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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Louise, thank you. That's all from the BBC News at Six. It's goodbye


from the BBC News at Six. It's goodbye


from me. And on BBC Good evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight: A loan shark who preyed upon the vulnerable


and needy to fund his criminal life is sentenced to 12 years in prison.


Conspiring to kill someone, and very nasty arson.


Road safety campaigners criticise Euro MP Godfrey Bloom after comments


about speeding drivers. Speeding doesn't kill. What kills people is


driving without undue care and attention. Dangerous driving. ?


?NEWLINE Illegal medicines are seized in a series of raids at East


European supermarkets. A chance to buy a piece of history `


the historic school selling off more than just its silver. Join me for


the detailed forecast in 15 minutes. He was described in court as an


"underworld gangster," and tonight, a Hull loan shark is starting a


12`year prison sentence. Darren Wilson committed a string of crimes


including conspiracy to commit murder, drug dealing, arson and


illegal money lending. The prosecution had accused him of


lending money to the "vulnerable and needy". In a moment we'll hear from


an MP who's campaigning for better protection for borrowers. But first


Sarah Corker has this report from Hull Crown Court.


Targeting some of Hull's poorest people, Darren Wilson lent money


illegally, charging extortionate rates of interest. Described as a


bully and a ring leader. 406 loans went out worth almost a quarter of a


million pounds. Some of these people were particularly vulnerable. There


were people who could not go elsewhere for loans and ended up in


his clutches. He was making a lot of money. Throwing petrol bombs through


windows. Humberside police said those profits bankrolled criminal


activities. It is linked to serious organised crime. These people tried


to take on a huge job trying to kill someone.


With his brother, Dean Armstrong, on the right, the pair spent the


profits building up a drugs business. This house was petrol


bombed because they want to grow cannabis there. The judge said they


acted like "underworld gangsters." For six years, he ran his lunch at


business from the street on the brands her estate. For those who


could not pay, he threatened them with finance. And this week a report


revealed more people in Hull are living with serious debt than


anywhere else in the UK. The struggle felt here in this church


cafe. It is hard. I have always struggled with money. You get that


roller`coaster effect. Loan sharks are ready to exploit people. What


seems like fast cash can quickly turn into a frightening and


long`term problem. Earlier I spoke to the MP Stella


Creasy, who's campaigning for better protection for people borrowing


money. I asked her if she could understand why people would resort


to illegal loan sharks. Absolutely. We know crisis are happening. ` `


weaner prices are rising more than wages. Do you agree if we clamp down


on the legal moneylenders, these illegal loan chats will prosper and


we will hear more stories like today? No, not at all. The evidence


from companies that have had caps, the reverse is true. It is a win`win


scenario. What is the cap in terms of interest rates you would like to


see. Give me a figure. I want a cap on every part of it that you can get


into. 50% of profit come from default charges. It is designed to


get you into debt. I want a cap on all of those. The crucial thing is,


the government is listening to the case we have been making, which is


that capping is the only thing that will help. You haven't got a figure


you want? We won independent regulator to look at the market. It


looks that the government is finally listening this week.


Stella Creasy speaking to me a few moments ago. We want to hear what


you've got to say on this one. Have you ever taken out a loan that


you've found it difficult to repay? Do you think pay day lenders are a


useful way for people to get money when they need it?


Thank you for watching. In a moment: Opera North reveal


ambitious plans to give youngsters the chance to perform with


professional musicians. Three people who died in a head`on


crash in East Yorkshire yesterday morning were from Hull. A


40`year`old woman and her 18`year`old son as well as a


47`year`old died in the crash on the B12`48 near Wetwang. All three were


Polish nationals living in Hull. Two other men are still in hospital `


one with critical and the other with serious injuries.


A man has been found guilty of aiding and abetting an arson on a


Grimsby Mosque. 24`year`old Darren Cressey from New Holland had denied


giving a lift to two other men who petrol bombed the premises. All


three will be sentenced next month. .


Road safety campaigners have criticised the controversial East


Yorkshire`based Euro MP Godfrey Bloom, following comments he's made


about speeding drivers. Mr Bloom says he wants to stand for


parliament as a "motorists champion" ` but he's angered some by claiming


that speed doesn't kill. More from Tim Iredale.


Britain's 30 million drivers are the most oppressed group in the country,


says this MEP who is no stranger to controversy. Godfrey Bloom will be


leaving Brussels behind soon, and says he wants to defend the rights


of motorists at Westminster. Speeding doesn't kill. What kills


people is driving without due care and attention, dangerous driving,


driving like an idiot, but not driving at 32 mph 33 mph when


grandma is going to Tesco. It is two months since Mr Broom announced he


would be stepping down as a UKIP MEP after jokingly referred to a group


of women as "sluts". Godfrey has been a follower of my work for quite


a few years. The motoring industry is a multi`million pound industry.


Of course, there are thousands of thousands of unnecessary


prosecutions. Godfrey Bloom is critical of what he described as the


emotional presentation adopted by some road safety groups, and their


use of grieving relatives in campaigns. One man who says he won't


be voting for Mr Broom Stephen. Almost eight years ago, his brother


Tony was killed by a speeding drunk driver in Hull. He is now a


volunteer with a road safety charity. He is an idiot. Total


idiot. If they were to stand in front of a car at 60 mph, it would


properly kill them. If they stood in front of a car doing 20 mph, it


would probably break a bone. It is a simple as that. Speed kills. So, if


Godfrey Bloom is serious about representing written's drivers as an


MP, he is likely to embark on a bumpy political journey.


Joining me now is former police officer and Humberside Police and


Crime Commissioner candidate Paul Davison. Good evening. Godfrey


Bloom, right one? All wrong? Does speed kill? Speech does kill. I


understand his argument, that it is about the way you drive. If he had


since the casualties I have seen in my career caused by speed, you


certainly would not speak again. What you think of is, is? I don't


often agree with him. Some of his comments about the way we use of


vehicles, the way we drive, I think are actually correct. But speech


does kill. Can you be a better and safer driver at 40 miles an hour


than to 30 miles an hour and not paying attention? The problem with


speed is, you can begin a 30 miles or 40 miles an hour, with due care


and attention. The problem is if a pedestrian walks into the middle of


the road, you are far more likely to kill that person at a higher speed.


Speed limit and not there for the fun of it, they are therefore


reason, to reduce your speed so we can all be far safer on the roads.


Many people watching will have been to speed awareness courses. Mr Bloom


does not like these emotional presentations by road safety groups.


They do work. If you had seen some of the scenes I have been to, it is


a very traumatic thing to witness it. Speed cameras reduce accidents


and fatal accidents. The evidence is there. The way they have been


introduced is the issue. They are a blunt instrument. The first point I


would like to make is the money generated from fixed camera sites


should go to the Treasury. The second point is, is that of getting


a letter through the letterbox straightaway, I think you'd be


better off getting a letter advising you straightaway, three strikes


and you are out. Thank you for coming in. Very interesting.


Do you agree with Godfrey Bloom that speed doesn't kill? What about speed


cameras ` do they play a role in keeping us safe, or are they just


they to raise money for police forces?


Scores of illegal medicines have been seized in a series of raids at


East European supermarkets in Boston. They followed the death of a


Latvian man in South Lincolnshire who took an unlicensed drug rather


than seeking medical advice from a doctor. The raids were carried out


by the medicines regulator alongside local police officers. Vicky Johnson


joined them. Boston's ethnic supermarkets have


built their businesses on selling products from overseas. What many


don't realise is that supplying unlicensed foreign medicines is


illegal. These investigators, who don't want


to be identified for operational reasons, targeted shops in the


town's west street. These raids have been prompted by the death of a


41`year`old Latvian man who was suffering from a stomach ulcer. You


He could have been treated easily by a doctor, but instead he took the


prescription drug No Spa from a local supermarket. Shouldn't There's


no suggestion that the drug caused his death ` but it should only be


taken with a prescription.These investigators want to know where he


could have bought it from. It was on sale for some time. It is a pharmacy


only product. It can only be sold from a pharmacy.


The team has found what they were looking for ` shelves of imported


medicines ` including the unlicensed prescription drug. We can't


guarantee the safety quality. We don't know what the Triumph of the


products is. ` ` we don't know what the Trail is. We can't guarantee the


quality or safety. The so who's buying these products?


Diva moved to bBston from Lithuania nine years ago. Sometimes I have


bought medicines. It is very rare. The deaths of at least two migrant


workers in the past year have been connected to unlicensed medicines.


Today's rate should send a clear message that these products will not


be tolerated. Still ahead tonight: Former Lincoln


and Hull goal`scorer, Delroy Facey, is arrested as part of an


investigation into alleged match`fixing.


History for sale ` the school selling off nearly everything after


a move to a modern campus. Paul Goldthorpe took this at RAF


Conningsby. Do you have a comment about that?


Not really. Just as well because he is a weather


forecaster. Somebody told John Kirkley today


what was wrong with you and he said, a likely story.


Can I just said, I have got conjunctivitis. I have not been


lumped by somebody. Tomorrow, it turns sunny. It will also turn


windy. After a cloudy, damp start, it will brighten up. Girls are


expected in coastal areas tomorrow. It is fairly quiet at the moment. A


lot of clout. Temperatures have been on the low side, especially across


Lincolnshire. We may see a few cloud breaks coming to this evening. It


might lead to a little mist and fog for a time. Then the wind picks up


and the cloud thickens. We will see patchy rain spreading down on what


is quite a week, called front. Lowest temperatures, for five.


Perhaps lower in countryside areas. Tomorrow morning, after windy,


cloudy and perhaps a damp start, any patchy rain quickly sweeping away


south eastwards. By the end of the morning, it turns sunny and a lot of


blue sky. There will be a fresh to strong north`westerly. The wind will


turn increasingly chilly. The weekend looking predominantly dry.


Marc Laird Sunday and Monday but it stays mostly dry with some bright


sunny intervals. . You take care.


The former Lincoln and Hull footballer Delroy Facey has been


arrested as part of an investigation into alleged match`fixing. The


player`turned`agent is one of six people being questioned by the


National Crime Agency following an investigation by the Daily Telegraph


newspaper. Well Olivia Richwald is in Delroy Facey's home town of


Huddersfield. Olivia, what can you tell us? I am standing outside what


we believe is a be the home of Delroy Facey in Huddersfield. People


have been coming and going all day. He was born in Huddersfield in 1980


and played for the local club as a teenager. He moved on to the then


Premier side Bolton Wanderers. He was beset by injuries in 2002, and


did not stay at Bolton very long. He transferred online to Bradford City.


He can have descended through the football ranks. Amongst them was


Hull. He played there from June 2004 four year. He also played from


Lincoln city. We have some shots from him. Year after that, his


career at Hereford United. He now plays for a non`league team in


Bradford. It is very important to say all the clubs I have mentioned,


there is no suggestion any of those clubs are involved in any of these


allegations. Delroy Facey was one of seven people arrested by the


National Crime Agency. Breaking news tonight is to people have been


charged with conspiracy to defraud. He is not one of them. Iron`macro


Olivia, thank you very much. In Football, Russ Wilcox is to


continue as Scunthorpe United manager into the New Year. He took


over as caretaker manager after Brian Laws was sacked last week and


his side have won both games since then.


Thanks to everyone who contacted us about the possible clamp`down on


people who smoke outside hospitals in our area. New recommendations


were published yesterday which say that smoking should be banned on all


hospital grounds ` and that shelters and other designated areas for


smokers should be removed. You maybe wouldn't have thought


opera and Hull would be a natural fit, but then a fortnight ago how


many of us would have thought Hull would win the title of City of


Culture? Now, though, opera is being introduced to the city and its


schools by a travelling company based in Leeds. As Caroline Bilton


reports Hull is already taking its place on the cultural map.


Hull has got something to sing about ` it's a City of Culture and here is


a taste of what's coming its way. Opera North is based in Leeds ` it's


performed over 200 times in Hull over the years, but it wants to do


more. We are going to issue an invitation to Hull to develop a


partnership with others. Opera is a transforming experience. We would


like more people to discover it. But their work stretches further


than that ` opera could be coming to Hull's schools as well.


This travelling opera company want to use music to transform the lives


of children from disadvantaged backgrounds. They've been running


this project in Leeds. My aunt is coming and she has never seen me


doing anything before. It is like in my family's genes. My dad likes


singing. My mum likes dancing. We give them instruments, skills to


excel musically. That process of learning brings about a wealth of


social skills. The plan is to bring popular not only into the theatres


and schools in Hull, but also unusual venues like the deep. Would


you see an opera if it was put on someone like this? Yes. I would love


to see more opera been performed. Have you been to one? Yes. It was


fabulous. I cried my eyes out. The latest commitment to the city


from Opera North comes of the back of a five`year deal with the Royal


Philharmonic Orchestra to take residence in the city. 2017 may be a


long way off, but Hull it would seem is now well and truly on the


cultural map. Caroline Bilton is in Hull. Can we


expect other high profile arts groups to come to the city over the


next few years? The big team tell me they are hoping to attract


international people. They say they have made links with the London Jazz


Festival and the Yorkshire scorcher Park. They're hoping to make links


with the Tate and the National Gallery in London. Rather than


people from the region travelling to the capital, culture will come to


them and it will be right here on their doorstep. The beauty of this


is we do not have to wait until 2017. We're going to start getting


it now. Thank you very much.


It's been a part of the history of Hull for more than 220 years, but


it's now being sold off. Staff and pupils from Trinity House Academy


have already moved to a brand new school in the city, leaving their


historic home on Princess Dock Street. Now everything inside the


original building is up for sale ` from desks to white boards and even


the ceremonial flagpole. Amanda White has been to find out more. Its


maritime links were as strong during the Duke of Edinburgh's visit as


when the school was founded. Kick Murphy, whose letters home from sea


in the 1890s form a unique record of life at sea, was a pupil at Trinity,


as was Captain Russ Garbutt, who followed a career in the merchant


navy. Ross was another pupil. I spent a lot of time around the fish


stock. Lots of people were in the merchant Navy. To pass examination


to go to that school was really something to be proud of.


For more than 200 years, this school was a hub of youth and learning.


Today, its corridors lie empty, and everything here is going under the


hammer. Compared to when this room was full of children in school


uniform, it seems a little bit sad, but this auction is an opportunity


for lovely things to have a new lease of life. Andrew is the


Yorkshire near. We get people from all walks of life. Ex`pupils and


students, ex`teachers come for a nosy, people are just interested in


genetic cows. We get the hard`core auction goers, the wheeler dealers.


So what is there to buy? How about an engineer's laid? Advice. Javelin.


The may be one of these pupils from the 1990s will be back to by the


flagpole. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. A man who admitted murdering a disabled


Iranian refugee he'd wrongly accused of being a paedophile is jailed for


life at Bristol Crown Court. A loan shark in Hull who preyed upon


the vulnerable and needy to fund his criminal life is sentenced to 12


years in prison. Talking about speeding there. James


is said, I agree with Mr's comments, it is dangerous driving and


overtaking that causes the fatalities, not necessarily the


speeding. Martin says, I agree with Godfrey Bloom. Judith says, Mr Bloom


lives in a dream world were otherwise perfect drivers though the


couple of miles over the limit. People who drive badly one way


generally doing others as well. Malcolm says, if speed cameras are


good for reducing accidents, why do we see so many not in use? Thank you


for the response. Thank you for watching. Good night.


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