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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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attacked in the street. That's all from the BBC News at Six. So, it's


goodbye from me and, on BBC One, goodbye from me and, on BBC One, we


now join the BBC's news teams Good evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight. The inquiry into abuse by Jimmy


Savile will now look at his links to a hospital in East Yorkshire.


The Government has warned that cutting green taxes could hit local


jobs and plunge us into darkness. It is about providing energy and if


you don't do it right, let's could go out.


`` lights. The village that's had its phones cut off after copper


thieves strike again. Why fancy dress shops in North


Lincolnshire are all out of squirrel outfits.


And it is a windy evening out there at the moment, some guilt along the


coast this evening, but a fine weekend on the card. `` cards.


Good evening. A former East Yorkshire psychiatric hospital is


one of 19 hospitals added to the investigation into sexual abuse by


Jimmy Savile. The De La Pole Hospital in Willerby near Hull


closed 17 years ago. Our correspondent Paul Murphy has been


following this story and is in Willerby. Paul, what more do we know


about this planned investigation? Well, the yellow pole hospital, ``


De La Pole Hospital, was closed in 1997 but it is now one of 32


hospitals around the country with which Jimmy Savile had some form of


contact. It is part of a wide`ranging investigation which


will be overseen by a senior former barrister, who will produce a report


in the fullness of time. But already, there are concerns about


the scale of this enquiry and its timescale. It does not surprise me


that there has been a further 19 hospitals investigated. What


concerns me is this will delay the outcome of the report. The victims


gave their statements to Operation Yewtree a long time ago and they


await the outcome of this report eagerly. The Hull and East Yorkshire


hospitals trust, which has no direct connection to De La Pole Hospital,


has told us tonight it will investigate thoroughly, as


instructed by the Department of Health, but it is yet to see any of


the details of any of the allegations. There's a warning we


could be facing blackouts if the Government goes ahead with plans to


cut green taxes. Green levies currently add more than ?100 a year


to the typical household energy bill. The renewables industry is


asking the Chancellor not to cut these taxes in next week's Autumn


Statement, claiming they're vital for the creation of new jobs in East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Our political editor Tim Iredale


reports. In this corner of East Yorkshire,


many people have become used to living in the shadow of wind


turbines. However, the boss of this caravan repair business is not a


happy man. Peter Mills has just received his latest energy bill. He


wants to know why it is so high. None of us householders or business


premises see anything that this tax we are being forced to pay. We


cannot opt out. I do not think the Government is even aware where the


green taxes going to. According to the Department and energy, consumers


are charged a range of green levies on their bills, designed to reduce


the UK's carbon emissions. It adds to `` adds up to 100 top and per


year for the typical household. There is a different side to this


story. Leading figures in the renewables energy sector claim green


taxes are vital if thousands of new jobs are to be created on the


Humber. This is the view of a leading industry trade body. There


is the opportunity around the Humber to develop a world beating industry,


exporting to many parts of the world. It is not just about the low


carbon agenda but abiding energy, and if we do not do it right, lights


could go out. The Government needs to be careful about changing course


in any way. Business leaders hoping to attract new companies to the


Humber region say it is vital the Chancellor stands out the right


message in his Autumn Statement next week. Now is the right time. We are


in the best locate a place in the UK to make the best investments in


offshore renewables. `` best located. With Labour pledging to


freeze energy bills if they win the next election, the Chancellor is


under pressure to secure a better deal for customers while ensuring


our lights stay on in future. In a moment we will hear from a


spokesman from the big energy companies. But first, we spoke to


consumers in Lincoln and this is what they told us.


Any sort of money which would be put into technology, making energy


green, is really good. In principle it is a good think. I feel the way


the Government is going up and down about it is disconcerting. If they


want to pay extra, let them. I do not want to. Lawrence Slade is from


Energy UK, who represent power companies. Earlier I started by


asking him why the big six are insisting on a reduction in green


levies, rather than taking a cut in their own profits. Well, there are


two points. First, the companies need to make a profit to enable them


to invest in a future generation in the UK. Secondly, no one has


actually said we want to get rid of these green levies, what we have


said is we are happy to talk to the Government and make sure that money


is being spent in the most efficient way, getting energy efficiency


measures to people that need it. But you do not need to make the


profits. You are making huge amounts of money. We are certainly making a


margin that is between 5% or 6%. ?30 from each bill in 2011, household,


?105 this year, figures from Ofgem today. That is a massive increase.


Labour are suggesting we need to invest over ?200 billion by 2020, to


make that kind of investment, you need to have a healthy, vibrant


energy sector. What do you say to the thousands of unemployed people


in this area who are desperate for investment in green energy two if


these green taxes are removed, that is not going to happen. What we want


to do is to make sure these dream levies are getting to the right


people in the right way. `` green levies. If your viewers are


concerned about their bills, it is really important that they get


indirect contract `` contact with their energy companies to stop but


they will be saying you do not need to make as much profit as you are,


do you agree with Ed Miliband, let's freeze the bills for a period of


time? The problem with that proposal, and we need to see more


about it, is that nearly half of everyone's energy bill is based on


wholesale energy prices. We are not in control of those prices. Yes, but


you talk about wholesale costs, if we make our own, through wind, for


example, you wouldn't need to worry about that. In the long`term, once


you have made that ?300 billion investment in the future of the


industry, all right. But somehow, that money has to be paid, it has to


be found between now and 2020. So we have to make these investments and


make a margin so we have to make these investments and make a that


investment on international markets. Would you welcome the removal of


these green levies and lower bills? Maybe you worry what that might mean


for the renewable energy industry here?


Your thoughts on this one. Yorkshire Water has announced its bills will


only rise in line with we look forward to hearing from you.


Sunday Politics will be discussing green taxes and how the Government


should tackle rising energy bill. The guests include MEP Godfrey


Bloom. Yorkshire Water has announced its


bills will only rise in line with inflation for the next six years.


The company says the move is designed to help ease the pressures


on households. Yorkshire Water has come under increasing pressure to


take action after it emerged it had paid no corporation tax, despite


making ?186 million profit last year.


We have heard the message about affordability, so we took the


decision to go for flat prices in the next periodic review, but also


to do that a year early. A former Scout leader has been


jailed after pleading guilty to 49 child sex offences in Lincolnshire.


The judge said 37``year`old David Sewell carried out a series of


"sordid and disturbing" attacks in the Grantham area, some on boys as


young as ten. Tonight he's starting an 18`year jail sentence. Jake


Zuckerman has been in court in Lincoln this afternoon. What more


can you tell us you Mac ``? Described as a dangerous and


predatory paedophile, David Sewell was a Scout leader in the Grantham


area and had been involved with the movement for over 20 years. The


court heard that between 2004 and his arrest this year, he'd committed


at least 49 offences against boys he'd come into contact with through


the Scouting Movement. Offences which included rape, sexual assault,


sexual touching and the possession of indecent images. For many years,


Sewell had operated under the radar, grooming Young Boys at his home in


Grantham. His offences only came to light after one of his victims


complained to the police. In sentencing him to 18 years in


prison, Judge Michael Heath said, "Over a ten`year period, you


systematically and gratuitously abused no fewer than 11 boys in a


sordid and disturbing manner. You met these boys in your capacity as a


Scout master of long standing. Their parents trusted you with sons and


you gravely breached their trust. Police have welcomed the sentence


and say his victims and their families are still suffering the


consequences of his abuse. I cannot begin to imagine what they are going


through. The judge commented on the horrific effect it has on victims


and their families. It is difficult to know how they can move forward.


But for ourselves, and the specialist third agencies, we are


there to support them. The Scout Association say Sewell had been


subject to an advanced criminal records check. But he had not been


charged at that time. They added, "We are pleased that he has pleaded


guilty to his crimes and that he has been suitably punished for his


actions. The Scout Association condemns the actions of Sewell."


Well, tonight, Sewell is beginning an 18`year prison sentence, and will


remain on the Sexual Offenders Register for life.


Hundreds of people have attended the funeral of a teenager who was killed


crossing a road in North Lincolnshire. 15`year`old Koen


Allwood died two weeks ago when he was hit by a car in Barton upon


Humber. Koen's classmates from Baysgarth School lined the streets


this morning. The headteacher described him today as a popular and


hardworking boy. Sarah Corker reports.


The church bells rang out across Barton as the funeral cortege made


its way to St Mary's. Mourners fell silent, lining the streets. Koen's


family walking behind his coffin. Remembered today as a much loved


son, brother and grandson. For 200 of his classmates, a chance to


reflect on his life. My best friend. `` a best friend to everyone. Held


in great affection, with a lot of respect. Those close to him have


been incredibly supportive. We will also miss his very dry sense of


humour. A bright student and a keen musician. Candles were lit at the


service and a book of condolence opened. Koen died when he was hit by


a car as he crossed this road just before 11pm on November 13. Please


have their call for witnesses, and are now can't trace a couple


described as being of Eastern European origin, who may have seen


this collision. A man has been arrested and bailed on suspicion of


death by dangerous driving. Flowers still mark the scene of the


accident. A memorial fund has been set up for the teenager. You will


have seen from the number of people at the service today, this sense of


community. We want to give it thought. It has to be a fitting


tribute to Koen. For those who knew and loved Koen, it was a day to say


goodbye and celebrate his life. Sarah Corker with that report.


Still ahead tonight... Clearing up after the copper thieves


who've left villagers cut off from the phone network.


And why Scunthorpe United's supporters are going to try out a


new look at tomorrow's game. Thanks for watching. Tonight's


picture is of North Ferriby, sunset on the Humber, taken by John Wharam.


Julie Donovan is here. `` Keely. An e`mail says, the only thing my


husband wants for Christmas is a picture of Keely Donovan. You can


imagine how I feel about that! I think I can. I have a special


picture for you. Have you?


We have seen it before, but we love it.


Is that on the top of your Christmas list, Peter? Something is.


I'm sure! The forecast, very windy,


increasingly so throughout the course of the evening.


Tomorrow, it looks like a nice day. It could be the odd early shower but


most of the day will be dry with sunny spells, still on the cool


side. Over the weekend into next week, it looks largely settled.


High`pressure continuing to build from the Atlantic. Through today, it


was rather cloudy, damp and drizzly, but it worked up. The sunshine


developed. This evening and overnight, good deal of dry weather


with clear spells, we will see a fuchsia hours in eastern parts as we


head through the night. This evening, very windy along the


coastline, with the risk of gales. They will ease later. Inland,


temperatures in the countryside down to around three or four Celsius. The


sun will rise at 6:53am. `` 7:53am. A chilly day tomorrow. We should see


largely dry conditions. The odd shower skirting the coast, but


generally a decent day. Dry and fine with some decent spells of


sunshine. The breeze will be gentle from the north`west, so not windy as


today. Temperatures on the chilly side. Ranging from around six to


eight Celsius. Highest bridge along the coast, eight Celsius. `` highest


temperature. Sunday, more cloud will filter from the North but remaining


largely settled. I don't think it will feel quite as mild as


Saturday, because of all the cloud. Next week, settled weather but it


will be rather cloudy at times. We are framing that picture! You can


imagine Cathy's husband, watching the telly, going, no, not that one!


People living in a village in North integers say they have been cut off


after thieves stole copper cables for the sixth time in two years.


Internet and phone services were lost when the wires were stolen. BT


says the lines should be back up by Sunday but people living there say


they are becoming increasingly frustrated.


Cut off again for the sixth time in two years, phone engineers are once


again repairing the damage left by copper thieves. They were here doing


the same thing just six weeks ago. For this village in northern


Lincolnshire, this is Groundhog Day. The worst thing was last Christmas,


when it was two weeks. Every time the thieves strike, villagers are


left without a phone line, the latest incident was on Monday and


they are not likely to be able to use their phones until Sunday. I am


frustrated. I am not angry with the people who are trying to mend it.


But I am angry with BT who do not seem to care about their customers.


BT says this is costing them in excess of ?70,000. They say they are


working closely with the police to catch those responsible. Night


patrols have been increased in the area. Extra security measures are


now in place. Alarmed cables have been laid. On this occasion, they


were triggered, so the thieves were only able to steal a very small


amount of cable. Today, residents received leaflets asking them to be


vigilant and to report anything suspicious. But there was no comfort


for the likes of Barry, who feels let down by BT. For a company the


size of BT, it is a lack of being able to contact anybody, somebody


who has got the know`how and the power to be able to do something


about it. All we want is what we are paying for. At the end of the day,


it is the criminals who are responsible, not easy, but I want to


have a meeting in the village so we can talk to residents about what


else they want to see. And how residents can help catch these


people. While the village which to be connected, BT is having a reward


of ?1000 will happen to catch those responsible and end this misery once


and for all for their customers. Big response about the East


Yorkshire based Euro MP Godfrey Bloom, who has been criticised for


comments he's made about speeding drivers.Mr Bloom says he wants to


stand for Parliament as a "motorists' champion", but he's


angered some road safety campaigners by claiming that speed doesn't kill.


Thanks for your responses on this. Just a few of the many. James on


Twitter says, "I agree with Bloom's comments. It's dangerous driving and


overtaking that causes fatalities, not necessarily speeding."


Jenny from Bridlington sent this by text. "My son and two of his friends


were killed in a speeding accident. Speed does kill and those deaths


affect families forever." And Mike in Hull got in touch to


say, "Excessive speed is a bad thing. But a few miles per hour


should be tolerated, and the revenue from speed cameras is disgusting."


Thank you for those. Football, and Hull City faces


Liverpool on Sunday, looking to improve on a disappointing 1`0 home


defeat against Crystal Palace last weekend. Manager Steve Bruce says


he's looking forward to the challenge of playing one of the big


names of the Premier League. Emma Massey reports.


Prior to last week, Hull City had not lost at home all season and are


struggling Crystal Palace had lost all of their previous five away


games. But it was not to be for the Tigers, who lost 1`0 against the ten


men of Crystal Palace. As for Hull City's weekend opponents, they face


Liverpool on Sunday with perhaps an even tougher match next week against


Arsenal. Whenever you are playing Liverpool or Chelsea or Man City, it


is always a big occasion. This season in particular, we have done


particularly well in the big games. We have not managed to win one of


them but we have team in the game, that is what we will try and do


Sunday, enjoy the challenge. Liverpool expect to have Daniel


Sturridge back in their side for the game. But they say they are


preparing for a tough match. Of the teams promoted, they have done


really well, they look to be heading on course to be a team in the middle


of the table. That will tell you it is good to be a difficult game for


us. But confidence is high. Our spirit is very strong at the moment.


Even though it will be tough, we hope we can get the points. Defeat


to Liverpool will see Hull City heading towards the bottom of the


Premier League, despite the strong start.


You can hear full commentary of Hull City's game against Liverpool on


Sunday. Their coverage is on FM from 1:30pm. Before that, tomorrow they


will have commentary on Scunthorpe United's match against Torquay


United from 2pm on all frequencies. They will also have coverage of


Grimsby Town's match at Coalville Town in the FA Trophy. And Radio


Lincolnshire will have commentary of Lincoln City's match against


Stalybridge. Enjoy your football over the


weekend. East Yorkshire based tennis player


Kyle Edmunds is beginning a three week training block with World


number four Andy Murray. The 18`year`old from Tickton near


Beverley is Britain's highest ranked male teenager and made the


semi`finals of the junior event at this year's Wimbledon.


More than 1,200 Seals have been born at Donna Nook Nature Reserve in


Lincolnshire. It's one of the largest mainland seal colonies in


the country and pups will continue to be born here for the next few


weeks. The spectacle attracts thousands of visitors.


That's amazing. As Scunthorpe United fans prepare to welcome their former


manager, Alan Knill, back to the club tomorrow, many have have been


going nuts for fancy dress. Stocks of squirrel outfits have sold out in


the town as Knill, who is now manager of Torquay, returns to


Glanford Park for the first time since he was sacked. He famously


blamed a poor performance by the Iron on a collision he suffered with


a squirrel while riding his bike. Phillip Norton reports.


Cute, bright eyed and she tailed, but hit one on a bike and they could


almost kill you. That was how former Scunthorpe United boss Alan Knill


laid down a string of defeats when he was in charge. I select run out


into the road, but I could not do anything about it. It stuck in my


wheel and hit my brakes and I went over the top and landed on my head


and shoulder. For a minute, you go... I am in trouble! The squirrel


died. Alan Knill was soon sacked for results, not animal collisions.


Tomorrow, he is back at Glanford Park, and so are the squirrels.


Customers have been asking to buy squirrel outfits, squirrel tails,


little whiskers, little noses. Ireland fans have bought out the


entire town supply of squirrel fancy dress outfits. There will even be


face painting before the game to give their former boss returned to


remember. It is completely grey, huge 6`foot bushy tail, huge


whiskers, and you get an acorn as well, about so big. It is poking fun


at the gate, so he should be more careful when he is riding his


bicycle. The club initially asked fans not to attend as squirrels but


are now taking a lighter approach. A careful in the Daggers. I hope no


nuts are flying about. I will be fully focused myself. `` careful in


the dugouts. Just enjoy the game and hopefully, go away happy. It is a


bushy tail of some fine football banter. For fans, the match day


suites have already been sorted. Squirrels in Scunthorpe. Don't


forget, if you have a story you think we should know about, and you


think we might be interested, do drop us an e`mail. Let's get a recap


of the national and regional headlines. The jury at Fusilier Lee


Rigby's murder trial hears how he died after having a car driven at


him and then being attacked with knives.


Links between Jimmy Savile and a former psychiatric hospital in East


Yorkshire are to form part of an investigation into abuse.


Tomorrow's weather, a fine day with day with any early showers in the


East clearing and the wind easing. Sunny spells and a maximum


temperature of eight Celsius. That discussion on the subject of


green levies. A big response. Not surprisingly. Robert says, they are


a monopoly taking advantage of us, leading green taxes is a smoke


screen for their greed. Sue says, I would rather have my energy bills


cut, David Cameron should be sorting out the big six. Ed says, the energy


firms can afford to cut bills and still invest, they are now just


tried to scare and bully people by threatening power cuts unless they


get their own way. That is not Ed Miliband! Joan disagrees, this new


system of advertising was once... What was once a public and industry


has made a mess but it is still better than the old system. Michael


says, why should my money be used to create jobs that depend on


subsidies? It is economic madness. Wind farms are a waste of money,


says Michael. Finally, Philip says, crack on with renewables, we need


our jobs in new businesses so we can afford to pay the bills. This


dithering will do no good. Bags for those. Have a peaceful weekend, look


after yourself and stop `` thanks for those.


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