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light rain. It will be damp across the north and west. That's all from


the BBC news at six. Goodbye from me.


Good evening. Thank you for joining us. The headlines. Claims from flood


victims their homes were sacrificed. This village got the brunt of it.


Counting the cost ` the businesses that say it will take them months to


recover from the impact of the floods. Personally, it has been


heartbreaking, emotional, tiling and on a business level it has been


completely devastating. Calls for calm from the community


leader assaulted in his car as his wife and daughter looked on.


Was it a success? Traders disagree with claims that the Lincoln


Christmas Market was the best ever. And eyeing the top of the half of


the table ` Hull City seek their second away victory of the season


against Swansea. No extreme weather this week


thankfully. Much more settled outlook, details coming up shortly.


Good evening. Some flood victims whose homes were devastated by the


tidal surge say they feel that their role `` properties were sacrificed


to protect others. Residents in South Ferriby say the worst of ``


they suffered whereas Hull was protected by the tidal barrier. In


Boston, residents have been told they will have to wait until 2019


for a new flood defence barrier to be completed. From there, Anne`Marie


Tasker reports. You can see where the flood water came in. Assessing


the damage, after the tidal surge swept through homes in South


Ferriby. People here have been forced to throw out televisions,


carpets, sofas. Some say they've lost everything. We all have


terrible stories to tell. We didn't know where our mum was for quite


some time. This was Andrews Road on Friday. Today, they're still


cleaning away the mud ` outside and inside homes. This morning, North


Lincolnshire's council leader came to see the damage ` and offer


residents council tax relief and small emergency grants. ?300 might


just help with 12 initial things. I was talking to a lady there and all


her Christmas presents have gone. She has no shoes for the children so


?300 will help a little bit. Today, teams from the Environment Agency


continued to check flood defences for damage. We have to learn from


the event that took place. There will be a lot of engineering


calculations that would go ahead around making sure we have the right


sort of defences. We have to be careful not to push the problem


elsewhere, we have to have a considered approach. But residents


are now asking questions about why the water flowed over South


Ferriby's defences. It was exceptional circumstances, but Hull


has been protected to a large extent which is why this village got the


brunt of it. Indeed Hull was protected ` and this is the


structure that did that. The environment secretary says 130,000


homes were saved from flooding when the whole tidal barrier was lowered


on Thursday. People living in Boston face a longer wait for similar


protection. As residents clean up in Boston, some are asking why a


planned flood barrier won't be completed until 2019. And in North


Norfolk, they're asking what can be done to stop future flooding.


Visiting there today, the Prime Minister said the government is


looking at making improvements. There is always more that can be


done. There was lessons to learn, whether that is personal flood


defences for householders, new flood defence schemes with government


funding, interworking between the emergency services and local


authorities, I'm sure there is always lessons to learn. And as the


clear up continues, learning those lessons is something many residents


will be calling for. I am joined by Mark Robinson from


the Environment Agency. Good evening. Did people pay attention to


the warnings and do it were told? We just have to look at our lessons


learned. A lot of warnings went out. This was about being prepared.


If we look to the majority of those people, they paid attention to the


warning and took appropriate action. What you say to people like in South


Ferriby and other area to feel they have been sacrificed? First of all,


it is devastated when people get impacted by flooding. Our thoughts


are with them but when we look at the overall defences around the


Humber Estuary, they are too good standard. We work in partnership


with the Met Office and the flood broadcasting centre and we had the


results of the high tides coming through on the Thursday evening. We


were expecting to get some spree in the warning was issued so people had


to take appropriate action. It is not possible to protect everyone,


but our priorities made were some people are protected more than


others? This is all about government finances. The government is saying


that for every pound spent on flood defences, we are reducing flood


risk. Obviously larger communities will get more of return for their


money. That is where some of the priorities are levelled at. People


in Boston say they are frustrated it is taking so long, why is it taking


so long for the flood harrier? We have been working on the barrier for


a number of years. We have lots of processes to go through. We think,


with all our partners working together, we will start construction


around 2016 or 2017. The Prime Minister said there was lessons to


be learned, but the Environment Agency learn any lessons? We know


that the events and the level that came in was being followed, when we


get through the recovery stage we would take that intelligence and sit


down and obviously there will be lessons to learn and we will put the


appropriate actions in place. Thank you very much.


Businesses affected by the flooding are counting the cost of losing out


on the lucrative Christmas trade. And for some the damage will take


them months to recover from or could even lead to ruin. Our Business


Correspondent Paul Murphy reports. High tide this morning in


Bridlington was back to its normal level at businesses on the seafront


have many months `` difficult months ahead before normality returns. It


is a complete mess. Two deep freezes overturned, the counter overturned.


Businesses here echo what others have said along the coast, the surge


took them by surprise. I think it could everyone out even know lots of


people have lived in the harbour for years. It was so calm, there was no


storm. We have seen lots of hard weather in the past but it was


really calm. This hotel has spectacular Humber views. Now they


only serve as a reminder of an event they described him as a catastrophe.


On a business level it has been completely devastating. On a


staffing level, we have no staff at the moment. We're not open. We have


no phone lines, no internet. We have nothing to work with. Staff at this


retail park up in what King around the shop to get his shops reopened.


`` around the clock. It is not just retailers who have been affected.


The giant cement plants in South Ferriby has suspended production


while the damage is investigated. Some businesses make more than half


of their annual income during the festive period. For them, the timing


of the surge could not have been worse will stop and have obviously


had to cancel orders for the next few weeks. I just do not know how


long it is going to take to get the shop up and running again. East


Coast businesses will now be hoping for a speedy response from insurance


companies as every lost day cost them even more. Clearly one night of


flooding was still have an impact for many months to come.


Paul is in South Ferriby at the moment. How much is the damage


likely to cost? The cost to businesses is something as small


army of loss adjusters is probably trying to work out. For businesses


of all shapes and sizes this has been devastating. The biggest cement


works, to the smallest key lock `` kiosk on the seafront. That is also


a cost to the reputation of the wider community. They have been


flooded and their vulnerability has been exposed. Some will argue that


this is a genuine deterrent to inward investment. Thank you very


much indeed. Plenty of people have been in touch about the events.


Thank you for all the messages. We want to hear from you on this


story, are you a business that has had to close because of flood


damage? Do you think more could have been done to protect homes, what is


your story and your experience? Lincolnshire's new permanent chief


constable will be Neil Rhodes after the police and crime panel confirmed


they support the decision to appoint him. He'd been temporary chief


constable and the only applicant. He was suspended by the crime


commissioner, Alan Hardwick, in February but was reinstated after a


judge ruled the decision perverse. Mr Rhodes was also cleared of any


wrong doing in a separate investigation.


A man's been jailed after an explosion at the Bourne offices of


the Conservative MP Nick Boles. Paul Liverseidge admitted possessing an


explosive substance and was jailed for 15 months at Lincoln Crown


Court. People are being asked not to go to


hospital in Lincoln and less than absolutely necessary. Managers at


the hospital say they are extremely busy and ask patients to get advice


from their GP. The religious leader of the whole


mosque could lose the sight in one night after he was attacked just


over a week ago. Imam Hafiz Salik was driving home on Saturday evening


with his wife and daughter when he was stopped and hit in the face. He


and his sons are calling for calm but a national organisation says it


is concerned about the number of physical attacks on most runs. `` on


Muslims. Beaten up in the street. After the blood was coming out like


a tart. It was like water. Tap. I try to get away from them. He


was driving his family home along Spring Bank West when the attack


happened. It was here the attackers ran out, two men and one woman stop


one of the mainly in front of the car. It was then that he got up


slowly, what ran to the car door slowly and punched Imam Hafiz Salik


in the face. I think the doctors are seeing the assailant might have used


some sort of ins don't just by the way he was cut. `` some sort of


instrument. He cannot see through his eye at the moment so fingers


crossed. Although there is no suggestion the attack was racial or


religiously motivated, the police are keeping an open mind. The victim


was wearing traditional dress but he was in a card and it was night`time


so for a person to have seen that in target that, it is difficult to see


how that could have occurred. Nothing of a racist nature was said


during the attack. He read the mosque, worshippers are concerned


about what happened. They were worried that is why we address this


issue on the sermon on Friday. The tool the community what is going on.


`` week told the community. We told them not to take the law into their


own hands and we told them we don't know why the attack happened full


top ``. We are now getting incidents where aggression is far more within


the incident is self. Threat to kill, threats to harm, aggression


where people feel really frightened that their lives might be at stake.


Police are appealing for witnesses of the silent attack to come


forward. We wish him well and we will


continue to follow that story. Thank you for watching. Still ahead. Was


it a success? Some people disagree that it was the best market ever.


Hull seek their second win of the season as they travel to Swansea.


There have been some fantastic sunsets over the last few days. Lots


of pictures then. We have three tonight. Immingham by Linda Ladlow.


A nice photograph there. Middle Rasen by Alistair Norburn. Hessle


foreshore by Ian Greenwood. Many people spotted you on a day off,


shopping at the Christmas market on Saturday. Did not see him put his


hand in his pocket ones. Once. You would like it there, Peter. The


linking Christmas market was great, we had a fantastic time.


Rather cloudy with some sunshine to come tomorrow. The wind up from the


subtropics which is why it is so mild. The cloud has come and gone


and that will be the same tomorrow. Large amounts of cloud at times.


They give you is is it will be fairly settled for the next few


days. `` the good news is. Tonight, dry with variable amounts of cloud


perhaps a touch of ground frost but no problems. Temperatures around


four or five degrees. There is just a chance of a touch of ground frost.


High water times... I think tomorrow is another pleasant December day,


dry with variable cloud. There will be some breaks in the cloud, some


sunny spells and alike Southwest please so temperatures will be a


little above average. `` and other light Southwest please. ``breeze.


Temperatures slightly above average for this time of year. There could


be some mist and fog and low cloud first thing on Wednesday morning. It


should clear most places and we see sunny spells developing. Freddie


looks fine as well `` Thursday looks fine as well. Cloudy on Friday with


the risk of patchy rain. Address your complaints to Peter Hanson.


I know you are very tight. Say nothing. I will shut up. Some


traders have told Look North they think this year's Lincoln Christmas


Market was quieter than previous years ` with fewer visitors.


But organisers claim it was the best year yet. It finished last night.


Thousands of people visited Lincoln ` over the last four days. Here for


this. The city's famous Christmas Market. I like it here because I


have never been here before. It is really good, better than last year.


There is less crowds without the one`way system. It is the best one


in the UK, it is fantastic. But the Market had a shaky start. Visitors


stopped at the Castle gate. It's opening delayed by nearly five hours


` due to strong winds on Thursday. Still organisers claim ` this was


the best Market yet. But some traders told me they thought it


seemed quieter than previous years. I think this year has been a good


year, maybe not for the numbers, but when word gets around that we have


got it right again, people will come back. It has not been quite so


busy, but that has been great for people because they could stand and


have a look instead of being swept along. The park`and`ride is 8% up on


my steward so I think people spread out a little over the five days so


wasn't so crowded. `` up on last year. Organisers will now review


this year's event. And they'll be looking at the results from this `


the largest`ever survey of visitors here. We hope to learn what people


like about the market. We want to see what they would like to see


improved. Traders spent the day dismantling their stalls. But first


the clean`up here continues ` this lunchtime. With stalls being


dismantled. Over the next few days this area of Lincoln will return to


normal ` before planning begins for next year's Market.


Plans for a new coal fired power station in Yorkshire have moved a


step forward after the government promised more funding to the company


behind the scheme. Ed Davey the Energy and Climate Change Secretary


made the announcement as he visited Drax power station near Selby to


officially open its new biomass plant. The ?2 billion coal`fired


power station proposed for site would use the very latest carbon


capture technology, where emissions are transported through a tunnel


underground in East Yorkshire and into the north sea. This is good


news for Yorkshire because the first carbon capture storage is being


signed and that will bring investment in hundreds of millions


of pounds that we can have another low carbon industry where the carbon


is actually captured and stored under the North Sea safely.


They were beaten to the City of Culture title so is Swansea ready to


take revenge on Hull. Swansea City and Hull City meet tonight just ten


years since they were both playing at the fourth level of English


football. Our sports reporter Simon Clark takes a look at this tale of


two cities. Swansea and Hull, one Welsh and one English but despite


those differences the cities share a lot. Their population numbers are


compatible and their grounds are similar and shared with their rugby


neighbours. But one is a new City of Culture. Both clubs have had


meteoric rises. I saw a documentary on them a couple of weeks ago and


where they were ten years ago, it is remarkable what they have done and


achieved. A big part in the back for all of them. Their play has not


changed over the past 56 years. The way they pass the ball and move it,


they create spaces. `` over the past five or six years. When we get hold


of the ball we are able to keep it as well. Hull City played a


considerable role in the history of Swansea six years ago which enabled


Swansea to see in the football league. Who would've thought they


would meet as mid`table rivals. In this battle of the two cities, it is


currently Swansea nil, Hull one. They have two bind a second away win


and so will have two play like the whole but played against Liverpool


rather than the team that played against Crystal Palace.


We'll have full commentary of Hull City's trip to Swansea. The build up


is already underway on Sports Talk. Kick off is at 8pm.


Tickets go on sale on Wednesday for Grimsby Town season ticket holders


wanting to watch their side's FA Cup match with Huddersfield Town next


month. The Mariners reached the third round with a two`nil win over


Northampton. It's Grimsby's second win over league opponents having


beaten Scunthorpe in the first round.


Grimsby's Strictly star Kevin Clifton and dance partner Susanna


Reid have thanked the public for getting them through to the


semi`finals of the competition. They received the lowest score on


Saturday's show for this Argentine Tango, but were spared the dance off


last night thanks to the public vote. Susanna and Kevin! If it was


allowed ad like to go around to every single person who voted in


thank you personally. Honestly, the public support getting us through


Israel the amazing and I really appreciate it. `` is really amazing.


Well done to them. Good luck for the next round. Camilla Dallara up is in


Bridlington at the moment and she will join me on the radio at midday.


She is in pantomime here. That's it for now. Amazon convert admits


killing Sergeant Lee Rigby tells it all really this is all water. Some


flood victims claim their houses were sacrificed during the tidal


surge last week. It will be bright and sunny at times with top


temperatures around nine Celsius. This is from re in Beverley, all


these so`called flood defence schemes are worthless. Defence in


one area moves the problem to another. The answer is to dredge the


river and cleared out ditches and dikes. Dave in Hull says people who


said they were sacrificed, are they aware that some residents in Hull


did get flooded despite the barrier? It is a natural disaster


and one of the worst for 60 years, coming up with conspiracy theories


is crazy. Strong words on knees. All it says, Debussy has to go


somewhere. `` this CD has to go somewhere. Time for people to get


real. Yes, my property was flooded in 1953. Terry says should the


government be looking at a tidal barrier for the Humber, similar to


the Thames barrier. This would protect barriers north and south of


the Humber Estuary. Finally, this is from Jenny, to the people of Boston,


we are so grateful for their generosity in helping all of us out


as flood victims by donating items to help us. Many thanks to the Red


Cross, the emergency services and everyone else involved and also the


borough council. Heartfelt thanks to all. Thank you all very much indeed


for your flood stories. We are very grateful. Join me on the


radio tomorrow lunchtime. Enjoy your evening. Goodbye.


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