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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. The headlines tonight: Calls to electrify the railway to


Hull and reduce journey times to London by half an hour.


I think it would open up East Yorkshire and bring Hull back onto


the map, where it belongs. How the tidal surge cut the land


from beneath these east coast homes. We want someone to have a look, see


the predicament we want someone to have a look, see the predicament


we're in. We do not even get our local councillor here.


A week after the storm The Princess Royal sees the damage to the


historic Boston Stump. The East Yorkshire actor Eleanor


Tomlinson tells us about her role in this Christmas period drama. Don't


forget the detailed five day forecast.


Hello. Rail bosses are urging the


Government to give the go`ahead to plans to run faster train services


in and out of Hull. Politicians say it's essential the area has better


transport links in time for the City of Culture celebrations in 2017.


First Hull Trains has submitted a ?90 million plan to electrify the


line between Hull and Selby which would cut the journey time from East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire to London by up to 30 minutes. More from Tim


Iredale. Could East Yorkshire be about to


join the high speed rail revolution? Passengers travelling from Hull to


London could in future reach the capital in a little over two hours,


shaving more than half an hour off the journey time. It can only be a


good thing, because it opens up opportunities. It would open up East


Yorkshire, and Hull. It would bring Hull back on the map.


Work is under way to electrify the Transpennine route from Liverpool to


Manchester to Leeds. The proposal from First Hull Trains would see


overhead line equipment added to the route between Selby and Hull, which


would link up with the East Coast mainline and in future years could


connect East Yorkshire with the HS2 high speed link to London. It is an


ambitious project. It would cost more than ?90 million, but rail


bosses say the Government should give the go`ahead sooner rather than


later. To electrify the route from Selby across to Liverpool but miss


out that final step makes no sense. We need a decision by Christmas that


allows us to move this project. The rail industry says electrification


is cleaner and greener but most importantly it's faster. The javelin


service from St Pancras to commuter towns in Kent has cut journey times


by half. With the City of Culture coming in 2017, we need high`quality


transport links to bring potentially hundreds of thousands of people into


the city during that year. Network Rail's programme does not bring


rectification to the city until some time after 2019, which is


acceptable. The Department for Transport says it


has hugely ambitious plans for electrification, with a commitment


to deliver 900 miles by 2019 and said it was currently discussing the


possibility of upgrading the Hull to Selby route with Hull Trains.


I spoke to the transport journalist Christian Wolmar. He told me what


difference having electric trains would make. Electric trains are far


better than diesel trains. They are cleaner, they have better


acceleration, they are smoother, cheaper to operate. Electric trains


have everything going for them compared with the old diesels. Only


35 miles, ?90 million, is it worth that? That sounds quite cheap. Not


very many. It is a pretty good deal and definitely worth doing. It will


make Hull much more connected with the existing network. Do we lose out


because spending per head on public transport is lower here? Are we


getting a raw deal? You have to view that slightly in context. There was


a lot more public transport in London and the south`east than that


is up north. Many people will use cars given the distances and the


sparse population in some areas. That is why down south, we get more


money for public transport. It will enable cheaper direct trains.


Wherever there has been electric and, there is a Sparks perfect. It


will attract more people onto the railways. But we have ridden by


2017, City of Culture? That will be tight. It always takes a long time.


Thank you. I would like to hear from you on


this story. What difference would faster, electric trains make to this


area? Maybe you think we don't get a fair share of transport money in


this area? In a moment: The film makers who


captured life on the dole in Scunthorpe estate could make a new


series of Skint in Grimsby. Grimsby is like anywhere. It has


good and bad. A teenager accused of killing his


grandmother has told Hull Crown Court he can't remember attacking


her because he was high on drugs. Irene Dale and her husband Allan


were stabbed in bed at their home in Hull in April. Their grandson Lewis


Dale admits stabbing his grandparents but denies murder and


attempted murder. Jill Archbold reports from Hull Crown Court. Irene


Dale and her husband had been asleep at their home when 18`year`old Allan


Dale needed to get a teaser bathroom. It is alleged they


grandson, who was living with them, lunged at his grandfather and


stabbed him with a knife. I mean was also stabbed repeatedly. The


defendant began to cry as he was giving evidence. He described his


regular use of the drug M`Cat and said it made him paranoid. The jury


heard what he said he could remember of that evening at the the afternoon


taking that struck. He said he remembered going into his


grandparents bedroom but nothing after that, only hearing his


grandmother screaming. He said he remembered feeling he was being


followed. The prosecutor accused Lewis Dale of blaming the drug and


not taking the blame for the death of his grandmother. He said, I don't


know. The case continues. Lincolnshire Police say they think a


double stabbing on Monson Street in Lincoln yesterday evening was an


isolated incident. Two men were attacked with a large kitchen knife


at around half past five. Their injuries are not thought to be


serious. Police say they don't believe there's a wider threat to


the public. Health managers in Lincolnshire say


improvements are already under way at a GP practice, which had been


criticised by national inspectors. A team from the Care Quality


Commission found mistakes had been made in the management of drugs at


the Wolds Practice in Tetford, near Horncastle. Local managers say


they're now working hard to ensure the surgery reaches the standards


set by the CQC. Residents living along parts of the


East Coast say they're desperate for help after the biggest tidal surge


for 60 years left their homes at risk of falling into the sea. The


storm surge last Thursday flooded more than 1,000 homes in East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Residents in Boston were worst hit.


451 homes were flooded in the town. In North Lincolnshire there were


more than three hundred, and in Hull and East Yorkshire a similar number


were flooded. As the clean`up continues, people living along the


coast say they need urgent help from the authorities. Amanda White


reports. Teetering on the edge. These


caravans, near Ulrome, were always living on borrowed time. But, after


last week's storms, residents say more cliff crumbled like cake.


Further up the coast in Skipsea it was a worrying time for Sheila


Garforth. Like many on Green Lane her home is already at high risk of


falling into the sea. I want someone to come and have a look at us to


start to see the predicament we're in. We can't even get our local


councillor here and local MP to come and have a look at how desperate we


are. We know that we can't stop the cliff coming, eventually, over time


but we would like someone to give us something that would help prolong a


little bit longer yet. This was already the fastest eroding


coastline in Europe. Government policy is to build coastal defences


where most live. Bridlington with over 35,000 residents, Withernsea


with over 8,000 and Hornsea over 6,000, all have defences. The policy


for villages, like Skipsea, where almost 700 live is to let nature


take its course. Experts at Hull University say the sheer ferocity of


last week's storm surge means experts need to rethink their


strategies. Every now and again we will get a storm surge. There's no


question about that. Our first duty is to protect life and property. So


we are going to have to make sure that the coast is defended against


those storm surges and that means, in the future, spending money on


coastal defences. East Riding of Yorkshire Council says it will


undertake a survey of the damage. For residents like Sheila, this


means another waiting game. The Princess Royal has been in Boston


this afternoon to inspect the damage done by flood water to The Stump.


Specialist teams are expected to stay there for a number of weeks


while work is done to dry out the stonework and timbers. Sarah Corker


reports. The flood damage Boston Stump


welcomed a royal visitor. Princess Anne is the patron of the Church's


restoration appeal, and visit every year. She has never seen it like


this. She was surprised am quite shocked, I think, at the situation.


She was very interested in how we're going to do with it in the short and


long term. It is difficult to envisage how we will go forward. A


specialist team has been brought in to dry out the centuries`old


building. This chapel dates back to the 1400s. It is a delicate job. The


water flowed through the masonry. We have a wooden floor here so we have


to be very careful how we treat this. A wall of water cascaded into


the church and flooded 400 homes as the River Haven burst its banks.


Everything was just ruined. A week on, my camp at a still overwhelmed


by the damage. Kitchen has got to go. My husband built all this, he is


a joiner, and it has been his love. Nicol has to go. We're trying to


keep strong for each other, but it is making us feel poorly. They are


insured but many others here are not. Repairs to flood defences


damaged by the tidal surge are underway. Here, 200 sandbags are


being used to strengthen the flood wall next to the rear. Long`term


plans to protect the town are being fast tracked. We can protect 20,000


properties more with the tidal barrier. We have 18 looking at how


we can accelerate that programme. Back at the Stump, printers and was


shown the tide marks on the wall. The full extent of the damage it


won't be known until the stonework dries out, and that will take many


weeks. BBC Radio Humberside will be


broadcasting live from South Ferriby in the morning for a special


breakfast programme. Lizzie and Carl are on air from 6am.


Still ahead tonight: keep your photos coming in.


Lincoln in the Mist by Tim Scott. Very nice, back.


How are you? Alex Deakin is running a competition on twitter. You have


to choose a tie. He will wear it on the news channel in the morning.


I have seen that. They are all as dull as ditchwater. I think Alex has


too much time on his hands. If Mr Deakin is watching, good


evening. She will be drinking coffee at a


coffee morning. We are opening the floodgates to a


westerly part which will dominate towards the second half of December.


There is a risk of some heavy rain at times and severe gales. The


recipe is therefore something quite disturbed as we head through the


second half of December. It is milder this evening compared with


yesterday evening. MacLeod has given some patchy outbreaks of rain. It is


the dull and dreary night. We are looking at lowest temperatures


around seven or eight. It is a cloudy start. There will be


outbreaks of rain. It will be a wet commute. Top temperatures, it is


fairly mild. Highs of 11 looking further ahead, there is a vigorous


weather front to come. Saturday and Sunday, daylight hours look fine and


sunny. Next week looks very unsettled.


In Kirby, I think you will find there would be having canapes at the


moment `` therapy. You may remember a documentary


series set in Scunthorpe earlier this year called Skint. It showed


anti social behaviour, drug taking and shoplifting. But there were


complaints that it only focused on the negative. Now Channel Four is


considering a new series which could be set in Grimsby and there are


worries there, about how the town will be portrayed. Sarah Walton


reports. Earlier this year, life in Scunthorpe was the focus of this


controversial broken. Some people did not like the way the town was


shown. Now in Grimsby, filming has started for a possible second


series. No sign of the cameras today but it does not take long to find


somebody who has been interviewed. They came in the pub and we got


talking to them. They wanted to talk to people who knew about the fishing


community. Channel four has confirmed it is researching for a


new series which it says would examine worthlessness. Some filming


has already taken place here on the Marsh estate, an area where more


than half of the people of working age are on benefits. John has been


approached to take part in the programme. The fear was we had no


control. It could be an opportunity. We could get our


fingers severely burned. In Scunthorpe, people said there had


been some benefit, with the council agreeing to renovate one area. As


bad as it is, it needs programmes like that. People sit back on their


laurels thinking, nothing is happening around here. But it is.


Back in Grimsby, there are mixed thoughts about the show. People


always play up to the cameras. I take it with a pinch of salt.


Doesn't matter to those. Because never good for any place to be shown


in the darkest of light. Grimsby is like anywhere. It has good and bad.


More good, hopefully. Channel four will not say whether it will be set


until next year. If it is here, there will be great interest in what


it brings to the town. You might also have a view on this


story if you're from Grimsby. Maybe you're from Scunthorpe and think the


series damaged the image of the area. Libraries could be closed in


North East Lincolnshire because of budget cuts. The authority says it's


also looking at reducing opening hours. A two month consultation's


started looking at the proposals, which would save half a million


pounds. Money's been secured to redesign


Hull's busy Garrison Road roundabout, which has been the scene


of a number of accidents. The Highways Agency is spending ?4.5


million completely rebuilding the junction. A main road will run


through the middle supported by slip roads to take turning traffic.


Work's expected to begin by 2016. The Lincolnshire Police and Crime


Commissioner's plans to attract 1,000 unpaid volunteers prompted


plenty of you to get in touch. Last night, six new recruits were


welcomed to the force. They're volunteer Police Community Support


Officers who will begin training in the New Year.


Here are just a few of your thoughts on the subject.


Hull City boss Steve Bruce says the debate on the club's name change


should go away until the FA consider the matter. Earlier this week the


club submitted a proposal to change its name to Hull Tigers which under


FA regulations should be considered in April. Any more then once I have


already spoken before get in the way. My important job was to beat


Stoke on Saturday. The Louth`based Honda team have


pulled out of the British Superbikes Championship for next season.


They're the reigning champions and last season Alex Lowe won the riders


championship for the team. They say they're pulling out of the


competition for financial reasons. We've been following her progress


here at Look North since she first appeared on the big screen five


years ago. Now Eleanor Tomlinson, who grew up in Beverley, is in the


new BBC costume drama which will be shown on Boxing Day. Some of the


scenes have also been filmed in her home town. We will hear from her in


a moment, but first Amy Cole has this.


For the last five years, Eleanor Tomlinson has been gradually


building her career and making a name for herself. You may From the


teen romcom Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging in 2008 to a part


in Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland ` starring A`lister Johnny Depp ` in


2010. He is the easy as you Here she is after the film's premiere with


friends at Beverley High School discussing her appearance in a


national magazine. Are the key you But Eleanor is not just a star of


the big screen. She's now appearing in the BBC's


adaptation of Death Comes To Pemberley Some scenes have been


filmed in her home town of Beverley and the drama is be screened prime


time on Boxing Day. The three`part murder mystery is


likely to push her popularity even further.


Earlier I spoke to Eleanor from York where some of the Death Comes To


Pemberley was filmed. She told me about her role in the new drama. And


I play Georgiana, Darcy's sister. It picks up about ten years on from


pride and prejudice. Her brother wants to marry her off, but she does


not want to marry the man he wants her to marry. But plenty of love


interest for the character, I bet? Yes, absolutely. Why do you think


these periods things are so popular at the moment? I think nobody does


period drama like the British do. I think we have a knack for it. It is


beautiful. It is a piece of history, and it is the chance to


have something beautiful and very moving and a great story. No one


really does about the British. Now you have found all this fame and


fortune, have you abandoned Beverly and left? Absolutely not. Not at


all. I come back occasionally to see my family. It is really nice. London


is where the work is, so you have to go there. It is really nice to come


back to Beverley. It was amazing to film here. What a fantastic slot


this has got when it goes out. Yes, Boxing Day. Three consecutive


nights. It is amazing. Will you be in Beverley watching it, or


somewhere else? I think I will be hiding behind the sofa. My parents


are really excited to see it. I am really proud of it. We look forward


to seeing it. Congratulations on your success. Thank you very much,


Peter. Great success story. Anna Maxwell Martin, who is also from


Beverley, is also in the production. It is on at 8:15pm on BBC One on


Boxing Day. Look out for the scenes shot in Beverley. Let's get a recap


of the national and regional headlines. Some police and ambulance


helicopters grounded earlier today because of safety fears have begun


flying again. The ?90 million plan to electrify the rail network to


Hull ` cutting travel times to London.


Response on the subject of electrifying the line between Hull


and Selby. Matt says, what a waste to save 30 minutes, why not put that


money to local hospitals the state of the red? Becky said, yes, it


takes an hour on the train between Hull and Doncaster, the same if he


went on car. It would open allsorts of job prospects. James in and


abusive, this investment is an excellent proposal with long`term


benefits. People need to stop moaning. Julian has a warning here,


she says, the money should be spent but it will mean more London


residents moving north, pricing is out of the housing market. Thank you


for those. Join me tomorrow lunchtime if you can on the radio.




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