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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight. Police


thank the truckers helping them catch criminals at the Humber ports.


As you can see, it was well alight. Flaming fridges ` a family and


Trading Standards warn people to check their appliances. The moment


the tidal surge breached flood defences ` captured on street


cameras. And how a 14`year`old boy created


something special for other children in his local pub. Join me for the


very latest weather forecast. Thousands of lorry drivers who use


the Humber Ports have helped police catch smugglers targeting the area.


Hauliers are being asked to give anonymous tip`offs about anything


suspicious they see at the docks. In the last year, it's helped to stop


thousands of pounds worth of illegal goods getting on to the streets.


Nine other police forces are now using the same tactics as Humberside


Police. Queuing up for the overnight ferry


crossing from Hull to Rotterdam. I am from the police, there is nothing


to worry about. As hauliers wait, it's a chance for Det Sergeant


Laurie McIntyre and his officers to check if there's been any suspicious


activity. They can see people getting into the back of wagons,


they are being approached in Europe and in the UK. They are asked to


carry packages for a feud thousand pounds. We are trying to get the


honest drivers to ring Crimestoppers. It's impossible for


them to check every lorry here. Andrew regularly travels through


Hull to get between Ireland and Holland. Sometimes, it is to help us


and the security of what we are doing as well as everybody else.


They shouldn't be coming in. The trade of illegal goods spreads out


along the M62 corridor and across Britain ` often the final link in an


international chain of crime. More than a million passengers use the


port every year. It is one of the busiest frock `` ports for freight.


Intelligence information is vital to control what comes in and out of the


UK. In the last year, police have worked with 3000 drivers. In terms


of the cigarettes coming through, it is ?2.7 million worth of duty that


would have been lost at those cigarettes come through. They seized


a containment of fake cigarettes and had gone to the public, it would


have caused serious health issues. And Crimestoppers are now getting


many more tip offs the authorities can act on. What has been a


Humberside project is gathering pace and going across the UK. Information


has shot through the roof. They don't want to be caught up in any


smuggling or human trafficking. So those who use the docks are helping


to close down the opportunities smugglers have exploited and making


sure nothing and no one comes back across the water illegally.


Sarah joins me in the studio now. More illegal goods are being found


at the ports, so are these tactics deterring criminals? Well the worry


is that as one port tightens up security, smugglers look for another


route in, targeting a different UK port. But this operation is now


being used by nine other forces, including the entire Scottish police


force. Officers are starting to work with German and Polish drivers at


foreign ports. And it may seem like common sense, asking those who use


the docks to pass on information about what they see. But before


this, hauliers were reluctant to speak out, partly due to worries


about their safety. So it helps that information is anonymous. Now even


if drivers carry illegal items without their knowledge, they're the


ones who are punished. So it's in their interest to keep the smugglers


out. In a moment, faster internet in the


villages that pestered the big companies for better broadband.


A fire caused by a faulty fridge freezer has forced a family from


Hull to move out of their home. The Clarke family saw their kitchen


destroyed and according to firefighters were only saved from


serious injury by their smoke alarm. The fire started because of an


electrical fault in their Beko brand appliance. Hull City Council Trading


Standards are now warning other householders to check all Beko


fridge freezers. This is what was left of the Clark's


family kitchen after their fridge went up in flames. As you can see


from the charring, it was well allow `` well alight in a short space of


time. On the November first they were woken up just before seven in


the morning by their smoke alarm. Opened the door and the first thing


I saw was the fridge freezer and flames everywhere. It is not the


sort of thing you would expect to see a fire from. It can get very


toxic and another few minutes could have made the difference between


life and death. And it's not the first time a Beko fridge has caught


fire. The company began recalling nearly half a million products in


2010 after the London Fire Brigade linked certain models to 20 fires


leaving 15 people injured and one person dead. The website warns some


fridge freezer models manufactured between 2000 and 2006 could catch


fire because of a faulty defrost time. Many have been found and


repairs but there is still a number that haven't yet been identified.


The company says it deeply regrets any incident involving any Beko


product and is making a free of charge modification to all affected


models. People don't understand or realise when these products have


been recalled. Sometimes that is the fault of the manufacturer and they


haven't managed to keep track of where those products have done. Hull


City Council has urged residents to check the model of their fridge


freezer. It says it doesn't want any other homes or lives put at risk. We


would like people to take a look at their fridge. If it is a Beko and if


they bought it before 2006, they need to check whether it needs


repairing. The Clarks say they think more could have been done to warn


customers about the fridges but say they've been satisfied with the


support since the fire. They hope to move back home this weekend.


Police have released CCTV pictures of three people they want to talk to


about an attack on the Imam of Hull. The footage shows two men and a


woman walking along Princes Avenue in the city on the night of 30th


November. Rahmat Aziz Salik may lose the sight in one of his eyes after


being attacked on Spring Bank West. One of the largest shareholders in


Lincoln City Football Club is being investigated over alleged financial


discrepancies. Lincolnshire Police have confirmed they are looking into


the Lincoln City Supporters Trust, who were formed in 2001. The Trust


say their account has been hacked and money has been stolen from it.


Hospitals are urging people not to go to the city A because they are


struggling with the number of patients. The Government's committed


?1 million for a road scheme in East Yorkshire. The Department for


Transport has pledged the money for the improvement to Holme Road


Roundabout at Market Weighton, where there have been a number of


accidents in recent years. It's been a day of traffic misery


for commuters in Hull. This morning a broken down lorry and the closure


of a major road caused hours of delays for drivers, and tonight


there are more problems as people made their way home. Linsey Smith is


in our newsroom. Linsey, how bad has it been? Well the chaos started this


morning at eight o'clock when there was a broken down lorry on the A63


in the centre of Hull. One lane had to be closed causing traffic to back


up as far as the Humber Bridge. Some drivers said it added more than an


hour onto their usual journey time. It took three hours for the lane to


re`open and only now traffic is beginning to ease, more than five


hours after that lorry broke down. And this all coincided with the


start of one of Hull's busiest roads, Spring Bank West, being


closed from today for the next two weeks while a railway bridge is


re`built. This road closure and the broken down lorry led to big delays


for many motorists on routes right across west Hull. Tonight we are


getting reports that roads out of the city have been blocked with


traffic. Commuters can expect delays.


The owners of a North Lincolnshire hotel damaged by the coastal flood


say they have closed. Several customers have told the BBC they are


struggling to get in touch with the Reeds Country Hotel about their


Christmas bookings. Street camera pictures of how Boston


was flooded to have been released. We have been looking at those


pictures. This was the moment on the evening of Thursday 5th of December


when Boston's CCTV system caught the flood defences being overwhelmed.


Sea water had surged down the eastern coast of England whipped up


by a storm and made worse by a high tide. The water here trickling into


Church Lane close to the offices of the Boston standard newspaper which


would soon be flooded. Today, businesses on that street are open


once more as life returns to normal. Those involved in organising the


clean`up now plan a flood aid concert to raise money for the


victims. It would help the community and the businesses to trade again.


It has been amazing. We have put a Facebook page up for flood aid a few


days ago and we have 1000 likes on it within a few hours. Local


businesses are showing their support. We have the backing of the


whole community. On that dramatic evening less than two weeks ago,


Street in Boston looked liked canals. Wheelie bins washed away by


the water and this police 4x4 showing the depths of the water. In


the residential areas, 450 properties were flooded. Liz was one


of those forced to flee her home. It could be months before she could


live here again. Coffee tables, TV, a small sofa, dining room table and


chairs, fridge freezer, Corker, tumble dryer, washing machine, pots,


pans, there is nothing left. What the events were living memories of


Boston for some time. With another high tide forecast for the 1st of


January, it has led to calls for the speeding up the plans for a flood


barrier for the time `` town so it seems like this will never happen


again. Amazing pictures there. Good luck to


those involved with the flood concert.


Still ahead tonight: The Grimsby Santa's grotto created by a teenager


to raise money for poorly children. Jack coming this is your favourite


bit. Why is that? It is my favourite bit because it is Santa 's grotto


and this is where the kids come in and get their present.


That is a lovely story. Now for the pictures. A clear starry night at


Claxby radar station near Caistor by Simon Boone.


Good evening young man. Now for this one. Dogs Nativity by Nicola Jackson


whose dogs live in Friskney. Joseph is looking a bit fed up


there. He has a towel on his head! The headline is very unsettled. We


are expecting rain to spread north eastwards. The heaviest of the rain


will be reserved for tomorrow night. There would be a


strengthening southerly wind. It has been a lovely day with sunshine all


around. We have a ground frost already in places. The cloud will


move in and it would being prepped `` patchy rain into Lincolnshire.


Lowest temperatures down to one Celsius. The sun will rise at 815


AM. Through the morning, that cloud will


increase and it will bring patchy outbreaks of rain into east


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. There will be some dry slots in between


the bands of rain but it will turn into a grey, damp and miserable day.


The wind will strengthen from the south`west and eventually we will


get into the milder air. It will be a late thing where we will see


temperatures of around nine Celsius in Gainsborough. Wednesday night


looks very wet indeed. There could be localised flooding in places


together with a strong wind. By first light on Thursday morning, it


is clear again. Thursday looks pretty decent. There is a chilly


wind and it is mostly dry with some sunshine. There is more rain to come


on Friday night. This is my favourite e`mail. We are


big fans of the pogrom and although we live in North Wales we get a


signal for some reason. They watch every night.


Do they want a forecast? It is cold on Mount Snowdon.


I think I could have done that. Campaigners for high speed broadband


in two North Lincolnshire villages are celebrating after getting the


service installed in their homes. Residents in the Stallingbrough area


were left out of a Government scheme to bring fast internet access to


rural areas. But that didn't deter them and as our Business


Correspondent Paul Murphy reports, they've now done a deal with a major


broadband provider. For nearly two years this community


has been camping to get connected to what they say is a vital utility.


High`speed broadband is now being installed here offering new ways for


people to work and play. To be able to access the online content I need


for school and being able to get remote access has been really


important. In the past, we would have to turn and lots of devices off


in the house. Everything from online shopping to remote working now needs


a fast connection. 700 people in these villages have signed up. Not


so much for me but the younger people like to be on the Internet.


We have been waiting and found out that it was coming. It is only here


because local people took matters into their own hands. This community


is one of several in our area to have mist out on a government scheme


to bring high`speed broadband to rural areas. `` missed out. I hope


this serves as an example to other communities that they don't have to


put up with substandard services. If they are not happy, it means they


can get together. They are spending ?530 million to roll out high`speed


broadband. One of the big slices goes to Lincolnshire with just over


?40 million of funding. North and North East Link and share the


smaller sum of 3.1 million and across the Humber in the east


Yorkshire, more than ?5 million has been approved though in Hull, no


funding has been given because of their commitment by the local


provider to deliver fast broadband. Places which don't get this funding


must continue to try to persuade broadband suppliers to come in and


in these North Lincolnshire villagers, they are pretty proud


that they have achieved this. I spoke to Andrew Ferguson from


thinkbroadband.com which provides information about internet services.


I asked why local people were still having to find their own broadband


providers, in spite of the super fast broadband roll out by the


government. The problem is a national aim is 90% will have


superfast broadband. People believe they will be in that last 10%. They


are doing it themselves to make sure they don't miss out and wait even


longer to get any benefits. Why is it so hit and miss? It is a problem


with statistics. The whole project was planned nationally and it has


been passed down to the county levels. It is easy for one or two


postcodes or villagers to be overlooked or stop are there some


places that will never get superfast broadband any time soon?


Places of six to eight houses, it is 2018 before you get anything. Hull


is unique. We lucky not to have Casey in this city? `` K C. It is a


good thing. They have said they will by 2020 get everyone on good speeds.


2020 is a long time away. This variation across the country and


across our patch, it really hacks people off, does net? They have


heard a lot of it and have not seen anything happen for a couple of


years. We are among the five European countries and by 2015 as


long as they don't play a catch up game and bypass cars, which would


keep that crown. Best advice if you haven't got it? Group together and


pester your councillors, pester your MP. Find out what is going on and


what public air `` public money is being spent in your area. Tell me


your experience of broadband where you live and how you'll be affected


if you can't access superfast broadband Scunthorpe United have


Scunthorpe United have re`signed their former striker Paul Hayes from


Brentford. It'll be his third spell at the club where he formed a


formidable partnership with Gary Hooper. Hayes he'll not be eligible


to play until the fourth of January because of FA rules.


The Irish international, Paul McShane, says Hull City have made a


solid start as the Premier League season reaches its mid`point. He


shared a stage with fellow international Robbie Brady at a


meeting of Tigers' supporters in East Yorkshire last night. Here's


our sports reporter Simon Clark. A busy day for Hull city in their


community yesterday. Hours after the entire first team wastes the poorly


children at Hull Royal infirmary well, there was an Irish taste of


the official list. Paul McShane offered his views on the season so


far and the season ahead. We have given ourselves a good chance and we


have been quite solid. We have performed well against all the


teams. We heard we were in Christmas Day. It is a good feel about it


being Christmas Day. There is a lot of games on consecutive days so we


are looking forward to a tough challenge ahead but hopefully pick


up some more points. Both have played their point `` part which


sees them approaching 12th place and 19 points. A good return for the


club. Things are going well at the moment. We have to build on it and


in January, it we may have a few additional signings. We are looking


all right. Steve Bruce has his eye on the January transfer window and


has taken a Dutch striker on trial until the end of the week.


A 14`year`old boy from Grimsby has created a winter wonderland to try


and raise money for charity. Jack Barbour who is recovering from a


rare form of cancer wanted to help other children who are suffering.


It's due to open this weekend at The Mariners Rest which he built with


the help of local people who donated all the decorations.


My name is Jack and welcome to my North Pole.


In a corner of a pub lies a Nativity, a snowy ice rink and a


grotto. This is your favourite bit. Why's that? It is Santa's grotto.


The kids come in and get their presence and it is so special I


wanted to create it because we know these two children called Lucy and


Ryan. Lucy has been really poorly with cancer and we wanted to help


her out. We wanted to raise money for charity. Jack is now in


remission after suffering a rare form of cancer of the larynx. He has


created this winter wonderland to help others in the same situation.


He is cheeky, a typical teenager but an inspiration. We have baking an


appeal on Facebook and people have donated things. `` we have been


making an appeal on Facebook. It has all come together and it has been


fantastic. It is not the first time Jack has used his creative talents


to raise money. We did a Halloween one as well. We had witches, a


ghost. There was cough ins and a chamber and in our kitchen we had a


butcher's one as well. We raised ?2000. Now the team behind this


festive make over want to spread some cheer in the house that Jack


built. Jack is our star of the night and


they are hoping lots of people will turn up. It is open from five


o'clock. If you have a story you think we


should know about, drop us an e`mail. Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlines. New runways at Heathrow and Gatwick are


among the options short`listed for expanding the UK's airport capacity.


Police thank the truckers helping them catch criminals at the Humber


ports. Tomorrow's weather: A cloudy and increasingly windy day with


patchy outbreaks of rain spreading from west to east. Maximum


temperature nine Celsius. Talking about broadband, Chris says


where we live it is easier sending a carrier pigeon and streaming


anything. Joanne says, my broadband is the worst. It is always dropping


and you can't have anyone else. Meg says, our exchange was upgraded but


we too far away from BT to upgrade our street boxes. Mark says, I pay a


lot of money for super broadband. Steve says there are no plans to


upgrade in Immingham. Finally, Gavin says, I moved to let is be a year


ago and now only get a very slow and poor quality Internet connection. If


I could get K see here, I would. Join me for the radio tomorrow if


you can. BBC radio Lincolnshire from midday. See you tomorrow. Goodbye.


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