04/11/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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rest of the week. Thank you. That is all from us. Now


on BBC One, Thank you. That is all from us. Now


on BBC One, we can Ood evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight: earning less and paying more in tax


for fewer services ` calls for people in the countryside to get a


better deal. A promise of more ambulance


responders is given cautious welcome by a grieving family.


It shouldn't take the death of someone so young to make people


realise there is something wrong with your organisation. ?? new line


And it's the end of the line, for part of Lincolnshire's railway


heritage. Three wins out of three matches ` is


Luke Campbell headed for a shot at the British title? And don't forget


the forecast which follows in 15 minutes.


They earn less, pay more council tax and received fewer Government


grants. Tonight a petition asking ministers for more funding for


people in rural communities will be handed in at the House of Commons.


Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart will be joined by other MPs


and community groups. Almost 20,000 people have signed the petition.


Emma Massey has been to the village of Withenwick in East Yorkshire


where people say their lives are being affected by cuts to services.


Paul Doyle has been living in Withernwick in rural East Yorkshire


for eight years. He lives just across the road from his local pub.


But for many village residents there's a lack of local amenities


and services. I suppose I choose to live any village but it seem


unfair. We would like more facilities, for example we don't


have a village hall. We have a strong community. This has become


more apparent over the last few years because in a lot of villages


the pub is the only thing left. It is just the way villages are these


days. Rural residents earn ?2,184 a year


less, on average than those in towns and cities. But they pay ?85 more in


Council Tax per person, and see rural communities receive 50% fewer


Government grants per head than in urban areas. So people in the


countryside earn less, pay more taxes and receive substantially less


support for services. And this disparity is the subject of


a Fair Share petition which will be presented to Westminster tonight by


Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart. The fact that the situation


is as it is does not mean it is justified. We don't think that there


should not be more money going into deprived urban centres but this 50%


disparity is too much and it needs to be reduced.


Debbie and Martin live in nearby in Whitton and say their village also


lacks decent services and they welcome the Fair Share petition. We


are poorly served from to city areas. We don't have so many good


places for children to play and the bus service is not too good.


But experts say there's a reason for the imbalance. City authorities are


bound to argue that they need higher amounts because children are often


poor and more deprived than those in rural areas.


While there are also advantages of living in some rural areas like


longer life expectancy and less crime seem inviting, many people


like Paul are united in wanting a fairer deal for these communities.


And today's petition could make all the difference. A very interesting


discussion point. Our political editor, Tim Iredale,


is live in Westminster tonight where the petition will be handed over.


Will the Government take any notice of this?


But what about MPs in urban areas, how would they feel about changes to


the way their communities are funded? They are under tremendous


pressure, especially considering that so many Government ministers


themselves represent countryside constituencies. Although this rural


fair share campaign is being led by Beverly's Graham Stuart, more than


40 MPs will tonight hand in petitions to the House of Commons


and the will claim that people living in rural areas are part of a


silent majority. Poor public transport, closures of libraries are


just some of the issues for them. The Government is always telling us


there's only so much money to go around in difficult times. Many MPs


representing places like Hull and Grimsby will say that ab initio get


more money because they are more deprived. They will claim to have


been disproportionately hit by austerity measures. As we all know,


you cannot please all of the people all of the time.


Thank you very much. We want to hear from you on this


story. Should more money be available to help boost services in


rural areas? Or is that the price you pay if you choose to live in the


countryside? In a moment: thank you for watching.


Why boxing is in great shape in Hull ` Tommy Coyle wins the biggest title


of his career in front of a home crowd.


A woman from Grimsby accused of stealing compensation money from her


disabled daughter has been found not guilty on one count of theft. The


jury reached a unanimous verdict, that Cathy Watson, seen here in the


pink scarf, was not responsible of the theft of ?53,000, but have so


far failed to reach a unanimous verdict on three other counts of


theft, and one of transferring criminal property ` all of which she


has denied. Her ex`husband Robert Hills has already pleaded guilty to


four counts of theft. It's been confirmed that Neil


Rhodes, Lincolnshire's temporary police Chief Constable is the only


person to have applied for the role on a permanent basis. Mr Rhodes,


seen here on the right was cleared of misconduct in August after a five


month investigation. An interview for the role will be held later this


month. Trade Unions say they'll bring in an


independent experts to make sure job losses are kept to a minimum at Tata


Steel in Scunthorpe. Three hundred and forty jobs are at risk at the


plant. The company says the roles affected would be in management and


administration. Ambulance cover across East Riding's


coastal towns could soon be improved. The Yorkshire Ambulance


Service is committed to increasing the number of rapid response


vehicles ` following a recent review. A grieving son from Hornsea,


whose dying father had to wait half an hour for an ambulance, has given


the news a cautious welcome. Our health correspondent, Vicky Johnson


reports. Our coastal towns can be lovely to


visit ` but not if you suddenly need an ambulance. Response times are


often well below the national average. But now extra rapid


response vehicles could be put on stand`by in Bridlington, Withernsea


and Hornsea. This news has been given a cautious welcome by the


Poole family in Hornsea who had to give their dying father cardiac


massage while they waited for a crew to arrive from Hull. When I see the


difference in response times and those figures changing I just want


another family to go what we went through. The proposed changes are in


response to a recent review of the service. Ambulance officials have


recently carried out a review of their service. They told us in a


statement. "In the East Riding, the review suggested that it would be


beneficial to have extra resources in this area, specifically more


rapid response vehicles operated by fully`qualified clinicians, which


will improve response times and further enhance patient outcomes.


More volunteers will also be recruited. Good news. It is those


cases where time is critical and we need Ambulance Services to get there


more quickly. The pool family believe that more vehicles will not


solve the problem. I don't think it is enough just to have them. But


more needs to be done to help families stay safe. And join staff


are still being consulted on the changes but it is hoped that the


extra vehicles will cover coastal areas by early next year. Give us


your thoughts to this problem also. Firefighters in East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire have again walked out on strike today in a dispute over


pensions. We hate striking, especially with


the nature of the work we do. There's more increased risk and we


don't want to let the public down. But this really is a last option `


we don't know what else we can do to resolve this. On Friday night I was


talking to the Fire Brigade union. We asked for your views on this and


got a big response. Still ahead tonight: we are at


Craven Park, the second of three Rugby World Cup games in the whole.


We have a very special guest will stop and best foot forward for this


glamorous grand. `` glamorous grandmother.


Thank you for this picture to be Wilson.


Hello. It is unsettled and we will see some patchy rain spreading from


the West. Coming in from the west through the course of tomorrow. It


has been a beautiful day today with plenty of sunshine around and it is


certainly going to be a chilly evening right across Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire. Widespread ground frost although the weather front


could be a way soon. Temperatures down to zero or minus one Celsius. A


bright start in Bridlington. Elsewhere, cloudy. Later in the


afternoon, brighter skies return. Top temperatures: eight or nine


Celsius. On Wednesday it will be not bad. Some patchy rain later in the


day and Thursday and Friday will have sunshine and some scattered


showers. Dave has contacted to say I saw Paul in Disneyland last week!


Yes! Let's not go there. Have a nice evening.


They've been part of Lincolnshire life for over 150 years, but in just


a few months the county's railway signal boxes will start to


disappear. Network Rail plans to close 50 per year as part of a


billion pound modernisation of the tracks. Simon Spark reports.


It's a job that's protected our stations and level crossings for


over 150 years, but both Daz and Janice will soon be saying goodbye


to their signal boxes in Blankney and Sleaford to make way for over a


billion pounds worth of modernisation.


People are probably sad to see them go, as we are within the business,


but we have to modernise and move forward into the 21st century. ??


new line Network Rail have a 30`year plan which will clear away signal


boxes like these for 12 state`of`the`art operating centres `


with 80% of the work to be completed within 15 years.


We are going to change and the technology will allow us to respond


to faults and issues a lot quicker so we can get more capacity on the


network and get more trains to help customers get to where they need to


be. At their peak in the 1940s, there


were 10,000 signal boxes, but their decline is nothing new.


Modernisation of the railways is something that has constantly




all the old hand`levers, for everything here is now


electronically operated... Sleaford is unusual as it still has


three of its old signal boxes in place. But already, the new barriers


are up and that long`standing history is about to come to an end.


It would be a shame to see the old method of signalling disappear ` one


day it will have gone altogether, but that's technology for you.


It is sad and it'll never be the same, but it's been around a long


time and it'll never be forgotten. But we have to move on.


But there is some light at the end of the tunnel: two of our


Lincolnshire boxes have been awarded special listed status. This


timber`framed one in Skegness built in 1882 is said to be a rare example


of its type and the largest to still survive. And in Wainfleet, this box


built in 1899, still retains its original exterior and lever`frame


mechanism. Both will be preserved. For Daz and Janice, they'll still be


part of the railway ` they'll just be moving on. A good story. A new


bus service has been launched today to serve people using the steep


hill. We have a very unique geography here in Lincoln. We have


the city centre that is almost a mile long and to be able to get


people from the commercial heart of the city to the uphill visitor


attractions is very important. We can take more passengers now than


before which means that we're not leaving anyone behind.


The second of three rugby league world cup matches being played in


Hull takes place at Craven Park tonight. Papua New Guinea take on


Samoa with both sides looking for their first wind of the tournament.


Our sports reporter Simon Clark is there. What impact is the world cup


having on people in the area? In this area and across the country


it has been so far and unqualified success. Seven and a half thousand


here for the game against France. And again, seven and a half thousand


up in West Cumbria. Good crowds. Today it is Papa New Guinea against


Samoa. The last time PNG plays against brands they had an


exhilarating start. They were then trailing the French by several


points. Then this Click was born away. What is it like to have Craven


Park as a small corner of Port Moresby? I have been waiting 17


years and it is great to be here. People in Rugby League will be


watching the game against our friends. Can you wind this one? It


is a must! It will be a very tough game but the whole of Papua New


Guinea is behind us. I have to tell you that this lady is nearly 90 and


she will be bringing the ball on. Thank you very much indeed.


Hull City secured another valuable three points in the Premier League


against Sunderland. Yannick Sagbo forced Sunderland into an own goal `


the only one of the game. The match though was spoilt by two red cards


issued against Sunderland players for dangerous tackles.


Scunthorpe United's manager Brian Laws says he's pleased with the way


his player's fought back to earn a draw at Chesterfield on Saturday.


After falling behind in the first half they scored a late equaliser.


They're eighth in League Two. Hull's Olympic Boxing Gold medallist


could be only a year away from challenging for the British title.


Luke Campbell won his third professional bout at the weekend,


and is set to fight again at the end of the month. But as Crispin Rolfe


reports, his promoter believes titles aren't far away.


As huge cloud and the home cloud. But Luke Campbell's supporters will


soon have to travel, as Hull's boxing star makes it to the big


time. On Saturday, a third professional bout but he was rarely


on the ropes. Speed, movement and some powerful punches gave Campbell


the edge. Then a flurry finished Connelly off. I am looking at alia


titles and English titles. He won't be far off the top. It is down to my


team. I concentrate on myself in the gym and getting in the best possible


shape I can be for each fight. Tommy Coyle also won at the weekend. The


referee stopped his match. He is ready to go now and I put the


pressure on and it worked. Could Campbell make it to? He is


continuing his transition in the professional arena.


A woman from Louth has won the prize for the UK's most glamorous gran.


Annemarie Leake has been winning beauty pageants since her youth and


says she won't be hanging up her false eyelashes and rollers anytime


soon! Anne`Marie Tasker has been to meet her.


She can make jeans and a tshirt look glamorous. But this is the look that


won Annemarie Leake Glamorous Gran UK 2013. The 54`year`old from Louth


is no stranger to beauty pageants. She was Grimsby and Cleethorpes


Parade Queen, Miss Lincolnshire, and Miss Vigilante before winning her


latest crown as Glamorous Gran. I think more people should do it! It


is better than any happy pill that I can think of and it gets you to


smile and I think nowadays there is a lot of gloom and doom, so a little


bit of glitz and glamour is nice! Annemarie doesn't let glamour stand


in the way of playing with her granddaughter, Myah. Though she'd


rather be a superhero than pageant princess. But her daughter Kate is


following in her mum's footsteps. As well as being a beautician, she's


currently in the running to become Miss Galaxy. My friends cannot


believe that it is my mum doing this. It doesn't matter what age you


are, you can still do it! My mum proves that things can go on to


however old you are. It's not hard to see how Annemarie


has won so many titles. But what is the secret to her glamorous looks? I


do not go to bed early and I have never eaten breakfast. I don't know


if that has anything to do with it, but I like raw food. Evidently I


have some good genes and have hopefully passed that on to my


daughters and granddaughter. There are many glamorous grans out


there: actress Goldie Hawn, Princess Katherine's mum, Carol Middleton,


and actress Joanna Lumley. Now Annemarie's joined them in being


absolutely fabulous. I have been eating breakfast but


that must be where I have been going wrong! Don't forget if you have a


story that we should know about, please send us an e`mail. Let's have


a recap of the headlines: A manhunt is launched for a missing terror


suspect who went on the run test in a burqa. A petition has been put


forward asking for more money for rural communities. A bright start


and dry and brighter in the afternoon.


Roger says that in Lincoln 's Stagecoach run ten minute services


and yet at RAF Scampton where I live we have to get to our servers. We


have to get for bosses for a trip of two hours to go for miles. Another


e`mail says: If you want better services then moved to the city!


Another tweak: If they don't like the situation in rural areas they


can move to a urban area. They choose to live there. Thank you very


much for all of those. Have a good evening. Goodbye.


A family memoir that captured the hearts of millions.


A potter telling stories out of porcelain


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