19/11/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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transformation of the NHS in England. That is all from the BBC


News at Good evening. Thank you for joining


us. Welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight... On a collision


course over rural housing. A public inquiry begins over plans to build


hundreds of homes in the countryside. It is usually built


first, worry about services later. One or two possibly, but 500`600?


Definitely no! More delays for drivers as a main


route into Hull is to close for the festive period. It is a nightmare,


because they are doing all the roadworks. Having to use a different


route. People still have to work across Christmas.


Why creating new islands could help save the Lincolnshire coast.


And the Queen Bee helping one nursery buzz into the record books.


And a frosty night to come, but what about the next few days? Join me


later to find out. Good evening. According to the Prime


Minister, the only way to solve Britain's housing crisis is for more


homes to be built in the countryside. But it's a policy


that's put him on a collision course with Tory`run councils like East


Riding. Today a public inquiry began into plans for 500 new homes at


Melton Fields near North Ferriby. The planning application was


rejected by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council earlier this year.


The final decision will now be made by the government. Jessica Lane was


at today's inquiry. North Ferriby in East Yorkshire. A


rule home for more than 3000 people. According to developers, an


attractive place to build for even more. Residents are worried this


will ruin their Village. There is a lot of housing available already


full is up once you put concrete on something, it is there already. Once


you have done it, it is done. East Riding of Yorkshire Council has


already approved planning permission for this to be used for employment


use. But the developer argues there are enough commercial sites in the


area In a statement, it said... The population of the UK is growing.


And national housing charity Shelter estimates we'll need up build up to


250,000 new houses a year to cope with the rising demand. The


Lincolnshire Lakes development near Scunthorpe would create 3500 new


houses. East Lindsey District Council is planning to spend ?1.5


million on affordable housing. And approval has been given for up to


400 homes to be built near Stamford. All in line with what the local MP


and planning Minister wants to see. In my view, the worst failure of


social justice, at the moment, is the way in which young families are


forced to bring kids up in tiny flats without any green space. We


will put a lot of pressure and creative ways to get billed to build


more beautifully, actually respect local design. Back in North Ferriby,


some think the houses here are needed. More affordable houses would


be a good idea, but there are some for sale at the moment, so the


property market is obviously moving. It is usually built first, worry


about their bosses later. 500`600? Definitely no. The council is


funding the public enquiry, the developer funding its own cost. The


final cost will depend on how long it goes over, but it should be tens


of thousands of pounds. The inquiry continues on Thursday for four days


and is then adjourned again until February. The planning inspector


will send a report to the Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles.


He will make the final decision about what happens here.


Earlier, I spoke to someone from the housing charity Shelter. She began


by Timmy how important it is the new homes are built. `` by killing me.


Families all over the country are struggling. `` by telling me. No one


wants to move half a mile across the country to find somewhere


affordable. It is important to build new homes in every community, that


families can afford. But shouldn't we build and every Brownfield site


before building 500 homes in nice countryside rural areas? Babel in


rural areas also need affordable homes just as much as people in


urban areas. It is right that young families should work hard and save


up to get a home, but the government must meet them halfway and make sure


we build homes for two`day's families. But many people in


Yorkshire and East Lincolnshire paid good money to live in these homes,


then suddenly get whacked with 500 homes on their doorstep, surely that


is not there? I know families in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire want


to see their children and grandchildren have what they enjoy,


the stability of a home where they can put down roots and though it is


affordable, without having to move far away from their communities and


families. If we are going to make that a reality, we have to build


homes in every community. So are these people just moaning and do not


want a new development on their doorstep? It is right that new


development have to be right for a new community. But we must not


mistake we need affordable homes. Just 25% of homes are affordable in


East Yorkshire to a family on average wages. That poses a


challenge to families who want to put down roots and do not want to be


forced to move away. Thank you for speaking to us. You might like to be


in touch about this. Should more homes be built in the countryside?


Maybe you are trying to buy a house and you think more building would


help. Or do you live in a rural area and think the countryside should be


protected? We would like your thoughts on this. We should


hopefully have a few before we finish tonight.


Whether homes should be built, including the countryside, talking


them about North Ferriby. Thank you for watching. In a moment...


Learning lessons from Liverpool. How this region could benefit from


becoming the City of Culture. Roads works across Hull are putting


customers off shopping in the city and causing long delays for


motorists. That's the warning from drivers and businesses as a main


route into the city is to shut over Christmas. A railway bridge on


Spring Bank West needs replacing, closing the road for two weeks at


the busiest time of year for retailers. Sarah Corker reports.


They are the signs and signs motorists dread, the essential


repairs that cause long queues. In Hull, 15 roads are being dug up at


the same time. Every time a major road shut, it causes a nightmare


elsewhere. Doubles your journey. I live five minutes away, but it takes


15 minutes to commute. It is important to planet when traffic


might be quieter. Are began in the summer to repair the bridge, but the


road will close for two weeks at near Christmas. Closing abroad in


the run`up to Christmas should be damaging. And we want people to come


here. On major roads into the west of the city, roadworks are causing


delays on Spring Bank West, Willoughby Road and also some


ongoing work. For bus passengers, it is proving slow going. This is the


66 five miles west of Hull to the city centre. It usually takes 30


minutes. It takes up to one hour or more. Absolutely disgusting!


Yesterday was how renders. Up to 40 services their day are being


disrupted. `` yesterday was terrible. We are taking less money,


possibly hundreds of thousands. But if the repairs were not done, you


would complain? Absolutely, the work has to be done, and we know it is


complicated, because the structure is difficult to repair, but


management could be better. It is a ?3.7 million repair job to the


bridge. Network Rail and Hull City Council have apologised or


inconvenience, but accept there is no good time to do roadworks and are


working as quickly as possible. Retailers, though, say it is


damaging for trade. The busiest time of year, when we should be busy with


footfall, but people will try to avoid the area. X date some delays


over the festive period, a temporary nuisance both temporary `` for


permanent repairs. You might also have a view on this


story. Will your journeys be affected? Maybe you think there are


too many road works taking place at the same time? Start the text with


the words Look North, as usual. Other news now.


Planning permission has been approved to build a new relief road


south of Grantham. The road will link the A1 and the A52 south of the


town. The local council thinks it could create more than 20,000


construction jobs and lead to 4000 new homes being built in the area.


What this road will do will link the A52 via the A1, so we can ban HGVs


and lorries in the city centre, making a huge difference to


commuters, and to the town centre, removing congestion and making it an


easier place to get to work, go to school, to shop, and enjoy the town.


Police are investigating after bank notes worth thousands of pounds were


spotted floating in a Lincolnshire river. The cash was discovered by a


dog walker in the South Drove Drain near Spalding town centre last


month. Officers retrieved the bank notes from the river and say they


add up to around ?60,000. They now plan to contact the Bank of England


for assistance. Giant sand islands could be built


off the Lincolnshire coast as part of new flood defences. Lincolnshire


County Council are investigating an idea pioneered in Holland, where


they've created an artificial island more than a mile long. Jake


Zuckerman reports. Every year, thousands of tonnes of


sand are dredged from the bottom of the sea and piled on to


Lincolnshire's beaches. It is to replace the sand that's been washed


away. It is vital work that protects the coast from flooding, at a cost


of ?6 million a year. But now Lincolnshire County Council are


looking at a brand new way of dealing with the problem, which


could see huge man`made islands built off the coast. If this works,


instead of spending ?6 million every year for how long, we could perhaps


spend considerably large amount in any one year, but perhaps leave it


there for ten years or longer and then it stays in place, so rather


than having to come back every year, there is a body of sand that looks


after the coast for us. The idea comes from the Netherlands, where


they've created this peninsula more than a mile long using more than 700


million cubic feet of sand. They call it the sand motor. Because, as


this simulation shows, the natural current should deposit that sand on


beaches all the way down the coast. That may mean they won't need to


replenish the sand on those beaches for 20 years. Lincolnshire County


Council has arranged a meeting in December with a Dutch company to see


if a similar scheme would work here. This idea is still very much in its


early stages. But if the sums add up, then sand motors could change


the face of the Lincolnshire coast. And perhaps even prove to be a


tourist attraction in their own right.


Still to come on tonight's Look North... I'm live at Glanford Park


as fans from Grimsby and Scunthorpe prepare for their FA cup knock out


And buzzing into the record books. `` And buzzing into the record


books. The children and staff and their very own Queen Bee.


Keep your pictures coming in, this was taken off Sunrise `` of sunrise.


A lovely picture. Beautiful! Thank you, getting your vote of


confidence, all we need. This will not get yours, you were seen in the


jewellers, does he have any news for us? I was trying to get a battery


for a watch. That is how rumours start!


Wet and windy is the headline. A short burst of heavy rain. As it


clears southwards, it could turn wintry, but will soon turn brighter.


An active weather front will bring heavy rain and some wintry staff for


a time. The trend is for high`pressure to establish, and from


the end of the week and weekend, much of next week, it looks dry and


settled with frost and fog at night. Wintry flurry for a time at the


coast, how about that for the end of November? Lots of sunshine


elsewhere, very cold and temperatures dropping like the


clappers right now, some others already have laws now. Through this


evening, `` already have frost. Through this evening, a weather


front will bring some rain from the West. Lowest temperatures shade


lower than these suggest, down 2`2 or three. The sun will rise in the


morning at around about 36 minutes past seven. The prospects for


tomorrow, windy start, a spell of heavy rain, turning wintry perhaps


as it cools southwards, but moving quickly. The afternoon looks much


brighter with some sunshine and some showers. The wind will ease,


temperatures less cold at around six or seven degrees, below average for


the time of year. Thursday and Friday, variable cloud, some


showers, but a lot of dry weather for the weekend and next week.


This same shirt and tie as last night? It is not. A little touchy?


Did you change the battery in your watch? See you tomorrow!


Well, we're just over 12 hours away from what many believe could be the


most important decision in the modern history of Hull. The winner


of City of Culture 2017 will be announced in the morning. There are


claims it could bring millions of pounds into the local economy.


Claims largely based on the experience of Liverpool, which held


the title in 2008. Our Business Correspondent Paul Murphy has been


to the other end of the M62 to investigate.


Many will tell you that the transformation of this city centre


only really got going when Liverpool was named Capital of Culture 2008. I


quite like it... It was a former government adviser, himself a


Liverpudlian, said it is more complicated than that. The idea you


can host an eventful year, then suddenly have a new economy, new


shops, hotels, moving to cultural and creative and tourism from


manufacturing, that is not the case, it needs more planning. 3.5 million


visitors came here in 2008, to see concerts to giant mechanical spiders


roaming the streets. An arts centre opened in the same year. And they


have no doubt here is that the culture year brought arena sounds to


the city centre. `` brought arena songs. Tourism is major to the city


centre. It creates jobs, wealth, businesses coming in, people coming


in and spending money, so evidence is there. Looking around, it is not


hard to be impressed by how the city has used its rich city and culture


as a tool for regeneration. But away from the tourism hotspots, have the


lives of ordinary Liverpudlians really been transformed? Just a mile


or two out of town, the economic benefits are less evidence. But the


volunteers setting up this community bakery in Anfield are trying to


breathe a bit of life into an area where regeneration has been slow. It


cannot just happen in the city centre. That is amazing, giving


culture and things to look forward to at the weekend, but you come home


and you cannot buy a nice cup of coffee, can go for a nice pint of


lager. What happened in 2008 was spectacular and inspiring. But they


will tell you it was only the beginning of the hard work to


improve the local economy and not the end of it.


We have been talking about this for so long, the big day is tomorrow.


The announcement will be made at 7:45, so tune in here, or follow as


on Twitter. `` us. Fingers crossed we can be City of Culture.


The woman in charge of the Lincolnshire Co`operative Society is


to become the company's national boss. Ursula Lidbetter takes up the


role as chairman with immediate effect. It follows Len Wardle's


resignation this morning in the wake of a drugs scandal surrounding


another Co`op boss Paul Flowers. I am proud to be taking on the


chairmanship of the group, it is a great institution, it has a great


heritage, and I am proud to be leading it as we work on finding a


really positive future for the organisation such a difficult time.


Plenty of response last night after we were talking about mobile phones


and even hands`free kits to be banned from cars. Just a few of the


many passionate views on either side of the debate.


Thank you for those. Scunthorpe United and Grimsby Town


play each other tonight in an FA Cup replay. Humberside Police have sent


letters to some football fans telling them they're not allowed to


go to the derby match. There were a dozen arrests when the clubs faced


each other last week. Phillip Norton is at Glanford Park tonight. What


can we expect from tonight's game? Fans are arriving here now for what


promises to be an exciting game of football. It is an extremely cold


chilly night. But this fixture always raises the temperature.


There's always been rivalry between Grimsby and Scunthorpe. Much of it


based on local banter. But there has been trouble in the past. That is by


Humberside Police are out in force tonight to keep that to a minimum.


As local derbies go, Grimsby Town versus Scunthorpe United is always


one to look forward to. The teams met in the FA Cup ten days ago. But


the game finished goalless, taking it to a replay. Off the pitch, 12


people were arrested. Six of them for violence near Blundell Park


after the match. It has prompted police to send letters out warning


some fans to stay away. And advise Mariners fans to travel by coach.


You get the idiots would ever you go, Premiership, big teams or little


teams. There should not be any trouble. We come to watch the


football. But both teams are united that all talk after the game should


be of the action on the pitch after the final whistle. It was played in


the right spirit on the pitch, just one booking for a local derby, that


is slightly unheard of, weary yellow cards can get flashed about but


anything in the modern game. Use that example, I would ask, of the


funds and go and get behind your team. The Lincolnshire rivals go


into the game with mixed form. Grimsby won away from home in the


football conference over the weekend. But Scunthorpe lost at home


in League Two. We have to obviously change in terms of how we approach


the game, but we need to get the first goal and set the tie up, and


it is important that we play well at home. Local derby, cup tie, sell out


stadium. Both sides will be hoping to deliver a winning performance to


go into the next round of the famous cup. A chance to host League Two


Northampton Town next month. Now Humberside Police are keen to


stress the vast majority of the 8,000 or so fans just over a week


ago were very well behaved. And the attention turns to the action that


will take place on this page in less than an hour. All being well, the


game will be an exciting one and everything will pass off smoothly.


It will be decided tonight, be it extra time or penalties, and I will


be live later tonight with all the drama.


Thank you, and that is filled match commentary on the FM frequency of


Radio Humberside. The build`up is already on the air right now. Enjoy.


Thousands of children across the country were breaking a world record


today by dressing up as bees. In Molescroft near Beverley, around 70


children played their part and had a very special guest too. Simon Spark


was there to see how they did. You don't have to dress as a busy


bee to go to the Busy Bees nursery. BUZZING. But today, it helped.


That's because they were trying to break a world record for as many


children, parents and staff to be dressed in bee costumes all at the


same time. Here we are, busy bees winging their way into the record


books! CHEERING. Nine is soft. It is a buzzing bee. Busy bees up and down


the country holding parties, children and staff coming dressed as


bees, to smash over own Guinness world record. There are 213 of these


particular nurseries up and down the country. And to break their own


record, which they set five years ago, each nursery needed to dress


up. So here they are in Warwick, Chemsford, Burton upon Trent,


Sunderland and Leamington Spa. But we can definitely say ours was the


top hive. Because this one had a very special Queen Bee and special


guest. Who else but Hull's Bee Lady, Jean Bishop? She must have thought


she'd grown a colony. I did not know I had been so busy! Yes, all my


little bees. They were beautiful, yes. Of course, she soon set them to


work gathering nectar in the form of cakes and party food. Now they just


need to break the record. And if they do, it'll be emotional.


CHILD CRIES. LAUGHTER. I love her every time I see her.


We've heard in the last hour that the world record has been broken.


The bees in Beverley were joined by 8000 others dressing up across the


country. We saw some of the places there in that film, so well done to


everybody. Read cab of the main headlines tonight. `` a recap. The


government announces changes to the NHS after an inquiry into care at


the Mid Staffordshire Trust. And the row over rural housing. A public


inquiry begins over plans to build hundreds of homes in the


countryside. Tomorrow's weather. A cloudy start with some heavy rain,


which could be wintry in places. Showers in the afternoon.


Temperatures in the middle of the afternoon up to seven degrees


Celsius. We were speaking there about building homes in the


countryside, and a big response, one saying that council is looking to


redevelop the rundown buildings and factories. Another seeing they


should only build where infrastructure and transport will be


provided. People would then not have to resort to using their vehicles.


And on Facebook, no, leave the countryside alone, it would be


better to use empty homes. If we build more houses, we could have


more flooding and think about wildlife. And these are tough times


and homes need building. NIMBYs Need not apply. And another, seeing that


building on greenfield sites suits builders, because they do not have


to remove old buildings as they would on Brownfield sites, meaning


more money for the big building firms. Like you for watching, have a


lovely evening, keep warm, take


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