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let-up. Thank you. That is all from the BBC News at Six. Goodbye. Now we


join the the BBC News at Six. Goodbye. Now we


join the BBC News teams where you Good evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight: ?? new line Thousands of jobs on the way as


a multi`million pound business park finally gets the go`ahead. I live to


reaction `` I am live with reaction to a decision.


Also on tonight's programme: Due to marry in two weeks' time, but left


without a venue following the tidal surge.


The Government defends the use of military drones flown from RAF


Waddington. And behind the scenes with Strictly


Come Dancing's Kevin and Susanna ahead of this weekend's final. Some


kids were talking about is and they said, it is that girl from breakfast


and Kevin from Grimsby. The five`day forecast follows shortly.


It's been described as the biggest economic investment in the area


since the Second World War. The Government has given permission for


a giant business park for energy companies which will employ 4,000


people to be built on the south bank of the Humber. Construction of the


Able UK site will start next year with the company telling BBC Look


North they will begin recruiting after Christmas. Paul Murphy has


this report. This has always been the vision. Now


it's to become a reality. A ?450 million site which will make and


assemble wind turbines for the North Sea. The company behind the site


describes it as a turning point in the economy of the Humber. We're


took about 4000 plus local jobs. `` we are talking about 4000 plus local


jobs. The North of England have been supplying parts and so on.


This 900`acre site has more than a mile of river frontage, a quay will


be built to allow turbine transfer ships to pull alongside. Able UK


says the site could create between 4,000 and 10,000 jobs Working on


building the Marine Energy Park could start as early as January.


It's expected to be completed by 2016. It means creating jobs,


attracting business, creating wealth. We want more engineers.


There is lots of things. A ball UK is promising lots of jobs and says


it could have a profound impact on on companies `` Able UK is promising


lots of jobs. We have added slots to the premises. ?NEWLINE Able says a


number of companies are already in negotiation about moving in here.


There have been objections from rival port operator ABP but they are


not expected to cause major delays to this project. Earlier, I spoke to


Peter Stephenson from Able UK. I started by asking him if this was


good news for the Humber. It is excellent news for the Humber. What


about the government backing? I am very pleased. How soon before you


get started? Ground work will be started in the first quarter of next


year. So the construction starts very quickly. Will these be local


jobs? Yes. We have been working around here some ten years now and


try to give jobs locally where we can. Good news for employment. Can


people start getting in touch straightaway? Yes. TUC any problems


on the funding? `` do you see any problems. No, we don't. Have you got


many tenants lined up and ready and committed to moving? We have a lot


of tenants who want to come here. Regarding the jobs, can you make


guarantees that the jobs will go to local people rather than people


being ferried in, which we have seen so much? We could not guarantee


that. We will be employing the construction side. The preference is


to use local people. Preference is good, but sometimes we see people


shipped in from abroad. No doubt there will be some of that. ABP says


they are disappointed that you have chosen to work in conflict with the


port rather than for the benefit of the Humber. Those are strong words.


I am surprised you have said that. I have never heard that said. They


would not work with others. Willis Cooper your plans? They are doing


their best to try to do so. We're here now. Why cant you work


together? That is a question for APB. Will they scupper your plans?


No. Tim Iredale is in Westminster


tonight. How much pressure has their been from politicians to get this


deal done? We are told that the Prime Minister


and the Deputy Prime Minister put pressure on various officials to try


to get this sorted out as soon as possible. Many feared we could be


talking about a black day for North Lincolnshire's economy. Instead, it


is more of a red letter day for the Humber Green dream. Nobody was more


relieved than the MP whose constituency covers the site, Martin


Vickers. It is a massive boost for the local economy. The construction


industry employs hundreds, possibly thousands. Great opportunities for


small businesses to get involved in the supply chain. Long`term, further


good news in terms of investment and the fact that Northern Lincolnshire


and the Humber region is recognised as a major centre for the


renewables. We're told David Cameron welcomes this announcement. The


government says it is committed to the Humber be in the UK capital of


green energy, and the problems between Able UK and ABP, I am told,


can be ironed out. ABP is still an important player in the green energy


industry because it is such an integral part of the green pop


project that hopes to attract Siemens. At last we have an outcome


with Able UK. It is a bit like that old song about it is a long, long


time from May to December. It certainly felt like that, Peter.


Thank you for that. We want to hear from you on this


story. You heard from Peter Stephenson that jobs are available


from after Christmas. Will you apply? What difference do you think


the development will make to the area?


A couple from Grimsby have been forced to rearrange their wedding


plans, after the venue they booked was severely damaged by the tidal


surge. The couple had booked the Reeds Hotel in Barton upon Humber


for the start of January, but this afternoon the company confirmed, it


has gone into voluntary liquidation. Simon Spark reports.


Tim and Amy had planned their wedding day for two years for the


third January 2014, but just weeks before their big day, everything had


to be rearranged when the venue they'd chosen was flooded by the


tidal surge. It was a lovely venue, with the Humber Bridge in the


background. I grew up in Batson and a lot of my family still live


there. It made sense to Tuesday, as well as being beautiful. But


positioned near the banks of the Humber, the hotel took the full


impact of the water on the fifth December. We realise that Reeds


must've been involved. We have three young children and we wanted a


family celebration for our wedding. It has made it very quite stressful.


You can see the way into the hotel is completely blocked off. This


well`known local landmark has been family run for steam years. In a


statement, they said it has had a catastrophic impact on their


business. And this afternoon a statement confirmed the worst


possible outcome. It said how the business was unable to recover


financially from the cost of the huge amount of work and renovation


now needed and that they'd made the very difficult decision that Reeds


Hotel is to enter into voluntary liquidation. It said the loss of


Reeds Hotel was heart`breaking to the family and is something they


hope to move forward from. The company has been unable to pay its


debt and has therefore had to call in the liquidator, who will sell the


assets then pay out the creditors. The unsecured creditors will be paid


later. It is very difficult for everyone. It is a very unfortunate


situation. Amy and Tim have still been told they'll get their deposit


back, but for the Reeds hotel, this family business, has been literally


washed away. A Boston landlord has been found guilty of carrying out a


double murder. The man will serve a minimum of 27 years in prison. The


body of a missing Grimsby teenager has been found on a beach in


Cumbria. 17`year`old Callum Chapman had been staying with a relative in


Maryport before he went missing on Sunday. Police say that there are no


suspicious circumstances surrounding his death.


Unemployment in Yorkshire and the Humber has fallen in line with the


national trend. The latest figures show unemployment has fallen by


6,000 people, which leaves the jobless total at 239,000. In the


East Midlands ` which includes Lincolnshire ` it had fallen by the


same number, leaving 162,000 people out of work.


Some drainage systems in Goole are to be looked at following a report


into last year's flooding. East Riding Council found that while the


amount of rainfall was not exceptional, there was a failure of


pumping equipment. The council and Yorkshire Water met today to discuss


the report. They accepted its findings and will now act on the


recommendations. Having the agencies working together can only be a good


thing for the town. We have seen significant improvements and


additional funding since the flooding last year. This can you


make it better, I would hope. Still ahead tonight: we catch up


with Suzanne and Kevin. Last night's sunset at South Common,


Lincoln. Alan Mayo. Good evening.


Good evening. Oh, my word. I should have brought


my sunglasses. Somebody said, I just had Paul talking about the history


of snowmen, it was fascinating, should I get out more? Yes is the


answer. Where do the Christmas national this


weekend, so there. You are not gone to Lapland are you?


Yes. Fine with sunny spells tomorrow. Like with sunny spells


tomorrow. They could be a few wintry showers. Tomorrow evening, a few


showers could turn to sleet and perhaps a temporary covering of snow


in places. That is tomorrow evening. For much of tomorrow, it will be


fine. All attention to the west, and very active weather front is


knocking on the door of Manchester now. Is bringing strong winds and


torrential rain. There might be some localised flooding associated with


that. After midnight, it clears up. A few showers could return. The sun


will rise at 8:15am and will set at 3:41pm. Tomorrow will be a brighter


day with sunshine. There will be some local wintry showers. We will


keep our eye on a feature late afternoon and into the evening which


may bring some sleet and rain, or even wet snow. Top afternoon


temperatures, around five Celsius. When you factor in that wind, it


will feel fairly chilling. Further ahead, Friday not to bad. It has


worked and windy again on Friday night. That rain reluctant to play


on Saturday. Sunday, a return to brighter skies. That is the


forecast. You will have two words that `` you


will have to wear that. You look like one of Santa's little helpers.


The Defence Secretary has defended the controversial use of drones, or


unmanned aircraft, in a visit to Linolnshire. Philip Hammond came to


see their operation at RAF Waddington, the command centre of


the UK drone programme. Cameras were allowed to film inside for the first


time, and Jonathan Beale was there. For the first time, we have been


able to witness an aircrew prepare for a mission. They climb into a


windowless room here. This is flying but not as we know it. This crew on


the ground and Lincolnshire is making decisions about life and


death hundreds of miles away in Afghanistan. Have you had to fire


weapons? It is, `` I have, but it is not something I like to talk about.


It is what we do. I you confident you have not hit civilians?


Absolutely. The MoD has allowed cameras into the MoD headquarters.


The RAF say this is proof of how civilian casualties are avoided.


Missiles are diverted to avoid collateral damage. Mistake had been


made. Drones have killed civilians. There has been one incident in which


we are aware of civilian casualties out of over 400 uses of weapon


systems by remotely piloted aircraft. There have been incidents


involving land aircraft. I am afraid the nature of war fair, you cannot


guarantee 100% that there will not be natural damage. The military


shuns the word drone. They insist there is always a person in charge.


This may be the future of warfare. The debate about their use has only


just begun. Another one you might have a view


on. The largest storm water tunnel in


Yorkshire has nearly been finished in Bridlington. It's been built as


part of a ?40 million Yorkshire Water project to improve water


quality at the town's two beaches. A specialist boring machine has been


used to construct the tunnel over the last ten months. It's 800 metres


long ` two metres wide and will help drain away waste water. Never had a


boring machine on the programme before.


Thanks to everyone who got in touch about the two North East


Lincolnshire villages who're getting high speed broadband. Residents in


the Stallingbrough area were left out of a Government scheme to bring


fast internet access to rural areas. But that didn't deter them ` and


they've now done a deal with a major provider.


Farmers in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire say their business is


only just recovering from the wettest summer in a century last


year. The counties provide a third of the country's salad and veg.


Farmers say perfect conditions this year have kept them from catastrophe


but there is still some way to go, as Crispin Rolfe reports.


Coming off the conveyor belt. At this time of year production goes up


from three tonnes a day to 100. Fortunately, this season it's a


bumper crop, compared to last year's horror show ` the weather creating a


perfect storm for farmers. It rained all summer, we could not harvest, it


was a nightmare. . So for an industry which had been bracing


itself for more of the same ` relief.


And with more supply this year, hopefully lower prices for shoppers.


It is peak parsnip harvesting time right now. This machine is running


constantly until Monday. This is in contrast to last year, when wet


weather and freezing conditions ruined half of this farm's crop. In


Lincolnshire, a similar story of regrowth. The county provides almost


a third of the UK's vegetables and salads. Though grower Mark Nundy


says it'll be another year before they can recover fully from 2012. If


we get a year like last year, the is really difficult. This year, we have


recovered a bit. We will see benefits next year. For farmers on


the Humber, though, that recovery remains a long way off after this


month's tidal flooding and the potential for more next year. It's a


harsh reminder for an industry so reliant on the weather, despite


otherwise almost perfect conditions. With the big final just a few days


away, Grimsby's Kevin Clifton says he's proud to have put his home town


on the map. He will partner BBC Breakfast presenter Susanna Reid in


the Strictly Come Dancing final on Saturday night, with rehearsals for


their last routine now well under way. They took time out from their


gruelling schedule to speak to our reporter Phillip Norton.


It's just after nine o'clock in the morning.


Susanna Reid has already been on air for three hours presenting the BBCs


Breakfast programme, but her day is only just beginning ` a new dance


routine awaits. Nail it follows on Saturday. Bring is that trophy.


Her performances with Grimsby's Kevin Clifton have captivated the


viewers and the judges on Strictly Come Dancing. It has been


incredible. It has been much more intense than I anticipated. It has


been fun, exciting, incredibly hard work and very enjoyable. It has been


brilliant. Now for our next couple. It is Susanna and Kevin from


Grimsby. Her performances with Kevin Clifton have captivated the viewers


and the judges. It has put Kevin and his town in the spotlight. I like


the Grimsby is getting talked about. We were out having a coffee the


other day and some kids were talking about is and they said to their


teacher, it is that girl from breakfast and thingy from Grimsby.


Grimsby is more famous than me. And the partnership saw Susanna make


her first visit to the town. I was welcomed with open arms. I had a


thorough ball `` thoroughly enjoyable time. Surely it is not


long until you get the keys to Grimsby. There will be statues,


Kevin from Grimsby. He hasn't so for Grimsby.


They've come close to crashing out, surviving thanks to the public vote,


so they're not taking support from the people of Grimsby for granted `


car stickers among methods being used to gain crucial votes. It moves


is when we read messages from people, and make every moment worth


while. I would act as a massive thank you. Support has been insane


and really nice. It is lovely. It means a lot.


As they face the paparazzi, fingers are crossed. The final awaits ` and


Grimsby is hoping they'll tango to the title. Good luck to them for


Saturday night. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. Sentenced to 35 years ` the rock


star Ian Watkins is jailed for a string of horrific sex attacks on


very young children. Thousands of jobs on the way as a multi million


pound business park finally gets the go`ahead.


Let's go back to our top story about the new marine energy park in North


Lincolnshire Paul is live in North Killingholme tonight next to where


the site will be built. Paul. How big an impact will the


announcement have on the area? I think it will do nothing less than


placed the Humber at the very centre of the European wind energy stage.


That is important. Investors will be looking at this project and other


possible projects around the Humber, and wanting to know how they can get


involved. There will be squabbles along the way but the reality is,


this is happening, recruitment for the construction phase of the huge


project here on the south Humber bank begins in January.


Paul, thank you. Jonathan from Horncastle says, excellent news for


Lincolnshire, and shows the potential for many skilled green


jobs in the renewables industry. Lucy in Lincoln says, great news,


now what about a direct rail link to London, putting the Humber region on


the map. Bob says, hardly anyone in this area will get a job, it will go


to outside contractors. Of course, I put that point to Peter Stevenson.


Tony said, ABP should butt out. This country need to get its act together


with regards to speed in planning and control. Jeff says, while Hull


have been messing about with culture, Lincolnshire Council is


adding something useful. Thank you for the messages. Thank you for


watching. Good night.


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