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me, and on BBC One we now join the BBC's news teams where you


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight...


Human remains found in Russia could be the crew of a Hull trawler that


sank 40 years ago. The hope is that somebody, somewhere, will be able to


lay their relatives to rest in dignity.


He wanted 1,000 volunteers to come forward ` tonight Lincolnshire's


Police Commissioner welcomes six new unpaid recruits.


The Christmas dinner ruined by last week's flooding ` and the business


stepping in to make sure the celebrations still go ahead.


We meet the man who shares his home with 1,700 gnomes.


And there is some dense fog around across parts of Lincolnshire and


Norfolk. That will clear up. Join me later for the forecast.


Good evening. Families face an agonising wait to


learn if human remains which have been discovered in Russia are those


of crew members of the Hull trawler, Gaul, which sank in heavy seas


almost 40 years ago. 36 men were lost when the ship sank in the


Barents Sea off the Norwegian coast in February 1974. Bodies were washed


up in the Murmansk region of Russia over the following 18 months and


they've now been discovered by scientists. The crew's families will


now provide information and DNA to help identify the bodies. Jo Makel


reports. Could remains found in northern


Russia be those of crew members from this sunken ship, the Gaul? It's


thought they washed up on the Murmansk coastline in the months


after the ship sank and lay there for decades covered with rocks.


There are remains of between five and ten men. The Russian authorities


and Humberside Police are now trying to work out if they are from the


Gaul. It would be reasonable to assume that bodies from a ship that


sank in the area that the Gaul sank in could wash ashore in this area.


That is not to say that these remains are the remains of crew


members. We have a series of tests to be undertaken before we could


make any further comment or establish any more information about


that. Relatives of the Gaul crew in Hull have agreed to have DNA samples


taken so comparisons can be made. The hope is that somebody,


somewhere, will be able to lay their relatives to rest with dignity and


in a manner that befits them. We have a rip in the timeline of our


family which can never be patched up. I am pleased in one sense that


it looks as if this could be a breakthrough. The families I have


already spoken to, there is mixed emotions. There is a real feeling


that all this could have happened earlier. Questions have always


surrounded the fate of the Gaul crew. In 1974 when the ship sank,


officials blamed heavy seas. But this was the height of Cold War.


Some thought it was targeted as a spy ship. The families hoped for


answers when the wreck was found in 1997. Two years later, some remains


were exhumed in Russia but they weren't Gaul crew members. And in


2002, the remains of four crew men were recovered from the wreck,


although no other bodies were found. When a fresh public inquiry in 2004


again dismissed the spying claims and found the ship was overcome,


some still had doubts. 40 years since the `` since the Gaul left the


fish stocks of Hull, its fate is still surrounded by injury. This


latest development will bring a mix of emotions for the families and


also months of waiting for an answer.


A little earlier I spoke to former Hull East MP, Lord Prescott, who


commissioned a survey of the Gaul wreck in 1999. He gave me his


reaction to the news. Well, it is a curious one. Since relatives want to


know what happened in the end, the pilot `` the possibility that this


could be the remains of people from the Gaul, at least we can address


that. Hopefully, they are. Then we can go through the proper


ceremonies. How do you think the relatives will be feeling? Will it


help? I think it is `` I think it will. It is a highly personalised


thing. People want to know what happens to the ship. We now know


that because of the enquiries I brought in. But what happened to the


crew men who died at sea? If these are the ones, it will bring closure.


There will be uncertainty until we know for sure. Can you speed up the


procedure so it is done as quickly as possible? I think the Humberside


Police working with the Foreign Office and the Russian authorities


have done their best. We have not yet completed the full examination


to establish whether they are the ones from the Gaul. I want to thank


the Russian authorities. I approached the Russian Prime


Minister to ask them to open a grave. It did not turn out to be one


of the crew men, but they have continued and hopefully we have


found that they are the remains and we can give a proper burial. Could


you have imagined, when this happened, that we would be talking


about it nearly 40 years later? Yes, it is quite remarkable, isn't it? It


was the Russian Prime Minister who replace Dashiell explained to me


that it was difficult to dig in that part of the country. `` the Russian


Prime Minister who explained to me that it was difficult to dig. There


were a lot of rocks which are quite common in that part of the country.


So after 40 years, I hope the relatives, who are the important


ones, feel that if it least it is the Gaul, we can give them a proper


burial. Lord Prescott, thank you very much.


We will continue to follow that story.


In a moment, we're with an unsung hero as he prepares for his night


out with Britain's sporting superstars.


The first six of what could be 1,000 police volunteers are being welcomed


into the Lincolnshire force this evening. The Police and Crime


Commissioner Alan Hardwick is asking people to work for free as he aims


to manage a shrinking budget while making police more visible across


the county. Opponents say the money would be better spent employing


police officers. Amanda White reports.


PCSOs have become the modern`day bobby on the beat. Criticised by


some as policing on the cheap, they're about to get cheaper. In


Lincolnshire they want 250 people to do it for free. Volunteer PCSOs are


not policing on the cheap. Their presence on the streets of


Lincolnshire, starting in 2014, will enhance the policing of this county


and will help the county be the safest in which to live. Alan


Hardwick is looking to recruit a total of 1,000 volunteers at


Lincolnshire Police. 250 of these will be Volunteer Police and


Community Support Officers. If this is achieved the cost to Lincolnshire


Police will be ?150,000. Today's lunch time panel on BBC Radio


Lincolnshire need to be convinced it'll work. Presumably, there will


be a cost associated with training them. So it is not as if it is


completely cost free. We have very few people who will volunteer for


all sorts of other things, why would they want to volunteer to be a PCSO?


What society wants is more police officers out there on the beat with


the powers to stop people from committing crime. The voluntary


PCSOs will have the same job as paid officers but they will have `` they


will give hours in the week free. There are major reservations about


the plan. It is a dire indictment of the way the government has treated


the police. It has taken money out of the forces, and we have to look


for volunteers I would prefer police officers. But new volunteers are


coming forward and they will be officially welcomed into the force.


The Deputy Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Force, Keith Smy is at


Police Headquarters. Bearing in mind what we just heard, is this policing


on the chief `` policing on the cheap? No, not at all. It is an


opportunity to invest some upfront money in relation to recruiting,


equipment and training volunteers. And thereafter, very quickly, that


return on investment is a superb return. For every ?1 spent, will get


ten or ?15 back. The aim is to get 1000 volunteers by 2015. How will


you find the other 988? We have over 450 volunteers with us already. It's


essential number of special constables, police cadets and adult


volunteers. This is a new initiative to look at a new type of volunteer


to support our police community support officers. If it will cost


?150,000, some people would say that it will be better to get police


officers. The Commissioner has made it clear that even with a tight


budget he will sustain `` sustain the number of police officers and


police staff for a few years. He has made additional money available to


test this investment. But you would not have chosen this, yet `` it has


been forced upon you? No, I disagree. I am an advocate of the


engagement of the community in volunteering in public services. I


have been a supporter of the special Constabulary for my entire 29 years


of service. We have always had volunteers assisting us over a wide


range of services. Neighbourhood watch, speed watch... Is it not


undermining the existing PCSOs by saying they could get people to work


for nothing? Then they will be at risk anyway? No, I'm firmly opposed


to that suggestion. Our strategic partners have pledged not to


undermine employed staff. This is additional expansion, development of


a range of services for our community. Thank you very much. My


pleasure. What do you think? Do you think Lincolnshire Police are right


to ask for volunteers as a way of dealing with the budget squeeze?


Would you be unhappy with underpaid PCSOs working for Lincolnshire


Police? If you want to comment on this, contact us.


Up to 100 jobs could come to Grimsby as the renewables capital of the UK.


Dong Energy has today signed an agreement with ABP to locate its


offshore wind operations in Grimsby. It's hoped the move will create jobs


and pave the way for a new harbour and pontoon facilities within the


town's Royal Dock. The schools inspector, Ofsted, says


that some children in the Yorkshire and the Humber Region are lagging


behind by the rest of the country. Only 74% of children are at primary


schools considered "good" or "better". In the East Riding of


Yorkshire and North East Lincolnshire more than half of


pupils are in schools which are classed as "not yet good". We are


getting left behind. If we want to compete as a country, complete


economic league and socially, we have to make sure everybody gets a


decent education and we have high standards for all. It is not


happening everywhere at the moment. The system in general is improving.


Controversial car parking charges introduced in East Lindsey just


seven months ago are being reviewed. It comes after residents and


businesses in the area criticised the changes. The District Council


says it will consider two`hour free parking and permit schemes as part


of the review. Hundreds of thousands of pounds is


being spent in East Yorkshire to combat what is seen as one of the


most serious health conditions facing the planet. World leaders


have been meeting in London to consider how to deal with the growth


in dementia cases. In this area many people remain undiagnosed and one


Professor has expressed concern that there isn't enough support for


people with the condition. Our Health Correspondent Vicky Johnson


has more. Dementia is a big problem in Hull.


But poor diagnosis rates mean more than half those with the condition


do not even realise. In UK's every four microseconds. Today, world


leaders have been discussing how to fund research for a cure, and how to


prevent it. Crucially, helping those who have dementia to live well and


with dignity. This woman and her husband were among the lucky ones.


He was diagnosed early. They both get lots of support. We go dancing,


we go on trips to Whitby and two places. `` and two places. It is


having something to look forward to and knowing the support is there at


the same time that helps. Hundreds of thousands of pounds has been


committed to improve diagnosis rates and raise awareness. We will also do


something around the end of the year about being a dementia friendly


city. It is important that if you are in a bank or in a supermarket


you can spot the signs of dementia and help somebody do their business.


But the system is already under pressure. Some fear that if


diagnosis rates increase, it could be at the expense of support with


those already with the condition. There are a lot of risks of making


diagnosis, perhaps making those who are eligible and anti`Tim entered


drug. Not all people with dementia are eligible. `` and anti`dementia


drug. Then send them back to their GP when they need more than that.


The priority here is encouraging those with the disease to lead a


happy and fulfilling life as much as possible.


It is 6:45pm. Still ahead, the hotel stepping in to save Christmas dinner


for some of our's flood victims. And I am an Alford to find out who


shares his home with all of these gnomes.


Short objects still to come on the programme tonight. But before then,


this is Digby Fenn. Thank you very much for that picture.


My grandma has an old cookbook from the 1970s, says this viewer. At


Christmas it is not unusual to find Peter slightly tipsy in the studio,


not sure if it is the record going round, or himself.


That was from 90s `` from donkeys years ago.


In the next 24 hours, changing. Patchy rain. A big change in the


weather conditions. Goodbye to the high pressure and hello to the West.


Westerly 's will dominate the second half of December. At times, we will


have heavy rain and strong winds. But it will not be all doom and


gloom. There will be some brightness. A big change to more


typical December weather. Frog is the main is you at the moment.


Across Norfolk, southern part of Lincolnshire. That frog is pretty


dense. Do take care on the roads. Very slowly, the cloud will push in


from the south`west. The breeze will pick up, too. That should pick up


the fog. The sun will rise in the morning at these times. And these


are the high water times. A dry start, perhaps a bright start and


praises. `` in places. There will be some patchy rain heading in from


that direction. Amounts will be small. Most places stay dry.


Afternoon temperatures will feel quite chilly even though values are


above where we have been today. There will be a blustery south`west


wind. Friday not looking too clever. Cloudy with further outbreaks of


rain. Saturday will be the best day of the weekend. That is the


forecast. You can drive me to drink, working with you every night!


I thought you were about to show and a bad thing picture. I got of quite


likely `` quite live `` I got of quite like to leave.


The winner of the unsung is `` the Unsung Hero award is Neil Kelsey. He


will take his place at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year


ceremony which is being held in Leeds on Sunday night.


Today's school assembly at Bricknell Primary and guest of honour is


Unsung Hero award winner Neil Kelsey. He coaches at the school and


the children have much to say about him and his prospect of winning the


Unsung Hero award at Sports Personality of the Year. I think he


will do well, he has a good chance. Really good. Excellent. I think he


has a really good chance of winning because he is a really good coach. I


think he will definitely do well. It will be exciting for everyone to


watch and exciting for him as well. Neal Kelsey won the award for years


of dedicated service to basketball in Hull and the East Riding of


Yorkshire. He is bouncing with delight at the prospect of beating


stars like Jessica Ennis`Hill and Sir Bradley Wiggins at the sports


personality awards in Leeds. I'm looking forward to it. My son is


coming with me. personality awards in Leeds. I'm


looking forward to it. My son is We are sports fanatics and we will have


a wonderful day. Today, Bricknell Primary gave Neal a wonderful


sendoff before his big day. He is engaging children who may not be


naturally sporty and may not be what Ashton may not want to be involved.


He is also incredibly good at taking the gifted and talented children and


turning them into enthusiastic sportspeople. Whether he wins on


Sunday or not, with these pupils, Neil Kelsey is already a winner.


Good luck to him for Sunday night. You can see the BBC Sports


Personality of the Year on Sunday from 7:40pm. It is from late this


year. Hull City has confirmed that it has


sent a letter to the FA asking for a name change. Assem Allam, the owner,


has confirmed he wants the club to be known as Hull Tigers from next


year despite fan protest. The rivers or we will be considered in April. A


baby `` the proposal will be considered.


A baby penguin has been born in Texas.


The baby, Gentoo, will join other penguins in the polls next year. It


is a nervous wait. In the first few days, any baby animal is delicate.


But the news that we have hatched a baby check is exciting but we have


to wait until things develop. Last week's floods caused problems


for people in this region but many have been heartened by the kindness


they received from strangers. Dozens of pensioners will serve Christmas


dinner by a local hotel after the Age UK centre had to close because


of flood damage. In the surroundings of Hull's Royal


hotel, the food has been donated. Nowadays, it is easy to focus on


profit but there are other things which are extremely important. We


work with various other people throughout the year in terms of the


local community. Today's diners are especially grateful. I did think,


someone has put in a lot of effort. They were saying do it after


Christmas, but it's not the same. People are tucking into turkey here.


People who thought their Christmas dinner had been cancelled. Several


feet of water flooded Hull City centre on Thursday night. The Age UK


centre was one of the victims. We had six parties books `` are booked


and people `` hundreds of people who would have been attending. We have


been able to get people down to the hotel. It is wonderful, the


community spirit that has enabled people to pull together and give old


people a meal before Christmas. There are other examples of how the


weather has brought out the best in people. In Boston, food parcels have


been put together and presents donated for those suffering. There


is a presentation at the Christmas dinner for the best`known


fundraiser. But the ladies are also grateful for the meal. When they


said we could have it in the town, it was lovely, everybody cheered up.


Once I take this costume off, I will enjoy my dinner. And thanks to the


kindness shown here, she's not the only one.


Well done to the hotel. Lots of people enjoy hobbies when they get


home from work. Some people enjoy football and lots of people are


collectors. But very few are like Ron Broomfield.


Meet Ron Broomfield. No one is a bigger fan of these little men with


pointy hats than him. Gnomes are fantastic. Always happy`go`lucky.


You go around, never know what you will find. Different characters. Ron


takes pride in his collection and he says many people come to see his


gnomes. He has got big ones, small ones and even royal ones. I feel a


tad underdressed to be in the company of no royalty. Ron has 1700


gnomes and he has been collecting them for 50 years. Ron even keeps a


record of all his gnomes. But there are still a couple he wants. There


were two doing the leapfrog. And there were some tug`of`war gnomes


which I was hoping to get. I always keep looking out to see if I can


find something a little different to what I have got. I think it is it


obvious what Ron will be looking for for Christmas. He assures me there


is room for a few additions. And well done to Ron and Gemma. And


good evening to Ron's neighbour. Let's recap the main headlines.


?21 million fine for putting staff under too much pressure at Lloyd's.


Families which you learn if human relic `` human remains discovered in


Russia are members of the goal which sank 40 years ago.


Becoming dry and bright. Temperatures around nine Celsius. A


change coming to rain. The volunteers that we were talking


about earlier from Lincolnshire Police.


Terry says, of course this is policing on the cheap. They are not


even trained properly. Sarah says I was a police constable


on Humberside. They are a massive past of the police family. `` a


massive part. But we need more officers as well. Laura on twitter


says that the volunteer PCSO has the same pressures as paid staff, it is


criminal. This is not `` this is anonymous,


from a PCSO. I do not agree with volunteers, we


get slated enough and not being a proper copper.


And finally, the authorities can say what they like, but this is policing


on the cheap. What next, cardboard Bobbies? Join me on the radio if you


can. Good night.


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