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Six. Goodbye. Good evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight: Saving hundreds of children from sex


offenders ` the charity being praised by police.


Tributes for the rugby star who raised half a million for charity


during seven years with terminal cancer. An inspiring and humbling


individual. The game and the world is poorer for his passing.


A Government minister praises Hull's City of Culture bid on a tour of the


city. I think it was impressed by the bed. ` ` I think everyone is


impressed by the big. How this jazz band got themselves a


gig at the Albert Hall. After a dismal day, brighter prospects for


tomorrow. I will be back with the forecast.


A charity that has saved hundreds of children from sex offenders says the


problem of child grooming is far greater than they first thought.


Cornerhouse in Hull, which is partly funded by Children In Need, works


with young people at risk of being pursued by older men. Humberside


Police says the charity has been crucial in bringing offenders to


justice. Our reporter, Caroline Bilton, has been talking to some of


the teenagers who have been helped. I was drinking, I was taking drugs.


I was only 14 at the time. I'd be awake for seven, eight days


straight. She's not even 16 years old and yet she's already


experienced more than most. I was going to my drug dealer's


house. And spending days and days there. He would ask for sexual


favours for drugs and me, because I was drunk and young, and absolutely


off my face, I agreed. Anything to get another gram.


In the past year, Sarah ` a name she has asked us to use so as not to


reveal her identity, has been able to get her life back on track, and


it's thanks to this charity, Cornerhouse. Her drug dealer is now


in prison and she's now back at college and studying to become a


youth worker. She is one of many children this charity works with who


are in crisis and who are at risk of being exploited.


If you look at levels of one`to`one support, which we offer, I would


suggest at any one time the project is working with 30, 35 young people.


I think we're only touching the surface and, I hate to say that, but


I do believe that quite strongly. This video highlights to youngsters


dangers they may be putting themselves in, and highlights the


dangers of sexual grooming. I used to smoke weed every day. I took


speed and stuff like that. I know I am so lucky I did not get into that


type of danger. It was a massive eye`opener. Child sexual grooming is


not as big in this area as in some areas. I wouldn't like to scare


everybody in the area. Let's not be naive, it is happening everywhere.


We are tackling it front on. We are extremely proactive. We couldn't


make it happen without our partners at the Cornerhouse project, we


couldn't. There are people now in custody because of this project,


because people trusted us. How important is Children In Need to the


project? It means we can carry on. If we were not here, where with


these young people go? I have never known this sort of control of


myself. And of my life and where I'm heading in life for a very, very


long time. It's fantastic. ?NEWLINE Cornerhouse in Hull is one of more


than 2,700 organisations across the UK helped by Children in Need. Every


penny you raise or donate goes towards helping children in real


need, here in the UK. In a moment: Armistice Day services


are held across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.


?? new line The Government minister in charge of culture says he is


impressed with the public support in Hull for the city's bid to be City


of Culture in 2017. Hull is up against Leicester, Dundee and


Swansea Bay for the title. The winner is announced in nine days.


The Culture Minister, Ed Vaizey, took a tour of Hull this morning. We


will hear more from him in a moment, but first, Jill Archbold has this


report. It's been four months since Hull


made the short list to be the UK's City of Culture, and now it's only a


short wait to find out if they win. Just days before the final bid


presentation, Culture Minister Ed Vaizey paid a visit to the city. He


was shown around Humber Street and the Marina, with members of the bid


team demonstrating how places like the fruit market are being


regenerated. Somewhere like Humber Street is a


really authentic environment. It is creative, it provides the right


environment for new industries, new creative and digital industries as


well as the arts. That is what makes us what we are, makes us unique,


quirky and this is why our bid is such a great bid.


At Fruit Trade Music a quick burst of song where father and son team


Malcom and Mikey have invested thousands to create music studios.


There are so many well`intentioned people here, right the way down the


street from people opening cafes, breweries, galleries, exhibition


centres to educational centres. There is so much positivity. We want


to give them the confidence if we are lucky enough to be granted the


City of Culture, that we will deliver.


No politicians are amongst those making the final decision, but the


Culture Minister did say Hull's bid was exciting and had the support of


people living here. Earlier, I spoke to the minister on


his visit to Hull's fruit market. What is your early in pressure Hull?


It is a fantastic city. It is of whiskey a great historical city. I


have just been to the Museum of William Wilberforce, and he is a


great hero of mine. I bumped into Philip Larkin had I came off the


train. Andrew Marvell is from here. It is also very modern city. We have


such high unemployment. Is Hull the most deserving city to win, do you


think? Well, the best city with the best bid will win. What is brilliant


about the competition, if you like, is that it allows a lot of cities to


look at what they have got in terms of their cultural offerings, what


makes their city attractive, and put forward the best it. If Hull wins,


it will be because Hull has done the best bid. Everyone is saying our bid


is perhaps the most united. Is there anything else we can do in the final


ten days? I am sure your viewers will know it is an independent panel


who makes a choice, and not politicians. I know people are going


over to Londonderry to make their final pitches this Wednesday. That


is really the last gasp. I think everyone is impressed by their Hull


bid and how United the city is. Some people here fear that there might be


favourable treatment to Dundee in Scotland. What is your reaction to


that? At the risk of repeating myself, the


panel who will bet the final decision does not have a single


politician on it. It is chaired by Phil Redmond from Liverpool. I do


not think there will be thinking about which is the best city. The


best city for politics, I mean. If you were a betting man, who would


win? I can't possibly comment on that. Hull's bid is fantastic. It is


exciting. It has united the city. All parts of the community are


supporting it. It is not just led from the top. It should involve


everyone. And you have absolutely no inference whatsoever? Absolutely


not. There is no point in me saying you are the most charming minister I


have interviewed in 30 years? I think that could be helpful but not


in relation to the bid! Thank you. The culture minister talking to me


this morning. With the decision being made next


week, what would you like to see happen in Hull if the city wins


capital of culture? I look forward to hearing from you


about that. A woman from Hull has admitted


killing her baby daughter while she was suffering from post natal


depression. At Hull Crown Court this morning, 21`year`old Natasha Sultan,


seen here under the black umbrella, pleaded guilty to the infanticide of


five`week`old Amelia Lily Sultan`Curtis in October 2012. The


court heard the baby died from a head injury inflicted by Sultan when


suffering from mental health problems. The baby has died at the


hands of her mother. She would say due to the nature of the birth and


how tired she was, she was affected by that.


Still ahead tonight: Families and friends remembered as Armistice Day


is marked. Thank you for watching.


Karen Millington took this of Beverley Minster.


I noticed Keely Donovan appeared. He is not on holiday again?


I could not possibly comment. I think you code. ` ` I think you


code. The document last week for forgetting to change the timestamp.


You will be sick of methane. Tomorrow looks like a much brighter


day. It was very cloudy today. ` ` you will be sick of me soon. The


rest of the week doesn't look too bad. It will be very windy on


Thursday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday do not look bad at all. We


did have a lots of cloud. We will see further outbreaks of rain and


drizzle spread from the north`west through the evening. You can see


those clearing south eastwards. They will linger around the wash towards


the end of the night. Temperatures will fall, the lowest around about


six or seven. Milder temperatures further north. It looks like a


decent day. We can't rule out the odd shower, but for most places, it


looks dry and bright with decent spells of sunshine. It was mild for


the time of year but it will be cooler tomorrow. Some places will


stay in single figures. Mostly, towns and cities will get up to ten


or 11 Celsius. As we had through the rest of the week, Wednesday, chilly


start. Friday and Saturday, bright. You looked a bit cagey then. I will


get to the bottom of it. Maybe I will just that fibbing and


say he's poorly. Business owners from the East Riding


will find out tonight if they have won at a prestigious prize ceremony


for tourism in Yorkshire Amongst the tourist attractions nominated are


the restaurant 1884 Dock Street Kitchen in Hull, and the Spa at


Bridlington nominated in the Best Business Tourism category at the


annual White Rose Awards. Tributes have been paid for Steve


Prescott, the former Hull FC rugby league player who died on Saturday


aged 39. For seven years, he fought a rare stomach cancer, and during


that time raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity.


Simon Clark looks at the mark Steve Prescott left on people's lives.


Steve Prescott had earned a very special place in Hull supporters'


hearts as an attacking full`back. But when he was struck down by his


illness he dedicated his remaining time to extreme charity fund raising


events. Like this multi`marathon from Hull to Manchester.


It was blowing a gale. It was hailstones, rain. Every weather you


can imagine, we suffered today. He wanted to raise money and awareness


as well. ?WHITE Hull FC will open a book of condolence on Wednesday, but


fans can still pay tribute on the club's web pages.


There has been talk about removing the number one shirt, and that is


something we will be looking at. We need something that will last and


create the right image of a man, and make sure his legacy is remembered


in the right way. Tributes from all over the rugby league world have


been paid to Steve Prescott ` such was his popularity with his fellow


professionals. A really close friend. Someone we admired. We'll


talk about him as a person, but I would also like to remember him as a


fantastic rugby league player. I would describe him as a really


humble individual with no edge on him. The game and the world will be


a lot poorer for his passing. Steve Prescott, here receiving a doctorate


from Hull University for his charity work, was a special player and a


special man. He'll be very sadly missed. Very sad news.


Simon Clark is at the KC Stadium, Steve Prescott was obviously very


well loved and will be greatly missed. What is being planned as a


memorial to him? Hull FC and Saint Helens have begun


negotiations and discussions already. They are the two clubs


Steve Prescott is most closely associated with. We done a precise


details. It could take the form of a challenge, for example. Nothing will


be decided until the involvement of the family. That once take place


until a significant time of mourning has passed. Peter.


Simon, thank you. We will of course keep you posted if we hear anything.


Humberside Police say they are working with Grimsby Town and


Scunthorpe United football clubs to promote the use of organised travel


to and from an FA Cup replay game next week. The first round tie ended


in a nil`nil draw on Saturday. After the game, there was a fight between


fans of both teams. 12 people were arrested and three are still on


bail. The winners of the FA Cup replay


between Grimsby Town and Scunthorpe United will play Northampton Town.


Lincoln City's prize for a replay win over Plymouth would be a match


against Welling United. The Hull City manager Steve Bruce


says he has no complaint after his side were beaten heavily by


Southampton. The Tigers were 3`0 down at half time. Before Yannick


Sagbo pulled a goal back. The game finished four one with Hull now 12th


in the Premier League. On Friday we told you fast food


chain Macdonald's is pulling out of Scunthorpe high street. The decision


has been blamed on a change in shopping habits, and local traders


called it a serious blow to the local economy. Thank you for your


responses on this. Two minutes' silence has been


observed to mark Armistice Day across East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire. People paid their respects in city centres workplaces


and schools. At the Sentamu Academy in Hull, every pupil and teacher


released a balloon to mark their respects. Simon Spark reports.


At 11 o'clock, the only sound in our towns and cities was the rain


falling. Here in Hull, Standards were lowered as the two minutes'


silence began. On the high street in Lincoln, people gathered at the


memorial. And at the senotaph in Mablethorpe. And in the schools.


Here at the Sentamu Academy, they watched images of war while staying


silent. But then they continued to prepare for their own special


service. Here, 1,500 balloons were being filled to connect every pupil


and member of staff to what armistice day was all about. It is


important because my grandad was in the war and most of his friends died


in it. We want to show respect to people who have fallen, and people


in Afghanistan as well. We should never forget about what has


happened. They did it for our freedom. I hope you are hopeful like


me... Many years ago, they went into battle, not knowing if they would


come home, and fought for their current shape, and I think it is a


time to be very proud ` ` fought for their country. He was in the air


force, captured in Singapore. Put in a prison camp. Be thankful you can


stand with me, thinking of those who now cannot. At least we show they


are not forgot. Remembering earlier to day.


The City of Hull Youth Jazz Orchestra are preparing to perform


at the Royal Albert Hall in London this week. The band will join 3,000


young people from across the country who have demonstrated exceptional


talent during Music for Youth's annual festival which has taken


place over the spring and summer. We met the orchestra as they did some


final rehearsals. Amy Cole reports. From this small venue in Hull, to


the world's most famous stage, the Royal Albert Hall. Home to some of


the greatest musicians, such as Nigel Kennedy, and a regular haunt


of the BBC's Proms season. On Wednesday, The City of Hull Youth


Jazz Orchestra will perform a piece of music that has been specially com


posed for them. 17`year`old Becky Cooper is very enthusiastic. I think


it is great. I love how it has been written just for our band as well.


Nobody has come play. I think it is good. ` ` nobody else can play it.


The ban's Jenny has been a long one. A one original festival in March,


and there followed a national one in July. From that, they were handed a


golden ticket to the great Hall. I think it is the biggest thing they


have achieved. We have entered a few times over the years and got the


National Festival, but it has been the final hurdle to play well enough


to be invited to its. In terms of what we try and do, it is the


biggest thing we can achieve. Daniel is lead trombone. On Wednesday, he


will not only play a solo part, but it will be completely improvised.


That is the moment for me when it is like, everything flashes before


you. I have always ideas running through my head ready to, and play.


In that moment, I will be thinking, let's just do it, let's just have


some fun. All were musicians say they have worked really hard, and


can't wait to give it their all. Fantastic. Another Hull success. I


am sure the members of the orchestra will be tuned into night, so good


luck and enjoy Wednesday. If you have a story you think we should


know about and sent our cameras to, send an e`mail.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines. Rescuers in


the Philippines warn there are places in the disaster zone that


they've yet to reach ` more than ten thousand are feared dead. A Hull


charity that's saved hundreds of children from sex offenders is


praised by police. We were talking about the bid for


the City of Culture and I was chatting with the culture minister,


head crazy, who has been in town today. Steve says, tell us how much


it has cost Hull to bid for this, I can see it happening, if I lived in


another city, I wouldn't come here. Bit downbeat there. Somebody else


had, of course Hull will win it, what is not to like? That is from


Peter in Bridlington. Ben says, if Hull wins, they should put the tolls


down some people come to the city, I am from Grimsby. David said, I like


Hull, we visit regularly, it is a great place, lots of museums,


historic places and great shopping, and the location is great beside the


Humber history. David could have written a bit. I also like the deep,


it is a great asset, and we like going on the ferry to Europe.


Finally, Val has been in touch saying, good luck with the last few


days, Hull deserves the title. There is a final presentation on Wednesday


this week, then Wednesday next week, the announcement is made. Join


me tomorrow on the radio if you can. If not, see you tomorrow night. Take




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