27/11/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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That is all from the News At Six, goodbye from me and on BBC One we


join the news Good evening, and welcome to BBC


Look North. The headlines tonight: Hospitals are told to scrap smoking


shelters to make it harder for patients to light up.


This guidance aims to change the culture of the NHS. I think people


should give up but it easier said than done.


Three people die on their way to work in an early morning crash. We


are appealing forward says who may have seen these vehicles at 6am or


travelling on this road and they would like them to come forward.


A church loved by poets and film`makers may never be rebuilt


after being gutted by fire. The big Christmas switch`off ` why


some towns are struggling to look festive. We have managed a warm 11


degrees this afternoon, but what about the next few days? Join me in


15 minutes. People who smoke outside hospitals


in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire could face tougher sanctions after


new guidelines were published today. The recommendations come from a


group which advises the NHS on health issues. They say smoking


should be banned in all hospital grounds, and want shelters and other


designated areas removed. Also, patients, staff and even visitors


should be encouraged to give up smoking completely. Our health


correspondent Vicky Johnson is with me. Vicky, how do our local


hospitals deal with the problem of smoking? Despite recent anti`smoking


measures, one in five of us nationally still insist on our


cigarettes. . It's having a huge toll on our health, causing around


80,000 premature deaths a year, and on our finances ` estimated costs to


the NHS and our wider society is more than ?16 billion every year.


But even when they're ill, people are reluctant to kick the habit,


even dragging drip stands outside so they can have a cigarette.


For people like myself that come in for my children, it is a life`saver


to be able to run out and have a cigarette and go back inside and get


on with it. There are people who have just had surgery or cancer


patients and they have to come outside and smoke in the snow. They


have to walk over there. They should be able to sit here and smoke.


Lincolnshire's three main hospital sites still have designated smoking


areas. But a statement has been issued from the trust, saying, "We


regularly review our practices and guidelines to ensure our local


practices are in line with national guidance, and will be considering


the recommendations from the NICE report." Neither the Northern


Lincolnshire and Goole nor the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals Trusts


have specific areas for smokers. In fact, in Hull, where almost 30% of


the population are addicted, they're aiming to adopt a zero tolerance


approach. That's our aspiration, what we work towards. Our staff


understand that and try to support patients when they are using our


services to try to stop smoking, and we sensitively have a word about the


blog about moving off the premises, but sometimes they can't do that.


They're also supporting patients who smoke to give up before being


admitted to hospital for a planned treatment. The important thing of


all this is that we follow the patient up when they have gone home,


so once we see them in hospital, we carry on support over six or eight


weeks after they have been discharged. NICE wants our hospitals


to go even further. They're aiming to change the culture so that


smoking is no longer acceptable on NHS grounds.


Thank you, Vicky. I'm joined this evening by Professor John Britton


from NICE. Isn't this a bit nanny state? People are not breaking the


law. Hospitals are trying to dissuade people but they can't do


any more. They can, because we undress people when they come into


use our services, but generally it is on the lines of telling them they


have do get `` they could get help. We don't provide support and


treatment for people when they come in. Treatments are effective but


they are not being used. What do you make of the decision by the


hospitals trust in Lincolnshire providing designated smoking areas


at its three main sites? That effectively just how smokers


clustering in certain parts of the grounds but it maintains that model


of smoking being acceptable in the hospital trust, so if you're a


patient sitting in bed trying to give up smoking, you have a


continuous image of how easy it is to go out and smoke. If we are going


to have a smoke free culture in the NHS, it has to be extended. But


aren't they just acknowledging reality, which is that patients and


visitors have smoked, do smoke and will


do? Know, because we have seen it all. We have seen great progress.


Those trust spending money on shelters might spend the instead to


help the people they treat to quit smoking completely. If you are a


smoker in hospital it may be more stressful. The evidence is


otherwise. The important thing is that hospitals treat the problem, so


provide medicines for nicotine addiction straightaway, provide


behaviour support from admission. Would you like to see a law that


banned smoking in hospital grounds altogether? We are suggesting that,


which is to make the NHS smoke`free for the people who use it. Thank


you, Professor. What do you think about this story? Should smoking be


banned right across all hospital premises, and if so, what should


hospital staff do to enforce the rules? What do you think when you


see people standing outside the hospital having a cigarette?


In a moment: Rail bosses in for a rough ride, as they meet with


villagers over engineering work this Christmas.


An investigation has begun this evening after three people from East


Yorkshire died and three others were seriously injured in a crash on the


border between East and North Yorkshire. Emergency services were


called to the B1248 between Driffield and Malton at around 6am


this morning. The stretch of road between Wetwang and


Wharram`le`Street has been closed for much of the day.


Tonight the recovery of three bodies and two vehicles, with two people


from east Yorkshire travelling to Malton for an early shift, the other


a relay van heading towards Driffield. Its driver and two


passengers from the other car or in a serious condition in hospital


after a fire at the scene. It is a difficult seem to be present at.


There has been a small fire at the scene involving the vehicles and


officers are dealing with that as sensitively as they can given the


circumstances we are dealing with. Workers at the bacon factory are


coming to doubts `` to terms with the deaths of their colleagues.


Employers say they are offering support to their colleagues. They


are a big family so when something like that happens, you have to try


and get together. I didn't really know him but there are people in


there who did. People have yet to confirm the identities of those


involved and are appealing for witnesses. Police investigations are


concluding. They have been there since 6am when three people were


killed in this collision. People nearby say this road has a history


of accidents and they would like to see the parties do something about


it. It is shocking but not surprisingly. I have been a couple


of fatalities in the last two years, and we are concerned about the speed


and overtaking on the road. A woman and two men have lost their lives


here are but another two in their mid`30s and the driver of the


Citroen remain in hospital following this fatal crash. Crispin is just


outside the village of Fimber this evening, what do we know about those


involved in the crash? We know that most of them were men,


apart from one woman who was fatally injured, and that the five Indo


forward focus were all from east Yorkshire. They all worked at the


Malton Bacon factory and I spoke to colleagues there who told me the


factory it is 100 strong, many people there. They knew one of the


individuals involved, there are a number of nationalities and the


feeling among the community of that factory is that those who were dead


will be sadly missed. Thank you, Crispin. The defence in the case of


a man accused of aiding and abetting an arson attack on a Grimsby Mosque


says there is no evidence of his car was near the building at the attack.


Daniel Cressey, who's 24 and from New Holland in North Lincolnshire,


denies driving two of his cousins to the scene of the petrol bomb attack.


The defence also says CCTV footage of his car is inconclusive. The case


continues. Railway bosses have met with people


in a Lincolnshire village whose road will be cut off by engineering works


over Christmas. Network Rail is closing a crossing in Saxilby,


meaning residents on one side of the tracks will only be able to get in


and out by foot. Residents of West Bank in Saxilby are preparing for


Christmas, but for them that means attending meetings with Network Rail


and the logistics of being cut off over the entire festive period.


Today there were a lot of unanswered questions. It might be a lot longer


than they say. We thought it was going to be closed for a fortnight


before and it took a month. I would just like to know what is going on.


It will be inconvenient but we have to adapt to it. My freezer is full.


We have been trying to get both parties together so they can have


those discussions. Improvement works mean the crossing will stay closed


from the 20th of December until the 3rd of January, cutting off the West


Bank. Residents will have to walk along this path and use courtesy


buses to get to their cars which will be held in a temporary car


park. Everyone we can think of who needs to be informed about these


works, we are in engaging with and we will continue to do so. It is a


massive job that this is an inconvenience. We are at affecting


people 's lives at a sensitive time. We want to recognise that and do


everything we can to minimise it. The atmosphere was calm but with the


odd expected burst. Why haven't you put a bridge across? There isn't any


space to land at. There is. I think you are talking rubbish. And little


that appointed but these things are going to be done. Everyone was able


to air their views and that went well. This meeting proved the scale


of upheaval the works will cause and the scale of the task ahead to keep


it to a minimum. And Simon Spark is in Saxilby for


us. Is there a feeling that these meetings have helped appease


residents who face having their road cut off over Christmas? As far as


the meetings can help, I believe they have, but I got the general


feeling a resigned feeling from residents today just how


inconvenient Christmas will be for them now, with no shift towards any


alternative in place. Network Rail spoke about how they will make


improvements to the footpath, how they have liaised with every


emergency service and how they will help every person as much as they


can, but right now the second of those meetings is taking place and


whether this one is going any more smoothly then this afternoon, we


will find out soon. If you're in Saxilby you may have a view on that


one. Send me an e`mail or text and let me know.


Still ahead tonight: Odds change on who'll be Scunthorpe United's new


manager after two shock wins. We have a name in the betting, in Mr


Paolo di cameo, which may be a bit of interest for someone. Towards


Bridlington from the bottom of Danes Dyke, taken by Barbara Baldwin. Keep


your pictures coming in. NICE and mild. Let's get the


forecast. It has been a lovely late autumn day. A bit chilly towards


Friday or Saturday but the emphasis on dry weather looks set to


continue. Tomorrow more cloud, maybe some drizzle but brighter spells


should develop later as this week front pushes away southwards, but


things certainly, Thursday night we could see patchy rain. It clears


first thing on Friday morning and then skies brightened with Saturday


looking cold but sunny. You can see gaps on the cloud which list


temperatures to 11. We had 11 in the Vale of York, so not a bad day. We


have cloud across east Yorkshire this evening, which will push south


and we could see drizzle working in from the west although many places


will stay dry, just a chance early, especially across parts of


Lincolnshire, temperatures in the countryside down to two or three


degrees but in the cities near four or five. The sun rises at 7:50am.


Generally a lot of cloud around first thing, thick enough for some


drizzle in places but we should see some breaks pushing down from the


North with the emphasis on a lot of fine weather developing, more cloud


than today but there should be bright for sunny intervals. Top


temperatures not as mild as today but still mine Celsius, close to


average for late November, looking ahead, first thing Friday morning,


otherwise sunshine, a few showers, Saturday looking cold and windy but


sunny. A few messages here just focusing on the left eye. Someone


says your wife has clocked you one again. I have an eye infection but


we battle on and don't complain. You were complaining last night on


Twitter. See you tomorrow. Keep taking the drops.


One of the country's most historically and culturally


important churches may have been destroyed forever by a fire. St


George's in Goltho is a very rare example of a Tudor church which


housed irreplaceable medieval artefacts. It's also credited with


inspiring one of the country's best`known poets. From a distance,


this little church still looks peaceful and inviting, but up close


the damage is clear, so different from how it used to be. We had pale,


cream walls, the chancel at the end, stunning but simple. It is thought


this place inspired one of the country's greatest poets. Someone


was up here and my father came up to see who it was. They had a talk


about how lovely and peaceful it was around here, and then we learned it


was John Betjeman. Grass is drowning the headstones, sloping this way and


that. Cathedral glass in the windows, a roof of slate, restored


with a vengeance for certain about 1888. In its heyday, it was used as


a film set for a period drama. But on October the 21st, there was a


fire here, bringing down there and destroying almost everything on the


inside. It is not know what started the fire but it is thought it could


have been lightning. Despite firefighters' efforts, hundreds of


years of history was destroyed. It is a huge loss. We have never had a


church burns down before. It is rare because it was built from brick,


most rural churches are built from stone. That brought around 4000


visitors a year to Goltho, most welcomed at the nearby coffee shop.


We had people come in here and ask about it and B would say, knit up


there and have a look. It is open. While the church was not used for


local services, it was still an important place for the village to


gather. It was a warm church where people felt cared for and safe.


People wanted to come here to worship, it meant that much to them.


Engineers are still deciding if it can be restored but much of what has


been lost here cannot be replaced. A woman who was closely involved in


exposing a serious mix`up at a mortuary in Hull has died. Christine


Omoregie campaigned for an apology from Hull City Council, Hull Royal


Infirmary and funeral directors after her friend Grace Kamara was


buried in the wrong grave and had to be exhumed.


A dad from Lincolnshire has spoken of his joy after his son came out of


his coma for months after a road accident. Ryan Smith, who's 16 and


from Chapel St Leonards, wasn't wearing a cycle helmet when he


collided with a van in July. He's now being treated at a specialist


brain unit in Surrey. His dad Mark Smith is now campaigning for all


cyclists to wear helmets. He said it was a special moment when Ryan spoke


for the first time. We never expected any vocal to medication


because we were under the instant understanding he would have to learn


to talk again, and cheekily, on Friday when we went to visit, I


asked him if he could say hello. Big, deep breath, and a very slow


hello came out. He `` I finally knew what it was like to cry for joy. It


is a remarkable story. Mark Smith will be talking to me tomorrow


lunchtime on the radio. And we'll carry on to follow Ryan's recovery.


Former servicemen, who say their health was affected by British


nuclear testing in the South Pacific in the 1950s, have handed in a


petition at Downing Street, asking for a special fund to be set up to


help them. Douglas Hern, from Spalding in Lincolnshire, believes


exposure to radiation while serving as a cook in the Navy left him with


health problems. The Ministry of Defence has denied negligence.


Problem is, over the years we have never been able to nail an absolute


statement that can be backed up that whatever it is we are querying is


down to Christmas Island. When you get as many illnesses and as many


problems in the family line, there must be something that is not quite


right there. Cannabis, large amounts of dog waste


and even a whole caravan are some of the items that have been illegally


dumped across East Yorkshire in the last year. The council is trying to


track down the owners of this caravan, which has been abandoned in


a ditch near Wawne. Officials say they're now increasing fly`tipping


patrols. It is one of the most unusual cases we have seen. It will


be very difficult to remove but we are bringing the Environment Agency


in to get it removed. This time last week they had suffered an FA Cup


defeat against their rivals Grimsby town. Tonight, Scunthorpe United lie


just three points from the top of league two. The sacking of manager


Brian laws and the four nil victory over Rochdale last night made it a


mixed week. What does it take to become the


manager of a Football League club? Well, performances like this


certainly help. Fresh from victory over Portsmouth, the Irons' Niall


Canavan put the first past Rochdale last night. After Jamie Spencer was


brought down in the box, Sam Winnall made it two. Spencer himself got the


third, and David Syres sealed the 4`nil victory. But caretaker boss


Russ Wilcox was shy about his chances of a permanent appointment.


I don't think I need to apply. The chairman has seen what he has seen


and the board have seen what they have seen over the last few games,


so I don't think we need to touch on it any more. A couple of good


results mean it is short odds on an 's victory this weekend, but I want


to know where the smart money is going and it comes to the next Aaron


's manager. The odds on Ross Wilcox have tumbled but it is between the


two for the next bit, we do have a name in there, Mr Howley cameo,


which may be an interest for someone, it is 66`1. So, who is the


man on the street's favourite? I would like to think it would be


Nigel Adkins. Gary Maxon, that's the only one I have heard mentioned. I


heard Gary Maxon was due. How could it be? Results are good and the odds


are tumbling, maybe it's time for Russ Wilcox to step out of Brian


Laws' shadow and make Scunthorpe United his own.


With less than a month to go before the big day, many people are


starting to get into the Christmas spirit. But in Boston the festive


feeling is lacking, after it was announced the town's Christmas


Market has been cancelled, just two days before the event was due to


take place. And the Lincolnshire town isn't the only place in our


area where Christmas cheer is hard to find. Boston, filled with festive


fun. This was last year's Christmas market, a hit with visitors and


traders, but what a difference a year makes. Today few people here


were feeling festive after it was announced this year's market has


been cancelled because organisers ran out of time to complete the


necessary safety requirements. All the businesses wanted it. We feel so


sorry for the people in the market, a lot of whom had bought stalk to do


this market and now it isn't going ahead. The safety aspect of it


outweighs what we can do. In the market base, traders were feeling


fed up. Many stallholders had been due to be back for the Christmas


market on Friday and Sunday. Some told me they had already bought


stock and its cancellation could cost them thousands. Fortunately I


got to know in time and I haven't put in a good order for stock which


I was about to do. As soon as we hit the December, everybody starts


thinking about Christmas and we have lost that. I've ordered a lot of


extra stock in ready for a busy weekend. Now we don't know what's


going to happen. But it is not just here that Christmas cheer is hard to


find. In Hull, Newland Avenue won't be lit up this year. The Christmas


lights are too expensive. So shops have been trying to restore some joy


by putting up their own decorations. It costs about ?45 to put them up


and due to lack of funding this year we could not afford to get them up


in time. `` ?40,000. Back in Boston, the Christmas lights will still be


switched on this Friday. They certainly will on Friday night.


Switched on by two stars of Emmerdale. Now a re`capped of the


national and regional headlines. 35 days to go before Bulgarians and


Romanians are free to work in the UK, they're told they'll face


restrictions on housing and other benefits. Hospitals are told to


scrap smoking shelters to make it harder for patients to light up.


Tomorrow's weather, cloudy with a risk of drizzle at first. Most bases


Tomorrow's weather, cloudy with a risk of drizzle will be dry with


sunny spells throughout the day. Top temperatures mild, getting up to


around nine Celsius. On the subject of smoking, Joe once says, I was


recently in hospital with a serious chest complaint. I had a window open


and patients would smoke outside the window which came into the room. I


believe smoking should be banned on hospital but rounds. Dawn says, my


mum was dying of cancer. All she wanted to do was have a cigarette


because it made her feel better. I am an ex smoker but I feel people


who smoke are punished. Dave says it would not be tolerated if they were


drinking alcohol. Adam says taking away smoking shelters takes away


people's free will. Smoking is legal, so smokers should be able to


smoke in public. We will have more on this tomorrow. Join me if you can


on the radio from midday.


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