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there are major concerns about the spread of disease. That is all from


us. Good evening. Welcome to Look North.


The headlines: As East Yorkshire waits for a decision on a breeding


centre, one scientist says there is an alternative to animal testing.


This is a great exciting breakthrough. We expect 90%


reduction in the use of animals in our research The typhoon in the fill


pines ` workers welcome the support for family and friends. It just


makes everything so less like chaos. `` Philippines. Listen. We are Hull.


The new film for the city is given its premier. Repainting the road


where the lines are the wrong kind of yellow! More sunshine on the way


for tomorrow, but your detailed five`day forecast follows shortly


Good evening. A leading Government scientist says his research could


reduce the number of animals being used for medical testing by 90%.


Professor Robin Williams has spent the last ten years investigating


alternative methods. Tomorrow, East Riding council will decide whether


to approve plans to extend a breeding centre in East Yorkshire


where animals are reared for medical research. Our rural affairs


correspondent, Linsay Smith, has this report. Epilepsy affecting 50


million people worldwide. For the past ten years, it's the subject of


Professor Williams' research. He's made breakthroughs in understanding


which chemicals are control seizures, but arguably a bigger


breakthrough is that his discoveries were not made tested on thousands of


animals but these, social omeba, single cell organisms found on


forest floors. This is a great, great exciting breakthrough. We


expect potentially a 90% reduction in the use of animals in our


research This discovery will tangibly help us make better, safer,


more potent seizure`controlled treatments. Despite dramatically


reducing the number of animals used in his research, Professor Williams


says in the final stage tests, animals would still need to be


included because the difference between Omeba and the human body is


too big There's also a legal requirement in the UK for all new


medicines to be tested on animals. It's something that's very important


when you are asking a human to try a medicine for the first time on


behalf of society to see whether that is safe and effective, to give


them the knowledge that that has been tried in animals before it's


been given straight to a human. Tomorrow, East Riding Council will


decide whether to give planning per in addition a beagle breeding


facility. This video from a company that promotes animal research shows


the type of unit the company want to build. Animals are reared until


required by animal research labs. Protests are expected at the


meeting. Campaigners want a Government debate about the number


of animals used, something Professor Williams says can be dramatically


reduced. We need to change attitudes. The senior scientists and


journalists need to be a bit more open minded about the approach to


research and animal research at that. Wendy Jarrot is from


Understanding Animal Research and is trying to increase awareness on


research. Some scientists, are they stuck in their ways using animals


too readily when they could be using other things? I don't think so. The


law says you can't use an animal if there is a nonanimal alternative.


You won't get a licence from the Home Office to do an animal study if


there's a way to do it without using an animal. Do we have to accept if


we want treatments, we are going to have to continue to use larger


numbers of animals like beagles? We all hope we'll be able to reduce the


animals and the research you have been talking about is very excising


and a lot of research has already happened to develop alternatives to


using animals in medical research. You work closely with a number of


companies, including B K. Are you simply doing the PR for the


pro`animal lobby on their behalf? Well, we are trying to help the


public understand why animals are still needed in some cases in


scientific and medical research. We are not trying to get people to


approve of that. I think it's well accepted that people have mixed


views on this subject, it's a very sensitive subject. In many cases,


people just don't have the information to make up their own


minds about the issue. That's what we are about, trying to help people


understand it better. Can you understand why this issue is


controversial, it's not that far removed from farming, which is what


I was being told on the radio today? I can understand why it's a


controversial issue and in many ways it's like farming, it's a way we as


society have decided to use animals. I know a scientist who researches


onle animals who is vegetarian, who won't wear leather, keep a pet,


because he feels they are unnecessary uses of animals, whereas


if we want medical progress and new medicines for humans and animals, we


do need, unfortunately at the moment still, to use animals for research


Thank you very much indeed As councillors prepare to decide on


whether or not to grant permission for a larger breeding centre, how


important is it for animals to be used in medical research? We'd like


your thoughts on this one: That decision, the permission for


the expansion of the breeding centre there is being made tomorrow. We'll


let you know what happens and continue to follow that story. Look


forward to hearing from you In a moment on the programme, how money


raised by Children In Need is helping Paralympic athletes of the


future The people of Hull will be at the forefront of its bid to become


the UK City of Culture. Today, the team leading the bid has premiered a


film that will be shown to the competition's judges on Thursday. In


the audience was some of the hundreds of people who have starred


in the film. They say that they're convinced it will help Hull win the


City of Culture It took five weeks to make and stars


thousands of people from Hull Including the actor, Sir Tom


Courtney. Let me tell you something about this city. All of us were all


just passing through and we have all been here forever. This film will


open Hull's bid to become City of Culture 2017. The golden rules of


Hull... Don't pretend you are something you are not. Don't think


you are better than anyone else... Or that anyone is better than you...


Don't shout about it, get on with it.


ALL: We are Hull. Hull. Its producers hopes it will have a real


impact on the judges. The rest of it is dry facts and figures. It's about


buildings and capacity and economic development. But this is really


about people and this is really saying this is a great city with


fantastic people and it's a brilliant place to be. If they get


that, then yes, it would be great to think that that makes a contribution


At the premier, those who star in the film, including trinity House


brethren, Phillip watts and schoolgirl Ruby Stevenson. Felt


quite emotional because it's like, you have lived here alyour life and


it makes you really proud. Very pleased and proud to represent the


city en mass and to put it in a good light. It gets far too much bad


press, does Hull. This city belongs to everyone. And you know when it's


your turn. And it's our time. Listen. We are Hull The film also


features David who runs a shop and arts projects in the city. Hull's


always had a stigma with, you know, unemployment, but with the arts, we


have always been rich in that area. I've noticed dance, drama, all the


arts, Hull's always been rich like that. It will be good for Hull We


are all visitors and we have all been here forever. The film has been


screened all day at the art gallery, showing people in Hull what the


judges will see of them . Hull! Hull! Hull! Say yes to Hull! Say yes


to freedom It really is a good film, you must see it. Ann`Marie is in


Hull at the moment. How important is this film to the bid then? Well,


Peter, it's the very first thing the City of Culture judges would see.


It's certainly got people talking already since it was launched this


morning. It's had over a thousand views online. One of the people


who'll show it to the judges is Mark, the artistic director at the


theatre, he's part of the delegation that's going to see the judges in


Londonderry. Mark, how important is this video to the bid? I find it an


incredibly moving piece of work. This fantastic city is behind this


bid, wants it, needs it and it's a great testament that Hull is ready


to deliver. It gives you a chance to take the people with you? That's


important for us. In the consultation period there was over


200 consultations putting the bid together and the voice of the people


were smack back in the middle of the bid `` smack bang. It's a testament


of the meaning of Hull and what we can achieve. Thank you very much. It


would be right on this very spot that we'll find out next Wednesday


if that video and the bid as a whole has won it for Hull Thank you very


much. Next Wednesday is the day and, by the way, you can read more about


the city's bid and also see the video in full online if you go to


the website. I had an interview with Ed vasy, the


Culture Minister, yesterday, and a couple of the many messages that


came through to us: Thank you very much. We'll continue


to follow the story A mother from Hull who admitted killing her baby


while suffering from postnatal depression, has avoided jail


21`year`old Natasha Sultan was given a three`year supervision order and


banned from working with children She pleaded guilty. The court heard


the baby died from a head injury A restaurant in Hull has been named


the best in Yorkshire The winner is... 1884... 1884 Dock Street Kym


un only been open 18 months `` Dock Street Kitchen. I cook for customers


what I would want to eat really. That's what ends up pleasing people.


We are a young business, a young team, everyone tries really hard, we


cook seasonally, regionally, locally. Well done to them. The


Bridlington Spa only pickd up an award, winning best business tourism


award. The visitor centre at the Humber Bridge was highly commended


as well. Well done to all three. Filipino crew members at the port of


Hull are still waiting to hear if their families are safe in the


aftermath of last Friday's typhoon. Four are from the areas where


thousands have been left homeless. The storm which struck on Friday is


thought to have killed 10,000. Today, the crew from P Ferries,


Pride of Rotterdam, spoke to us, about their fears. Half a world away


and too far from home. From a ferry in Hull, the family struck by the


typhoon which wrought destruction We are very angry and thirsty. Little


comfort to these four waiting to hear of friends and family. My


brother lives in Leyte. It's a problem because I hear that


everything is devastated. They just live near the coast, you know, so


I'm worried. There is no communication from my mother and


father. It doesn't work. There is no electricity. We are collecting


Closing Ceremonies to donate to the victims of the typhoon 80 Filipinos


work on board the Pride of Rotterdam, most earnings going home,


but charity is also now welcome We are thankful to the Government and


the people of England that they donated ?10 million Getting aid


direct to the survivors is an aim shared by the Filipino community.


Tomorrow, the seafarers centre is hold prayers. We have a lot of


seafarers come here and Grimsby. 65% of them in fact are from the


Philippines Back on board Hull's Pride of Rotterdam, another


overnight sailing awaits. Work will be a welcome distraction for those


affected. Sometimes you wake in the middle of the night and just, you


know, everything's all in chaos. I'm here and I can do nothing. For all,


news can't come fast enough Thank you for watchingings Still ahead:


Jew Dee provided loost year's unsung sporting hero. In a moment, we'll


find out who has won this year's award. The yellow lines which have


to be repainted because they are the wrong shade of yellow


Let's get forecast. Paul is here. Good evening. Thank you very much.


It certainly was a beautiful day today. Looks like a very similar day


to come tomorrow with mainly sunny skies. A real tonic for this time of


the year. Apart from some rain to come late tomorrow evening, it


should be a mostly fine day. High pressure in charge. This weather


front will bring some rain in from the west late tomorrow evening into


tomorrow night and should clear in time to leave us with a mostly fine


day on Thursday. You can see lots of clear weather right now. This


evening will be clear and it's been breezy today. That wind will slowly


ease Could be a widespread ground frost, temperatures generally


between one and four. A lovely start to the day tomorrow.


As by crisp in places, but lots of sunshine. Apart from some fair


weather cloud, it's dry and bright with some good spells of sunshine


There is the weather front that will bring some rain but not until after


dark. Later tomorrow, it turns wet for the rest Top temperatures not


far from normal for this time of the year.


Wednesday night there'll be some rain at times. A bit of a damp start


on Thursday morning, otherwise dry and sunny with a fresh


north`westerly. You had a night off last night didn't you, but I dropped


you right in it I'm not sad enough to watch on a day off! I have a


question for you. A viewer says either my cat likes Peter very much


or Peter smells of chicken! Classic photo All sorts of replies going


through my mind. No, no, no! I'll say what a pretty picture! Think of


the mortgage repayments! Money raised for Children In Need could


help more paralympian athletes in Lincolnshire. The county's sports


partnership has just bought two racing wheelchairs with the money


from the charity It's hoped youngsters will be inspired by Jamie


Carter who competed in the London 2012. Welcome to the world of power


chair footie. At this new group in Lincoln, youngsters are refining


their ball skills. The hope is one day they'll be as good as this guy,


Charlie plays for the England team. A lot of able`bodied people with


play football. This brings in all disabilities and everyone can get


involved in the sport at a basic or high level. It's brilliant for


everyone. It's not just power chair. The Lincolnshire sports partnership


also trains people in wheelchair racing. It's a real hard sport. It's


really hard to explain. The wheelchairs are light so you can't


lean backwards otherwise you will fall over. You need speed and air


resistance. I have cerebral palsy. I'm very competitive so in a sport


like this, like wheelchair sport, it gives me a chance to get up there


with the best. They are getting a special coaching session today Jamie


Carter competed at the London Paralympics. When I started, I found


wheelchair racing the hardest sport to get into. There's nowhere in


Lincolnshire like this so to have these chairs, for the kids to be


able to come down and have a go, it's great. These two new racing


chairs and specialist gloves are here thanks to money donated to


Children In Need One of the choirs now could turn one of the kids into


a future paralympian. The children, because they don't get the chance to


do this, they don't even know that, depending on their level of


disability, they could be a world champion in the making now. Time to


put the new wheels to the test Children In Need is on Friday. Last


year, it was a pair of judo coaches, this year a different sport is being


recognised for the unsung hero for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. The


judging panel including lots of sporting heroes He's funny. Gives a


bit of discipline. Wants you to get really good at basketball. They


teach really good. Quite funny. The best coach I've ever had. They are


young people from a primary school in Hull and they love basketball.


Land, focus and miss again! They were introduced to the sport by Neil


Kelsey, he's spent decades on court volunteering his time for his sport.


It's for this he's been nominated as East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire's


unsung hero for 2013. . I guarantee Neil is out there some time all the


time coaching somebody to play bass debt ball. That's why I nominated


him `` basketball. Neil's also raised thousands of pounds, setting


up his disability club, Stingers in Motion, for example, cost ?18,000


for the wheelchairs alone. This year, the judges desclaired Neil


Kelsey the winner There are so many talented kids in this city and


region that don't ever get seen if they don't play rugby or football or


whatever. It's really rewarding when you see these. You have seen how


talented some of them are at seven and eight years of age. That's why


I'm still doing it I never played basketball before I came to this


school, I could barely bounce a ball, but I've got better. Really


happy because he's a really good coach. He does give a bit of


discipline, but that's just to make us better basketball players Apart


from winning the trophy, Neil gets a night out at the BBC Sports


personality of the year event Hull city owners say the club could be


known as the Hull Tigers before the start of next season. The owner met


with the fans to hear why they oppose the change. Today, he said he


preferred the name Hull Tigers? Yes, nothing will change no matter what


they say. Look, they can sing City until they die as much as they like.


First it was the bakers shop which was the wrong colour, now people in


Louth have been told their double yellow lines will have to be painted


a different shape. Conservation rules mean the markings on Upgate,


have to be a pail yellow and narrow We have been to Louth to find out


more In the Georgian market town of Louth, there's no shortage of bright


colours. But some shades are deemed unsuitable It's not that bright


yellow isn't welcome here, but colours like the one on the door are


not welcome on the town's roads. That's because it's a conservation


area where the colour of choice needs to be primrose These markings,


the normal shade and width on most roads, are being removed by the


council, who painted on the wrong ones. I would like to apologise on


behalf of Lincolnshire County Council. People have complained and


raised issues with the lines. It's not important enough to bother


changing them. They'll want renewing before long so they could do it


then. It's not just road markings. In the town centre, one bake ry has


been asked by the district council to alter its lime green front to be


more in keeping with the area. We are in a gorgeous Georgian market


town and there are issues of conservation, simple as that. Some


colours don't fit, but we like bright colours with bright friendly


people Louth is not alone in its quest against colour. A couple in


Devon were ordered by their local council to repaint their 17th


century cottage and in Suffolk, a chef, Marco Pierre White, was


ordered to darken the shade of his hotel. Louth will continue to be a


colourful place to visit The colours of Louth there. If you have a story


we should know about, give us the details and let us know about that


Eus recap the main national and regional headlines: Hundreds of


thousands of people are still without food or shelter after the


typhoon in the Philippines. As East Yorkshire awaits a decision on a


breeding centre, one scientist says he can cut the need for testing on


animals. Tomorrow's weather: Dry with sunshine. Cloud increasing


later with patchy rain by the evening. Temperatures mild getting


up in the afternoon to around nine. Responses on the subject of testing


on animals: Amy in Lincoln says she doesn't agree with the testing but


it's helpful to improve treatment on animals It should be done when only


needed and as a last resort. She says no animals are harmed in any


way, shape or form and are looked after just like pets. Daniel says


all the people who object should be the first in line to use new drugs


that haven't been tested. Let's see how many would volunteer. Michael


says man's breast friend betrayed by man, we are so backward, more money


should go to alternative testing. Alan says if we continue to accept


that animals are required in medical experimentings, we would not


increase our efforts to find alternative methods of finding


cures. And Jo says it's vital for society, can't people understand


progress requires sacrifice. Join me on the radio tomorrow if you can.


Thank you for watching. Bye.


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