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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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That is all from the BBC's news at six, so it is goodbye from me, and


on BBC six, so it is goodbye from me, and


on BBC One we can join the BBC's Good evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight: Campaigners meet to tell planners


that they don't want a new wind farm in Lincolnshire.


We'll be live at the meeting in Hemswell Cliff.


An unreserved apology after a patient dies from an allergic


reaction to penicillin at Lincoln County Hospital.


Government ministers are invited to the East Yorkshire coast to see the


effect of erosion on people there. Remembrance art ` Beverley Minster


is filled with 10,000 poppies. The barista from Bridlington


bringing a new taste to the town. There is wet and windy weather on


the way. I will be here with the details.


"An issue of national importance" ` that's the view of one senior


Conservative MP opposing the latest plans for a wind farm in


Lincolnshire. The Hemswell Cliff development is being considered by


planners tonight and Gainsborough MP Edward Leigh says it will ruin the


local landscape. Almost 100 people attended a public meeting earlier to


voice their opinions. Jake Zuckerman was there. Supporters and opponents


of the wind farm plans gather to have their say. My twilight years


will be ruined by this development. I cannot see will do me the area any


good whatsoever. I am actually hopping mad. I wanted to come here


today to see a balanced debate, so that the decision will be made on


local feeling and professional input. District councillors are


being urged to reject the scheme. It is on the basis that it affects the


setting of a grade one listed building. It is here that they want


to build ten turbines. If they are constructed, they will look


something like this. In a statement, the company said:


residents are up in arms, and at the meeting today local MP Edward Leigh


spoke. I think it will ruin the view. I think it is an issue of


national importance. In Lincolnshire, there are already more


than 100 turbines operating, and in the south of the county. More than


30 are under construction, and a further 37 have been approved by


planners. These include one wind farm which will be the largest in


the country. Councillors have heard closing arguments and will return


this evening to deliberate and come to a final decision whether to


approve or reject the scene. Whatever they decide, it may not be


the end of the story. The developer was still have the option to appeal


any decision. That could lead to a public enquiry.


Joining me now is John Lincoln from the group Alliance For Wind, who has


been attending today's meetings about the Hemswell Cliff wind farm.


The leader of Lincolnshire county council has said enough is enough.


Why do, ` ` why do companies keep submitting plans for wind turbines


when they are clearly not wanted? Those opposed to them are in a


minority. The silent majority are saying yes. Locals are saying they


think they spot the landscape and spoiled the natural beauty. ` `


spoil the landscape. Letters of support have gone


through. The impression we have got is people want wind farms and green


jobs. At the moment, wind is generating between one and 5% of UK


energy. We would need many more turbines to change that. Due welcome


more and more applications? Absolutely. We have taken 17% in the


last month from wind power alone. There are 100 turbines in


Lincolnshire at the moment. Is that enough for the council? I think we


should support a absolutely. Onshore and offshore. It will reduce carbon.


Good to talk to you. What do you think about this story


tonight? Has Lincolnshire already got too many wind farms or do we


just have to accept the turbines as an inevitable and essential part of


our landscape? Let me know your thoughts.


In a moment: Money well`spent? How new street lights could save


millions of pounds for our local councils.


Two men are being treated in hospital after an accident at the


Conoco Phillips oil refinery in North Lincolnshire. The owners of


the Humber Refinery at South Killingholme say the men were hurt


following a steam leak on the site this morning. They're both being


treated at the burns unit at Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield.


An investigation is under way into the death of a man from Lincolnshire


who was hit by an ambulance in Northumberland. The incident


happened on the A1 near Haggerston early yesterday evening. The


ambulance from the North East Service was transporting a non


emergency patient when the collision happened. The man, who's said to be


in his 50s and from the Mablethorpe area, died at the scene.


A hospital trust has apologised unreservedly after a woman died in a


Lincolnshire hospital because she was given a drug she was allergic


to. 61`year`old Susan Hammond had a severe reaction to penicillin, even


though her medical records and her medical alert bracelet said she


shouldn't have the medication. A coroner's inquest has been held in


Lincoln today. Sarah, what did the coroner have to say?


Well, he said this was a very tragic case. Susan Hammond was admitted to


Lincoln County Hospital with a suspected lung infection in July


2009. The doctor treating her told the inquest she knew about the


allergy but prescribed an anti`biotic containing penisillin


because there was no record of how serious her reaction could be. Then


the nurse who gave Mrs Hammond the medication failed to check her notes


or look at the red allergy alert bracelet she was wearing. Today, the


coroner said there had been serious errors in judgement and urged Mrs


Hammond's family to try and draw a line under case. How can you draw a


line when it is your mum and she has been taken from you? Anybody else


would be in prison. Why is it different for Doctor? Why? She knew


what she was doing, she knew. What has been the reaction from the


hospital trust? The United Lincolnshire Hospitals


Trust has appologised. It says "Following detailed investigations


the Trust has accepted that the treatment provided was


unsatisfactory." The coroner's asked them to look at introducing


different coloured charts for people with severe allergies. The police


have decided there's no criminal case to answer here and all the


staff concerned are still working. Mrs Hammond's family say they are


devastated that that's the case and they are considering taking their


own civil legal action. Thank you, Sarah. ?? new line East Riding of


Yorkshire Council say they will work hard to persuade a Government


Minister to visit Skipsea to witness the problems caused by coastal


erosion. The area has the fastest eroding coastline in Europe. 20


homes on Green Lane are now worryingly close to the edge. Today,


residents attended a meeting to learn of help available to them.


Linsey Smith has more. Desperate not to loose their homes


to the sea. Residents of Green Lane attended today's meeting hoping for


help to save their properties, rather than grants to demolish them


and move out. We were not permitted to attend the meeting today. Now


coastal erosion is eating away at more of the area. We want him to


visit to see what the coastal erosion is for local Green Lane is


considered High Risk. Residents. One property has recently been


demolished. For others, time is ticking. Something residents


reflected on after today's meeting. Absolute waste of time. They will


not these properties down. There doesn't seem to be anybody who is


interested in our plight. An English man's home is his castle. Residents


have been told they will not be given permission to build their own


sea defences, and if they ignore this advice any defences will be


removed. But some local caravan parks have erected defences without


permission ` the council say they will not be removed. It leaves


residents feeling an unfairness ` that they are not only fighting the


powers of the sea, but the authorities. That is a story we have


followed closely over the years and we will continue to do so.


A study looking at the economic impact of this year's Freedom


Festival in Hull says the event generated ?2 million for the city.


The festival attracted 80,000 people over three days in September with


some attractions like The Deep benefitting from extra visitors.


Still ahead tonight: The calm before the storm ` Luke Campbell meets his


opponent before Saturday's big fight.


Forget fish and chips ` Bridlington's barista is bringing a


new taste to the town. Red Arrows at 2pm this afternoon


taken by Katie Sutton. Leila Howden spotted this in Hull City Centre.


As somebody at the council will be watching like this. I wonder who did


that. Spelling is not my strong point.


There is some wet and windy weather on the cards. It should Brighton


tomorrow. A few blustery showers. A lot of uncertainty about timings but


there will be heavy rain at times. Nothing like what happened in the


South on Monday. Just typically autumn weather. Quite a pleasant


day. In the last couple of hours we have not seen a little patchy rain.


Quite a gusty wind. Some clear spell spreading from the North. They could


be a bit of patchy mist and fog in places. Temperatures could in the


countryside get down to four or five degrees. So it should is to the day.


` ` so a chilly start to the day. A fresh start to the day, especially


in the north. It doesn't look like to buy the day. They will be some


bright spells. Bright and breezy with occasional showers. Some parts


will stay dry. The breeze, fresh from the South West. An unsettled


theme. It looks like the heavy rain will come through on Friday. Is


changeable. I sound a bit like Paul. Whenever I see you, I am nervous


because I never know what is around the corner.


It's costing millions of pounds of taxpayers' money, but councils


across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire say new street lighting


will save money in the long run and ensure that neighbourhoods are


safer. The new LED lighting is cheaper to run, appears brighter,


and lasts longer, saving running and maintenance costs long term. Crispin


Rolfe has been looking at the effects of switching over.


Dark days, and darker nights. Rising energy costs and council cuts have


made light a burning issue ` on our roads and by our homes. But as


authorities elsewhere switch off, our councils are turning to this `


LED lights, and an experiment at Brigg in North Lincolnshire.


Neighbours here have their own energy worries, but they've welcomed


the cheaper lights being trialled on their estate. It is a lot clearer


out and about on the street. The others, you were getting a yellow,


hazy glow which was not that good. It is safe to walk up and down the


street. If you have two go unanswered the door, it is an


improvement. We think his is the right way to go, to phase LEDs in.


We will keep the lights on. So at a time of council cuts, why


switch from orange to white light? Well, LEDs use significantly less


electricity, and because the bulbs last 20 years rather than six,


maintenance costs will also come down, plus it's claimed they're


safer for drivers. This is normally, in traditional street lighting, it


was a very yellow light which interferes with the perception. With


a white light, you get a very good clarity, the clear contrast and


better colour definition. But switching doesn't come cheap.


Hull's borrowing ?1.2 million for city centre LEDs, but that will save


?96,000 in running costs each year. The East Riding will spend ?4


million changing half its lamps, saving ?316,000 annually. And in


North East Lincolnshire, ?8.2 million will see almost all the


lights changed by 2015 ` saving the council ?22,000 per year.


Lincolnshire's already introduced 3,000 LEDs and will phase in more,


but all this doesn't necessarily mean the future's bright. Councils


can still dim LEDs to save even more money, though they say they'll


consult first. The alliance, it means there are more chances people


might try and break into houses. Greater safety, cheaper cost. That


is why they are finding the money for LEDs in darkened economic times.


And you might want to let me know what you think about the switch over


to LED street lighting. If you've got it where you live, what's your


experience of it? If you're going to get it ` how do you feel about that?


Yesterday we told you about calls by a senior headteacher for more state


schools to offer boarding places to pupils in rural areas like East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. State run boarding schools have free


tuition, but accommodation has to be paid for. Ray McGovern said parents


should be prepared to pay up to ?12,000 a year if they wanted to


give their children a good education.


Lots of people got in touch with us on this one.


Thank you for all of those. In football, Scunthorpe United


missed out on the chance of moving into the top three in League Two


last night. The Iron conceded four goals during the first half and


eventually lost 4`1 against York. Lincoln City got through to the


First Round of the FA Cup after beating Worcester 3`0. They'll now


play Plymouth on the ninth November. BBC Radio Humberside will have full


match commentary of Hull City's Capital One Cup tie at Tottenham


tonight. The Tigers can make it to the quarter finals for the first


time ever. The build`up has already started on Sports Talk.


Olympic gold`medal winning boxer Luke Campbell says he's hoping for a


long contest when he fights in his home city of Hull this weekend. Luke


faces Lee Connolly in his third professional fight on Saturday


night. He won his first two matches in one round, but says this time he


wants more time to show people what he's capable of in the ring. In my


fight, I usually get better each round. I want the fans to see more


what I can do. I think this is that fact where you will see a lot more


what I can do. It will be a tough fight, and I will be ready for it.


An art installation has been created with 10,000 poppies in Beverley


Minster. The poppy trench symbolises the men lost in battle and those


buried where they fell. Amanda White has taken a look. 10,000 poppies lie


here. That is one each for money half of the British troops killed on


the first day of the Battle of the Somme. Artist Martin Waters hopes


this trench describes the empathy people feel for those lost in


conflict. Trench is about the idea of the trenches, obviously. It is


also about mass graves. I like the simplicity of it. If you can say in


a simple way, you don't need a lot of other things. That was in 1945.


Alongside the poppies, Deraa images. There are photographs of battle


sites from all over the world. Somebody has left a piece of


concrete there. The old war memorials were Illtyd lest we


forget. This temporary installation is a reminder of past sacrifices. If


you want to see the poppies, they will be there until McCumber the


25th. A similar tribute is being created in the Holy Trinity Church


in Hull. ` ` they will be there until November 25.


A barista from Bridlington's latte has been crowned the best in the


country. 21`year`old Oakley Wheelwright runs Crema Espresso in


the town. He's beaten competition from the UK's major cities to win


the title ` putting Bridlington firmly on the map for those who


enjoy a more sophisticated hot beverage. Tolu Adeoye reports.


Bridlington. Fresh sea air, popular beaches, fish and chips ` just three


things you might associate with the town. And now it's home to the UK's


best latte. Oakley Wheelwright's beaten 200 others to win what the


Beverage Standards Association has called the Michelin star of the hot


drinks industry. Ecstatic. It was a real sense of achievement. It is


great that the best drinks were all outside of London.


Judges came to taste his drinks unannounced. His espresso bar is on


the same site as his mum's cafe. We have always been in catering as a


family business. We ran a mobile catering unit and we had a big


coffee machine. He just became so practised at making coffee, he has


become a coffee geek. Being a coffee geek has paid off.


Oakley's bar is one of just ten places across the country to hold


the top billed five cup rating. So what does it take to make a good


latte? You need to start with brilliant coffee is. You need good


equipment. That is a must. You need to have the know`how and skills. I


like the flavour. He just made a really nice coffee. I have tried


quite a lot, but I really think this is the best I have had. It is great


we have got something that is the best.


Next for Oakley, the National Barista Championships. For that he's


got to come up with a signature coffee. The recipe will be kept top


secret, but customers here in Brid will be first to get a taste.


Wonderful success story for Bridlington. The championships start


in April next year. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. The prosecution opens its case in the


phone hacking trial ` Rebecca Brooks and Andy Coulson are accused of


conspiring to intercept voicemails. A senior Conservative MP says the


the latest plans for a wind farm in Lincolnshire are "of national


importance" as 100 people voice their opinions at a public meeting.


Back to our top story, the meeting taking place to decide whether to


give the go`ahead to the Hemswell Cliff development. Jake Zuckerman is


at the meeting at the moment. If councillors reject the application,


will that be the end of it? Unfortunately, for the people who


have turned up, the issue is still far from over. Any decision can be


appealed by the company. It will go to the planning Inspectorate who


will prepare a report. That is likely to land on the desk of Eric


pickles. The concern is that even if it goes that far, it might be


overturned on appeal. Thank you. Just reading some of the


response on the subject to wind farms generally. Caroline in Grimsby


says, I think these people should take note we are running out of


energy, and at least wind turbines do not hurt the environment. Bill


says, whenever a wind farm supporter attempts to convince sceptics, ask


them how far their house is from the nearest multi`turbine wind farm. Roy


says, wind is free, use it. Richard says, wind power is in inefficient


and expensive, nuclear power is the only answer. Chris says, I have just


come back from Belgium and Germany, and wind farms have spoilt some


glorious scenery and countryside. Thank you for watching. Join me for


the radio tomorrow. Have a nice evening. See you tomorrow. Good


night. Everyday normal things that everybody


does is where I use my energy. I haven't got an extravagant


lifestyle, I've not got a hot tub outside or


something like that. In essence, it is


a choice between heating or eating. We will still eat


and we will still have heating


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