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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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weekend. That's all from us. Now the news


where you are. Good evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight: a dark day for the steel town as more than


300 job losses are announced. As a result of the recession, the demand


has been reduced. I am live in Scunthorpe with reaction. It is


going to be a ghost town. There is nothing in Scunthorpe any more.


Rocketing fuel bills force a well`known sports club to the brink


of closure. Calls for more state schools to


provide boarding places for pupils. Preserving Royal palaces for the


future, the Lincolnshire woman who says she's got the best job in


history. And join me for the weather.


Good evening. 340 jobs are under threat at Scunthorpe's goes private


employer. Tata Steel say they are having to make job losses because


they are not selling of steel to the construction industry. The company


has been successful in bringing in big orders in recent months, but


lost more than ?800 million last year. How much of the shop is


today's news? Many outside observers will be


shocked. It comes at a time when we are told that they UK manufacturing


sector is improving. Tata Steel have also announced new orders. Speaking


to staff today, it is clear that this announcement did not come out


of the blue. Not for the fasting, workers arrived


at the plant to your grim news. It is sort of expected. Something had


to be done. We have a great workforce here. Tata Steel blamed


weak demand. Union leaders say they are seeking an urgent meeting with


the company to look at possible alternatives to job losses. We will


not accept compulsory redundancies. We believe there will be a process


that will follow, that ensures nobody leaves the Scunthorpe 's


steelworks that does not want to. Just last week, a Labour MP visited


the plant. In August it was announced that the steelworks were


one of 60,000 `` won a 60,000 pounds order from Saudi Arabia. In


September last year, Tata Steel won a contract for the French high`speed


railway. In the 2011, 1200 jobs were lost at the site. We are in


difficult times. That means a company like Tata Steel will be


shaping its business into the future. The record numbers of


apprenticeships take on `` taken on. But we can also have difficult


news alongside that. If you take just the construction sector, which


is the market we supply into, it is reduced by 50% since the date in


2007. We do not see that the covering 14 years. Today's news is


an example of how the global economy has cast a dark shadow over the


workforce. We are told the majority of job losses will affect management


and administration roles. That is one controversial aspect. That is


that Tata Steel say the decision was largely based on EU environmental


regulations. Tata Steel claims it has had a huge impact both here and


in Europe. Expect a fierce debate on this to come. Some politicians are


claiming that green taxes have killed jobs here in Scunthorpe and


elsewhere. Thank you. Earlier I spoke to Jon Bolton from Tata Steel


and asked him why Scunthorpe was losing jobs. We have announced a


proposal to reduce our headcount by about 500. We will have to consult


with trade unions. 340 of those are associated with Scunthorpe. The


chance losses we have turned a corner. I thought things were


getting better. Are you being premature? Now. We acknowledge


things are getting better. But this is restructuring. If you look at the


markets we supply into, particularly the market `` construction market,


it is in a poorer state. We see some recovery but we will not too tongue


to the previous levels until the end of the decade. These jobs, can you


guarantee that you will be able to avoid compulsory job losses? We can


never guarantee the avoidance of compulsory job losses. But we have a


very good track record to avoid them as much as possible. During the last


restructuring, were the work of job losses, double no compulsory


redundancies. But it becomes more and more difficult. It is difficult


for people to understand. You have orders from abroad. An order from


Network Rail. Why are you making such big losses when you have orders


like that? It was really positive news for this business. We have


invested heavily in many sectors. We are a global force. However if you


add up the volume of real that we supply, it is about half a million


tonnes. The steel plant your produces 3.2 million. We have got to


make sure that all that volume is a viable product. People in Scunthorpe


have seen a job score on a regular basis. If you able to look them in


the eye and tell them that Tata Steel is committed to the town?


Absolutely. That is an important message. We are not taking out any


capacity or capability. This is about making us more competitive.


Thank you. The steelworks have been at the heart of the community for


more than a century. People living here have always followed the


fortunes of the industry. Today's News has prompted more feels about


the economic future of the town. These schoolchildren could be


hearing bad news at home. Many families are the affected by what


has happened here. My husband works there. We are friends there. It is


not good news. Especially at this time of year. Scunthorpe and


steelworks have gone together naturally. Despite today's


announcement, production is not in jeopardy. But people are downbeat.


Not everybody is going to stay in work. My brother`in`law works there.


He is wondering when he will lose his job. It is going to be very


difficult. This evening, an empty town centre has prompted calls for


Scunthorpe to diversify its job market into other industries. I


think we will get a new look completely. It needs to happen


sooner rather than later. The council will do everything in its


power to help those affected. The town is asking what next. They are


hoping will be jobs out there to ensure the committee does not


struggle for employment. If you are affected by this


announcement then we want to hear from you.


The Chief Executive of North Lincolnshire Council has apologised


to the families of 200 children with special needs after the council lost


a memory stick containing the children's personal details. The


data stick contained the names, addresses and health conditions. The


Information Commissioner has fined the Council ?80,000 for the beach.


A teenager arrested in Lincoln after a 14`year`old boy was severely


burned by a bonfire will police action. The 15`year`old was detained


nine days ago. The 20 17th UK City of Culture will


be announced on Wednesday the 20th of November. The government


confirmed the date this morning. Hull is competing for the title


against Leicester, Swansea and Dundee.


It has inspired a generation of sports men and women but now Hull's


Hull Young People Institute could be forced to close because of rising


energy costs. The YPI has been in the city since the 1800s but it's


sound is now up for sale. Pity by others and found the Sidekick was in


a matter of months. Looking after sports claims can be


expensive. Here at the Hull Young People Institute, spiralling energy


bills mean this large site is now up for sale. The running costs of gas,


electricity and especially the water have gone way of the scale. If no


investor comes through then we will close. Founded in 1860, the charity


has a long tradition of encouraging sporting talent. Today, this site is


home to a range of clubs, from cricket, two balls and tennis. It is


used as a training ground by Super League side Hull FC. But its


buildings are outdated and its future is at risk. We have got 56


rugby teams using it every single day. It is massively important ``


five or six. The health of our sports clubs is a growing concern.


Research shows that in the UK be spent 38% more on water rates in


2012 computer the year before. Ten more percent on your chesty and 20%


more on business rates. It would be a great shame if these linchpins of


our community had to close. The government and local authorities


must recognise that and do everything possible to keep the


clubs and business. Sometimes the funding that is available as an


enough to relieve financial pressures. On the back of clubs


already struggling, this is a mountain for them to claim. A


condition of the sale is that it would remain as a sports ground.


Additional buyer is found it could close for good.


Coming up. Would you be prepared to spend ?12,000 a year to send your


child to state school. And behind`the`scenes of the Palace of


the past. We get access to one of the country's most ancient


buildings. Don't forget, you can send in your


pictures. Here are some indecent. `` Soma this. `` Soma geese. Our


director has made them move. Here is the weather forecast.


Tomorrow, we are looking at a fine start to the day. There will be some


strong winds. That is because of this cold front. Before then, we


will have some fine weather, but the breeze were picked up. We have had


some showers pushing through the day. You can see them on the


satellite picture. It is a largely dry story and the temperatures are


starting to fall. There is the risk of some rain, but for most places we


are looking at a dry weather. Overnight, the breeze will calm


down, and there will be some mist and fog. The temperatures will be in


single figures. It might mean that out in the countryside there will be


some ground frost. The sun will rise in the morning before seven o'clock.


It was set later in the evening. Here are the tides. Tomorrow, one of


those lovely autumnal mornings. It will be cold and clear. The lots of


sunshine. In the early part of the afternoon there was be sunshine, but


during the afternoon it will cloud over so that by tomorrow evening


there will be some rain. Temperatures will be a bit higher


than today, getting to 11 or 12 degrees. 11 is 52 Fahrenheit. On


Thursday, there will be two weather systems. There will be high pressure


bringing more settled conditions on Friday, and then it will be more


autumnal on Saturday. We had lots of responses to the pictures yesterday.


Parents should be prepared up to ?12,000 a year if they want to give


their children a good education. That is the view of one senior head


teacher. Ray McGovern says that more state schools should be asking ``


offering boarding places in order to as `` cut travel time. State`run


boarding schools have free tuition, but accommodation has to be paid


for. First, our reporter has been to a state boarding school in


Lincolnshire. A break from lessons for Lee and


Leo. They are boarders and say that living near the classroom helps them


academically and socially. The best thing is the friendship


that you can make in the boarding house.


It has made me become more knowledgeable. I know how to deal


with social situations. It has hot meat there. It has helped my


confidence. `` it has boosted my confidence.


It costs a lot to stay here, but the education is free. If you contrast


that with a private school, the financial advantages are clear.


So does the headteacher believe that more state schools should offer


boarding places? If schools feel that commitment to


boarding, it will be a great addition. But they have to have the


staffing and the expertise and the determination, because the skills


required are diverse. According to the Independent Schools


Council there were 479 boarding schools in the UK. Only 37 are state


schools. We as parents if they would consider a boarding school.


No, we like to spend time with our children. We like to keep our


children at home to look after. The parents would get a break during


the week and the children would have more of a social life.


Would you let go to a boarding school? No.


There is a number of problems with the boarding situation and that is


because the parents have to pay. We think that there should be a school


that every child can access. But with many children travelling


long distances, having more that offer boarding may even persuade


parents not to make costly moves to be near them.


It is interesting. I spoke to Ray McGovern, the chairman of the


Boarding Schools' Association, and I asked him how he expected parents to


pay the ?12,000 a year needed for a state boarding school. For some


parents, it would be out of reach, but for other parents, they would


have saved from Wendy child was born to make an investment into their


education. So it would be an investment.


But boarding schools are still elitist?


That might be a popular view, but the schools that I have seen have


been very diverse. They cover every type of social spectrum.


If you run a business and you get home late, some people would say


that these are all your childcare issues at a cheap cost?


Well, then that is a win win situation for families.


Some people think it is cruelty to stand there children away. Is that


the demands? Some people might feel that a


boarding school is not appropriate for them, and that is fine. But for


many young people, they have made the decisions about where they want


to go to school, whether they want to go to a boarding school. We


listen to that before we admit them into the school.


The average parent will not be able to afford to ?12,000, and, they can


buy a car and take the children to school?


That is a limited view. It does not take into account the amount of time


he would spend in that car when you could be out using the swimming pool


where playing football. Much more interactive for them to be involved


with the peers at school. Thank you.


There aren't many of these schools around the country. State boarding


schools. Good idea? Would you pay ?12,000 for your child to live at


school withs give us your thoughts. Here is the number. The e`mail


address as well. Yorkshire has been voted one of the


best places in the world to visit next year. It came third in a list


of the top ten world regions for 2014, compiled by the travel guide


company Lonely Planet. The guide calls it a welcoming region of


rugged merlins, Heritage homes and cosy pubs.


The Scunthorpe United manager Brian Laws says they can't afford to take


York City lightly tonight, as his side aims to go joint top in League


Two. There's full commentary on BBC Radio Humberside. Sportstalk is on


the air now Radio Lincolnshire has commentary of Lincoln City's FA Cup


replay against Worcester. The game kicks off at 7:45pm.


The royal palaces like the Tower of London and Hampton Court are among


the most important historic buildings in the country, and their


chief curator is a historian from Lincolnshire. Tracy Borman, who's


from Scothern, began her love of history at school in Lincoln. Now


it's her job to preserve and promote the palaces and research the lives


of those who lived there. Jo Makel's been to meet her.


The beauty and grandeur of Hampton Court Palace attracts visitors from


all over the world. But we are getting to see behind`the`scenes of


this historic Royal palaces. Chief curator Tracy Berman brought me to


the collection store, and Aladdin's cave full of historic artefacts.


This is one of my favourite artefacts. It would have been found


in the kitchens in Tudor times. It was a massive court, so the cooks


would have been very well and many of them would have cooked make it.


`` make it. It is Tracey's job to work in the


court. Only in the area where the royal family does not live. Her love


of history began in Lincoln. It was Mrs Jones who was my history


teacher. She completely inspired me. She transformed the way I


thought about history. She said it was all about people and stories. It


is not a dry facts, that is part of it, but it is about human


motivations. Tracy went on to study and teach at


Hull University. Generating the royal palaces and revealing the


lives of the monarchs who shaped them she says is her dream job.


This was built by King William III. It was his party house.


Maintaining the courts was a hugely expensive.


The role is one that she shares with Doctor Lucy, who presents


documentaries on television. It was a stage where the future of


the monarchy was played out. Tracy's is also using television,


magazines and her own books to make history enjoyable to a wider


audience. History has two compete with reality TV shows, overnight


celebrity. It is good to make an appeal, as


long as we don't have it `` done it down to much. It is important to


make an impact. So, and interest inspired in our


area has led Tracy to one of the best jobs in history.


We will have a recount of the main headlines.


Buses from the big energy companies face MP's questions. Tata Steel


talk about the job is to be lost at their plant.


If the weather, it would be a dry morning, then a better afternoon.


The temperatures will be 12 Celsius. Here is our main story. The 340 jobs


at threats at Tata Steel in Scunthorpe. Our reporter is at the


factory. What will happen now? The consultation process begins between


management and the unions. The company said that it hopes to


avoid compulsory redundancies as it has with recent job loss


announcements here. Lincolnshire Council has set up a task force for


workers who are affected. Many people have predicted the demise of


this place in the past. Tata Steel says it is still committed to steel


making in the town. Scunthorpe is still a steel`making town, it is


still resilient. I will some of the messages. One man


says he is one of the people due to have redundancy. It is the second


time it has happened to me at Tata Steel. Will it end?


Another man says it is another example of foreign companies taking


over the firm and then closing it down.


A man said that there was a large rail contract landed. Patricia asks


why we are importing steel? The government needs to help the


industry and restrict imports. Join us tomorrow. Goodbye.


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