22/11/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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those words, we are unveiling a model right here in the systolic


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Humberside's Police and Crime Commissioner is caught speeding in


Grimsby. It is disgusting, isn't it? He should be abiding by the law like


everybody else. He should be leading by example so he should be punished


like the rest of us. A woman's in hospital after being


trampled by cows during an organised treasure hunt.


The MP campaigning to get "Humberside" removed from postal


databases ` 17 years after it was abolished.


3D Doctor ` fans gather in Cleethorpes for a sell out screening


celebrating his 50th anniversary. And a chilly weekend on the cards,


we are looking at Frost and fog into tomorrow. I will be back later with


all the details. Good evening. The Police and Crime


Commisioner for the Humberside Force has been caught speeding. Matthew


Grove says he's disappointed that his driving failed to meet the


required standard after a speed camera recorded him breaking the


limit in Grimsby. He's been criticised by one driving


organisation, but says there's no question of him resigning. Crispin


Rolfe reports. I am driven to do everything I can


to make their area as safe as it can be. Matthew Grove's promise to the


people. Turns out he was in a hurry. And at Grimsby's notorious speeding


spot, Peakes Parkway. The Police and Crime Commissioner caught on camera


at 36 miles an hour in a 30 zone. Like others, he's been offered and


accepted a ?95 Speed Awareness Course instead of points. Though


just a week ago he'd been defending his deputy, who's also fallen foul


of traffic law since the pair came into office only a year ago. You


appointed a deputy with no police experience who has been caught


speeding, and also talking on his mobile phone when driving. Is that


the right example for a deputy police commissioner to set? No, and


that is why he has apologised and learned through the experience. And


today this time defending himself in a statement, Matthew Grove said: Of


course publicly elected as Police and Crime Commissioner only a year


ago, he's not the only one who'll be reflecting. It is disgusting,


really. He should be abiding by the law like everybody else. He is in


charge of the police in the city, so totally wrong. He is unlucky for


getting caught. If he is in charge he should be leading by example. He


should be punished like the rest of us. It shows he is human and the


very fact he has been offered a Speed Awareness Course which is only


given to people who are speeding inadvertently or by mistake, that


indicates what the problem is, and the problem is usually the layout or


the speed limit. So embarrassment for the man recently ranked as one


of the best Police and Crime Commissioners in England. But with


no direct influence on operational duties, resignation has been ruled


out by his office. Crispin Rolfe is in Grimsby where


Matthew Grove was caught speeding. Just how embarrassing is this for


the Police and Crime Commisioner? They are for the grace of God go


many, but on the other hand he is supposed to be the Police and Crime


Commissioner and perhaps expected, therefore, to be white. `` whites to


the light. As we have said, no one is calling for Matthew Grove's


resignation. He has gone on record as backing fewer speed cameras and


more traffic cops on the front line. The reaction on Twitter has ranged


between poetic justice to the backing from a former chief police


officer who welcomed his open admission. Thank you. In a moment:


Trains slower than the 1920s ` claims that High Speed Rail


investment will make things worse in Lincolnshire.


A woman has been seriously injured after being charged by a herd of


cows in a field near Lincoln. Sarah Leonard was taking part in a high


tech form of treasure hunting at North Scarle near Lincoln when she


was trampled on and she now is in intensive care after breaking


several bones. Simon Spark reports. Sarah Leonard is still in intensive


care in Lincoln County Hospital after almost a week. She has now had


several operations. It is hard to believe that cows in a field would


mean a day out in the Lincolnshire countryside would go so wrong. This


is the field Sarah Leonard was in with her dog, a public footpath,


there is a warning on the gate of pools, cows and calves. But however


it happened, this is where she was trampled and sustained multiple


injuries. These included both arms broken, a broken collar bone,


several broken ribs and a broken jaw. She managed to get hold of a


phone and dial 999. A community support officer called, did a


wonderful job, because from what limited information she could give,


the police officer found her. This kind of activity is the reason why


she was here. I kind of high`tech treasure hunt where people search


for hidden boxes using satellite navigation. It is a terrible shame.


When you are doing any outdoor activity, you assess the risk, and


you decide whether you want to continue or you want to step back.


When we saw the coast from two fields away, we find out how what we


thought was a safe distance can quickly change. Their


inquisitiveness soon became something much faster, so we moved.


This time we were near the entrance of the field, still fields with the


way, but this code made up her mind to head for the side of the fence.


Even those who are used to the cows had a mixed reaction. I think it is


silly, a woman and a dog on her own going across a field full of cattle.


We walk regularly around the fields, out of those cows and we do not go


through the fields. The family say they are positive and hopeful she


will make a full recovery. We will be asking for your views and


thoughts on this one. Andrew Wilson is from the National Farmers Union,


I asked him what can trigger cows to attack. It can be a number of


things, firstly, dogs can spook the cattle, and we would certainly urge


people that if they do have a dog with, to let go of it, let go of the


lead and allow the dog to run away, but people should be very wary of


cattle that have cards with them, as they are likely to be more


protective. And when riled they can be quite lively? Yes, they will


protect their young and that is why cattle would start a stampede


towards walkers. Does the farmer have an obligation to keep people


safe? The farmer does not. The former will generally put


signposting up if there was a pool in the field, but if the farmer just


have `` just has cattle and calves, it is up to the walker to make sure


there are following the best practice. We urge people to walk


around the edge of fields and to make sure they are wary of what is


around them and that they have an escape route if the cattle decide to


move towards them. This woman has a broken ribs and a jaw, it is going


to frighten people, are they going to think twice about going into a


field, and would you be happy about that? Not at all, the countryside is


open to everybody. The farmers here in Lincolnshire look after tens of


thousands of miles of public footpaths, so we encourage the


public to enjoy the countryside. There was terrible news about Sarah


Leonard, who did get trampled, and the farming community hope she makes


a speedy recovery and a full recovery. But it is best to be on


the side of caution. We do not want people to be not coming into the


countryside. It is best to be aware and to be prepared. Thank you very


much indeed. Subject to this, how difficult you


think it is for farmers to keep people safe when they are walking


across their land? Maybe you are going to be rambling through the


fields where there are cows at the weekend? You might have a view on


this one, if you do e`mail us. And very lively and busy week, thank


you for all of the messages. Friday's Look North, some more news


now. A woman in her 30s has died after


being hit by a bus in Lincoln. It happened this lunchtime on the high


street in the city. Police say she suffered a head injury and they're


appealing for witnesses. The road was shut for much of the day.


Three workers at the TATA steel works in Scunthorpe have been taken


to hospital with burns. They were injured during the night when part


of the site's power station set on fire. The workers were treated at


hospital and later released. TATA has started an investigation.


The future of libraries in Lincolnshire have been debated by


councillors this afternoon. The County Council says it hopes at


least 24 smaller libraries that were under threat of closure will be


taken over by volunteers. The authority says it'll save around ?2


million but that 35 jobs will be lost. That was one of the big issues


coming out of the consultation, how sustainable voluntary run libraries


are. We are putting substantial extra resources, the equivalent to


?250,000 worth of resources from our public health team, who are going in


there, who can provide expert advice around things like constitutions,


business plans. And we will continue to follow that story.


An East Yorkshire MP says he's unhappy that the Chief Executive of


the Royal Mail won't meet him to talk about the use of Humberside on


letters and parcels. The Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart says


many of his constituents object to the term as they're from Yorkshire.


He's now started a sticker campaign to try and highlight concerns. Our


Business Correspondent Paul Murphy reports.


It is quite rare but we ever see that in East Yorkshire. Every day


across East Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire, letter still arrived


wrongly addressed to North or South Humberside. For some, it is hugely


annoying. If I come across an address situation which forces me to


use North Humberside, I normally just close it down. The county of


Humberside was created in 1974, composed from East Riding, parts of


the West Riding and Lincolnshire. It HQ was in Beverley. But after years


of unpopularity, it was abolished in 1996 and replaced with four separate


authorities. The name lives on. In all sorts of places. I'm sure it


will be a huge success for Hull and Humberside more generally. This


whole thorny issue boils down to a database held by the Royal mail


which contains the Humberside word. It has been bought by hundreds of


businesses over the years. 17 years on since the abolition of


Humberside, there is still debate over whether or not it can be


deleted. Royal mail says it does not encourage businesses to use the


Humberside address. But the East Yorkshire MP Graham Stuart, who has


produced a special return to sender sticker for letters addressed to


Humberside, says Royal Mail has refused to meeting to discuss the


problem. If people in London were getting Thames side on their


letters, it would have been fixed by now. It doesn't exist. It's


Yorkshire. It hasn't been Humberside for a long time. It's not right, it


is Hull and Yorkshire. The name was never really loved, but for now at


least, it looks like those daily reminders will keep on coming


through the letterbox. Does a letter with the name Humberside on it


bother you? Would you take a sticker and send the letter back? Another


one you might want to comment on. Thank you for watching. Still ahead


tonight: Hull City's manager says he wants fans to concentrate on


football, not the club's name. 50 years since his first appearance,


fans sell out cinemas to celebrate Doctor Who.


Keep photographs coming in. Tonight's is taken of the navigation


light on the banks of the River Humber. A lovely picture, thank you


very much indeed. Another one on Monday. Good evening to you.


Long time no see. I've got an e`mail from Sheila in Bridlington. She


says, surely Peter is the inspiration for the new Jolly


Fisherman. She thinks there is a resemblance. He is a little bit


younger than you. I will get on with the forecast. It will be very nippy


on the Skegness seafront through the course of the weekend, and the cold


weather looks set to continue into next week. By tomorrow morning there


will be frost and fog. A foggy start in places, otherwise it looks cold


and dry. Fine weather on the cards, really the theme for the next few


days. At times, fairly cloudy, as high pressure builds, settled and


dry weather to come, chilly and frosty by night. A few showers


through the course of the day, you can make them out on the satellite


picture being blown in from the north`east. As we had through this


evening and overnight, there are still could be a few showers in


place. More of a further east you are, and the further south as well.


Through the night, there will be a good deal of dry weather, the cloud


will have broken. In those breaks we will see mist and fog patches


developing. Temperatures dropping below freezing out in the


countryside. The sun will rise in the morning, at 7:42am, setting


again at 3:53pm. Your next high water will be at ten minutes past


nine tomorrow morning. Through the course of tomorrow, we are looking


at quite a lot of fog to start the day, some of it will linger in


places. Otherwise it is a decent day, dry and bright with spells of


sunshine, but it will feel quite chilly out there. The breeze will be


light. Temperatures will be average for the time of year, getting up to


around six or seven degrees. Coastal parts will have the best of those


temperatures. Another frost, perhaps not quite as sharp, into Sunday. On


Sunday, the risk of catching the odd shower but generally dry conditions.


At times quite cloudy, chilly but dry with overnight frost on Monday


and Tuesday. Just having a bit of counselling


over the shock of looking like the Jolly Fisherman. Don't make it


worse. Good night. Train services in parts of


Lincolnshire were faster 90 years ago than they are today according to


campaigners. They say passengers could travel from Boston to London


half an hour quicker in the 1920s. Some fear the huge amounts being


spent on HS2 will deprive the county of transport investment. But the


company in charge of the high speed line says the whole rail network


will benefit from the ?42 billion project. Sharon Edwards has the


story. `` ?42 million. Some called the Golden age of rail


travel. This is the East Coast mainline, recreated in its 1940s


glory. Back then, Lincolnshire had a network of lines crisscrossing the


county. It was not to last. Back in the 1920s, there were around six


direct services from Boston to London most days. The whole journey


took two and a half hours. It was one of the fastest pieces of


Railtrack in the country, absolutely straight lines, running across the


Fens as it did. You had a good fast service to London. This is today's


service, passengers will pick up this train and travel to Grantham,


where they will have to change because there are no direct services


to London today. What's more, the entire journey takes just under


three hours. Passengers have mixed views on local services. 90 years


ago, there were six Derek services to London from Boston every day. And


it took half an hour quicker than it does now. That does surprise me.


It's probably because I'm not used to doing it because it is such a bad


journey. The highly expensive and controversial HS2 won't put back


what Beeching to coat. But according to an official report, it will boost


the UK economy by ?15 billion a year. And the Lincolnshire economy


by ?115 million. A fraction of that money spent on the country 's roads,


for example, and key bottlenecks on our rail network, it is scary. Some


of our rail infrastructure is over 100 years old. HS2 was not the only


game in town and for somewhere like Lincolnshire, as HS2 was built,


there will be space released on the East Coast mainline that will make


possibilities of more direct journeys between Lincoln and


London, between Hull and London, but a regional services. HS2 was a long


way down the track, and campaigners say money should be spent now to


keep Lincolnshire moving. And rural rail services will be one


of the big talking points on this weekend's Sunday Politics. Guests


include the Hull North MP Diana Johnson and the Cleethorpes MP


Martin Vickers. That's from 11am on BBC One. Sunday morning.


A big response to the news that Lincoln will appear on a national


television advert. Just a few of the many, Andy Naylor says:


thank you very much indeed for those. Hull City play Crystal Palace


in the Premier League tomorrow, with the row over the club's name is


showing no signs of going away. City's owner has offered supporters


refund if they are unhappy with plans to make them the whole Tigers.


`` Hull Tigers. It is now almost two weeks since


Hull City scored four goals against Southampton. The international break


has allowed the subject of the club's name change to come to the


fore. The owner wants to rename the club as Hull Tigers. Campaigners say


the majority of fans are against the name change. But they do not want to


end their support from the stands. A number of Internet polls have been


against it. One of the largest polls had over 3000 responses, 78% of


people against it, that is a pretty firm result. That kind of level of


opposition to the name change is something that people should pay


attention to. The boss Steve Bruce has tried to put an end to the


controversy, . We are big traditionalists, but the owner has


come in and is of a different culture. For the money he has put


into the club, if he thinks Hull Tigers is the way forward, we have


to respect it, it might not suit everybody. But for the amount of


money he earns, if they asked us to wear pink and white stripes on


Saturday, we have to do it. Without him, the traditionalists, without


him there would not be Hull Tigers or Hull City. After a defeat, the


Tigers are looking to get more points on the board as they face


Premier League strugglers Crystal Palace tomorrow. It is important to


beat the ones who are going to be around us, no disrespect to Crystal


Palace, I think they're going to be around us. We have to make sure that


we win in that respect. It turns into a very big game. It is a


crucial time. There are nine games in the next six weeks. For the


Tigers, it could determine which end of the Table Bay are looking at for


the end of the season. Scunthorpe United will play for the


first time since their manager Brian lows was sacked. The Iron will


travel to Portsmouth and will be managed on a caretaker basis by Russ


Wilcox and youth team coach Tony Daws. `` Brian Laws. It is


disappointing but we have a job to do on Saturday. The lads have had


the meeting with the chairman, and it is a case of rallying around and


making sure we are at Portsmouth on Saturday to try and come away with


three points. We have a duty to do that. Good luck to all of them. BBC


Radio Humberside will have commentary of Scunthorpe's League


One trip to Portsmouth on their AM frequency tomorrow. While on FM it's


Hull City's clash against Premier League strugglers Crystal Palace. In


the Conference Premier Grimsby face Barnet with coverage on digital and


the web. And Lincoln City host Hereford United. BBC Radio


Lincolnshire will have commentary in Saturday Sport. Kick off for all the


games is at 3pm. Tomorrow evening sees the much awaited episode of


Doctor Who celebrating 50 years of the programme, and as part of the


celebrations a special showing of the episode in Cleethorpes, which


sold out in a week. The programme features, tomorrow night, Grimsby's


John hurt. Jessica Lane has been to North East Lincolnshire to see why


Doctor Who has such an appeal. A classic family favourite for many


of us. Paul Berry's been a fan for over 30 years. And has been picking


up memorabilia for almost that long. I had this one, it is not actually


the same one I had when I was a child, but I did have this. At the


time, they weren't so popular. I think now they are one of the most


collectable pieces. It was compulsive in a way, collecting. It


becomes an addiction, I suppose. Videos and DVDs, books. He also runs


a shop selling to other sci`fi fans. And although he and some others


prefer the Doctors of the 70s and 80s, they're still talking about


tomorrow's programme. I am looking forward to it. A bit of escapism. It


will be just good to watch it again. I am scared of the Daleks. They give


you that feared. As well as being shown on BBC One in 2`D and 3`D, the


anniversary episode will be screened at cinemas around the world,


including here in Cleethorpes. Very excited, I am a long`time fan. I


remember going to see a doctor exhibition in Blackpool with my mum


and dad, and Daleks came towards us, I started crying and ran out.


Tomorrow's episode will be a real who's`who of fans' former


favourites. 10th Doctor David Tennant will appear. John Hurt


features as a doctor we've never seen before. And Zygons and Daleks


are back to fill us with fear. I am looking for the Doctor. So it's a


brand new episode, with some old favourites. And it's likely that as


people have been doing for the last five decades many will be hiding


behind the sofa again. And we can see it tomorrow night at 7:50pm on


BBC One. Good luck to Kevin and Susannah on Strictly.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines. Police


reveal more details about the three women believed to have been kept as


slaves for 30 years in London. The couple arrested in connection with


the case had been arrested before. Humberside's Police and Crime


Commissioner is caught speeding in Grimsby ` Matthew Grove will have to


go on a speed awareness course. Tomorrow's weather: A cold but dry


day with variable, at times large amounts of cloud but sunny spells


breaking through at times. Highs of around six Celsius.


A sad story on the attack on Sarah Leonard by cows near Lincoln. A big


response, another Sarah has tweeted, I hardly think farmers


should be held accountable. Alan says dogs and cattle do not mix.


Something all dog owners should be aware of. Alex says, I am a keen


walker, and when walking across fields with cows, I take extra


care. Sarah says, how can it be a public footpath if it is not safe? A


small sign on a lamp post is not warning enough. Thank you for those,


have a peaceful weekend. I will see you on Monday. Good night.


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