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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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child abuse. That is all from the BBC News at six.


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight: Final


tributes for the rugby league legend Steve Prescott.


The fact the church was so busy says so much about what type of bloke he


was. A warning to drivers caught using


their mobile phone behind the wheel. You are gambling with your life and


you are gambling with other people 's lives.


Taking to the Strictly stage ` the the hero who jumped into a water


filled ditch to rescue a trap motorist. And taking to the Strictly


stage. A risk of ice and frost ahead.


Hundreds of people broke out in spontaneous applause as the coffin


of former Hull FC rugby league player Steve Prescott arrived at


church this morning for his funeral. The 39`year`old died this month


after he lost his seven year battle with a rare form of stomach cancer.


During that time he raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity


and retains a special place in the hearts of sports fans across the


country. Phillip Norton reports from his home town of St Helens.


From clubs of all colours. Family, friends and fundraisers. The


sporting world united in applause for Steve Prescott. St Mary's Lowe


House church in his native St Helens was packed for the service to


remember his life. More than 2,000 mourners, including the England


Rugby League team, gathered to say their farewells.


We are here to celebrate Steve's life. We have more and and we will


continue to do so but we must remember this great person.


Steve Prescott was a legend on the pitch for Hull FC, as well as St


Helens, England and Ireland. But in 2006, he was given just months to


live when he was diagnosed with a rare form of stomach cancer. He


remained defiant, courageously completing gruelling challenges and


marathons, raising almost half a million pounds for charity. His son


Taylor paid tribute to his dad during the service.


When I was five, I made him a promise that I would always do my


best and follow my dream of being a sportsman. I would make him as proud


of me as I am of him. We will miss him but we will love him for ever.


Outside, in drizzle and rain, the crowds remained. Hull FC fans and


representatives standing side by side with other mourners.


Towards the end of the service, his life was lovingly summed up. Thank


you but 39 years of hope and inspiration. We will make sure your


name goes on and on. We will let everyone know you were truly one in


a million. He was a fantastic bloke. He was one


of the best fullbacks I have ever seen. I'm just glad I could come.


A private service was held shortly afterwards. A final goodbye to an


inspiration and a man whose legacy will live on.


In a moment: As unemployment begins to fall in parts of the country `


how are these four job`seekers faring in their hunt for work? A


woman from Hull whose mother was killed by a texting driver says


mobile phones should be switched off completely when behind the wheel.


New figures show almost 5500 people in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire


have points on their licence for driving while distracted. Now a


Yorkshire`based charity is calling for phones to be locked away before


drivers set off. Driven to distraction. Whether it's


the pressure of modern life or the tedium of the traffic, the claim is


too many reach for their mobile phone. But the consequences can be


severe. Dawn Timming's mother Mary died on an East Yorkshire road.


She'd just been given the all clear from cancer when she was involved in


a head on collision. The person that was driving towards


Hull was texting on their fallen and lost control of the beer call and


hit her head on. `` lost control of the vehicle. Those of us left behind


are trying to put our lives back together without that person.


A campaign group is calling for people to turn off their mobile


phones or pack them away safely. Pro`driving groups insist that


hands`free kits as a and people shouldn't have to turn their forms


of altogether. The deterrent against using even a


hand`held phone isn't great so we would like to see that buying put up


to a minimum of ?8,000 `` ?1000. I don't have Bluetooth or anything.


If I'm driving, I can ignore it. Of course there are other distractions


` cigarettes, food, even passengers. The question being posed by road


safety campaigners I would say turn it off, silence,


get it away, because the temptation is too great.


Earlier, I spoke to John Siddle from the Lincolnshire Road Safety


Partnership and asked him whether he thought phones in cars should be


banned completely. We talk about mobile phones and we


have the disparity here between a hand`held phone and hands`free


phones. The same applied to both, they are both as dangerous as each


other. People have been eating and drinking


behind the wheel for years. I can't see the difference.


There is a big difference. Statistically your reaction time is


35% slower when you are on the phone and driving than that of a drunk


driver. It can't be more dangerous than drinking.


If you need to drop your mobile if you are in trouble, you can. You can


suddenly sober up. We have found there is a physical


distraction. What about a parent with two


screaming kids in the back of the car? Would you ban them.


A man who jumped into a water`filled ditch to rescue a motorist who was


trapped upside down in a crashed car has been described as a hero by


police. Andy Stubbs says he went to help after his wife heard the crash


near their home in Brothertoft near Boston. He says the road where it


happened is an accident black spot and wants the council to make


improvements to make it safer. Amy Cole is there. It was purely by


chance that the driver got any help at all. Andy and his family were at


a remembrance service for someone who had died in a road traffic


accident when they heard a noise coming from the ditch. They could


see the car in the ditch and that it had started to take on water and the


driver was trapped inside. It was pitch black and getting cold. The


police say that the driver is very lucky to be alive.


It appears that the driver ended up in this ditch, for reasons unknown.


There was a car overturned in the dream. I helped to calm him down.


His head was above the water so we helped them a little bit until


people arrived. Andy reckons that the driver was in


the ditch for about 45 minutes. Lincolnshire Police praised Andy's


willingness to help. Lotsa people would say that lots of


other people would do that but only certain people can step up to the


mark. I think he saved the driver's life. We have had about eight or


nine incidents of people going into the drain. I have reported this to


the council but have had no success in getting anything done. He hopes


that the council will now act. Andy has told me that he has spoken


to the Highways Agency and the wheels `` they will send out people


to look at the ditch. That ditch has more than a ten foot vertical drop.


It is very dangerous and there are always people like Andy on hand


willing to help out. Well done to Andy.


Still ahead tonight: Putting on a show at the Blackpool tower ballroom


` the Grimsby dancers starring on the Strictly stage.


The roar as we came out was just phenomenal.


That's a great story. Tonight 's picture now. Tracy Needham took this


of Brantingham in East Yorkshire. I have had an e`mail saying that


they saw you in a cafe. They say you look better in the flesh.


For the next 24 hours it is colder. We will have a frost tonight but


plenty of sunshine tomorrow. Just the risk of one or two wintry


showers along the coast. The cold front is still across Lincolnshire


so still in narrow ribbon of rain pushing out. It will be cold


tonight. A widespread frost and watch out for icy patches. The sun


will rise at these times. Watch out on the roads first thing.


A crisp start but a sunny one. Just the hint of a new wintry showers


along the coast. Inland it will be dry but you will notice how cold the


air is. We morning has a wet start in places turning brighter. Sunny


intervals and scattered showers on Thursday.


You should be using their ibid more make up their need is to wet the


receding hairline. That got you! The latest figures show a fall in


unemployment across the country. But in the Yorkshire and Humber region


and across the East Midlands, which includes Lincolnshire, more than


400,000 people are still looking for work. Last month we introduced you


to these four ` Teri, Stefan, Josh and Jess `who're all hoping to find


employment. Four weeks on, Gemma Dawson has been to find out how


they're getting on. I'm job`hunting. I wonder if you


have any job vacancies. Teri has been unemployed for four years and


are starting to give up hope. Since I first met her last month, she has


spent hours pounding the pavements looking for vacancies. I have been


trying my best but it just gets me down. I can't do any more than my


best and I just feel upset. Back at her apartment, Teri admits she's


struggling with debt. This is the longest I've ever been


between jobs. I don't know what to do. Stephan has also remained


unemployed. `` Stefan. It's all right looking


for work but if you cannot get anybody to employ you, you have two


employ yourself. Josh is also making plans for the


future. He is one month into his traineeship and is hoping to work at


the builders merchants. I am still the siding which one to


choose. Jess is already getting a taste of


work. This is her first be helping out at the new primary school. It


has been stressful because it is the first day back at work but I have


enjoyed it and it has reassured me that working with children is


something that I want to do. But these four are still searching


for their happy ending as they continue to prepare for work.


We wish them well. And we'll continue to follow the four as they


try to find a job here on BBC Look North over the next few months.


They went to practice their scuba`diving but ended up at the


centre of one of the worst storms in history. Now soldiers have been


describing how they helped after the typhoon.


That is a typhoon coming in over the mountain.


We are talking a freight train passed the window and doors for two


hours. It was full on. We took shelter in what we thought was the


safest structure which was concrete building but we realised the


following morning that the roof had been lifted off.


This is where they were in relation to the eye of the storm. There were


hundreds of miles away but the storm still had power. Now back at their


base in East Yorkshire, they are taking stock of the recovery


operation. Most of the population live in rough


hearts with bamboo panels. `` rough huts.


We were clearing trees with machetes. We just did the best we


could with what we had. The locals are very resilient.


They have been lucky to escape one of the strongest storms in history.


This is one training exercise these men won't forget.


Volunteers from the Royal Voluntary Service have been told they'll have


to compete with high street brands to run coffee shops at hospitals in


Goole and Scunthorpe. North Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Trust


says asking people to bid to run the catering facilities will improve the


service for patients and visitors. Utterly appalled and disgraced that


they could even consider this. We are told that hospitals are not


having budget cuts so there is no need for this.


The Strictly Come Dancing spotlight has been on Grimsby over the past


few weeks as 11 million people watch the progress of locally`born


professional dancer Kevin Clifton and his celebrity partner Susanna


Reid. This week though there was more than just Kevin representing


North Lincolnshire. It was a family affair on BBC One as the whole


Clifton family starred on the programme. Simon Spark reports.


On Saturday's Strictly, Grimsby's on Kevin Clifton and Susannah reads got


three tens. Kevin's sister, here on the right, .


Kevin and I danced on that floor for many years so it was emotional.


The rest of his family were there as well. They are seen here opening the


show. They were watching the show back today.


I didn't believe it at first. I thought it was a joke.


Every time that music comes on now, here stands up on the back of your


neck. The Road was just phenomenal. I cannot describe it. `` the roar.


Is it too early to dear to hope? As soon as they say his name, my


stomach goes... I was so proud. I had a few tears. I think they are


doing really well and I think they should win.


Fantastic dans on Saturday. It continues next Saturday. Let's get a


recap of the national and regional headlines.


Two Internet giants are to crack down on Internet child abuse search


terms. Hundreds line the streets to pay their respects to the Hull FC


star Steve Prescott. Tomorrow's weather: A frosty start


with icy patches. Otherwise most places dry with just a small chance


of a wintry shower, mainly along the coast. Cold with a maximum


temperature four Celsius. We've had a big response on the


story about driving with mobile phones. Annie says that phones


should be turned off and put in the boot of the car. Our daughter was


nearly knocked off her bike. Another correspondent says what about


changing the radio station? When is it going to stop? Steve says, nanny


state going over the top again. It won't along before the driver is


sealed in a separate box away from any distraction altogether. Have a


nice evening. Goodbye. 'We wanna do


a science fiction series.' CS Lewis meets HG Wells meets


Father Christmas, that's the Doctor.


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