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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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power cuts to thousands of homes. Now we can join the news teams where


you are. Good evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight. Passengers are stranded as rail


services are disrupted by the storm that's surged across Britain. They


have set that buses will be laid on but I will believe that when I see


it. Hopefully we will get to King's Cross. There's revolt against


cameras as motorists say new speed restrictions make this road more


dangerous. It was billed as a through road to keep the traffic


flowing. Fans from halfway across the world come to Hull for the Rugby


League World Cup. Is the Strictly bug doing strange things to people


in Grimsby? I will be back later in the programme with your full


forecast for the week ahead. Rail services to and from London


cancelled. Surface water on the roads made driving hazardous and


heavy rain brought the threat of flooding to homes. The storm


disruption wasn't as severe as further South but it was certainly


one Monday morning that many will want to forget. Tonight there's


still no indication of when train services on the East Coast mainline


will be back to normal. But East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire DID


escape the worst of the damage as Simon Spark reports. The storm


battered the South has predicted that the most significant disruption


from the storm here was the knock`on effects to travel. Commuters from


Grantham saw cancellation after cancellation for anyone trying to


head south. Might train has been cancelled. I will be late for work.


I have been told it would be hours before trains get down to London. My


husband is going to give me a lift. In whole, there was expected delay.


They have half said that there will be buses laid on but I will believe


it when I see it. It affected mainline stations including Hull,


Grantham and Peterborough. We have had trains that have failed as they


have travelled down. Many coming from London were stranded. A limited


service did begin again late in the afternoon. In Skegness, those came


as close as it gets to being flooded. It was raining hard and I


kept watching and looking. Then it was coming over there and it was


coming out here and flooding all of this up. I started panicking because


it has been in before. For emergency services staff in Lincoln were they


had a relatively quiet night. We have been prepared for anything.


Fortunately the storm has tracked elsewhere. We may have got off


lightly but it has little been a day of delay and disruption for many


rail travellers. What is the latest picture on the trains? Well Peter we


mentioned there that a limited service has resumed between


Peterborough and Kings Cross but the advise remains not to travel by


train tonight if you can. Long delays are still expected throughout


the evening. They've obviously had a huge amount of work to do to clear


the tracks and repair power lines and while that work was ongoing


scenes like this at York Station, where no trains were arriving or


departing, were typical across the country today The advise again is to


travel tomorrow where tickets from today will still be valid.


The start of a new direct air link to Denmark from Humberside Airport


has tonight become another victim of the storm. The first flight has been


cancelled due to bad weather in Copenhagen. The flights operated by


SAS airlines are being seen as another sign of the growing business


links between Scandinavia and the Humber. Anne Marie Tasker is at the


airport for us tonight, so Anne Marie how significant is this new


service? You can tell from the volume of people here tonight, there


is 100 people on here for the launch. The guest of honour hasn't


arrived. The first plane from Scandinavia, the bad weather has


moved across to Denmark. There are hundreds of flights in the coming


months and the businesses here hope it will build strong links between


the two regions. Danbrit have been operating out of Goole for almost 30


years transporting cargo across the UK and Europe. They know plenty


about Denmark. It's where the company's founder Peter Aarosin is


from. He says these new flights will make it easier to get customers


there. That is where the real difference will be made. We can talk


to our Scandinavian customers and bring them across to the area, we


can show them exactly what we have to offer, with them able to get the


`` get here very easily. And it's hoped it could encourage future


business too. Denmark is a hub for green energy. It's the home of Dong


Energy who are building a huge wind farm off the East Yorkshire coast.


And it's where Siemens build turbines. It's hoped these new


flights will allow stronger links with that industry. It shows that


other organisations are recognising the activity that is going off in


this area for the renewables sector. The Scandinavians are taking us


seriously and what a direct link. SAS will fly in and out of


Humberside Airport five times a week. It gives us great job security


and provides a lot of service industries within the area, another


reason to do business with us and it will drive extra traffic through the


airport and they will look to spend money in the local area. SAS fly


into just six UK airports. Humberside will be the seventh. The


airport hopes it will help business with Scandinavia take off.


It looks like that may be the case. Earlier I spoke to a representative


from Scandinavia Airways and he said they had spent a year researching


this route because companies in Denmark were asking to come to this


region. The people in this room here tonight are certainly hoping they


will come. Hundreds of motorists in Grimsby


have signed a petition calling for average speed cameras only switched


on this month to be scrapped. North East Lincolnshire Council says the


cameras, on the 30 miles per hour Peaks Parkway, increase safety. But


some drivers claim they've made surrounding roads more dangerous,


and say the speed limit should be higher.


Average speed cameras work using automatic number plate recognition.


Some drivers have been inundated with tickets. Jason Davis got three


in as many days and said the road was designed for faster travel. It


is not a high risk road. There is not pedestrians and kids running


around, balls flying across the road. It was built as a through road


to keep the traffic flowing. I don't think that happens now. They work


using recognition. A computer works out if the cars that passed between


`` if the cars passed between the two cameras too quickly. It is a


direct route in and out of Grimsby. There are no footpaths and there are


crash barriers behind the wall. These cameras and force a 30 mile an


hour speed limit. In contrast, this is a residential street. There are


houses, driveways and footpaths. There's even a school in the, the ``


yet this is a 40 mile an hour road. Hundreds of names have now been


added to a petition calling for the cameras to be scrapped and the speed


limit increased as was proposed by North East Lincolnshire Council in a


2009 study. A local Councillor agrees. Today the council says the


cameras have been installed in partnership with Safer Roads Humber


after a number of casualties. If there is an accident and somebody


gets killed, it will be their responsibility. Why because there is


cameras there, is it an issue? It has always been 30 mph. The cameras


are there for a reason to make sure people stick to the speed limits and


to make Peaks Parkway a safe stretch of road. They hope to present the


councillors with their petition by the end of the year.


First, Sean Corker from the Association of British Drivers and


asked him if the drivers in Grimsby had a point? They have a very good


point. It is not right that the everyday actions of people should be


criminalised. Clearly the road limit has been set at an inappropriate


level and now the council are intent in enforcing that. You say you don't


have a problem with enforcement of the speed limit and this is all it


is. I have a problem with the enforcement of the wrong speed limit


which clearly drivers have been saying that this is. It is a main


thoroughfare into Grimsby with very little chance of coming into contact


with other types of road users. A 40 mile an hour limit is probably more


appropriate. The council says they are needed because of a high number


of accidents. This will stop when people can't speed. The council


hasn't said what has caused this will stop when people can't speed.


The council hasn't said what has caused these accidents. This will


stop when people can't speed. The council hasn't said what has caused


this accident is. Normally we find less than 7% of accidents are caused


by exceeding the speed limit. These are exasperated by artificially low


speed limits. So you think this big emitters wrong and should be


higher? If people are breaking this speed limit, the chances are that


the speed limit is wrong. Labelling them as speeders is inappropriate.


They are ordinary people wanting to get to work. They are not `` they


are ordinary people. There are accidents and people are getting


injured. It depends on what is causing those accidents. A lot of


the time, it is not speed that is causing accidents. It has to be


analysed and it is something the council have not been forthcoming


with. His argument is radical. Do you welcome the introduction of the


average speed cameras to keep the roads safe? Do you think they are


right. Should they be increased from 30 to 40. Do you use the Peaks


Parkway? More than ?1 million will be spent


on new street lighting in Hull City Centre to cut council energy costs.


The move from sodium to cheaper, longer`lasting, white LEDs like


these is against a national trend for turning street lights off. The


council says adopting the new technology will also help guard


against crime. Saving money by reducing the electricity by having


more efficient lamps is a more efficient way forward. There is the


added benefit that the lights will produce much better lighting for


CCTV images and the like. The quality of light will be better and


there will be a cheaper cost. Money from the government will be


used to expand a Lincolnshire power station. The company Siemens has won


the contract to extend the site at West Marsh Road in Spalding. It's


hoped it will be up and running by 2018.


A silent movie is to be projected onto the side of the Deep in Hull


this week telling the story of a sculpture made in the city that is


to greet passengers at Heathrow's new terminal. Slipstream will be the


longest permanent structure in Europe when it takes up residence at


the airport. It's been created using precision engineering by a Hull


company. The film telling the story of how it was made will be projected


onto the Deep from Thursday evening for three nights. It's part of


Hull's bid to become a city of culture.


Still ahead tonight: Hull plays host to a bruising Rugby League World Cup


encounter. How the Strictly Bug is doing


strange things to the people of Grimsby.


Keep your photos coming in. This is a photo of Bridlington beach. His


Lordship is on holiday. Every night last week, I heard from the Keeley


Donovan fan club. Every night, you always looked radiant. What are you


after? Look at this. How did you get that?


A journalist doesn't ruin `` reveal his sources.


I will be finding a better picture of you, Peter. We have a mixed bag


of sunny spells and there will be a few blustery showers being blown


through. Many places will avoid them and stay dry. It is Wednesday that


we will see the next area of low pressure sweeping in from the


Atlantique bringing a spell of wet and windy weather. You can see that


storm that tracked across as during the day bringing disruption to parts


of the south`east. We now have winds of up to 80 miles an hour over parts


of Denmark. It will be dry with clear spells tonight and


temperatures will drop back to single fingers `` single figures.


The sun will rise in the morning. Tomorrow morning, we start the day


with one or two showers. As we go through the course of the day, there


will be the risk of showers. It is very hit and miss and many places


will stay dry. There will be some decent spells of sunshine. Tomorrow,


it will be cooler than today. They will be around 10 Celsius. Looking


further ahead, a frosty start of the day on Wednesday and fine for a good


deal of the day. It will cloud over from the West with outbreaks of rain


spreading eastwards. We have wet and windy weather into Thursday. There


could be more cloud around. There was no make`up up a


photograph. That was worrying me. I will be watching my back.


We have seen today how the weather has been making the headlines. Well


although Paul is off this week, he's been investigating how the weather


in the future could really change. On tonight's Inside Out Paul speaks


to scientists about recent research which shows that North Western


Europe, including the UK, could be heading towards a mini Ice Age. I


asked him about the research. What have you found in this


investigation? Solar activity is increasing. The sun is in its


weakest state for over 100 years. It is thought that in the past, during


a period through the 1600s, in the early 1800s, very low solar activity


went hand`in`hand with harsh winters and poor summers. Professor Lockwood


actually told me that the decline in solar activity, the activity on the


sun that is so crucial is falling at a rate not seen in 10,000 years of


records. What would that mean to our winters? It doesn't mean every


winter will be harsh and every summer will be poor, in general,


harsh winters will become more frequent. We will see pictures of


the wind of 62. It was the coldest winter of the last century and it


went on for three months. The implications are quite profound. Are


we talking about soon or is it a long way off? The last seven years,


winters have been getting colder and he thinks we are on a slippery slope


that over the coming decades, we are reverting back to a climate we saw


in the 1600s. Wind turbines are built based on milder and wetter


winters, winters will be lest `` less windy and the transport


infrastructure would become under enormous strain.


And you can read more about Paul's findings in his blog which you can


find at bbc.co.uk/blogs/paulhudson and Paul's full report will be on


Inside Out on BBC One at 7.30 this evening. 7,500 rugby league fans


from Hull and beyond descended on Craven Park for the city's debut as


a host city for the Rugby League World Cup. They were entertained by


a close fought match between Papua New Guinea and France. Our sports


reporter Simon Clark was there. They like their rugby in these parts


and they showed up in great numbers. Some from near and far. We


really excited. That is why we have the trip from London. We are


supporting the team. Great to see a decent sports match bonus time. They


were treated by the French. Later on, by the team most in the ground


were back. Papua New Guinea. Two dynamic tries put them ahead. This


outstanding cake from the French put them back in front. Papua New Guinea


dreams were blown away by this missed penalty. We knew it was going


to be a tough game but that will make us even hungrier for next week.


It is like playing against trees. You get one and then another one


comes at you. I think we deserved the game. It is a great opportunity


to see a World Cup match here. It is a good facility and very well


organised. It is a pity they missed that last one. It was really good


and I am coming to the other game as well. Officials from Rugby league


World Cup 2013 should be delighted with the crowd of 17000 and will be


hoping from similar numbers when Papa New Guinea back to play Samoa.


It will be well worth watching. Fans groups from Hull City will meet


owner Assem Allam on Friday to express their dissatisfaction with a


potential name change to Hull Tigers. On the pitch the side went


down to a disputed penalty in the Premier League against Tottenham


Hotspur. Roberto Solado scored it and game finished 1`0. A second half


goal from Sam Winnall against Hartlepool United kept up Scunthorpe


United's chances of fighting for promotion this season. Tomorrow the


Iron face the short trip to York City.


Football fans in Lincolnshire have got a dream tie in the first round


of the FA Cup. Non`league Grimsby Town have a chance to be giant


killers against their League Two neighbours Scunthorpe United. And


Lincoln City will play Plymouth Argyle if they can beat Worcester in


a replay tomorrow at Sincil Bank. Every Saturday night on BBC One,


Grimsby has been on the Mac national spotlight on strictly come dancing.


9 million viewers have been following the progress of Kevin


Clifton and his celebrity partner, Susannah Reid. Has Grimsby caught


the Strictly Come Dancing bug? Now for our next couple. Susannah Reid


and Kevin, from Grimsby. Doing Grimsby proud again. Doing the


American smooth saw them into the next round. One words, gorgeous. It


is different from Kevin's hometown. Sometimes it can feel like Grimsby


is a long way from the ballroom but I am here to find out if any of


that's showbiz magic is rubbing off on the town. `` that showbiz magic.


I do try to bust some moves. Grimsby and Cleethorpes, it doesn't get


mentioned that often. It has always been related to fish and the


football. It makes a change for somebody flying the flag for


Grimsby. Even the players picked up some tips with this tango on the


touchline. 's John Pearson scored and they got into the spirit of


Strictly Come Dancing. How would they rate their parents on Strictly


Come Dancing so far? Kevin had time to pop home last week. I am going to


take you to my dance studio where I started training. Let's go. That


dancing mood has spread. He is brilliant. He is a credit to


Grimsby. We don't get much credit at Grimsby. I have seen one or two


people who have been following it. I know it has been quite good for 12


of the dance academies in the area. What about the ladies? While there


are no season `` signs of sequin and lycra here, there is plenty of


pride. Grimsby celebrating the success of Kevin and Strictly Come


Dancing that will continue. Their next dance is on Saturday night.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


90 mile an hour winds felled trees and cause chaos in southern


England. Four people have known to have died. Commuters from east


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire struggle to get in and out of the capital as


trains cancelled across the network. The forecast for tomorrow, sunny


with blustery showers. Feeling cooler with temperatures around 11


Celsius. We were talking about motorists


views on the speed cameras. The average speed cameras on the Peaks


Parkway. Kevin says if drivers can't stride at the speed limits, they


deserve to be fined. Alan has known this road, I conclude the new speed


cameras are about revenue raising. Stewart says it is nothing more than


a moneymaking exercise. There is a seven foot wall all along that road


and moved footpath. Which `` people should not be walking down there.


Neil says, I welcome the average speed cameras. While 30 maybe too


slow and 40 may be more appropriate. The obvious benefits is stopping


idiots speeding from one set of lights to the other. A big response


on this story. Thank you for watching. Have a nice evening.


Goodbye. This is Malcolm, who owns Iceland.


He's the one that's going to present us with


the ten grand. When we win it. You've just got to make it


as bearable Here we are in the PR nerve centre


of Iceland at the end of 96 hours


of total hell. But we haven't tested


for dog or cat either. Is this the warmest supermarket




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