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is all from the BBC News at six. On BBC One we join the news teams where


you are. The UK City of Culture 2017 is Hull.


A day of celebrations as Hull is named City of Culture 2017. What


that sums up is the passion and desire and hunger for this city to


have it. I'm live in Hull where the


celebrations show no sign of stopping.


Outside the city, no`one thought Hull could do it but people in Hull


believed. We'll celebrate our arts like it is meant to be. At one time


they put us down as the forgotten city. Now we are something. As the


news broke, congratulations came in from celebrities across the world.


Congratulations Hull, you did it. So proud. An unsettled night to come


but the further outlook shows sitled weather to come. All those details


follow in 15 mins. It is the day that Hull came under


the international spotlight as the winner of City of Culture 2017. So


often bottom of the league table, today, the city came out on top.


Tonight, we'll have reaction from our reporters in the city and also


in Westminster. We look at how Hull fought off competition from


Leicester, Dundee and the favourites, Swansea Bay, to clinch


that title. Also a look a ead to what winning will mean for people of


the city. Today Martian the end of a campaign that's lasted almost 12


months and ended with a simple announcement in London early this


morning. Here's Anne`Marie Tasker with that moment and reaction from


Hull. The UK City of Culture 2017 is Hull. The faces said more than any


words could. People in Hull were elated to hear it chosen as the next


City of Culture. It will bring 1500 cultural events to the city and the


promise of millions of pounds to boost the economy. To think there's


more people around the UK and worldwide, they'll see people of


Hull for who they are. We are proud people, we deserve it. We got the


result we wanted. The amount of support we had from the people, the


judges could have looked at that and thought this will mean most to them.


Around the city, people listened eagerly for the result. Yeah, we've


got it. Fantastic for the town. We always new we'd do it. Young people


looked forward to 2017. Hull's become a multicultural society. That


is a big part in us winning the bid. So proud we've this determination


and everything everyone's put in. Some students had even built a


culture bomb to celebrate the city's new status. It is the people of Hull


who give it its culture. More to come. Head judge Phil Redmond and


Culture Secretary Maria Miller arrived in Hull to see the city


itself. Hull have three years to finalise their bid. They have an


amazing team of partners, involving the local business in some of the


funding. It is also about getting people in the community involved


too. That is really the power of the bid here and why it will be a great


success. And these are some of the people


sharing that success. They started celebrating at 7.45am. And they


haven't stopped since. There's a real sense of excitement and pride


here. It looks like this party is going to carry on going until 2017.


What a day. Anne`Marie is at the bid team's celebration party they are


having tonight. How will Hull gain then from this title that they've


won today? Peter, it's not just the sense of


pride this has given everyone in the city. There are real financial


gains. Hull City Council expects the city of culture to generate ?184


million in extra tourism spending over tif years. And in a city with


one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, it expects it


to create 7.5,000 jobs. It will have a real impact on the people working


in the cultural scene of the city. Including Mark Wigan who creates the


club Museum of club culture. What difference will it make when we get


the city of culture? It will make a huge difference to our scene and the


whole area. This cultural regeneration here in Humber Street.


It will bring in bigger artists? It will bring in local, national and


international artists. We want some really big cutting edge cultural


experiences for people. And you expect many more young people to


come here now? The legacy of this will be art students, design


students will stay in the city and set up their own businesses here


rather than going to bigger cities like Leeds and Manchester. It will


incould you bait a new of artists. Thank you for joining us. With all


the national news coverage this story created, there will be many


more people who may not have known where Hull was this morning but


certainly will tonight. That will be one party.


The news has been welcomed by politicians on all sides, including


the Prime Minister. Hull's MPs had been energetically lobbying for the


city of culture title. Time Iredale is in Westminster at the moment.


What's been the reaction down there? Everyone's delighted as you can


imagine. David Cameron said it would be a fantastic tonight for Hull. It


is a cliche, but local MPs say this really could be a game`changer for


the city and its economy. This has been the day when our nation's


capital city has paid particular Ute to the future `` tribute to the


future Capital of Culture. The Gloom of Westminster disappeared


as Hull's MPs heard the news they'd been hoping for. The UK City of


Culture 2017 is Hull. It lifts the morale. It makes other


cities and places around the country and around the world see what we've


known already. Hull is a great city. Chock full of culture. Huge


confidence boost to the people of Hull. Let's home lots of people We'd


like to know what you think about Hull winning the title. What type of


cultural attractions you'd like to see. How do you think it will change


the city. Your thoughts now. The e`mail address:


Still to come: How Hullness helped to win the city of culture 2017. A


year of events across the city. We'll hear from the man in behind


the bid about what happens now. Thank you for watching. Tonight's


photograph is of blank any church. It proved to the judges that the


city really wanted this title. Our Business Correspondent Paul Murphy's


been taking a look at how and why the campaign worked. The video


promoting Hull's bid has been watched by tens of thousands of


people around the world. It is just one part of how the internet has


brought an exciting new dimension to the City of Culture competition. I


think we won this because we've proven we need it and we've proven


we want it. The social media bit is, yes, we want this. On YouTube,


Facebook and Twitter, the determination behind the Hull bid


has been hard to escape. Hull's campaign to win this title has been


a mass parities pace event much on social media where you've needed


nothing more than a mobile phone to take part. Has the bid even


benefitted from a bit of divine intervention? Sr Katherine has been


busy campaigning for Hull. I have my Facebook and Twitter, and my emails.


I have my Skype as well. In this day and age, you have to do Facebook,


Twitter. I even tweeted the Pope. This map shows social media activity


around Hull's bid at lunch time today. From Jakarta to Jamaica, a


community united behind this campaign. I don't think we were


favourites to win. I was delighted when we did. I think it was that


deciding factor that made people think, wow, this is not only a


strong bid but people are really supporting that.


It is known as an end of the line city. But in the online world,


location no longer matters. Hull has come out of the shadows with some


style. Amazing. Amongst all the prays for the bid team today there's


been special recognition for the people who live in Hull. They've


been praised fortheir support and sense of Hullness which helped win


the title. We've been looking at what Hullness means and the journey


to the City of Culture. The word Hullness kept being thrown at me.


The golden rules of Hull. Don't pretend you're something you're not.


Don't think you're better than anybody else. Don't shout about it,


get on with it. We are Hull, Hull, Hull. The other three cities put


strong whizzed forward. Hull was the one that would Ben fit most from


getting this. If that's what won it for us, what is Hullness? It is


about the people, really. Nobody comes through here, you feel pride


in it. People who've never been here have a lot to say which is pretty


negative. We band together. Hull is a good place. We've had a lot of bad


press over the years with unemployment and everything. I still


think Hull people pull together. Now they'll need to. The city has three


years to deliver what's been promised for Hull 2017. 265 days of


activities of cities, galleries and music venues city`wide. 25


festivals, including the Freedom Festival and new events celebrating


architecture, cultural identity and 12 artists installed all rooted in


Hull to bring art into people's homes and to its landmarks. So what


could it do for the city? If you look at what Liverpool and Glasgow


did, they've transformed their cities. That is what we are trying


to and will do. A bitter city. A city people visit. Culturally more


diverse. And increase employment. Together, Hull's recent culture


events have given this city the freedom to dream with the hope there


will be regeneration amid the fireworks.


The man who led the successful bid is Andrew Dixon. He's with me now.


Good evening. Congratulations. Thank you. How do


you feel? I feel really proud for the people of Hull. It is not me


that's led it. It is Hull that's led it. It has been a fantastic team


that went to Derry. People were doing the tweeting. The artists who


came up with the ideas, the city. University. A great team effort. How


much of this bid was won by the people of the city. Their backing.


Watching the film in enormous numbers. Watching the film. The


other three didn't have this? We had to have a really strong serious bid.


Tackling social and economic issues. Celebrating the strength of the


city. At the end of the day, there are things which clinch these. It is


about passion and people. 70,000 people watched that film on YouTube.


16,000 people followed us on social media. It is just been fantastic.


Phil Redmond, chairman of the judges, said to me you mentioned


Hullness every third word when you were pitching last Thursday. What is


Hullness to you? Hullness is being quietly proud. We are not Lippi like


Liverpool. You wouldn't have said that to Phil Redmond a week ago! ?


We are proud of what we do. Hullness has gotten a bit louder of thor. We


recognise we take the brick bats but bounce back. Tell me about Karen


Oakwood? She was on the panel? We had a terrific panel. Graham


Chester, Steve Base. And more. Karen came to one of our workshops, the


first one, she stayed with the bid all the way through. When we put the


team together I wanted to take someone who was rooted in the


community. Karen walked in the shoes of the people of Hull. She helped us


clinch this bid. Phil said this puts Hull forward as the most compelling


case, as a city coming out of the shadows. Will we come out of the


shadows? I think we will. I lived here for five years, people said


from Hull, hell and Halifax people deliver us! That's 400 years old.


Hull's been scarred by it. It has been written off. This is the chance


for Hull to shine. People will realise what Hull's done. Thank you


very much. You've made us very proud.


Now the main headlines: An independent inquiry's ordered into


the scandal that's engulfed the Co`operative Bank. Paul flawers


faces allegations of drugs, pornography and male prostitution.


And celebrations as Hull is named the 2017 City of Culture. Tomorrow's


weather, cloudy in places at first. Brightening up. Top temperatures 8


Celsius. That's 46 Fahrenheit. Response coming in not surprising.


Alan says "well done Hull. About time the city was recognised as a


warm and friendly place." I am from Hull but live in Brittany. When I


told ex`pats my city was a candidate for 2017 City of Culture title they


fell about laughing. They are not laughing tonight." . Julia says "man


congratulations to the team who made this happen. How much nicer if the


city had been given its full title you can City of Culture Kingston


upon Hull." There had to be one! Dave says." Congratulations, could I


suggest for the benefit of those who live south of the Humber Bridge that


the Humber Bridge tolls are scrapped in 2017 so we can join the


festivities." . Loads of messages. Thank you for all of those. It has


been an absoluly amazing day. Thank you to Andrew for joining us. Let's


end tonight with some reflections of an important day for Hull. The you


can's City of Culture for 2017. See you tomorrow. Good night.


The you can City of Culture 2017 is Hull! Cheering People out there need


to see us for who we are. Tall and proud. People will come to Hull. It


will improve tourism. It will celebrate our arts like it is meant


to be celebrated. One time they put us down as the


forgotten city. Now we are something.


Con grate ewe loadilations Hull, you did it. There's a lot of Heart n


Soul here. It is all about the people of Hull. They are the


I'm Nigel Slater, a cook. And I'm Adam Henson, a farmer.


all back in touch with where our food really comes from.


You asked me to grow some durum wheat to produce your pasta.


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