13/12/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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harshest winters in the Middle East for years strong was in. Draws in.


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


People affected by the tidal surge rebuild flood defences themselves


before more high tides. Months of engineering work. We have


got to try to do as best we can. Fresh walk`outs by firefighters in


their long`running dispute over pensions.


The future of the British Army, new Reservists take part in their


passing`out parade. And why the Lincolnshire climate is


perfect for Hobbits. And it looks like we will have a


windy day tomorrow, but it should settle down for Sunday.


Good evening. It's a week now since parts of Lincolnshire and East


Yorkshire were flooded and residents are being told that hundreds of


miles of defences must be assessed for damage before homes will be


fully protected again. The Environment Agency, which is in


charge of the repairs, says it will carry out emergency work as soon


possible and protecting properties will be given top priority. Some


repairs have already started ahead of high tides which are expected


again on January the 1st. However, as Sarah Walton reports, some people


are already worried the work won't be completed in time.


The flood defences here protected this area for over 60 years. Now


it's a race to repair them. The surge topped, and made a vortex, cut


into the back of the bank, until it broke through. It is breached in


seven places, up to 50 metres wide, and it is back cut on a further 12


places. And this is what happened, acres of farmland farmland flooded.


It is too early to tell what damage has been caused to the crop. The


next high tide in January is not expected to be as high, but in


shadow of the crumbled sea defences, farmers are worried. You are only


talking about two and a half weeks until the next high tide. There is


Christmas as well. The Environment Agency has authorised an image ``


emergency repair in the bridge so we will hopefully get something done in


the next couple of weeks. So the water will not come in again. People


here have permission to do repairs, but only using this soil here. But


too much of it has been washed away to be able to make this back strong


again. If we work together and if the funding can be put in place, I


can be fairly confident that the necessary temporary repairs will be


put in place ahead of the high tides next month. Even the road to the


defences has to be repaired. But it's local farmers that are


providing the material and manpower. And it's a big job. Well, months of


engineering work, to be done before January the 1st. And we have got to


try to plug it as best we can until then. Late this afternoon, the


Environment Agency arrived to assess the damage. They say emergency


repairs along the coast will be made as soon as possible, with protection


here in place by Christmas. Then it's a case of waiting and watching


what the spring tide brings. Lincolnshire was also badly affected


by last week's tidal surge. Millions of pounds is being set aside by the


County Council to help pay for Boston's flood barrier, while in


South Ferriby on the south bank of the Humber, many people still don't


know when they'll be back in their homes. I've been speaking to the


leader of South Ferriby Parish Council, Roy Holloway, and asked him


how people in the village have been coping.


The initial feeling was basically shock, Peter. People did not realise


there was so much water, so fast. Obviously, a lot of people have been


running on adrenaline. But I think we have a period of time now when we


are getting more and more reaction coming out. And I think people are


starting to realise how bad it really was. Dreadful for people


there and in other places, right before Christmas. Well, yes. To be


honest, in our favour, we have been hanging the drum pretty well, partly


because of the nature of the Parish Council, but we are `` we have been


talking amongst ourselves and we are concerned about people in


surrounding areas, we have not had any contact with them, but we are


getting concerned about how they are coping and whether they are managing


to collect as much information as we are. Have you had enough help from


the local authority and the Environment Agency? I think the


initial reaction was pretty slow, but I don't think anyone really


expected this force of water. This last week, it has been pretty


impressive, to be honest. Everybody has had a really good bit of


feedback about the rubbish being collected and taken away


immediately. We have had no vermin problems or anything like that. I


think I speak for most of the people in the village. How big a job is it


now to get South Ferriby back to normal? Well, that is a good


question. I don't know. We are village community, and consequently,


we have rather large gardens, a lot of us. The gardens have all been


devastated. So just about the gardens back on some sort of order


will be an achievement. If we can get people back into some sort of


accommodation and have sort of normality before Christmas, we will


be very lucky. Let's hope so, and we are thinking of the people in South


Ferriby tonight. We have followed this story across


our area and we will continue to do so.


In a moment... The Government announces millions of pounds extra


investment for training colleges around the Humber.


Members of the Fire Brigades Union across East Yorkshire are out on


strike this evening in a continuing row over their pensions. Fire crews


walked out just over half an hour ago and will be on the picket lines


until 10pm tonight. They'll do the same again tomorrow. Rich Walker of


the FBU is at Hull's Clough Road Fire Station. You have had several


strikes already, it doesn't seem to have done much good up until man.


No, firefighters are bitterly disappointed, but here we are again,


time to get the Government to listen to our argument. Firefighters know


we do not have the capability to work until we are 60. The public


have made it clear they don't want to see firefighters in their late


50s up until the age of 60 rescuing them, they prefer to see young, fit


firefighters coming to rescue them. And yet, the Government seem to be


conveyed the ignoring the argument. Many people are fighting fit at 57


or 58 and they cannot retire. Why are firefighters not up to the job


at that age? Well, many firefighters will be, but there has been such


extensive research into the fitness standards of a firefighter, a


front`line firefighter has been compared to front`line operations in


the military and we do not expect to see people doing to war in the


military, at the age of 55 to 60. The fact is, we have no choice, we


will be forced to work until we are 60, and yet we may be able to


maintain fitness standard but we have proved that we will not be able


to do that. We will be faced with dismissal if we cannot maintain the


fitness standards. If these four hour strikes are not getting the


Government to agree to talks, what will you do next? Will you strike


for a full day? Well, that, unfortunately, seems to be the only


option. We do not want that to happen, but what do you do to get


the Government to listen to an obvious argument? Firefighters will


not be able to work until they are 60. If there was a major emergency


in Hull tonight, would you call off the strike you Mac locally, we will


recall to duty. If there is anything like the floods we saw last


Thursday, firefighters would consider leaving the picket line and


going to help the public. Thank you very much.


Let us know what you think about this story. Where do your sympathies


lie in this dispute? With the firefighters, who say it's wrong


that they should be on front line duty beyond 60, or with the


Government, who want them to work longer before they can claim their


pensions? Your thoughts on the firefighters'


strike. A jury in the case of a teenager accused of killing his


grandmother in Hull has been discharged for legal reasons.


17``year`old Lewis Dale, who lived with his grandparents, denies murder


and attempted murder. A date for his retrial will be fixed next Friday.


12 Lincoln City supporters have been described today as "a pack of


hyenas" by a judge. They were sentenced for their part in a


violent clash before a match with Luton Town last season. The men all


received ten`year football banning orders and a total of 31 years in


prison or young offenders institute. Furniture was thrown during the


fight at the Ritz pub in the city and two women received minor


injuries. A man who walked out of a


Lincolnshire prison last year has been jailed for life after going on


a crime spree while on the run. Lease Iris committed a series of


offences after absconding from the North Sea Camp near Boston last


October. He was the subject of a nationwide hunt and was eventually


arrested two months later. Millions of pounds of extra money


has been announced for training colleges around the Humber. It's


part of a new scheme to improve the skills of local people in readiness


for an expansion in the renewables industry. The City Deal will also


give our councils more power to make important decisions. Here's our


business correspondent, Paul Murphy. Here is where today's City Deal


announcement really matters, Hull college is one of those to benefit


from extra money, to buy even more state`of`the`art training equipment.


It is hoped it will make students here more employable. Any investment


or money put into colleges is always a good thing more towards helping


people get qualifications and getting a better job in future. As


the city's Minister signed the City Deal with local politicians, he


claimed it would make it easier to get money for skills training as


well as allowing more big decisions to be made here and not in


Westminster. What this eel is about is the businesses around the Humber,


the councils, are planning for the long`term. `` this deal. They are


saying, we are confident of attracting some pretty important


employers, but we need to make sure that they are going to have the


workforce with the skills to be able to employ them. The renewables


energy industry is the great hope, it already employs hundreds around


Grimsby, but of more investment comes in, the region does not want


to be facing a skills shortage. The Humber is now waiting on two huge


investment decisions. The turbine factory than at the docks, and the


marine energy Park on the South Humber bank. Between them,


eventually creating thousands of jobs. I am keeping my fingers


crossed that we would see the planning permission granted


hopefully before the end of this year, and I am sure that they have


the back`up. The simple message from the minister is that jobs can be


created in the so`called energy estuary. But they will only be


filled by local people if they have the right skills and training.


Paul's with me in the studio this evening. How important for the


ordinary person in the street is this deal for Hull? Most people will


not notice anything instantly, it is like the foundations of your house,


you do not notice them but they are very important. Many potential


investors into this region will tell you it is crucially important that


the local workforce has the required amount of robber skills, the right


training, they are to invest seriously. I was told today that


there are at least five companies circling the Humber at the moment, I


up this region, and skills are something they believe is very


important to get right. Thanks for watching this Friday


night. Still ahead tonight... On parade, the new Reservist who are


the future of the British Army. Keep the pictures coming in. Ian


Robinson took this of Hartsholme Park in Lincoln. Thank you very


much, Ian. Julie Donovan is with us tonight.


Good evening. Good evening. A few nights ago, Paul spell his


surname wrong. It appeared on the graphic, spelt


wrong. He said, you did it! Yes, I spent my afternoons trying to


sabotage... What it ought to do now is go


through all of the shows and put different names in!


This weekend, windy on Saturday, then quieter on Sunday. It looks


pretty decent for Sunday. It has been mild today, it will be cooler


tomorrow, it will feel cool because the breeze will pick up. After a


pleasant started the day, it will cloud over. In terms of wet weather,


it will just be a little bit, all courtesy of this front. Some very


windy conditions to come through Saturday. We have a band of rain


crossing at the moment. It is fairly light and patchy. Any remaining rain


will clear the way eastwards, and into the North Sea. Apart from the


odd shower overnight, it looks like a largely dry story, but a much


cooler one than last night. Temperatures in the towns and cities


getting down to four or five Celsius. Lower in the countryside.


It will be a chilly start tomorrow. The sun will rise at 8:11am. Here


are the times of high water. Tomorrow morning, a chilly but fine


start with some sunshine. The bulk of tomorrow apart from the wind, it


will not be too bad. The sunshine will turn hazy, and gradually more


cloud will spill in from the West. I'd evening, some wet weather


spilling in as well. A blustery wind, it will be gusty, particularly


along the coast. Temperatures in some spots will get into double


figures, but a few degrees cooler than today. Nine or 10 Celsius. On


Sunday, a decent day, particularly through the first half. Dry and


bright with sunshine and a lighter reason stop there may be some rain


in southern parts later in the day. Tuesday looks nice, wet and winds ``


wet and windy for Wednesday. Paul will be very cross about that.


He will be very interested in the piece about The Hobbit.


I'm glad you said that, not me. The latest batch of Army Reservists


have held their passing`out parade in Grantham today. For them, it


marks the end of an intensive, two`week training course. For the


new Army Reserve, it's the start of a big recruitment push as the


regular Army is facing big cuts. John Hess reports.


Ready for inspection, these Army Reserve soldiers completed the first


stage of their military training at their barracks in Grantham. What is


next? What's next? I've got my commando training. They are among


many more Reservists that the Government hopes will offset the


impact of a squeeze on the military budget. The `` `` the MoD wants to


expand the reserve force. But it is doable. We have looked at this


training model. Canadians and Americans are it is doable to have a


larger percentage of the Army from the Army Reserve. It back the


defence minister visits the headquarters of the Army Reserve. We


have a good history of the Army Reserve and we want to build on


that. These sorts of parades, which show the public what the Army


Reserve is about, standing shoulder to shoulder with serving personnel.


But the Shadow Defence Secretary fired this salvo. Can we reduce the


numbers of Wiggo the troops at the speed and in the quantity the


Government are doing, and recoup the numbers of Army Reservists you need


two there are issues around that and that is the better the concern


people have. Regular Army is being cut by 20,000 within the next seven


years. The MoD hopes these soldiers will become a bigger part of


written's defence front line. `` Britain's.


Hull's MPs have met rail bosses to discuss a proposal to run faster


train services in and out of the city. First Hull Trains has


submitted a ?90 million plan to electrify the Hull to Selby line,


which would cut journey time to London by up to 30 minutes.


We talked about this on the programme last night, and thanks to


everyone who's got in touch. A big response on this one, just a few of


the many. Phil texted in to say...


Martin is a hotelier in Bridlington, he says...


Thank you for those. Steve Bruce says he is more concerned with


winning games and he is with the club's name change controversy.


Earlier this week the club submitted a proposal to the Football


Association to change the name to Hull Tigers. Satisfaction for Steve


Bruce on the pitch, but is there too much distraction off it. Despite


Monday night's draw with Swansea, whether Hull City become Hull Tigers


or not, the manager insists his focus is on results. It is the least


of my worries, the name change. As I said, I am more focused than ever to


do the job would was always on the remade, to make sure the club stays


in the Premier League. But the ongoing row doesn't seem to have


affected the team. Danny Graham scored his first goal for the club


at Swansea. And now as they look at their position, Stoke City presents


the next challenge. I have to worry about Steven Gerrard. What is


happening outside, you know, we have to focus on what happens. But away


from the KC, the name change is on the agenda, with the Hull Daily Mail


canvassing the public's view. It is an idea to get an in`depth view of


how the supporters feel. Whether or not they buy merchandise, just to


try and get an overall feel of the mood. And that could be an important


factor, with the FA saying they will listen to supporters' groups as part


of the name change consultation. We are all for progression and growth,


we will never get a better opportunity to be in the Premier


League, but please, there is no need to discard our history and our


heritage. We can have both. Steve Bruce says he's not prepared to


discuss the name change further, as the matter won't be dealt with by


the FA until April. But don't expect that to be the end of the matter for


now, because what's being seen by some as a distracting debate seems


unlikely to go away. And you can can hear commentary from


Hull's match against Stoke tomorrow on BBC Radio Humberside. They'll


also have Scunthorpe against Wycombe Wanderers in League Two, and


coverage of Grimsby against Barnet in the FA Trophy.


BBC Radio Lincolnshire will have Lincoln City's FA Trophy match


against Braintree Town. Scarborough's Futurist Theatre,


which has hosted shows from some of the top names in variety, is to


close. The Beatles, Ken Dodd and Morecambe and Wise are amongst the


acts to have played at the theatre. It's to be closed for three months


in the hope that someone will come forward to run it.


And the theatre at the moment tonight is showing The Hobbit film.


Fans of the science fiction fantasy The Hobbit are expected to pack


cinemas tonight for the official release of the latest film. Now,


when Tolkien wrote "The Hobbit, he said he based the creatures' home on


his memories of the West Midlands, but scientists say their research


shows Lincolnshire was also a major influence, if only because of its


climate. Simon Spark has more. It's one of the most anticipated


films of the year and the second part of the Hobbit trilogy, The


Desolation of Smaug, hits the cinematic screen today. But as if by


magic, the Shire of Lincolnshire has become a lot closer to the action.


Not only does it look a little similar. If we compare this behind


the scenes footage of the first film and do a bit of this with ours,


Lincolnshire also, in an ultimate experience for film enthusiasts, has


been found to have the same weather too. So, what are we basing our


Lincolnshire links with The Shire on? Is it willow tunnels like this?


No, we're talking scientific fact. Sort of. Using the latest climate


model, which can simulate weather conditions on our own and other


planets, scientists from the University of Bristol found that


Lincolnshire and Leicestershire's weather was the most similar to that


of Middle Earth. The main thing we did is, we had to think about the


geography, where continents were, we had to make some inferences with


what Tolkien did not is a surly say explicitly. Lincolnshire looked


particularly like it. It was that sweet spot of being wet but not too


wet. Cold but not too cold. It could explain our bond with Middle Earth


here in Thorpe on the Hill, where they've built their own Hobbit house


for their own little Hobbits. They even have their own Smaug the


Dragon. That's on the top, there is a window at the back. You are


standing on the fire! But it is widely believed to clean based


Middle earth on his wanderings in the West Midlands force it will not


be the first time that science has rewritten the history books.


Kevin Clifton, the dancer from Grimsby, is making final


preparations for tomorrow night's Strictly Come Dancing semifinal with


his dance partner, Susanna Reid. And he's very confident, having just set


a new world record. Kevin has danced 77 "drunken sailor" steps in just 30


seconds and in doing so is now in the Guinness Book of Records. That


was done last night. So, good luck to them for tomorrow. But tomorrow


Kevin must impress the Strictly judges and win a place in the final.


And he goes into the semifinal with the backing of his hometown.


Good luck to Kevin and Susannah on Strictly Come Dancing. Everyone in


Grimsby is rooting for you. You have put Grimsby on the map for the


dancing scene. Come on, Kevin! I want to wish them all the best and I


hope they win. By keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck, Kevin. We hope


you win! It would be unfair to pray for you to win, but all the best for


Saturday and thanks for putting Grimsby on the map. , good luck,


Kevin. We want to wish you the best of luck on Saturday night, keep


dancing! Good luck to them for tomorrow night. Let's get a recap of


the national and regional headlines. The Government is accused of turning


its back on Syria's refugees by not offering any a safe haven here.


People affected by the tidal surge rebuild flood defences themselves


before more high tides predicted in January.


Tomorrow's weather, a dry, bright and chilly start with the best of


the sunshine through the morning. Clouding over and rain again later.


A high of ten Celsius. Talking about firefighters' strike,


Peter says, due try and carry and 18 stone man down a ladder, you have no


idea. Another one, if we don't give firefighters the credit they


deserve, these brave men and women save lives. In the USA, they have


hero status but in this country, the cut their pay and pensions. It is a


joke. I did five years in the fire service Thomas is Lee, trust me, it


beats working for a living! Thanks for watching, have a peaceful


weekend, see you on Monday.


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