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BBC weather website. That is it all from the BBC's News at Six. We can


join the BBC Good evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight. Claims that doctors with poor


English are putting lives in danger. NHS temps. The figures that show


Lincolnshire A are struggling to recruit permanent staff. This is


something which has evolved over the years. We are trying everything we


can to recruit people. "Misinterpreted" ` Tigers boss Steve


Bruce weighs in on the owner's comments that some fans "can die as


soon as they want". This family would like their street if they


could. This could be the most decorated house. There is a warning


severe gales tomorrow. There's a warning tonight that


patients lives are being put at risk because doctors don't have a proper


command of the English language. One Doctor Who works at one of our local


hospitals says the NHS is employing staff from EU countries and not


testing their English. He's told Look North that many are failing to


communicate effectively. The General Medical Council says current law


means they can't test English language skills of European doctors,


but they plan to change that. Leanne Brown reports.


Winter is one of the busiest times of the year for the NHS, and it's


been no secret that many of our hospital are struggling to recruit


the staff they need, but one Doctor Who we spoke to said employing staff


from the EU isn't helping as many of them can't speak good enough


English. He's asked us to disguise his identity.


When the trust realises there can be a bit of concern so they're taken


off a few shifts and those shifts are handed back to doctors who can


effectively communicate. That in turn is giving enormous pressure on


existing staff. There's other times when you're called in from your own


regular duty, can you please come and attend to one of your colleagues


because a patient is not happy and he's feeling quite angry because the


doctor is not able to understand what he's trying to tell him. These


things are happening on a daily basis now.


Do you think lives will be put at risk?


Definitely. If you are not communicating well, patients' lives


are at risk. One man we spoke to said the


language barrier was a major issue when his mum had a stroke at home.


After he had examined me mother, he turned around and I asked him,


"Well, what's happening? Really, she needs to be in hospital". But


patients outside Hull Royal Infirmary seemed very happy with the


level of English spoken there. We have just seen a specialist now for


my wife. She's a European lady, no problems at all. We could understand


them perfectly. They are all all right. Everyone talked all right so,


yeah. The general medical council has told


us that they can check the English skills of doctors who qualify


outside Europe. However, current UK law stops the GMC from checking the


English language skills of European doctors, which the regulator is


working with the Department of Health to change. A consultation is


currently under way and new rules should come in next year. We've seen


examples, there was a German doctor, I believe, in the past where


somebody actually died as a result of poor treatment from a Doctor Who


couldn't speak English properly. It's been completely unacceptable


and unfortunately that's been as a result of EU rules. You know, it


isn't acceptable, it has to stop and these new rules will actually


protect patients better because we will be able to see proper English


language testing for medical staff coming from elsewhere in Europe. But


the GMC have said they would not carry out checks on the thousands of


doctors already here. Things will definitely get worse from next year


when more people are coming, especially from Romania and


Bulgaria. They will be coming. The sooner this law gets implemented,


the better it is going to be for everyone. In the meantime, our local


NHS trusts have all said they are undertaking extra English tests as


part of their recruitment process. Dr Richard Vautrey is from the


British Medical Association. I asked him how much patients are at risk


because doctors don't have a command of the English language. I think it


is a concern if they can't understand them. It is important


that anyone who employs a doctor in the UK ensures that Doctor is


competent and they have the necessary skills to be able to


practice medicine safely. How do these people get through it in the


first place? The doctor in that film says lives are being put at risk.


All doctors who come from overseas have to pass stringent language


tests before they are able to practice within England. Doctors


which have qualified within the united Kingdom are able to work


anywhere in the EU. This is one the challenges which is based web


migration of medics across the European continent. The doctor is


worried the situation will get worse when Bulgarian and remaining doctors


are allowed to wear gear from next month white. Busi have a good grasp


of English scholar and I think the General medical Council work with


the government to change the medical act, as they do have great


astringency over the ability of ensuring doctors do have the


necessary command of English. How much is this a reflection of aren't


growing our own doctors here? We are simply too reliant on doctors from


overseas, whether that be from Europe or from further afield. We


really do need to invest more in training and your own doctors from


the UK and then this issue will not be a problem. How much pressure


deliberate on doctors who can English? All doctors are working


incredibly hard, whether they be in general practice or A There is


huge pressure on their time and skills. I think we do need to find


ways to ensure that everybody who is employed to work in a particular


situation is able to parallel for weight and ensure the services to


patients is not compromised. Let us know what you think about


this story. What's been your experience? Has this been an issue


when you've had dealings with the health service?


T's also been revealed that hospitals across Lincolnshire can't


recruit enough permanant doctors to their A departments. Three


quarters of consultant posts in Lincoln, Boston and Grantham are


filled by temporary staff. 60% in Grimsby and Scunthorpe do not have


permanent positions. Now, one hospital trust is trying to tempt


doctors to the area using a video on its website. More from out health


correspondent Vicky Johnson: Our accident and emergency departments


have never been so busy. And recruiting experienced


consultants has never been so hard, especially at hospitals right across


the Lincolnshire area There are ten consultants posts in emergency


medicine across the Northern Lincolnshire Trust's two main sites


at Grimsby and Scunthorpe. Some posts have to be built by locums on


a long`term basis. There are ten consultants across the Lincolnshire


trust in Grimsby and Scunthorpe. Six of them are filled by locums. The


situation is even worse at the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust,


where just three out of 12 consultants are staff. Nine are


locums. Employer modems is expensive than a standard appointment. There


is the agency costs. They charge more. That is just recognised


nationally. What is paramount is patient safety. We will always


ensure our emergency departments are fully staffed. The basic layout is


the same, so from a safety perspective, it should not be far


from working theory and A This is the Northern Lincolnshire trust's


latest weapon in the recruitment battle. As well as promoting the


hospitals, they're trying to sell the area as a whole clip. Gorgeous


landscape and friendly people. There is a real proximity with transport


links. But both trusts are still in special measures after being


investigated for high mortality rates. It won't enhances. I see it


as a temporary blip. Hospital managers insist they're now


casting their nets far and wide to attract A consultants to hospitals


right across Lincolnshire Both Trusts insist they're making every


effort to ensure more A consultants are put on permanent


contracts. Two of Hull's MPs have met with the


Energy Secretary to discuss the Government's commitment to renewable


energy. Alan Johnson and Diana Johnson are seeking guarantees


everything is being done to ensure Siemens goes ahead with plans to


build a wind turbine manufacturing plant in the city. Our Political


Editor Tim Iredale has been following events.


The rising cost of energy is dominating the political headlines.


The Government says the typical household bill will be cut by ?50 as


part of its commitment to roll`back green levies. But the question of


how we generate electricity in future is also making news. Hull's


MPs today met the Energy Secretary to seek assurances about the


proposed Siemens manufacturing plant in the city, which many hope will


see the Humber region becoming a world`leader in servicing the


offshore wind industry. In Siemens don't come to Hull, they won't come


to the UK. I'm sure the public will get sick of hearing this. It has


been on the course of three years. It is very much on the cards still.


We need to get over this final hurdle and everything we have on Ed


Davey was reassuring. The Department of Energy and Climate Change echoed


Alan Johnson's words and said today's talks were "constructive".


Ed Davey wasn't available for interview today, but last week in


the Commons he defended the Government's record on bringing


green jobs to the Humber. I do think the whole governments, working with


colleagues, are doing our very best to ensure we get that supply`side,


supply chain investment into the UK for our green sector. We may be


working with him on that. The future of offshore wind in this country is


far from certain. Last week, the German energy firm RWE scrapped


plans to build a giant wind farm in the Bristol Channel. Some would say


the government can't commit to investing in green energy and


promise to keep bills down in the current political climate. Is the


government doing enough on its green energy policies to make sure Siemens


commits to Hull? If you want to get in touch, the


number is on the screen there. Part of the M62 has been closed for


much of the day after an accident early this morning. Five vehicles


collided between Castleford and Rothwell. There were long tailbacks


in the area after the motorway was closed in both directions. A police


investigation is underway. Police investigating a chain of


academy schools in Lincolnshire say they've passed a file to the Crown


Prosecution Service. The former Chief Executive of the The Priory


Federation, Richard Gilliland, quit after auditors found he had been


spending school funds on personal items. Plans for 30 libraries in


Lincolnshire to be run by voluntary groups have been accepted.


Lincolnshire County Council also agreed to reduce opening hours at


some bigger libraries, including Lincoln, Skegness and Gainsborough.


The authority says the changes will lead to savings of ?1.5 million. We


have to find the savings. A plus another ?80 million on top of that.


Society is changing. We all have social media now. Tablet and phones


and all the rest of it. When people access services, particularly


library services, is a lot. Still ahead tonight: Tigers Boss


Steve Bruce says it's time to forget about the club's name change and


focus on football. I will define out the family who live here choose to


light up their entire house at Christmas. Sarah Chand took


tonight's picture. Helen Butler writes to me. Myself


and other members saw this tie and thought of you. It is lawful. ``


awful. Go on, get it on. The headline for the next 24 hours.


Tomorrow is going headline for the next 24 hours.


Tomorrow to be the best day of the week. Patchy rain might be linking


in, but it will soon get out of the way. A bit of high pressure, but an


early warning in place for Thursday, which could be a bit on the


destructive side. Gales. One of two spot could get as high as 70 miles


an hour in exposure. That will need monitoring carefully during the


course of Thursday. In the short`term, it is very quiet. It has


been another day with a lot of clouds. The cloud will thicken


overnights. We have got a week outbreak of rain. It could lead to a


touch of ground frost in countryside areas but no problems elsewhere. The


sun will rise in the morning at around 7:59am. Just a little patch


of rain in the far south first thing, it quickly slipping away.


Then it is a lovely day. Lots of sunshine with lots of blue sky to


come. The breeze will be a moderate west or south`westerly. Let's look


at top temperatures. We are looking at highs of seven Celsius. It is


very windy indeed on Thursday, with locally severe gales and some rain


spreading from the North. Friday looks chilly. Much less windy and


mostly dry with some sunshine. You realise I'm going haven't `` have


the WIA on me. It's described as a landscape of


international importance as a rich breeding ground for rare birds and


wildlife. But the area known as the Humberhead Levels is also under


threat. Stretching from North Nottinghamshire to East Yorkshire,


it's made up of thousands of acres of wetlands, including a rare


lowland peat bog. The area is at risk of drying out. .


A once hidden landscape ` now being re`discovered. The Humberhead levels


are home to rare birds and plants, unique peatlands, and the remains of


medieval strip farming. All part of a huge network of wetlands. It is


the water that is helping us recreate the peat bog. In North


Lincolnshire lies the largest lowland peat bog in the country.


Farming and peat mining are drying it out. The water usage reign of the


murder into the drains. It was lost. The lottery money will help to


reverse that. More dams will be built, shurbs are being cleared and


goats are grazing here on the Crowle Moors. Damage to the bog is bad for


wildlife and is bad for us too. It stores harmful gases like carbon


dioxide. If it is allowed to dry out it releases those gases and


scientists are concerned that contributes to climate change. There


was also an economic reason for the correct in this wilderness. We stood


in the middle of a bog area which is part of several thousand acres. It


is almost like the biggest country parks in the country. The tourism


potential is absolutely incredible. It already has a lot of tourism. A


few miles south ` the patchwork of fields around Haxey ` will also


benefit. Traditonal farming techniques are still practiced here.


You're looking at a rear creation of a medieval landscape. This is how


farming was done. Every single landowner would have owned a little


strip and they would have farmed it. To get a real sense of the scale of


this area it is best seen from the air. At the top of the Humber


estuary, Blacktoft sands, is popular for bird watching. We have drained a


lot of this areas but we still have a lot of chunks of habitat. It is


important we keep these were future generations. This money will help


this and will open the landscape up to visitors. Leaflets in Polish


being handed out by a Lincolnshire Police to stop people drink`driving.


Neighbourhood policing teams will give out leaflets to make people


aware of the risks of drink`driving. So far, tibial have died and 79 had


been injured in drink related collisions in Lincolnshire.


Teaching staff from higher education colleges and universities are on


strike today as part of a nationwide dispute with the government over


pay. Universities in Hull and Lincoln say that any disruption is


being kept to a minimum and services remain open for students. Trade


unions say they're striking because staff have been offered a pay rise


of 1%. Volunteers in Lincoln say they


desperately need more people from ethnic minority groups to join the


bone marrow register. 1600 people in the UK are waiting for a bone marrow


transplant which is used to help treat blood cancer, such as


leukaemia. Today the University of Lincoln held its first recruitment


drive to encourage more students to sign up. We are trying to target 16


to 30`year`olds, especially young males, because they donate a larger


volume of bone marrow. We are also looking to sign up anyone from the


Asian population, because only 4% of them have a match, so it is a


desperate situation. Hull City manager Steve Bruce has


called for a line to be drawn under the club naming row at Hull City.


He's promised to speak to chairman Assem Allam about his proposal to


change the name to Hull Tigers, but says he doesn't want the the row to


distract from what's happening on the pitch. Our sports reporter Simon


Clark spoke to Steve Bruce today. Job well done for Steve Bruce on


Sunday, a 3`1 victory over Liverpool, a fifth win of the


season, an ideal preparation to play leaders, Arsenal. There's just the


niggling matter of the Hull City name change and Bruce's promise to


speak to chairman Assem Allam about his proposal.


In defence of the chairman, a misinterpretation could be there on


the cards. I don't think he wanted supporters to go away and die and


all this nonsense. I think he wants the situation to die. I think the


quicker it does the better for me, that we're not wasting our energies


on something, for me, is immaterial at the moment.


Hull City set out to repeat their greatest show on the road. It came


in 2008, Arsenal one, Hull City two. The skipper that famous day five


seasons ago recalls the occasion well.


I remember I was rooming with Dean Marney, the night before and we was


like, if we can keep it to a minimum we'll be happy. We worked hard. I


think they underestimated us a little bit. We had the quality and


the work rate on the day to stick together and get the result. This


year, Arsenal have made an outstanding start. With the division


's longest serving manager at their helm. We had a good warning before


we went to Cardiff. We have another good warning from Hull. Steve Bruce


is yet to have this chat. He made it clear he would rather talk about


football. City heading to Arsenal without their star defender, Curtis


Davies, who's suspended. That makes it a very tall order. If, after


victory against Liverpool, City should get something from this game,


that would send a very serious message to the rest of the Premier


League. Thank you to everyone who got in contact with us on the


comments made by Hull City owner Dr Assem Allam. Noel in Burton upon


Stather said: "I accept that Dr Allam's comments may have inflamed


the situation. However, his significant financial backing has


ensured we are in the Premier league, not league two or worse."


Angie disagress she believes ` "We are proud of our city and our


tradition and will support Hull City long after Dr Allam has found


another project, where no`one will challenge his need to wield complete


control." And finally Jo from Barrowe thinks, "Any man who is


prepared to spend ?43 million of his own money on a football team can


call it what he wants." Grimsby Town face Coalville in an FA


Trophy replay tonight. You can hear how they get on live on BBC Radio


Humberside. Coverage starts at 7pm, and kick off is at 7.45pm.


Congratulations to Boston United who are preparing for their second round


F.A.Trophy tie at Tamworth a week on Saturday. The Pilgrims made it


through to round two after a 2`1 win away at another Conference side,


Southport A family living on a Hull estate, who began lighting up their


home for Christmas over 20 years ago, say they would love to light up


the entire street! The Broadleys have covered their house with so


many festive decorations they've become a bit of a local attraction.


Caroline Bilton is there. Just how spectacular are these lights? I am


surprised you can't see them from where you are. We have quite a


dysplasia. So much so, we have a crowd gathering here tonight. These


are lights were seeing, and they had taken over two decades to put


together. Over 20 different displays on this house. Don't they look


something? It is the life long love of Stuart and his wife, Carol.


Stuart, why? I just love Christmas. You want to stretch this down the


street? If I had a chance I would. Have the neighbours said they would


allow that? Yes. My next neighbour search I could. I am gradually


moving down the street. Carol, long suffering wife. Is it a hobby for


him? Is looks lovely. It brightens up the street. Thank you very much.


I know you want to say a big hello. I want to say a big thanks to the


children at the school I work out. Thank you begetting is in the


festive spirit here this evening. They are doing their bit to get the


stage ready for Christmas. Haven't they done well? If you have a story,


get in touch with us. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines: UK school children fall further behind in the


global classroom in a new league table out today.


Claims that lives are being put in danger by doctors who can't speak


good enough English. Tomorrow's weather: Dryer and brighter than it


has been. Tomorrow looks like the best day of the week. Top


temperatures of seven degrees. A response on the subject of doctors


not speaking good English. Mrs Holland said: I find it actually


difficult to understand for an English. I brought this to the


manager's attention but nobody took any notice. Some people will die


because a lack of good English. I saw this on a daily basis. Another


year. Just go to show how difficult manager failings are. It is busily a


good grasp of our language which should be a priority. That still,


employ British staff. Another one: Lynott subjected to an interview


before they get the job. Surely that would tell if they can communicate.


This is an interesting one. This is from an anonymous nurse: As a nurse


at the role Hull infirmary at how to look bad English. This is not to


date compromised patient care in my area. We always tried to be were


patients when they spoken to. `` Royal. Enjoy your evening. Take




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