread over 30 miles of coastline. Unlike the others, Wales has entered


a joint bid, spread over three local authorities. It takes in the area of


the mumbles, city of Swansea and East Carmarthen shire. What do we


know of this area? Most of us probably know it for this, the place


we send our car tax to. It is the birthplace of Dylan Thomas, the


poet, and is flagged by some of the most picturesque countryside in


Wales. This is my first port of call. Wills 's largest indoor


market. I am going to meet a man who is lived in Swansea or his life. It


will take the tour of the places he thinks will help Swansea Bay when


the City of Culture. Hello. Mal Pope is a musician, broadcaster and


writer, and the lover of all things Swansea. Have you ever had a Welsh


cake? I have never had a Welsh cake. Whenever I went to university back,


I would take some with me. This is a place where everybody meets. The


Welsh and English have come here for years. It is not totally English and


not totally Welsh. I am getting from you that culture is about people. It


is about people, food, the way we talk, it is about the music,


poetry, the pictures, it is about so much more. It was Swansea's most


famous son Dylan Thomas who captured that in his poems. There are


reminders of around the city, but this is the best place to learn


about his work. Do not go gentle into that good night. He is a world


literature classic figure. We forget that at our peril. Looking back


through his work, you can see the heart of Swansea as well. He is an


important part of our culture because he reflects our culture.


Well, you have brought me to the top for our final place. What have you.


Yeah. This really shows sitting nicely. ` ` this really shows the


city nicely. It is looking out to the rest of the world, not looking


inwards. His enthusiasm seems to be shared by many here. It is captured


here on this dissent while. The city centre that, to be honest, has seen


better days. That does not seem to be stopping people from believing


that they can become City of Culture. People are coming to


Swansea. Things have changed. There is regeneration, especially on the


seafront. It would be well deserved. The football team has played in


Europe. We can raise our profile. Dylan Thomas himself described it as


an ugly town. Swansea, like Hull, has problems. It has boarded`up


shops, unemployment. That is what makes his competition interesting,


because it is not necessarily about the Posh galleries and museums.


Swansea Bay's bid is about its people. That is something Hull can


compete with. My trip here has shown me that perhaps we are on a more


level playing field than we think. I agree with Caroline. If we have


any competition, it probably is Swansea. We will be at Leicester


tomorrow night about the same time. Lots of you got in touch with us


overnight about wind farms. East Lindsey district council says


planning applications it has rejected have been overturned by


central government, with little regard for the local impact. The


Government says the views of local communities should be listened to.


Thank you for your messages on this. It's just days now until the start


of the rugby league World Cup and today school children in Hull got


the chance to find out what the excitement is all about. The players


of Papua New Guinea took assembly at Stockwell Primary and it's a day


no`one will forget. Simon Clark was with them.


If they play as well as they sing, Papua New Guinea could go a long way


in the World Cup. Children from Stockwell Primary were enchanted by


the Kumuls, and responded with an East Hull Haka. It's a day they'll


never forget. It has been incredible, actually. I've always


wanted to meet someone who is very famous. It is been so good to make


them. Awesome. . It has been great. We will never forget this day. We


enjoyed it so much. Business followed for the players on the


training pitch under the watchful eye of coaches Mal Meninga, the


former Australian star and Adrian Lam, once of Wigan, and one other


interested observer. The boys have played really well. I am sure Papa


New Guinea will come out winners on Sunday. Meninga also held a coaching


master class. Well, who wouldn't want to know what made a player who


could do this tick? You have to have a strong work ethic. You have to be


courageous in your decisions. They said they are going to the schools


so it'll be great for the kids that are interested in rugby league. It


might even bring some new youngsters to the game. It's really good. To


come here and have the opportunity to speak to guys of this calibre,


who have been at the very top of the game, it's a great opportunity. The


indications are that upwards of 6000 tickets have been sold already. This


brand`new North stand looks like it has sold out for the game. When Papa


New Guinea take on France on Sunday, the city of Hull is ready.


Good evening to those pupils, who I am sure will be tuned in. What a


treat for you meeting those players. A senior aircraft man from RAF


Coningsby has won the RAF's photograher of the year competition.


Graham Taylor has been with the RAF for four years and only treated


photography as as a hobby before that, but now he's beaten off stiff


competition for the top accolade. He says his photos draw on messages he


wanted to get across about the RAF. It is quite humbling experience I


suppose. I wasn't expecting it. One of my favourite shots was of a


typhoon in the Middle East. I wanted to show it was a 24`hour force. My


other favourite is one of a Spitfire. I wanted to make it look


alive, make it jump out the screen. It just fell into place. Very look


it, really. Well done to Graham. After buying one micro`pig that


turned into an 18`stone beast you'd think Janey Byrne from Lincolnshire


would avoid pet pigs in the future. But instead, she bought another one,


and that's also grown up to be a full`sized pig. Amanda White has


been to meet Janey and her animals. Meet Mica, the 18`stone micro`pig,


whose owner Janey was so unfased by her unexpected size, she bought her


a friend. This is Molly. Come on, girls. Molly is supposed to be a


micro peak as well. And together, the three ladies of


the house enjoy quality together time. We had a pamper session. It


was beautiful. I had a drink of wine. I had the nail varnish out. I


did her nails, hair trotters. I cleaned their ears, moisturise them.


They love it. Then they had a little Massad, and then we lie down


together by the fire. ` ` they had a little Massad. But what about the


man in the house? I wouldn't say it was relaxing. They are not the


quietest of animals. They are always moaning and grunting. Don't be


naughty. With a couple of animals like this, you will never be short


of the talking point. One thing is for certain, these girls are not on


the menu. Bacon is not allowed in the house. The I hate it.


Molly and Mica might not have been spared the nail varnish, but at


least they'll never fear the butcher. Heaven help us. Don't


forget, if you have a story you think we should know about, send me


an e`mail at the usual address. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines: Portuguese Police reopen their investigation


into the disappearance of Madeline McCann five years after they


originally closed it. Hull MP calls for a Government


investigation into high cost phone lines targetting job`seekers.


Big response on the subject of bus lanes. Stephen says, but cameras up


and find every single one who uses them illegally. Jason says, my


belief is the only thing the council is concerned about is hoovering up


more money from the pockets of motorist. When says, motorists are


getting taxed more and more and we are having more road space taken


away for most, I would love one of the councillors to do my commute to


work, it takes ten minutes in a morning, and anywhere between 40


minutes and 90 minutes to get home at night. Thank you for those. We'll


have some more tomorrow night. Enjoy your evening. Good night.


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