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Keep up-to-date online. That's all from the BBC News At Six,


so it's goodbye Good evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight. Winners and losers ` changes to how


much turbine companies get paid for their energy. We have not had those


kind of words before so it is encouraging. There is a sense the


announcement is something of a turning point for this industry.


Worries about mental health care for children in Hull go before a


government minister People on the East Coast are warned about possible


flooding over the next 48 hours due to high winds. People are one about


possible flooding. We want the public to steer clear because there


is a risk you could get swept away. There is a Met Office amber warning


in place for widespread severe gales. Grimsby gets set for the


return of a Hollywood star for a spy movie.


The government has today announced changes to energy subsidies. Onshore


wind farms will receive less state aid in favour of offshore wind


projects. Campaigners in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire hope


this will now mean fewer wind farms are built. Many working in the


offshore industry say the news is a potential boost to business and


jobs. Tonight, Siemens, who want to build a turbine factory in the


Humber, described today's announcement as a step in the right


direction. Here is Paul Murphy. Building turbines at the end getting


them to work properly is an expensive business. That is why this


industry has always said it needs government subsidy. Today, after


years of uncertainty, that commitment appears to have arrived.


We will increase what we pay for offshore wind. We believe this will


make the targets achievable. These words are going down well on the


Humber. Siemens has described the announcement as a step in the right


direction. It is good news. We have seen another company make an


announcement, and it is an excellent commitment from the government. We


have not heard those words before so it is quite encouraging. Despite the


hype, large`scale renewable energy projects in Hull are still only


artist's impressions. There is a sense that the announcement is


something of a turning point for this industry. But not all turbines


are the same. The government is taking a different view of the


land`based industry. The prices it pays for onshore wind and solar


energy will be cut from 2015. That will enable the government to pay


more for electricity from offshore wind, and that is going down well in


parts of Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire, where there has been


fierce opposition to these onshore machines. I think this will


seriously impact on developers. Without the subsidies, substantial


subsidies, wind turbines are not viable. Local communities will be


delighted if subsidies are withdrawn. The big argument is the


economic argument. They do not deliver to significant CO2


reductions. This is an industry which will continue to divide


opinion. Today's announcement has managed to give hope to those both


against and for green energy. I'm joined in the studio by Tim


Iredale. How has this change in support for wind energy been


received in Westminster? I think many MPs will be delighted,


especially in Lincolnshire, where they always complain that postbag


powerful of complex from and `` I think many MPs will be delighted,


especially in Lincolnshire, where a lot of people complain about wind


farms. More announcements tomorrow in the Autumn statement. What can we


expect? We know a lot already. We had this


announcement on infrastructure. If you break it down, there is little


specifically for our part of the world. One Hull MP today questioned


why the, was committed to spending ?1 billion to extend the Northern


line on the Underground would not spend a fraction of that


electrifying the Hull to celebrate railway link. There is a proposal on


the table that would do that, from first Hull trends. It would cost 90


formally part of private money. It would need to be rubber`stamped by


the Treasury. That could be something that Chancellor pulls out


of his hat borrow. We want to hear from you on this


story. Do you welcome the decision to cut the support for wind turbines


on shore, maybe you think that will mean fewer wind farms being built?


Or do you think extra support for offshore wind will boost jobs in the


industry? A Government minister has been


questioning health officials from Hull and The East Riding about local


support for young people with mental health problems. Two families also


had a chance to talk to Norman Lamb about their experiences of mental


health care including a journey for treatment of more than 100 miles


because the local residential unit had been closed. The meeting was


prompted by MP Alan Johnson. He's now hopeful residential care will be


returned to the city. This teenager from Hull is one of an


increasing number who's had to be treated at mental health units far


away from home. We have replaced her voice to protect her identity. I


still have nightmares about it sometimes. They went very nice to


me. I used to cry every night for my mum. It follows the closure of the


residential unit at the West End Centre in Hull. In October Alan


Johnson raised the issue in the Commons. In response Care Minister


Norman Lamb called today's meeting. He's known to be sympathetic too


mental health provision, calling it the Cinderella service of the NHS.


This mum told him that when her teenage daughter suffered a serious


episode last week the police were called. My daughter was wrestled to


the floor and put in handcuffs. People who knew what they were


doing, that an unnecessary drama would not have happened. But health


officials insist there simply isn't the demand for a 24/7 service for


young people. A statement from NHS England today said they're now


"providing an enhanced community service and extended day care and


treatment provision." Alan Johnson says Norman Lamb was impressed by


their arguments. I think they made a powerful case. I think he was


impressed by the fact that it is costing money to send kids and their


parents and clinicians miles away to be treated. Department of Health


officials said tonight they want young people with mental health


problems to be supported closer to home. Local families say this could


mean residential care could be reinstated in the area.


We will follow that story. A man has died following a caravan


fire in Hull. Firefighters were called to a business on Crowle


Street in the East of the city at nine o'clock this morning. After


putting out the fire, they found the body of a man inside a caravan. An


investigation is now under way. Plans to develop an area south west


of Lincoln have been described as "off the scale" in terms of anything


the city council has done before. The ?250 million plan would see


3,000 new homes built in the Skellingthorpe Road area known as


Swanpool. Concerns over flooding have prevented developments in the


past, but the council says it has measures to address concerns and the


Environment Agency has removed its objection. It is off the scale. In


terms of the importance, Lincoln frankly cannot afford those not to


provide this level of housing and employment for generations to come.


This is the only site that can help achieve this.


The minor injuries unit at East Riding Community Hospital near


Beverley is to extend its opening hours. As part of a six`month trial


which begins on Saturday it will operate between nine and six over


weekends and bank holidays. The NHS trust hopes it will help stop


unnecessary visits to Accident and Emergency, especially during the


busy winter months. Still ahead tonight: After the


controversial one`way system is scrapped, traders prepare for


Lincoln's Christmas Market. The Hollywood star heading back to


Grimsby. People living on the East Coast have


been warned to expect possible flooding over the next 48 hours. A


forecast of strong winds and high tides have prompted the Environment


Agency to warn of possible coastal flooding in East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire, and some rail operators are already amending


services. Phillip Norton is live for us in Hornsea tonight. Phil, what


sort of disruption can we expect? Well, Peter, it's really more of a


warning to be prepared as gale force winds and large waves combine with


high tides over the next 48 hours ` and what the Environment Agency


describes as a large surge tomorrow and into Friday. They say this


brings a risk of significant coastal flooding particularly at high tide.


Here in Hornsea tomorrow, high tide will be in the evening just before


five to six, while its at six minutes past seven in Grimsby, and


Skegness at 7.37pm. On Friday morning, those high tides will be at


half past six here in Hornsea, 7.45am in Grimsby, and 12 minutes


past eight in the morning at Skegness. But high winds and rain


from tomorrow morning means there's already been some changes when it


comes to transport, especially for anyone heading north tomorrow on the


trains. First Transpennine Express has suspended services between York


and Newcastle until at least 2pm tomorrow East Coast, which operates


services between London and Scotland, is also expecting


disruption and says tickets for tomorrow will now also be valid for


travel on Friday. Also tonight, the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is advising


anyone of thinking of visiting the Spurn National Nature Reserve


tomorrow that they will have to leave the site by 3pm. It will then


remain closed to visitors until the situation is reviewed on Friday.


People should check the Environment Agency website or follow them on


Twitter and the #floodaware hashtag for the latest information.


For more information on the potential flooding, let's speak to


Innes Thompson from the Environment Agency. Good evening. When will you


be able to tell which areas will be most at risk?


The message we're giving at the moment is most of the east coast of


Scotland and England is at risk from some form or another of flooding.


What should people be doing what they do to prepare? The Environment


Agency's main message is one of personal safety. Waves are very


powerful, I know they are spectacular to watch but we are


asking people to stand back, stand well away and keep well away from


areas are at risk. Coastal footpaths, top of the cliffs and


harbour areas. Do people to lead to do something to protect their homes


if they are close to the sea? `` do people need to do something to


protect their homes if they are close to the sea. With the combines


low`pressure system and very strong winds, and the large waves, there


could be areas of flooding up and Danny East coast. We are constantly


monitoring it. We have issued general alerts. As we watch the


developing picture, we will be able to advise more. Thank you for the


latest advice. We can get the weather now. Yes,


Peter, the Met Office upgraded their warning to an amber warning. That


means widespread, severe gales, with gusts of 60, possibly 70 mph. The


peak gusts are expected from mid`morning to meet afternoon


tomorrow, with peaks around midday. That will cause problems on the


Humber Bridge, the use Bridge and anywhere that goes north to south.


Otherwise, we will have rain spreading through. Because of some


concern. By Friday, are a lot quieter. There might be a bit of


drizzle on Friday night but Friday looks much better today. It has been


a lovely day today with a lots of sunshine. Before the wind picks up


tonight, there is the risk of a ground Frost through the course of


this evening. Bit of patchy rain perhaps in northern parts of East


Yorkshire and ground Frost later. The wind begins to ease through


tomorrow night. That's the forecast. One of the joys of being in during


the day is seen the lunchtime forecast. Look at this. You can't


even spell your own name. For they week. See you tomorrow.


It's feared that a storm surge during bad weather overnight could


mean disaster to hundreds of seal pups on the Lincolnshire coast. Two


years ago, dozens were killed at the Donna Nook nature reserve when a


freak tide separated pups from their mothers. Visitors are being asked to


stay away until the bad weather has passed. Amanda White has more.


Around 1,500 seal pups have been born on this nature reserve so far


this autumn. It's a two`month spectacle that brings visitors in


their droves. These books are not quite three weeks old. `` pups.


Many of the pups have already embarked on their lives in the North


Sea, but for those that remain, the overnight forecast could spell


trouble. High winds and a high tide could see a repeat of the tidal


surge that led to dozens of pups being killed two years ago. We will


build to see how high the water is coming in. There are areas of higher


grounds that the seals were built his room two. If it is much higher,


there are some small gate we would be able to open in an emergency to


allow the seals into the sand dunes. The weather today was perfect, and


Tony was making the most of his trip from Blackpool. There is nowhere I


know of where you can get so close seals like this. It is gorgeous. The


black one is the all`time favourite. The most superb coat. The Visitors


are asked to stay away for the next few days in case the seals have to


come beyond these fences. Next week is the best time to catch


a glimpse of this year's pups. Thank you to everyone who's been in


touch about the warnings that lives are being put at risk because


doctors don't have a proper command of English. One doctor told Look


North that the NHS is employing staff from EU countries and not


testing their language skills. The General Medical Council says current


law means they can't test their English, but there are plans to


change that. In less than 24 hours' time, the


streets of Lincoln will be packed with visiting the annual Christmas


Market. Businesses in the city say they're looking forward to the event


now a controversial one`way system for pedestrians has been scrapped.


Some say it cost them thousands and are pleased the Council listened to


their concerns. Gemma Dawson reports.


By this time tomorrow, Lincoln's famous Christmas Market will be open


for business. Organisers hope we'll be seeing similar scenes to this as


thousands of people descend on the city. For traders, that's meant a


busy day getting prepared. It is massive, absolutely massive. We do


among's takings in just four days. It brings much`needed revenue into


the business. It is without doubt the busiest four days of the year.


The market attracts around 250,000 people. But this year, return


visitors will notice one main difference. The controversial one`


way system has been scrapped. Last year, visitors to the market could


only walk in this direction, past these shops. They then had to follow


a huge one`way loop around the market, and traders here say it


proved costly. It put a few people off. Hopefully, now people can


wonder where they like, they will come back. It was a big impact. I


suppose I had to try something for health and safety reasons, but it


didn't work. What is important is customers often, ran a second time


and by the second time. So this year people will be a to move more


freely, with just a one`way through the castle.


Tonight, final preparations before visitors start arriving at midday


tomorrow. Good luck to everyone involved and if you are going, enjoy


it. More than 100,000 people have


watched a film created as part of Hull's bid to be the UK City of


Culture 2017. And as you The film was played to the City of Culture


judges as part of the city's final presentation. It's been watched by


people in 150 countries, including Spain, Germany and South Africa.


100,000 people have seen that. Hull City will face top of the table


Arsenal tonight in the Premier League. The Tigers had a convincing


victory over Liverpool on Sunday and will look to continue that form when


they play at the Emirates. Manager Steve Bruce says it'll be a tough


match. They are as good as anybody at the moment. It is so difficult to


set up against them. You can hear full match commentary


on BBC Radio Humberside tonight. Build up is under way in Sportstalk.


The match kicks off at 7.45. A hatrick from Dayle Suthell means


Grimsby Town are through to the next round of the FA Trophy. The Mariners


beat Coalville Town 3`0 in their first round replay. They will now


face Barnet in next round. Earlier this week, we were talking


about the impact of immigration on parts of Lincolnshire when


restrictions on people from Romania and Bulgaria travelling to the UK


end next month. BBC Radio Lincolnshire's breakfast show will


be live in Romania tomorrow looking at what people there think could


happen on January first. Are you as is the That's from six o'clock


tomorrow morning. You and He's best known for characters such as Ali G


and Borat and today it's been revealed that Sacha Baron Cohen will


star in a new film called Grimsby. You are you News has been rolling in


from the Hollywood press that the film will be an action`comedy. You


you you are a you It's unclear weather it will be filmed in the


town, but the A`list star recently visited the area with a team of film


makers. Leanne Brown has more. Have to Could we soon see Sasha Baron


Cohen abseiling down the dock tower or having a fish fight on the


market? You are is a this is The film star


certainly got lots of inspiration on a recent visit to the town. Easy ``


he He was captured on CCTV doing some research. He came in looking at


the produce, asked some questions. You didn't answer any of our


questions, because he said he wasn't in character.


Sacha Baron Cohen is most famous for playing over the top characters like


Ali G, Borat, Bruno and The Dictator. It's now been revealed in


American movie magazine Variety that his next film will be a spy`action


comedy called Grimsby featuring a British agent and a football


hooligan. To get Grimsley mentioned in the Hollywood film, it is great.


Do think there is a chance they will fill many other here? Bound to be.


It's unclear which character he'll play, but he did go to a Grimsby


Town match and spent time with the fans in the pub afterwards. They had


a recce round the area. He was lovely, really down to earth. He was


in a primadonna or nothing. He was just one of the lads, you know.


Now everyone's waiting to see what Hollywood's movie makers on the west


coast of America will make of the East Coast of England. Let's get a


recap of the national and regional headlines. That is good news.


Nigella Lawson admits in court that she has taken cocaine ` but she


denies being an addict. Changes to the amount of Government


funding for onshore wind farms have been welcomed by campaigners.


Response coming in on the subject of wind. Jonathan Horncastle says, yes


to wind on and offshore and gestured green jobs. Allen in Scunthorpe


says, people need to see the good behind the wind turbines. They bring


jobs and investment, and I love looking at them. Dave says,


finally, the government may have come to its senses. Town we stopped


lining the pockets of the wind farm manufacturers. Liam says, wind farms


are good on all offshore, we just need to get rid of NIMBY people.


Daniel says, I personally believe it is a fantastic idea and only will


increase work in the area, and with Hull being the City of Culture, it


is only going to support the city's income.


We will continue to follow the story. See you tomorrow night.




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