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We will keep you updated on the Typhoon as it heads towards Vietnam


this weekend. That's all, know your regional news.


this weekend. That's all, know your regional news.


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Migrants aren't mixing ` the claims raised in a national television


debate in Lincolnshire. They live separetly from ourselves. As a


nation, we do not embrace them. We cannot have two societies living


with each other, within one place, when they do not want to speak to


each other. Big Mac to go ` why McDonald's is


leaving Scunthorpe town centre. What does it say about Scunthorpe as a


town? The plans by people in Cleethorpes


to bring their Pier back to life. Two towns prepare for a Lincolnshire


derby in the FA Cup. Memories of Mallard. This woman


solves the mystery of one of the men in this 1930s photo.


Join me for the weather. The issue of integrating Eastern


European migrants in Boston is a major challenge. That's according to


the leader of the Borough council, who says more work needs to be done.


Members of the audience on the BBC's Question Time Programme, broadcast


from the town last night, highlighted integration and not


immigration as the root of Boston's problems. In a moment we'll be


hearing from the council leader but first, Jake Zuckerman has this


report. Millions tuned in last night as a Question Time panel, which


included UKIP leader Nigel Farage, discussed migration and its impact


on Boston. My family have lived in Boston for nearly 200 years. We have


to fight for services that seem to get handed to newcomers on a plate.


How can this be right? It's not right. It's completely unfair. It's


wrong. This morning, this man who was in the audience gave his


reaction. It provoked a very good debate. It was an even debate.


Audience members raised issues about integration and the impact of


migration on local infrastructure. Is it a question of immigration or


integration that we have in this area? There seem to be so many of


our foreign friends living in the area... But they live separately


from ourselves. But this community worker says Eastern Europeans are


trying hard to integrate. I think more time is needed. We are trying


to do our best. When you know the language, it is easier. Lots of


people are learning English. Here in the centre of Boston, Eastern


European migrant communities are particularly visible. Speaking to


passers by, many people clearly watched question Time last night.


The issues are provoking impassioned debate. I thought it was quite good.


Nigel Farage spoke a lot of good sense. When you get Europeans that


will work for ?3 an hour, of course we're not going to do the same! We


cannot have two societies living with each other, within one place,


when they do not want to speak to each other. Last night's debate


suggests that integration rather than migration is the largest


problem that Boston faces. I've been speaking to the leader of Boston


Borough Council and I asked him if he thinks the Question Time audience


were right to point to integration as being the real issue in the town.


No I don't. Boston Borough Council have been working very hard after


the report, which has gained national recognition. The mayor of


the year has been trying very hard to get the Eastern Europeans to


actually get their menus and what they sell in the shops in English.


But something is going wrong, isn't it? Our reporter spent half an hour


on West Street earlier, which is full of Eastern European shops. Not


one person would talk about this issue. Does that make you feel that


migrants are included or excluded? It is a very difficult question. We


are doing our best, through translators, to try to get all


groups involved. We really want to do that. So what is going wrong?


Where is the problem? As a borough, we are trying to get all rented


accommodation in Boston, regardless of whether it is an HMO or not, we


are trying to get it licensed. We will then know exactly who is in


Boston. Then we will get closer to that step. You said to me in the


summer that Boston possibly has 10,000 or more migrants than the


official figures would suggest. How can you hope to integrate these


people if you do not know who they are? Again, after the licensing has


taken place, I am sure that we will be able to do more then. But it is


difficult. They come in and are employed by farmers or gangmasters.


They do not register as they do not have to. Finally, are you now at


saturation point as far as Eastern Europeans are concerned in the town?


Boston has got its fair share. Thank you. And immigration will be the big


talking point on this weekend's Sunday Politics from 12.25pm on BBC


One. Any moment, a dad is warning after


as daughter's growing pain stunned out to be cancelled.


We find them on most major shopping streets in the country, but the fast


food chain McDonald's say they're pulling out of Scunthorpe town


centre. The decision has been blamed on a change in shopping habits, but


other traders in Scunthorpe say it's a serious blow to the local economy.


Crispin Rolfe has more. Scunthorpe's high Street has been


abandoned in favour of out of town retailing. McDonald's departure is a


huge blow, according to these shop owners. What does it say about


Scunthorpe as a town? The council should be doing more to regenerate


the town. Others shops are flourishing. But all of the people


means that shoppers are heading elsewhere. Sang Mack I go elsewhere.


No one wants to be in the town centre. Hopefully more shots will


comment. `` come in. Retailers say that this is an end of an era. I


said two and a half years ago, that if you granted planning permission


for a big retail Park that it would kill the town centre. I did not want


to be read but I have been proved right. McDonald's will open for the


last time on the 30th of November. Staff will be relocated to


neighbouring outlets that will be no job losses. We want to hear your


thoughts on this story. A memorial to those who have served


in Hull's Merchant navy has been unveiled in the City. Veterans of


both the Merchant and Royal Navies watched as the memorial was unveiled


by Hull's mayor. They say having a separate memorial is important in


recognising the city's maritime history. This is a statement.


Anybody passing on the bus, or walking by, can obviously recognise


it's a ship's bowel. We want them to come and read the plaques, and take


more interest in the maritime history of this town. I couldn't


understand why there wasn't one. When you look back, and think of all


the trauma we went through... It was unbelievable.


A father from Grimsby is urging all parents to look out for the signs of


bone cancer in their children. Although survival rates for many


cancers have doubled in the last 40 years, this isn't the case for bone


cancer. Experts say this is because in too many cases the disease isn't


diagnosed early enough. Tony Sutton, whose seven`year`old daughter Lucy


has bone cancer, says it can be easily dismissed as growing pains.


Jo Makel reports. As she runs around in the playground with her friends,


seven`year`old Lucy Sutton looks healthy and happy. Her slight limp


is the only sign that something is wrong. Two years ago, she had a pain


in her leg. She was an active child and her parents naturally put it


down as a normal ache or growing pain. But as Lucy explains, things


changed. I was walking home from school and my leg just collapsed. I


couldn't walk properly. We took her to the hospital and they did an


x`ray. The symptoms came back that there was a tumour on her knee. It


was the size of a golf ball. Since then, Lucy has had the tumour and


part of her thigh bone removed. She is still having chemotherapy and has


secondary cancer in her lungs. But her positive attitude has inspired


her dad to try to raise awareness about bone cancer. A lot of the pain


she had when she first started was during the night. Tony is giving


talks to Lucy's teachers and others in the area. We are not here to


scare people. This is far from it. Sometimes that ache or that pain,


which 99% of the time is properly just a small injury, could be


something different. The Bone Cancer Research Trust says there are around


500 cases like this in the UK each year. It is working with GPs to help


them spot the signs quickly. At the moment, there is no real reason why


you might get bone cancer. It is really important that teachers,


doctors and also young people are aware of this. As well as raising


awareness, Lucy's family is raising money for the treatment to boost her


immune system. They are determined to do all they can to help her and


others. As for Lucy, she says she is simply too busy to be ill! Very good


advice. Still ahead tonight: England's


training session in Hull before facing Fiji in the Rugby League


World Cup. And a 75`year`old mystery of the steam age is solved. Keep


your photos coming end. Daniel Pattison who is 17 took this of


Cleethorpes. It is a great picture. I have an a mild from somebody here.


`` a mild. Sunday is going to be a very nice


day of the week. The would`be lots of sunshine. As we go through the


day, we are going to see high pressure building. A lot of cloud


has pushed them from the south`west and it has brought cloud and rain.


It will clear up eastwards. A dry and clear night. Perhaps a touch of


ground frost. The maybe some pace. Tomorrow, it will be a fine start to


the day. We may see some cloud spreading. The odd shower elsewhere.


Generally speaking, a dry day. Most places are going to enjoy some


bright and sunny spells. It may feel chilly. Temperatures below average.


Six or seven degrees in places. Very cold overnight into Sunday.


Temperatures into freezing. Plenty of sunshine. Wet and windy weather


overnight into Monday. Temperatures will then recover to around 30


degrees. `` 13 degrees. Cleethorpes pier is to be restored


back to its victorian splendour in ambitious plans revealed today. As


well as creating a multi`purpose ballroom, restaurant and cocktail


bar, the pier could also host a boutique cinema. Caroline Bilton has


been taking a look at the plans. bar, the pier could also host a


boutique This is the vision. A restaurant, cocktail bar and tea


room. Cleethorpes pier is to be given a new lease of life. This is


the existing nightclub. It is very dark in here. The windows have been


covered over. Part of the new plans mean opening all of that up. People


dining will be able to see great view. This space is also going to be


turned into a ballroom, transporting the pier back to its heyday when


sequence dances and variety shows were a draw for seaside audiences.


We would like to create additional entertainment. Lots of events. We


would also offered it for weddings and many other things. At the


moment, this iconic landmark is in the hands of a consortium of


business people, but the long term plan is to put it back in the hands


of the local community. I think it is very important that the community


is involved. Ultimately, we would like the ownership to go to the


community. So that the people can look after their own pier. After


being closed for over a year, the pier is now open again for business.


It's been fitted out with a new kitchen providing meals for this tea


room. There is new life in this pier. All they need is planning


permission. If that is granted entry to see this place return to its


Victorian splendour within the year. We must support that. A reminder


that we are just a week away from Children in Need. Here are the


details. It'll be one of the biggest football


matches in Lincolnshire for years. Scunthorpe United travel to


neighbours Grimsby Town in FA Cup tomorrow in a fixture which normally


generates a great deal of interest. Our sports reporter Simon Clark has


more. All around, football teams are up for the cup. But will that be the


case here? To find out the answer, I have engaged the help of this


mascot. Like investigative journalists, we hit the streets.


Grimsby are up for the cup! Are you going to score goals? Yes. It is a


great opportunity. I hope they do well. What about Scunthorpe?


Hopefully we will get some balloons up. Come on Scunthorpe! That award


is enormous. A second round tie. This is high on the agenda. It is a


big local derby. The lads are really looking forward to it. There is an


edge to it. We want to progress to the second round. This game is very


hard to call. But the mascot thinks it will be Grimsby Town's here. ``


year. And you can hear commentary on that match with build up on BBC


Radio Humberside. Grimsby v Scunthorpe kicks off at 1pm and


there's commentary on all frequencies and online. Also in the


first round of the FA Cup, Lincoln City are at home to Plymouth Argyle.


Commentary from 2pm on BBC Radio Lincolnshire ` 94.9FM, 1368AM


online and in the Premier League you can hear how Hull get on as they


visit Southampton that's on FM and digital, kick off is at 3pm.


And this weekend will also see a packed KC stadium for Hull's third


Rugby League World Cup game. England will take on Fiji tomorrow and coach


Steve McNamara says he's excited to be bringing the squad to his home


city. But not as excited as a group of school children, who Leanne Brown


has been to meet.. Studying the form of the England squad. These children


from Cristopher Picerking Primary have been chosen to be mascots for


the game. It is amazing. As soon as we found out, all of our families


and the children... We were all in shock. They are over the moon. We


have got lots of rugby fans, and a few budding rugby stars as well!


Tomorrow, they will be walking out onto the pitch holding hands with


their idols. Really excited. It means a lot to me. Is there a


particular player you would like to walk out with? Either Tom Briscoe or


Sam Tomkins. I'm really excited. It is a once`in`a`lifetime opportunity.


Not many children get to do this. The team will be hoping for a repeat


of last week's performance. England thrashed Ireland 42`0. During


training at the KC Stadium today, Hull`born coach Steve McNamara said


he was excited about bringing the squad to his home city. Not just


myself, but the players as well, they really like playing here. They


understand the support. It is tremendous. I'm excited about it.


The fans can make a difference. Joining McNamara will be another


familiar face. Hull FC's Tom Briscoe. And Olympic Gold medallist


Luke Campbell will start the game by taking the trophy onto the pitch.


25,000 fans will cheer on their national team!


Seventy five years since Mallard broke the steam powered record near


Grantham, another piece of her magical history has been revealed


for the first time. Although records reveal who was the driver, the


fireman and the inspector, there's been no record of who the guard was


until now. Simon Spark reports. There is no question of Mallard's


magnificence. When she wrote the record books in 1938, this


photograph was taken. One Mr Lay remained. For many years we have


known who many of these people were. But we did not know who regard was.


Today, their guard's. Was invited to relive what her father achieved. I


was only ten years old at the time. In 1938. Later on, I read about it.


I read about Mallard. But nowhere was my father's name documented. I


am overwhelmed. It is great to let everybody know who my father was.


His name was Henry. Seen here on the right. These are the photographs to


prove who he was. He got the whole thing started. That is all we


somebody who counts things down. That would've been hemmed. `` would


have been hemmed. Today, another part of Mallard's amazing history


has been brought back to life. Fascinating. If you have a story you


think we would like, then we want to hear from you. A Royal Marine is


found guilty of murdering an Afghan man in cold blood. Top temperatures


of eight Celsius for the weekend. Somebody here says they were


unimpressed with the Boston audience on question Time last night. Lisa


says that the councillors have mentioned that many of the


immigrants are helpful. Tony says the immigration problem will never


be fully solved. You cannot get people to speak their mind about


what they really think. Brian says that in his experience and Eastern


European stood a good job of integrating into our culture than we


do abroad. Have a good weekend.


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