05/12/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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6pm. It's goodbye from me and on BBC One, we join our teams where you


are. Good evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight... Hundreds are told to leave their


homes as East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire are battered by storms.


Flood sirens ring out, with warnings that the worst is yet to come. I


have spoken to the flood line, and they have told me that my street is


in the worst danger. Here in Cleethorpes, the sea has risen to


the same level as the pavement, and there is huge concern here in the


town. I have spent the day on the Lincolnshire coast, where gale force


winds come a large waves and high tides mean thousands of homes are at


risk of flooding tonight. We'll have the latest evacuation warnings and


travel news as the storm closes in. And there is a warning in place for


further strong winds encouraged to areas. I will have the details in 15


minutes. `` in coastal areas. Communities across the east coast


are bracing themselves. The emergency services are tonight on


high alert. In parts of North Lincolnshire, homes are being


evacuated. Severe flood warnings have tonight been issued for 15


locations in our area, including Burringham and Gunness on the River


Trent, Cleethorpes, Grimsby and Humberston in North East


Lincolnshire. Boston and Freiston in Lincolnshire. This is the most


serious level of alert which the Environment Agency can assign and


indicates a "danger to life". Leanne Brown is in Cleethorpes for us


tonight where people living by the Humber Estuary are being warned they


may need to leave their homes. What are people being told? Well, people


are being told to get ready tonight. A tidal surge is due this evening,


any time between now and nine o'clock. If our cameraman can show


you, the sea levels are starting to rise here. It is at the stage where


the sea is at the same level as the pavement. It is rising every second


here. Further up along the coast, residents near Humberston have been


told to leave their homes by seven o'clock. I have just been told that


they are under three feet of water in some parts. Humberside police


have declared an emergency. Tonight it's all about taking the


right precautions. In Hull, the tidal barrier was lowered to protect


the city. All along the coast, people are bracing themselves for


flooding from the sea. Sirens in Grimsby and Cleethorpes warn of the


threat from the Humber. I was not expecting the water to be two metres


higher than usual. It is quite worrying, actually. I have run the


council and they are not providing sandbags to anyone, which I think is


ridiculous. In low`lying parts of the SG, water had already started


overtopping the sea wall. Residents were hoping sandbags would protect


them. Normally, this water would just be entered the salt marshes and


the grass. But it could be another five or ten minutes before this road


is inundated with saltwater. It all started this morning, with high


winds reaching 70mph. This building on Clough road in Hull collapsed


seconds before someone was due to get in one of the cars that was


crushed. He had been in the shop. He came back to the car to get his


money, and then went back to the shop, and that is how he managed to


miss getting squashed. We have got a wall which has collapsed. I am led


to believe that the roller shutter door to the property was open, and


the wind direction forced it in through the roller shutter door,


resulting in a total collapse of the end wall, as you can see. Several


trees also came down in Louth, on the A18 near Grimsby, and residents


helped remove this in Whotton. I friend of mine asked if I could


bring a trailer and a couple of chainsaws and we have been here for


two hours trying to clear the road, with the police, waiting for the


council to turn up. His lorry toppled over on the A181 near


Scunthorpe. The Humber Bridge has had difficulties all day. It was


closed for a time to all traffic. Volunteers working at Humber Rescue


said the weather was the worse they had ever seen ` and they were


getting prepared. I was very surprised this morning when we came


down. The conditions are very dangerous down there at the moment.


We have got a flood response team which is able to respond anywhere in


the area. Particular dangers are that waves, if people are down at


beach level, or on the promenade, they could get washed into the sea.


Waves are very unpredictable and they can catch you completely


unawares. Cars float very easily when a wave comes over, people get


washed off their feet in very shallow water. Just stay well clear,


is the message. The next few hours will be critical, with high tide


along the east coast. It is only then that we will find out whether


the preparations have been enough. The leader of the council here has


just joined me on the seafront. What is the council doing tonight? We are


working with the emergency services to keep people safe. People are


coming down here to watch it. If you are doing that, do it from the high


ground. If not, listen to the media, and if you are asked to move


upstairs, please do so. I will have a further update for you later


caravan parks and other businesses along the coast have also been


preparing for sea levels which could be as high as those during the


floods of 1953. Sarah Caulker has spent the day in Lincolnshire. And


she sends this response. Just stepping outside today was at times


incredibly difficult. Strong winds, large waves, mixed with high spring


tides, meaning the Lincolnshire coast is bracing itself for


flooding. At this caravan park in Sutton on Sea, residents were


evacuating this morning. I will take refuge and probably go around to my


brother's, further inland, in Mablethorpe, and take a few


possessions with me. Valuables, probably. I will retire to a safer


place. Further down the coast, those at this care at home in Skegness


have moved themselves and their belongings to the first floor. We do


not know what is going to happen, so we have to take precautions. We have


got these weak residents. An emergency control centre has been


set up in Lincoln to monitor sea levels and check defences. The


latest information is that we are likely to get some localised


flooding, which is why some people should consider evacuating now. Just


metres from the seafront, businesses in Mablethorpe are preparing for the


worst. My boss has had us moving stuff around, getting damage


limitation, just in case. A lot of people are referring to the floods


from me 50 years ago. Customers are concerned that it is not going to


hold. People have been coming to have a look at the rough seas


tonight. Winds have been picking up in Mablethorpe throughout the day,


and there are warnings that in some parts, sea levels could get as high


as those during the devastating floods of 1953. Of course, flood


defences built since then mean this area is now much better protected.


And for those living behind the flood wall and below the sea level,


they are getting ready for peak tides, which are expected in the


next hour. Not surprisingly, there are big


travel problems as well. It is a changing situation. At the moment,


there are several problems for motorists. In North Lincolnshire, a


lorry has blown off a motorway. The M62 is also closed westbound due to


an overturned lorry on the Ouse Bridge. One lane of the M18


northbound is closed because of an overturned lorry . for rail


passengers, all services in and out of Hull were cancelled from 4.30


this afternoon. For the latest on the flooding, I am


joined in the studio by Oliver Harmer, from the environment agency.


How serious is this situation? It is very serious, it is an unfolding


situation. We have got the most severe tidal surge event for at


least 60 years. We have got sea levels and wave conditions which we


have not seen for a long time. We have got a significant number of


severe flood warnings out to communities. We are particularly


concerned in Cleethorpes and Grimsby, along the River Trent, in


Boston in Lincolnshire and in parts of East Yorkshire and Hull. Best


advice for people who live in those areas, who are close to the rivers


or to the scene? If you receive a flood warning from us, please take


urgent action, take this seriously. We are trying to protect your


property and yourself. It is a very serious situation, it is a huge


public safety risk. So please, whatever you do, stay away from the


shoreline, do not go near flood defences. A small amount of flood


water can be very dangerous. It can wash people off their feet and they


can get swept out to sea. It can be very damaging if you are driving. I


have been hearing that some people have been offered the chance to move


out of their house, if that is put to them, should they take up the


offer? Absolutely. It is really important that everyone follows the


advice of the emergency services. Do you get the sense that people are


listening? We do. We believe people are listening. If you are not sure,


please take any flood warning seriously. You can get the absolute


latest information on the environment agency website. All of


the local councils have information on their websites, as do the police.


We are all working together to protect as many people as we


possibly can. That was Oliver Harmer from the Environment Agency. We


would like to hear from you. Maybe you have already moved out for the


night. There are lots of ways in which you can get in touch.


In a moment... We look at how the bad weather has affected the opening


day of the 31st Lincoln Christmas Market.


Many businesses in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have given a


cautious welcome to a promise from the Chancellor to lower their rates.


In today's Autumn Statement, George Osborne announced that small firms


will get a discount on their business rates and future increases


will be capped at 2%. Supporters of green energy on the Humber have


welcomed the news that more government subsidies are to be given


to the offshore wind industry. More from our political editor, Tim


Iredale. The Chancellor's recipe for economic


recovery isn't to everyone's taste. And many people weren't in the mood


for political waffle today. Many small firms say they are being


crippled by rising business rates. East Yorkshire`based cake maker Judy


Newlove has been campaigning for a freeze in the charges. Every retail


premise in England with a rateable value of up to ?50,000 will get a


discount on their business rates. This discount will be worth ?1000.


The Chancellor responded by announcing a cap on rates, which


will be limited to 2% next year, and businesses will be able to pay over


12 months instead of the current ten. I do think that he is taking


some steps towards helping small business and extending some of the


small business rate relief et. Not that that elevates us, because, as


an owner of three shops, we do not benefit from that. As part of


attempts to keep energy bills down, the Chancellor has scrapped some


green levies and confirmed that government subsides will in future


favour the offshore wind industry rather than onshore wind farms.


Parish council chairman Cheryl Warwick has been campaigning against


a turbine development at Gayton Le Marsh near Louth.


It is going to be dependent on how big the reduction in the subsidy is.


If it is a token reduction, then I do not think developers will be put


off at all. They will continue to go ahead and put in applications, and


build their wind turbines. This is what the Government wants to see,


shoppers out spending money, as they are doing here in Lincoln, and a


feel`good factor returning to our economy. Do you feel better off as a


result of what you have heard from the Chancellor today? Not really. I


have found out that I have to work until I am six D9. Each week is


petrol, just general everyday life. `` until I am 69. Some will say bah


humbug, but as the economy improves, the Chancellor will be hoping that


more of us will have reason to indulge in a bit of festive cheer.


And Tim is live in Lincoln for us this evening. So, what has been the


reaction from our MPs to the Autumn Statement? Government minister and


Grant MP Nick Bowles tweeted that motorists would be better off as a


result of the fuel duty increase not going ahead. He also said town


centres would improve with a government plan to offer rate relief


to firms which occupy previously unoccupied shops. However, Karl


Turner, the Labour MP for whole East, says the Chancellor has got no


reason to be optimistic. Wages are going down, prices are going up and


the average family is ?1600 a year worse off than they were three years


ago. So, the reaction along party lines, as always.


Still coming up on the programme... Hull City are down to 12 in the


Premier League. Let's get the very important weather


forecast tonight. Obviously a very serious situation developing along


our coastal strip. Met Office have still got a strong wind warning in


coastal areas. Let's see what has been happening today. 74mph at


Scampton. These are the gusts above 60mph. So, it was a severe gale. And


of course that is what is causing the tidal surge down the North Sea.


Tomorrow thankfully looks a lot better. The wind will begin to


Newington ease. You can see far fewer isobars for tomorrow. `` the


wind will continue to ease. We have still got gale force winds in


coastal areas, but very gradually, they will be easing this evening.


Weather`wise, a few local showers are possible, otherwise it is dry


and clear. So, the sun will rise in the morning at about eight o'clock.


Your next high water times, crucial information, of course... We have


still got the high tide to come up the Humber and down the Lincolnshire


coast, into Norfolk, and then we have got another high tide just


before breakfast time in the morning. Weather`wise, that is the


only good news I can offer, because it is going to be dry and sunny.


Watch out for icy patches first thing in the morning, but lots of


sunshine. It will tend to ploughed over from the West. Temperatures


very much on the cold side. `` it will tend to cloud over from the


west. The bad weather has also affected the opening day of this


year's Fijalek. Many stalls have had to take special precautions to cope


with the high winds. The opening of Lincoln Castle, which hails the


start of the market, was also postponed until this evening. Gemma


Dawson reports. Earlier, traders had to battle the winds, using weights


to secure their stalls. For these first`time traders, it ended`up


being a race to get ready. We set the stall up yesterday and we came


in this morning to find it just next to the Cathedral! At midday, crowds


gathered outside the castle, waiting to be among the first to see the


stalls inside, only to be stopped at the gate due to safety concerns. It


finally opened nearly five hours later. We have got to make sure that


it is a safe environment. There were some issues about scaffolding, and


making that secure. It has taken us a little while to get it sorted, but


people can now go in and enjoy the atmosphere. 250,000 people are


expected to pass through this gateway over the next few days to


see the stalls inside the castle. And traders here are hoping visitors


are in the mood to spend. We come every year and thoroughly enjoyed


ourselves and we have visitors that come up from Sussex are specially


for the event, because it is so enjoyable grubby it is fantastic we


have been here all day today, it has been a super day. That's good news


for local microbrewer Steve Marston. He has grown up with the market, but


this is his first year selling his beer at the event. We have got about


80 casks of beer ready to go. If we go through all of that, fantastic.


If we go through only ten, fantastic. It is a bit of a gamble.


But hopefully the gamble will payoff for stall holders. Now, the market


is at last fully open for business. Organisers are hoping it will be


more calm over the next few days. So, despite a wet and windy start,


the market is now open for business. By the way, a car park in the centre


of Lincoln has been reopened today as well. 300 of its 440 spaces have


been reopened, after it has been closed or nine months for urgent


repair work. Two historic buildings in


Lincolnshire appear on BBC One tonight. Restoring England's


Heritage will look at the Moulton Mill in Spalding and the Ice Factory


in Grimsby. I spoke to the programme's presenter, Jon Sergeant,


and started by asking him what impressed him so much when he


visited Moulton Mill. Well, I suppose the sales were up, and this


year, they managed to produce flour jig for the first time since the


1890s. Very much history alive and well at Moulton Mill. I think it is


a tremendous project. There is something about windmills which


excites people. It is not just that they are replica, and people think


about them as an old, old building, but to see them working is quite


something. It also drags people to an area as a tourist attraction,


doesn't it? It does. I think people are more and more aware nowadays


that if you are not careful, everywhere looks the same. High


streets have got the same chain stores. So, if you have got


something special in your area, take sure that you keep it, restore it


and pay for it. At Moulton Mill they have got these to rivet volunteers.


That is what pleased me when I went there. You thought, they deserve a


proper meal, and now they have got one. `` terrific volunteers. How


important is it to get these old buildings restored? It is very


important. In terms of Grimsby history, you cannot understand the


fishing industry unless you realise how important the Ice Factory was.


It was the biggest of its kind in the world. In about 1902, when they


built it, and had these extraordinary, great big machines to


compress the ammonia gas. You will know the principles of it, but you


can press the gas, it then becomes a liquid, and when that liquid


evaporates, the cooling process gets under way. But to see how it was


done is really quite something, and even in its dilapidated state, you


do get an excitement moving around among those big machines, which are


going to be restored. We look forward to seeing the programme


tonight. And you can watch Restoring England's Heritage on BBC One


tonight at half past seven. Hull City are down to 12th in the


Premier League after their 2`0 defeat against the league leaders


Arsenal last night. The Tigers conceded an early goal and never


recovered, as Amanda White reports. After Sunday's win over Liverpool,


the result at the Emirates was by no means a certainty. But in the end,


the league leaders prevailed. Nicholas Payne not put Arsenal ahead


after just two minutes. At Hull City did not capitulate. Arsenal scored


one more in the second half, through Mesut Ozil. The final score was 2`0.


The last thing you need when you are coming here is to concede after a


minute. When their tails are up, they are a very difficult side to


play against, because of the sheer quality. Thankfully we stuck at it,


which we needed to, otherwise it could have been one of those


embarrassing evenings, where you do question yourself. The Tigers face


11th placed Swansea in south Wales next Monday. Let's go back to our


top story, the high tides and the winds which are moving through east


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire this evening just as I say, Leanne Brown


is in Cleethorpes. What conditions are they expecting in the next


couple of hours? Well, Peter, the CE is continuing to rise here. I have


just got an update for you `` the sea `` from just up the coast, one


village has been flooded, I am told. People are also being moved from


their homes just to the east of Hull. But as the North Sea rises


here, so do the levels in the Humber estuary. And I am told there is


flooding on the roads in Victoria dock and in other areas. Your local


radio stations will keep you up`to`date with the latest


information. So, the latest flooding information is on your local radio


station. Those radio stations are staying on air until ten o'clock


tonight. The next few hours are crucial. The hype `` the high tide


times are fast approaching. Our main headlines... The UK is battered by a


poll. And, two people are killed. Thousands living on the coast warned


that they may have to leave their homes as a major emergency operation


is under way. Tomorrow's weather, dry and bright with long spells of


sunshine. It will be cold. Don't forget your local radio


station, and be safe tonight. Two says, how come we are on high alert,


we are backing being evacuated, and yet we are not being provided with


any sandbags? This one says, we are pensioners and can do little other


than going upstairs. Here is hoping. Another one on Twitter says, the


sirens go off and they say, take urgent action, but nobody has told


us what to do. We do not have a car. Where do we go? Malcolm says, I can


not believe how money families are walking towards the promenade to see


the sea crashing against the beach wall. I am not sure exactly where


Malcolm is. But we heard the advice, do not do that. Sandra lives in


Hessle, on the foreshore, just opposite the car park. She says, sea


water from the Humber is now coming up Cliff Road. She says, my husband


has just gone out to move our car to the top of this road. It is very


scary. I have lived there for 13 years and have never seen anything


like it, not even in 2007. John says, I live in Cleethorpes, and I


am sickened that the council has not provided sandbags or information


about where I can get them from. This is so`called help. Good night.


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