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arrives on Friday. Can't wait! That's all from the BBC News at Six.


So it's goodbye from Good evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight. The smugglers targeting the Humber


ports in the in the run up to Christmas ` and those trying to stop


them. Chrysalis for the smuggler is pretty much the same for an honest


person. There is a Bulova business. I'm live at the Port of Hull where


officials are helping to keep illegal drugs and tobacco off the


streets. Forced out by floods ` after the


devastating tidal surge, the temporary classrooms set up for


school children. The visiting team ` Hull City


players make a very special Christmas delivery. I am not a


football fan usually, but has made me more interested in it. They are


lovely. Still Open All Hours, with the comedy favourite set to return


to our screens next week, I speak to its creator Roy Clarke. Wenders c/o,


I bought a while, yes. A stroll down memory lane and joy. That the cast


follows later in the programme. `` forecast.


There has been a rise in the number of illegal goods seized at the docks


in Hull and Immingham. The Humber Ports are among the busiest in the


country and ` in the run up to Christmas ` port officials say


international crime groups try to smuggle larger quantities of drugs,


fake cigarettes and counterfeit goods into the UK. Our reporter


Sarah Corker has been out with Border Force and has this exclusive


report. It's 6am at the port of Hull, a busy


time for those whose job it is to secure our borders. The morning


ferries arrive from Holland and Belgium and Border Force officers


gather intelligence about who and what is on board. Target wise, we


have a couple at freight, which the freight team have got and they will


be addressing. Some of the arriving lorries are selected for closer


inspection. I was satisfied that the paperwork matches what the load is.


Looking for anything that perhaps is suspicious, doesn't add up. Kevin is


a Dutch lorry driver. For him, illegal immigrants trying to get


into his trailer are a constant worry. Sometimes, when you are not


sealed in the trailer, people climb in. If I am caught and I don't know


thoere's people on the side of my trailer, it's my fault. I won't say


I'll get into jail, but you know, it's always my fault and you can pay


a big price for it. It's not just stowaways. At this time of year all


types of smuggling are on the rise. We have had a number of seizures of


cocaine in recent months and there is a build`up of business. We do


find we detect quite few large loads of counterfeit goods, of illicit


goods from September onwards. We also find there is an increase in


tobacco goods coming through in suitcases and in cars. Just in the


last six months, five million fake cigarettes were found hidden in a


lorry at Killingholme docks. A man from Hull was charged with heading a


crime group smuggling illegal immigrants into UK. At Immingham,


cannabis and cocaine, with a street value of ?2 million was seized from


a Dutch trailer. For those with something to hide, this scanner


takes an X`ray of what's inside. The scanner's shown that there is


something unusual about this load, which needs further investigation


and officers are now searching the trailer by hand. A sniffer dog is


brought in to help. Paddy's trained to pick up the scent of drugs and


tobacco. They can be in bumpers, the roofs, anywhere where there is an


actual space, where you can fit something in, that's where smugglers


will hide something. They have found heroin, cocaine, amphetamine,


ecstasy. Checks done, and nothing illegal is found but I was shown the


goods seized in the past two days. We've got tobacco cigarettes.


Prohibited items here, knuckle`dusters, four or five flick


knives, telescopic batons. We don't want those kind of items on our


streets. Every day hundreds of security checks on foot passengers,


cars and lorries, stem the tide of illegal and dangerous goods getting


through the Humber ports. Sarah Corker is live in the port of


Hull tonight. It's a busy time of year as we've heard, have the


authorities got the resources to cope? It is impossible to check


every car and lorry here. This very is about to make the overnight


sailing to Rotterdam. What the authorities will lie on is good


intelligence to control what comes in and out of the UK. They are


asking drivers to report anything suspicious they see at the docks.


Last week, a report by MPs criticised the border force popular


staffing levels and for not making another checks on lorries. Instead,


prioritise and checks on passengers. There is only one


freight scanner shared by the ports of call and Immingham. They found


staff are good at finding illegal drugs, but also says they need to


have more prosecutions of smugglers to act as a deterrent. Thank you


very much. You might have a view on this story,


are the authorities right to be targeting the large scale smugglers


or maybe you think everyone should be searched who goes through our


ports? Email: [email protected], text: 81333 looknorth, you will be


charged at your standard message rate for each message.


In a moment: Forced to work for no pay ` claims that "slavery gangs"


are operating in Lincolnshire. Almost a 100 school children will be


out of their classrooms for several weeks after the tidal surge damaged


school buildings. Pupils from the Gunness and Burringham Primary


Schools near Scunthorpe are facing a journey of five miles to lessons


until the damage can be repaired. Simon Spark has more. The water had


gushed over, straight down here and taking all the equipment with it and


brought the stilton sludge. It has left a total devastation. Every


single corner of every single classroom was two inches underwater


at the Burringham free. I am very emotional, because it is a school we


built, what Ross from a small school and has grown. It is devastating the


impact it has halved. You can see a skip of items used by children. The


estimates at the moment are the building work which need to be


carried out as ?100,000. 21 schools were closed because of the schools,


nine in Hull, aid in Lincolnshire, and for an easy riding. All have now


reopened, and only this one has fully relocated to carry on is


education `` eight. Today, this school reopens but in a different


temporary location in Scunthorpe. The site was a previously closed


primary school, but quickly adapted to get Almighty for children back


into lessons. It is upsetting to hear `` all 92. I have been doing a


better bet. My clozapine boxed up. At the time the flood this should


school should have been performing its Christmas production `` cloves


that rather . People in Hull whose homes were


flooded will get reductions in their council tax while their homes are


repaired. Residents will receive a 50% reduction while the living area


of their property is under repair. Companies which have ceased trading


because of the flooding are eligible for exemptions from Business Rates.


Those still trading can apply for discretionary relief.


Liberal Democrat councillors in Hull have written to the government


asking for improvements to the A63 in the city to be made earlier. The


work is planned to start in 2016 and take four years. Councillors say


moving it forward would boost the local economy and create jobs ahead


of Hull becoming City of Culture. Firefighters will take part in three


more strikes planned for the Christmas period over disputes and


pensions. The union has announced the action will take place on


Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and also January the 3rd.


On the day the government publishes plans for tougher sanctions to


tackle modern slavery and human trafficking, there have been claims


that "slavery gangs" are operating in Lincolnshire. One church says it


has offered sanctuary to six victims of slavery in the last 18 months.


Jake Zuckerman reports. Across Lincolnshire, victims of


modern day slavery inhabit a twilight world of exploitation.


Peter was sleeping rough when he says he was offered accommodation


and paid work. But the money never materialised and he was held against


his will. We've disguised his identity to protect him. Their way


of control it was through fear and B did not prove weight, I witnessed


people being beaten. It was actually done for new people like myself.


They were saying this is what happens. At St Mary Le Wigford


church in Lincoln, they offer support for the most vulnerable in


society. Over the last 18 months the church has given sanctuary to six


people escaping from forced labour. I've had one or two of the gang


masters expressed dissatisfaction with me when I'm giving Santry to


people. We have had one to on our front door. On the whole, it has


been very good for them to come. We are able to move them on out into


places of safety very quickly. Today the government unveiled plans for


new laws to crack down on the criminals responsible. Modern


slavery is an awful crime, and too many victims in the UK. This bill is


enabling us to get other on the slave drivers and the perpetrators


of these crimes, so we will increase sentences for those convicted of his


crimes, be it a life sentence. Here community workers welcome the


government's commitment to clamp down on one day slavery, and hope


the new legislation will put an end to this form of exploitation once


and for all. Thank you for watching. Still ahead tonight: Lincolnshire


air ambulance taking off from RAF Waddington.


I will be talking to the writer of open all hours. And why these Hull


City players are paid a visit. From Phil Sellars. This picture is


fantastic. We are going to Malaga for Christmas. Can Paul do an


accurate Spanish forecast? From moniker? There no chance for


spraying. `` Spain. Here it will be unsettled. Tomorrow looks to be the


best day of the week. The winds will strengthen and rainbow heading. ``


rain will. There has been a lot of clouds on the satellite picture and


it has also been mild indeed. Temperatures were 13 and 15 degrees


this morning. They had been sliding away this afternoon, but there will


be a lot club this evening and overnight. That cloud picking up


some rain, across central and southern part of Lincolnshire.


Further north, one of two showers, but the skies will clear. It may


lead to a ground frost. Watch out for the risk of one to icy patches,


over the ground. The sun rises at 8:14am. So, and I stayed tomorrow.


There could be a patch of fog. Watch out for icy patches, otherwise it is


dry with a good deal of sunshine, although cloud might increase. It is


a lovely day. The breeze is moderate. Let's have a look at


them. Top temperatures coming in at six elders in the afternoon, just a


little below average for December. For Wednesday, it becomes


increasingly windy. The risk of gales by the end of the day. A fine


start, rain had name. Heavy rain when night. Thursday mostly dried,


some sunshine and strong winds return on Friday. That won't be till


after dark on Friday. Peter, that is the weather. Peter gives a concise


summary of the weather. Do we need a weather by at all? We have been at


enough for some time. Don't you forget it. It was voted one of the


best sitcoms of all time and now Open All Hours returns for a special


episode over Christmas after a nearly 30 year absence. David Jason


stars as the shopkeeper, originally of course Arkwright played by Ronnie


Barker. The show was written by Roy Clarke who was also behind Last of


The Summer Wine. of course Arkwright played by Ronnie


Barker. We'll hear from Roy in a moment but first Tolu Adeoye has


this report. It's an all`time British comedy


favourite. For years Open All Hours brought laughs from a small grocer's


shop in Balby in Doncaster ` to living rooms across the country. Roy


Clarke first penned the sitcom in the 70s. The series took viewers


into the life of Arkwright, a middle`aged grocer with a stammer `


his nephew and long suffering errand boy Granville, and the object of


Arwright's desire district nurse Gladys. Roy Clarke, had already


created hit Yorkshire`based sitcom in Last of the Summer Wine when he


first penned Open All Hours in 70s. It kind of brings people's memories


back. Corner shops for a mass part, thickly in the North. They're still


around. I think they believe another time is gone by, and it has created


the classic status that they will bring it back for a new generation.


He's written the highly anticipated one off special which airs this


boxing day. In the new episode David Jason reprises the role of Granville


now running the shop with his son. At least Granville is back in his


penny. Ronnie Barker died eight years ago, but Roy says Arkwright's


legacy will be felt in the special and he hopes it will give everyone


watching an enjoyable half our of classic television over Christmas.


It looks great. This afternoon I went to meet Roy Clarke at his home


near Thorne in South Yorkshire. What are the basic ingredients, then


Roy, of Open All Hours, which made it a massive hit? I think it is a


balmy little self`contained universe. To me, its appeal came


from the same region as musical and variety, because basically that shop


is a stage, and people come in and do their thing and off they go


again. I have a script here for Still Open All Hours for Boxing Day.


Was is exciting to this one? Absolutely, because I thought of


myself retired. I reconnected with the business. When this came up, I


thought wow, yes. A stroll down memory lane and a joy. Tell me about


the shop. It is still there in real life. What is it today? It is a


hairdressers. It is still a hairdressers, just as it was,


modernised a bit since 1983. What a stroke of luck, that it A, it is


still there, and B, they are prepared to let us faff it about.


Does the hairdressers close a couple of days while you do the filming?


Yes. As they did in the original. As well as Open All Hours, you have


done our biggest comedies, including Summer Wine, the longest running


comedy in history. Which is your favourite? Open All Hours is well up


there. There are aspects of the Summer Wine which I am fond of, but


Open All Hours, how could you get a cast like Ronnie Barker and David


Jason together again, it would never happen. It was a pure fluke. I'm


just looking at the script. Are you happy. Is it a hit? I have never any


idea whether it is a hit, never, ever. I have to wait for the


audience, for the viewers to tell me. But if they say, Roy, this is


fantastic. There were great fixures Boxing Day, write a series. Sure,


sure. You would do it? Absolutely. David Jason, what a star. How did


you manage without Ronnie? We don't know yet. That is the big? Over the


whole thing. That massive absence. Can we compensate? We'll see. I had


a little part in Summer Wine. Everybody had a part. If you write a


series, maybe you'll write a part for me. It is a deal. It's a deal?


If you have any influence, use it. If I can get you a series?. Yes, you


will get a part. That sounds like a fantastic deal. I am looking forward


to seeing it. It is a great honour to meet you. Thank you very much.


Hull City has been charged by the FA for not controlling their players at


Swansea last week. They have until tomorrow to respond. Today the


players met some of the children who are having to spend the Christmas


period in hospital. Our sports reporter Simon Clark joined them. It


is a long`standing Christmas edition, and here or Hull City


playing their part. They are handing out gifts to youngsters at Heil


Royal Infirmary, doing their bit. It is nice to put a smile on the kids


face. It is not great to be in here. Anything that can cheer them up over


the period, we are more than happy to help. They are here doing their


duty, bringing smiles on faces. They certainly have a rapport with the


kids. The other big eyes, really down to earth. It is nice men to


comment. They seem down to earth. I'm not a bubble by muesli, but it


has made me get more interested. They are lovely. `` football fan


usually. On the pitch it was a tale of two goalkeepers. Alan McGregor


kept Hull's position is a leader's meanest defence. Supporters signed F


like in their latest effort to prevent the FA agreeing a change to


Hull Tigers. The club's identity is at stake. For somebody to dismiss


it, I think if this to the club. On the busy wards of the hospital,


there was a change in the fortunes of the youngsters.


North Ferriby united face the biggest game in their history in the


next round of the FA Trophy. They'll make the short journey over the


Humber Bridge to Sincil Bank and face Lincoln City. Grimsby Town will


base Maidenhead united. Simon is with me in the studio now, Simon,


how have people at North Ferriby reacted to the news? I think they


are very happy with that drawer. I was talking with a chairman. I said,


today you will get Lincoln City, and it is out at the heart. I'm not sure


linking are so keen about it, because it is not the glamour tie,


but a massive one for us. Last year's runners`up play Maidenhead. A


great chance for them to progress, and they could meet Lincoln


somewhere down the line, maybe at Wembley Stadium.


Scunthorpe United are unveiling plans for a new stadium tonight. The


Iron moved to Glanford Park 25 years ago. The club says it's in


discussions with the local authority about a possible move. Scunthorpe


Chairman Peter Swann believes a new stadium will help boost the club's


income. East Yorkshire Sports Unsung Hero


Neil Kelsey narrowly missed out in the national awards at the BBC


Sports personality of the year ceremony in Leeds last night. BBC


presenter Gabby Logan announced the winners, Joe and Maggie Forber, who


are basketball colleagues of Neil, from Manchester.


A special tribute will be shown on BBC One tonight to the former


England Rugby League International Steve Prescott. Prescott, who played


for Hull FC died earlier this month, after losing his seven year fight


against a rare stomach cancer. During that time he raised half a


million pounds for charity including running from Hull to Manchester.


The tribute will be shown as part of the Super League Show's review of


the year which is on BBC One tonight at 11:20pm.


Grimsby dancer Kevin Clifton and his partner Susanna Reid are preparing


to compete in the finals of Strictly Come Dancing ` after avoiding


another dance off thanks to the public vote. The couple's fox trot


and salsa had put them fourth on the judges' leader board and they had a


tense wait to see if they would get through, as Amy Cole reports.


Grimsby's Kevin Clifton had made it to the semifinal. He and Susannah


were there to give it their all. They'd rehearsed for hours. But


despite their enthusiasm they ended up second to last on the leader


board and teetering on the edge of the dance off. But it was the power


of the public votes which secure them a place in the final. The past


12 months have been a world when for Kevin. Here he is with his sister.


His parents missed about him because they win Italy support in his


sister, who is made ballroom classic champion. We are proud of what they


have done. Right from the age of three, or for, to now, she has


managed to reach the highest accolade she can possibly get. We


have not seen strictly because we've just come home from Italy. We got


the call, and we were so excited. Excitement, nervousness. And belief.


We are so proud. Twitter was alive with messages of support for their


achievement with one tweet saying ` 'so much passion you deserve to be


in the final' For Keith and Judy ` elation. We are very proud. I can't


tell you. Over them, this weekend. It is just amazing. I have been


crying and smiling at the same time. I could take it off my face. I can't


believe it. I was shattered, though. Also running on adrenaline Kevin and


Susannah. Monday nights won't be the same


about Mr and Mrs Clifton on the show. Just reading an e`mail from


Pat. Good luck for Kevin on strictly. I vote for them a hundred


times every weekend. The final of strictly. Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlines. The Prime Minister declared it will be


mission accomplished in Afghanistan when troops leave next year. Effort


to stop the smugglers retarded the Humber ports. Bright spells in the


weather tomorrow. Top tempters tomorrow are cooler, around six


Celsius. A response coming over whether you should think we should


all be checked when going through the ports. We were talking about


smuggling. Hayley says the government should put more resources


to stamping out the smuggling, as it is a drain on our economy, and


costing our local economy. Paul says, if they want to crack down on


smuggling, they need to search every vehicle regardless. Ian says every


vehicle should be checked unless it is a farce. Every smuggler with his


salt will monitor the force and see their weaknesses. It is only a token


check at best which is being done at the moment. Graham says: No wonder


we have an increase in smuggling and illegal immigrants. The border Force


personnel were reduced to save money, and the fact there was only


one scanner shared between the Humber ports is farcical. Thank you


very much for those on the subject of port on smuggling. That is it


from me this evening. Join me tomorrow from midday. Have a nice




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