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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Commonwealth Summit in Sri Lanka. That is all from the BBC News at


six. On BBC One we join the news teams where you are.


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight: claims


that controversial housing benefit changes are leaving tenants with


growing debts. We need to make some tough decisions in the nine months


to come. It will lead to some infections and an increase in


homelessness. `` elections. `` even sections.


The long walk home ` why the road into one Lincolnshire village will


be closed at Christmas. We'll show you how your Children in Need


donations have helped East Yorkshire youngsters. And we bring you all the


fun of the field. We are having a party.


Tomorrow will be mostly dry low cloud will increase through the day.


It was designed to free up homes for larger families and save money but


now councils in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire say changes to the


housing benefit system are pushing tenants into financial crisis. Since


April people claiming the benefit have been charged for every spare


bedroom prompting critics to call it the bedroom tax. The government


insists the changes are working but the Labour party want it scrapped.


Now in North Lincolnshire it's claimed there's a shortage of


smaller properties and in Hull almost 2,000 people have fallen


behind with their rent. Sarah Corker reports. Thousands of people living


in council houses that are too big for them ` and getting housing


benefit to pay for it. The government's solution ` tenants


either downsize or are charged for each spare room. Critics call it the


bedroom tax. There is a shortage of smaller homes. The council has


recently renovated around 60 of these bedsits to help rid the man.


`` meet demand. It is a financial crisis for individuals. The council


is doing everything it can but there are limits to what we can achieve


without sufficient numbers. In East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire `


research shows since April, more tenants have fallen behind in rent.


The highest figure is in North East Lincolnshire ` 69% of those affected


by the policy are in rent arrears. In Hull ` 64%. Boston ` just over


half are in debt. I first met Maria in February ` she lives alone in


this three bed house in Hull. She's charged for her two spare rooms and


is now ten weeks behind in rent. I would pay around ?9 every week rent.


That has now jumped to ?36. I am falling more and more behind. We


have 400,000 people in over crowded accommodation...


The government says it needs to free up larger houses ` like Maria's `


for families stuck on a waiting list. I would ask the opposition to


work with local authorities. To actually help constituents downsize


so they can live within their means. In Scunthorpe many tenants do want


to move but can't. While they are waiting they have to pay. Other


people might be waiting, housed in temporary accommodation. Everybody


ends up paying more money. It will lead to an increase in homelessness.


An emergency fund is helping those most in need but the government says


the taypayer can no longer afford to pay for spare bedrooms.


Earlier I spoke to Robert Oxley from the TaxPayers Alliance and asked him


if the majority of people backed the government's plans to remove the


spare room subsidy. When you put neutral questions to the public they


back reforms to welfare. They back the principles. They know that


council houses at a precious resource and that many people should


not have a spare room. But in north`east Lincolnshire 69% of


people are in arrears. That implies the policy not working. Councils are


not using discretionary payments correctly. More needs to be done to


make sure that people are downsizing. There is a huge waiting


list of people in overcrowded situations. So you're pointing the


finger at the councils rather than the government? For years we have


politicians claiming that they know how many homes people need and


arcing planning laws getting in the way. `` arcane. But now there is a


chance to make sure people adding more appropriate accommodation. The


housing is simply not there. 70 people chasing every 31`bedroom flat


in Hull alone. `` Beverly `` every free one`bedroom flat. Should the


government ploughed on? They need to recognise this is only half a step


to solving the problem. Planning rules continue to get in the way.


Thank you. We want to hear from you on this


story. Get in touch. Coming up: Most of Lincolnshire's


threatened libraries could be saved from closure.


It's just over a month until Christmas but how would you feel if


your house was almost cut off for the whole festive period? Residents


of a Lincolnshire village say they are furious about being 'marooned'


by engineering works. Network Rail say they need to carry out the works


on the railway line which runs through Saxilby. Closing a level


crossing in the village will cut off those who live on West Bank for two


weeks. It's because plans to build a temporary road fell through. Simon


Spark has the story. West Bank is a dead end street. It's only vehicle


access into the centre of Saxilby is over this crossing. But Network Rail


will need to keep the crossing closed for a huge amount of new


signalling works, which will cut people off for the entire Christmas


period. They are a large corporate company who think they can run


roughshod over ordinary people. Why inconvenience all of us like this?


Over the Christmas period? It is appalling. When these gates close


for two weeks on the 20th December, a shuttle bus will bring residents


to this point. They'll then need to walk down this path to get another


shuttle bus on the other side. But this is why elderly residents are


concerned, in many places the path is thin and the weather will be


wintry and unpredictable. But this is the route they'll need to travel


with all their Christmas goods. Well this is where that footpath ends and


it's from here that they'll be collected by another shuttle bus to


take in them into the centre of the village to collect their cars. Joyce


and Bert are the oldest residents, both in their 80s. Until a fortnight


ago, we understood that there was going to be a road round out. Then


they have said, there is not. They have lead us astray. And now we are


fascinating, really. But some can see the positive side. Times like


this remind you were the community. This is a community project.


This work was originally planned for the summer but had to be deferred


because the route was being used for rail diversions necessitated by the


spoil heap slip at Hatfield colliery. Unfortunately the next


time this essential work could be planned was Christmas.


But for many residents here it's the worst possible time.


A 23`year`old man has been released on bail and another released with no


further action after they were arrested on suspicion of death by


dangerous driving on Wednesday night. Fifteen year old Koen Allwood


was hit by a car while crossing Dam Road in Barton Upon Humber. He'd


just broadcast his first internet radio show. A 15`year`old girl who


was with him is in Hull Royal Infirmary with serious injuries.


A ?100 million plan has been announced for a new stadium, 500


homes, a shopping park and part of a relief road in Boston. It was


revealed as directors at Boston United said they want to move the


club to a new site off the A16 in the south of the town. The lease on


the current ground expires in 2018. Just over four years away. The clock


is ticking. We need to move. The current ground is unsustainable. It


is great, but it is old and needs a lot of work.


A 20`year`old man from Scunthorpe has been jailed for attacking and


robbing his grandmother. The woman who is in her eighties was found


sitting outside her house in Scunthorpe in July with serious head


injuries. Her grandson ` Jason Mace ` pleaded guilty to the attack.


Today at Grimsby Crown Court he was jailed for seven years.


A Canadian company will return to the East Yorkshire village of


Walkington in the New Year, to conduct further tests for oil.


Rathlin Energy previously erected a drilling rig at the site in their


search for fossil fuels. It was understood their explorations had


finished. But they need further laboratory samples before deciding


whether it's commercially viable. Almost all of Lincolnshire's


libraries that were threatened with closure could remain open. The


county council had proposed closing 30 community libraries but says


volunteers have come forward to run twenty four of them. `` 24. And it's


extending a deadline to allow bids for the other six. Jake Zuckerman is


in our Lincoln newsroom now ` Jake, what has the county council said?


The county council says it's still finalising plans, but it hopes all


of the libraries could stay open. Although it does still need to find


?2 million of savings. The council says that community groups have now


come forward to run nearly all of its libraries ` that's similar to


the way Saxilby library is run already. That's manned by volunteers


to keep it open. If the community had not come forward, we would be a


very different situation. I grateful and encouraged that not only will


they potentially have community library, it could be a hub for other


services also. When the council announced it might


have to close libraries, there were protests, and people signed


petitions against the plans. The group trying to save Lincolnshire's


libraries has said that it wants professional librarians rather than


volunteers working in libraries. Today, those against the closures


say the council hasn't listened to what people wanted in the


consultation. The opinion of the people is that they are angry and


upset about the situation. They want a professionally run the library,


the second option was a community run the library with volunteers.


Third was a mobile library. But it came out very strongly that they


wanted a professional library, not volunteer run.


The county council says more than half of the 280 threatened mobile


libraries also look close to being saved. A final decision on the


future of the library service as a whole, will be made next month.


Still ahead tonight: Some of the unusual things you've been doing to


raise money for Children in Need And now the weather.


The fundraising continues. Join me later.


Keep your pictures coming. This was taken by James Mason. And artistic


picture of the sky. As we head to this evening it is


going to stay fine and dry. Again, tomorrow it stays dry with sunny


spells. Cloud will increase. Today has not been that bad. Some decent


spells of sunshine and temperatures getting up to a roundabout the 11


Celsius. Some spot will see Falkirk forming. Especially to the south. ``


fog. Under the cloud, about six Celsius. Tomorrow morning, the sun


will rise at 7:29am. Here are the high water times. There could well


be some patchy fog. Particularly across more southern areas. The best


of the bright and sunny spells will be throughout the morning.


Particularly in East Yorks. Thick cloud could produce dazzle. But most


of us will stay dry. Temperatures reaching 11 Celsius but it will be


cloudy so it will not feel that pleasant. The next couple of days,


going into Sunday, a weak front producing rain and basil. `` dazzle.


`` drizzle. I choose day, highs of just five Celsius. `` by Tuesday.


People across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have been busy raising


money for BBC's Children in Need. People across East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire have been busy Last year, this area collected ?300,000,


and today's events culminate in a huge Pudsey Party which has just


started at Sirius Academy in Hull. Let's go live there now and talk to


our reporter Caroline Bilton. Caroline, what's going on there


tonight? Welcome. We are having all the fun


here. We have a coconut shy. Take a look. Doing everything to raise


money. We have got plenty of people with money and that there are


pockets. `` money in their pockets. Let's take a look at some of the


things you have been up to throughout the region. You have not


let us down. We will see more later in the programme. Every penny raised


goes to charity. One project in Bedlington are doing their bit to


take children off the streets. Halloween may be long gone but it is


all about making happy memories for his children. They all regularly


visit this centre which runs craft classes and Child centred activities


for youngsters from impoverished backgrounds. It keeps them off the


streets. Gives them something to do. You never know who is hanging about


the part. It is very important to my little boy. They enjoy it. The


children love what of the centre has to offer. You can go and do stuff.


Quizzes. I like the arts and crafts sessions. And the Friday sessions,


we do fun stuff. Painting and stuff. I have been on the computer. It is


really good? Yes. I am bored if I don't come. The charity has gone


from strength to strength. All the equipment repurchase, the sessions


we run, none of it would be possible without the money. We really rely on


it to help further the project. The sessions are enjoyed by everyone. I


love my job. I don't mind getting up for it in the morning. Nobody can


argue with that. That is just one charity that has


benefited from BBC Children In Need. We will see more of what you have


been doing later in the programme. We are having a great time. We are


having a party. Doing lots to raise money. Take a look at this. ?25,000.


What have you done to raise that money? Through our making a


difference locally fund. Selling special goods in the store. That is


what it is all about. We have got all the fun going on here tonight. I


will be broadcasting live throughout the evening. I hope you can stay


with us. We will do our bit. Back to you.


If you are going along, enjoy. If you're watching, 7:30pm on BBC One.


A report on the first anniversary of Police and Crime Commissioners has


praised the Lincolnshire and Humberside PCC's for their work. The


study says Humberside's Matthew Grove and Lincolnshire's Alan


Hardwick were some of the best for being transparent and for the way


they've spent public money. Mr Grove was named as second best Police and


Crime Commissioner in the country. It ranges through to information on


what is being spent, what the office spends, what contracts they are


awarding. If Humberside and the PCC were a football club, they would be


competing for a European place, and have a shot at the title.


Thank you to all of those who got in contact with us yesterday after we


heard from the Commissioner for the Humberside Police area, Matthew


Grove. Here are some of the messages:


supporters going to the FA Cup replay on Tuesday are being asked to


use coaches to travel to the game. There were 12 arrests at the derby


match last weekend. In football this weekend Scunthorpe United can move


in to the automatic promotion places in League Two with a win against


Accrington. You can hear full commentary of that game on BBC Radio


Humberside's FM frequency. Grimsby Town's trip to Tamworth is on medium


wave and digital radio. BBC Radio Lincolnshire will have full


commentary of Lincoln City's match at Forest Green. Their spot


programme is on air from 2pm. All day our cameras have been out


across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire to see what you have


been doing to raise money for Children in Need. Here are some of


the highlights. It's been really good to take


photos. There is a red velvet chocolate cake


that has my name on it. We have been following a route


across Yorkshire. We are selling cake we made at our


house. Really, really exciting. Everything we're doing is all about


children in need. Ordinarily people out on the streets


having a good time. That is what it is all about.


It has been busier than last year. The local total should be higher.


One e`mail says, we had a sponsored spell, and cake bake. Thank you to


everybody fundraising. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. Protesters surround the Prime Minister's


motorcade as he makes a controversial visit to Sri Lanka for


the Commonwealth Conference. There are claims that tenants are facing


debts and homelessness because of changes to housing benefit.


Tomorrow's weather, the best of the brightness will be early on. Cloudy


with a chance of rain. Top temperatures, mild, 10 Celsius.


The bedroom tax. A big response. We says my mother is unable to move


home because the children have moved out. She cannot afford gasoline at


visitor. It is a disgrace. The council could not care less. Steve


said he was offered a two bedroom flat. I is single person, if I


turned it down I would have lost my position on the waiting list.


Another viewer, there is no system of benefits for me, just taxes. No


sympathy. Lucy says, why should I subsidise others? Many people say


that. Mark says, for too long people are holding onto their council homes


after the family moved out. Pay for it with a premium. Good night.


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