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the News of the World. That's all from the News at Six.


We can now joined the Good evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight: The number of parents being fined for


school absences has trebled since last year.


She had to have ten days. They refused it, and we got fined ?120.


You can't stub it out but businesses are asking e`cigarette users to turn


it off altogether. I am live at the Deep, which will be


used as the backdrop for a film premiere. I will be back with your


forecast. Parents are defying a Government


clamp`down and still taking children on holiday during term time. And


hundreds more are being fined because of it. Every council area in


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire has at least doubled the number of fines


handed out since they were ordered to get tough on absence. The


Government says missing school seriously damages childrens' chances


in exams. But some parents say the fines are nothing compared to the


big holiday discounts they're getting. Sarah Corker reports.


A family holiday in the sun. Parents can make big savings by taking


children away when they should be in the classroom. Swapping school for


the Costas. Sophie had so much fun on that one. The Robinsons say the


only way they afford a break is to go in term time. Something they got


fined for. You look at playing the school ?120, and that is nothing


compared to paying up to ?800 more to go to the same place at a later


date. Being of at this age, I do not think But the Government's taking a


tougher stance. Will make any difference. New rules mean head


teachers can now only give permission in exceptional


circumstances. It is the difference we see attendance has on achievement


in schools. Every day you have out`of`school is making a huge


difference. I think it is too big a risk to take. A number of parents


fined for taking children out of school has more than trebled in East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. In Hull, there has been the biggest


increase. 71 penalty notices were issued last year by Hull city


council. That has jumped up this year to 241. One travel agent told


me parents are simply ignoring the rules. Are the fine is working as a


deterrent? No. I did not think they would. I think they would have to


become a very big before it started to have an impact. It would probably


need to be something like ?150 per child per week. I think that would


stop families being able to travel. More than 100,000 people have signed


a petition for the rules to be relaxed. Others today support the


fines. School is more important than taking them for one holiday. It


won't stop parents taking their children out. I would rather pay a


fine then pay more for expensive holiday. The Government says too


much time off affects grades. Planning their next break, the


Robinsons say they'll pay another fine to make sure they get an


affordable faimily holiday. Parent Craig Langman is calling for the


Government to reverse its zero tolerence approach to term time


holidays. This week he handed a petition to the Department of


Education with 126,000 signatures. I asked him why he thinks a cheap


holiday is more important than being in class. I believe passionately


that a child's education is number one. I am not advocating we should


be taking our kids out of school whenever we feel like it. That is


not the reason behind this campaign. It is to bring common sense back


into the education system. The Department of Education said


children lose out on valuable time and wait time catching up. They are


right. Not .5% of time off is for children being taken now for


holidays. I Usain gone on holiday can be educational? Absolutely, yes.


What, sitting in Benidorm in the sunshine is educational? No. In my


circumstance, I took my son to Rome. We went to the Colosseum, Vatican


City. He was interested because of various trips we have done. Do you


think finding is wrong? A lot of parents I have spoken to say even


with the fine, it is still cheaper to have a holiday during term time.


Absolutely. That is why it is a joke. For people who can afford to


pay the fine, it is not an issue, and they are generally the one


saying, forget the fine, put your child in school. We're talking about


normal, working`class, hard`working people, people who cannot afford to


go on holiday when the holiday companies are trying to rip us off.


When common sense back into education. Allow parents to have a


say. I don't send my child to an institution. Thank you.


Should parents be allowed some lee`way by schools if they want to


go on holiday in term time? Are fines fair?


In a moment: the referee has crossed a point.


Charged for criticising a referee, but what message is Bruces'


behaviour sending to grassroots football?


Horse meat has been found in tinned beef at a shop in Lincolnshire.


Routine testing was being carried out on slices of beef in gravy from


Home Bargains in Grantham when the horse DNA was discovered. Jessica


Lane is in the Lincoln studio newsroom. Jessica, should people be


concerned about this? NO SOUND.


I've spoken to Lincolnshire Trading Standards, who found the horse meat.


SILENCE. A murder investigation has been


launched after a man died in Lincoln Prison. Alan Goode, who was 73, was


found in his cell at quarter to six this morning. He was serving a


nine`month sentence for voyeurism. A 35`year`old inmate has been arrested


in connection with the incident and is helping police with their


enquiries. Police have named the woman found


after a fire in Grimsby. The body of 53`year`old Nicola Heaton was


discovered in the house on Westward Ho after the fire was put out. A


joint investigation is now under way by the police and Fire Service.


The Government is considering letting MPs debate Tata Steel's


decision to lose 340 jobs at its plant in Scunthorpe. The planned


cuts, announced earlier this week, have been blamed on weak demand in


the construction industry. The Labour MP for Scunthorpe, Nic Dakin,


raised his concerns in the Commons. This week, tartar steel announced


500 job losses, 340 in my constituency. Can we have a


statement or debate in the house on what the government is doing to


support the steel industry and steelworkers at this time? Any


redundancies are of course regrettable, and I think we feel


very much for the difficult time the workforce is experiencing. Job


centre plus and their rapid response service will be available and do all


they can to support those workers. We will continue to follow that


story. ?? new line Hull City suffered League Cup disappointment


last night after going out against Tottenham Hotspur on penalties,


after the match finished 2`2. Spurs led the shoot`out 8`7 when City's


Ahmed Elmohamdy stepped forward but the Tigers' player hit it against


the keeper's legs. Well, today, manager Steve Bruce said he would


argue his case after been charged with misconduct for comments made at


the weekend about the referee Michael Oliver. It followed a


penalty decision which saw City lose the game. Simon Clark has been


finding out if negative comments about referees is having an effect


on grassroots football. The kid who scored should have been on the


pitch, in my opinion. You don't get the good decision. He has profited


by diving. He has given the penalty against us.


It's the currency of Match Of The Day. The post`match comments often


contain a spiky remark about the referee. And it's for these words


Steve Bruce finds himself in the dock. It is difficult to comment


because I will find myself in the dock. There was one which, in my


opinion, makes a mockery of it. Show a bit of common sense! The referee


has cost them a point. He was cross that this had been given as a


penalty ` a decision the officials later considered wrong. Steve


Lazenby is responsible for bringing future referees into the game. I


have come to the county headquarters of the East Riding. He plays down


suggestions that managers and pundits are putting off those who


aspire to officiate. I think a lot of people take it as a challenge and


throw the gauntlet down, and say, I want to be having a go at that. It


is something good for them to get involved in. You can go into the


European game and ultimately to the World Cup. The fact remains that no


game ` be it in the Premier League or a humble park pitch ` can take


place without a man or woman in the middle.


Still ahead tonight: A film premiere in Hull tonight against a landmark


setting. It is Halloween. Thank you for all


the pictures. This carving of a Star Wars character has been sent in by


Dawn Wood. Darth Maul. Jennie in Louth sent in these pictures of


pumpkins, which she and her family carved. And these were sent in by


Peter Robinson and his family ` he says it's a hard way of making


pumpkin soup. Happy Halloween. Keeley Cook Donovan, good evening.


This one looks likely uses the same fake tan issue.


How we laughed. It is going to be allowed to dry


evening. Tomorrow will be cloudy with outbreaks of rain. As we go


through the rest of the week and weekend, there will be further areas


of low pressure pushing up from the South West. Saturday can be very


windy. Today, we have had a fair amount of cloud. We have seen some


breaks in the cloud. In the short term, it will be largely dry, but


later this evening, we will see a few heavy showers spreading down.


The whole spreading from the north. A bit of missed and fault.


Temperatures back into single figures once again.


It will be a bright start to the day tomorrow. It will develop into a


miserable day. It will not be particularly breezy. Temperatures


rising to around 12 or 13. And miserable cloudy wet day to come.


Saturday will be clear and frostily. A decent morning. In the afternoon,


a band of rain will spread in from the west. Sunday looks like a


glossary day. Last night, somebody wrote, Keeley


Donovan with straight hair, ding`dong. Not very PC. Don't be


knocking on my door like you did last year.


I will not. A growing number of businesses in


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire are banning the use of e`cigarettes in


their buildings. Train and bus companies, offices and some pubs are


concerned about how it looks. The electronic cigarettes turn nicotine


into a vapour which is inhaled, but the fumes look like smoke and some


people say that's confusing. Simon Spark reports. The smoking ban came


into effect in 2007. It was pretty straightforward, ban smoking in


public places. We have seen increasing confusion because of


these, e`cigarettes. They have no tobacco and are exempt from


smoke`free legislation. That hasn't stopped them from being banned in


council offices, on trains, restaurants and buses. They are


banned because it is difficult for our stuff to tell the difference


between a traditional cigarette and an e`cigarette. It might send wrong


signals to other people on the buses. They are also banned in one


of the largest pub chains in the UK, Wetherspoon. If we are busy, we do


not know if it is from a cigarette or an e`cigarette. It is to make it


consistent. Martin started using them a year and a half ago, and


thinks a perception of them has a long way to go. I think the balance


is wrong and people are against them for the wrong reasons. If somebody


lights up a cigarette now, you would smelly straightaway. I think it is


quite easy to tell the difference. Adel shows her view. She has taken


over a pub and told her Christmas there welcome to use them. We have a


lot of local customs, regulars. To be honest, people know not to


smoking pubs now. There are about 1.3 million users of the cigarette


in the UK, a figure that has quadrupled in the last three years.


Because of that, some public health bodies want to see them classed as a


medicine so they can be regulated and licensed. Would that affect what


people can use them? I do think there should be smoked anywhere if


there were classed as medication. I think most people wouldn't mind as


long as it is not a real cigarette. That is different from smoking. They


are designed to look like cigarettes, and that is why we treat


them like we do. The popularity of these continues to increase. What is


socially acceptable continues to be accepted.


I would be keen to get your views on this one as well. What do you think?


The power Company RWE had its planning application for ten wind


turbines ` the height of Lincoln Cathedral ` rejected at a meeting of


West Lindsey Council last night. This was the reaction of opponents


of the wind farm proposed for Hemswell Cliff. Is this a the


company may now appeal. We had a lot of response after we


covered this story last night. With We'd like to invite you to come to


our party for Children In Need. The fair for Pudsey with a mini funfair


and entertainment takes place at the Sirius Academy in Hull on 15th


November. You can arrive any time from half five, but you do need to


book your free tickets through our reception in Hull.


The engineering of a major piece of art for Heathrow airport took place


in Hull. Now this film of how it was made is being projected onto the


side of the Deep Aquarium. Caroline Bilton is there ahead of the


screening. Is this unusual for the Deep to be used as a backdrop for a


film premiere? Peter, this is a first for Hull. I was given a sneak


preview of what it will look like. It will go on show in ten minutes


time. This is what it will look like. It is pretty atmospheric on


this riverfront. It tells the story of slipstream, this sculpture that


will greet passengers in terminal two, Heathrow. It has been made


possible by engineering here in Hull. The artist behind it has come


to see this film. We are launching a very horizontal piece of


architecture. At a time when Hull is trying to become a City of Culture,


this is seen as a way of telling people what we are both in


broadcasting our achievements to wider audience. I spoke to the man


behind the bid, to ask what he thinks this says about the cultural


ambitions of Hull. It is important people see you as an important


cultural place, not just a city at the end of a railway line that


nobody goes to. It is important, because we can and do do these


things. The film is going to be playing on a continuous loop every


night between seven and nine. My piece of advice is work North West.


It is quite cold. I will look at it on my way home.


Christopher Biggins, Bob Carolgees and Spit the Dog have been in Hull


to promote their pantomime Jack And The Beanstalk. They entertained


half`term crowds in the St Stephen's shopping centre and said they were


looking forward to performing at the Hull New Theatre this Christmas


season. Here we are. I look around and there are these gorgeous


buildings. I think it looks fabulous. I am excited about


appearing in Hull. I have known Chris for a while and it will be


great to work within. This is a good panto. The pantomime opens in


December, Jack and the been stopped. A couple from Lincoln have thanked


the RNLI for rescuing their pet dog who fell 40 feet off a cliff near


Pembroke in Wales. He is Tom and Kylie Crowe were on holiday when


their Chocolate Labrador Spice accidentally fell 12 metres into the


sea. In breach is He was swimming for 40 minutes before lifeboat crew


were able to reach him. Just They say they were both in shock when it


happened and are unbelievably grateful to the crew. The RNLI say


Spice was lucky to survive the fall. For a cat, life couldn't get much


better than Graham's. The Staff at the Pets At Home store in Boston in


Lincolnshire say he turned up one day and made himself at home. Now


he's always there when they open up and they have to throw him out at


the end of the day. But has Graham got an owner, Gemma Dawson


investigates. New mums and I know what you're thinking.


It's not unusual to see animals in a pet store. You know me and you and


Minster style But this cat is not for sale. Graham's a regular visitor


here ` shunning outside adventure for days at this shop in Boston. And


when he first came in, we tried to deter him. He is such a cheeky


character we started letting him in. Generally, he tends to play with our


ties. He might have a bit of food, little something to drink.


Sometimes, he will stay at the hamsters and scratch at the glass.


It doesn't worry the hamsters. Graham's been coming here for the


last three months. One customer even bought him these treats. But the


staff here don't know who owns him. And Graham's not the only cat with


an independent streak. Meet Casper ` his owner discovered he's been


riding on the buses in Devon. While recently, scientists from the


University of Lincoln worked on this documentary showing what cats get up


to when we're not looking. Back in Boston, Graham's proving popular


with the customers here too. I have not seen many cats who would lie


like that and be so quiet and calm. I think he is really, really nice


and soft. People are friendly. He is a people car.


Graham's now become a bit of a local celebrity. And what does every


celebrity need? A stunt double. He is bringing in a couple of friends,


one who looks very similar to Graham, and another little black cat


comes in as well. So if word spreads, this store could


end up with a few more feline friends.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


A day of revelations at the "hacking" trial. ?120 for


unauthorised school absences. Three times as many families are given


fines. Response on taking children out of school. Somebody says, why


are teachers allowed to strike if one day out of school is so


important? Somebody else says, the government should put pressure on


holiday companies. Barry says, as someone who regularly skip school


and never got the education available, I think parents should


think about the true saving beyond finance. Brenda says, there should


be a two`week amnesty for family holidays and no relief granted other


than that except for exceptional circumstances. Join me for the radio


if you can. Planet Earth - it's unique.


It has life. To understand why, we're going to


build a planet...up there.


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