20/12/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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will keep you up to date. That's all from the BBC


Good evening. You are watching BBC Look North. Our headlines: Three men


are jailed following the petrol bombing of a Grimsby mosque, in


revenge attack for the murder of Lee Rigby. A significance sentence for


three individuals that decided, in the wake of a tragedy in Woolwich,


to take the law into their own hands. They unnecessarily put


people's lives at risk. The pioneering cancer treatment that


could see patients avoiding surgery. Hull City head into their festive


fixtures with fans hoping for Christmas gifts.


To stay in the Premier League. Win tomorrow. That will probably be the


best thing. A win against Man United. That will be nice.


Good luck Kevin and Susanna. Messages of support for Kevin from


Grimsby, ahead of the Strictly come dancing final.


I will be back later in the programme with all the weekend


weather, plus a week ahead at the Christmas week.


Our top story tonight: This was the moment two former soldiers fire


bombed a Grimsby mosque while worshippers were inside. The attack


was in revenge for the murder of Lee Rigby in London, four days earlier.


Today a judge sentenced Stuart Harness, Gavin Humphries, and donele


Cressey, each to six years in prison. They were caught after


filming themselves on CCTV making and throwing the petrol bombs.


Two former British soldiers with unblemished records, but who, on


21st May, did this to a mosque in Grimsby? Inside, members of the


Muslim community who had just finished evening prayers. In a


statement read out in court today, one worshipper said he was about to


open the doors. If he had done so 30 seconds earlier, he would have been


set alight. An hour earlier, Stuart Harness and Gavin Humphries were


caught on their own CCTV camera making the bombs. They were seen


burning off excess petrol in the table and carrying the bombs to a


waiting car. Driving that car was Harness' cousin, 25`year`old Daniel


Cressey. This all took place just four days after the death of


Fusilier Lee Rigby in London. The court heard today how Harness had


been based at the same barracks. In sentencing these men today his


honour, judge Berry said it was a premeditated act of retaliation in


the wake of the death of Fusilier, Lee rig bi. He said, "Whatever your


feelings of outrage, you should have allowed justice to take its course.


He said it was a crime of violence where a particular religious group


were targeted and this kind of attack cannot be tolerated." Hence


the six`year sentence. There were gasp in court when all telemen were


given a six`year sentence, despite the fact that Daniel Cressey had not


thrown a petrol bomb He played his part in a planned and calculated


attack on innocent people doing no more than honouring and carrying out


their religious beliefs in in a sleepy road in Grimsby. As a result,


the judges a accurately reflected his cull pabibility. He had to get


them there, in the hours of darkness, to the scene, protected.


We want to say thank you to our neighbours and the people of Grimsby


and surrounding areas who send us support in the aftermath of the


attack in the forms of cards and e`mails. At what was a difficult


time for the Muslim community we were heartened by the overwhelming


frorp all communities. Locally no`one has hurt in this attack, and


damage was kept to a minimum because of the quick actions of those inside


but the effects of what happened here, are still being felt. For


some, this mosque is no longer their place of santurary. Caroline Bilton


is outside the Grimsby mosque and Islamic do you recall centre.


Caroline, the attack was several months ago, but what impact is it


still having on people there? Well, Tim, in court today a statement was


read out by the Chairman of the Grimsby and Cleethorpes Muslim


community. In that, he said although calm has now been restored to this


community, there is still a fear here that people won't want to come


and worship here. They have improved security. They have installed more


CCTV cameras and today's sentencing isp hoped will draw a line under all


of this, so people here can move forward and so, really, that work


can continue to improve and restore confidence within the Muslim


community here. Thank you.


So, the question we are asking is: How effective are these sentences in


deterring people from carrying out these kind of attacks? Do you think


more should be done to try to stop attacks on minorities? Get it touch


in the usual way. You can e`mail us: text us: .


Stay with us for Friday's Look North. In a moment, the village in


Lincolnshire where residents say they'll be cut off until the New


Year as work begins on a new level crossing.


The body of a man has been found on an estated in North Hull. Officers


were called to the Orchard Park estate after receiving a call from a


member of the public in the early hours. A section of Hall Road was


closed while investigations were carried out. Police are currently


treating the death as unexplained and many residents say they are


worried. Well, it's very nerve`wrecking, yeah. We live in the


end house, you know. She heard a bang, she heard noise in the early


hours. But she lives on her own. The next door neighbour said there was


flashing lights and stuff. It's just a bit weird, isn't it? You are


making up and hearing about a dead body on your own estate, it is mad,


isn't it? You don't know what to think, really. Hull is to be the


fist centre in the country to offer a paineering new cancer treatment.


The new technology uses ultrasound beams to destroy tumours. It means


some breast cancer patients could soon be treated without the need for


surgery. Most of the new money has come from local fund`raisers.


This MRI scanner at Hull Royal doesn't just take detailed pictures


this. One can treat patients as W scientists say it could


revolutionise care, reducing the need for surge in some breast cancer


patients. What we would like to do, once we have done our pilot study


and some research, is to treat the tumour where it is, but actually


then, for the patient not to progress to surgery. This would mean


the patient would be able to skip the surgical procedure. This new


technique is thought to be very safe, as they are constantly


monitoring throughout the process. They use the MRI scanner to get 3D


pictures of the body without using X`rays then ultrasound beams are


guided by the MRI to the site of the tumour, so it can be blasted and


destroyed. Ann Purdy is a former breast cancer patient. She says the


new non`invasive procedure could make a huge difference. I, every


day, live with the scarring of mastectomy. After that I had to have


reconstruction and ` just the trauma of that, physically and emotionally,


has been quite a journey. This project is not just a first for the


city. It's the first trial of its kind in the UK. We've got a huge


opportunity here to really be a leader in the game. Certainly within


the UK, if not certainly in Europe and possibly even globally. The


equipment we have purchased is right down there at the back. Much of the


?400,000 cost of the equipment has been raised locally.


I just feel very proud. I hope we can continue to go from


strength`to`strength purchasing equipment like this for this area.


If this pilot project is deemed to be a success, this technology could


be adopted across the world, meaning many thousands of women with the


smallest tumours, could one day avoid surgery.


Some more of today's news now. A Hull teenager accused of stabbing


his grandmother to death will go on trial for a second time next month


after the original jury were discharged for legal reasons.


17`year`old Lewis Dale is accused of killing his grandmother, Irene. He


denies murder and attempted murder. He will be tried again next month.


A man has been jailed for life for the murder of an antiques dealer


from full Sutton. Peter Battle was found dead at his home in February.


27`year`old Graham Richardson, will serve a minimum of 27 years in


prison for murder and robbery. There will be a six`monthd


consultation into the speed limit on a major road into Grimsby. Some


motorists argue Peaks Parkway should have a 40 miles per hour limit. Last


night councillors voted against immediately increasing the speed


limit from 30. The matter needs to be dealt with now. The sooner the


better and to wait for another six months, I feel is really


unnecessary. What that says to me is that an


awful lot of people are going to end up being fined for the next six


months. I don't think it is fair. Work will begin tonight on a level


crossing which people living in a part of Lincolnshire, say will leave


them completely cut off over Christmas. People in parts of


Saxilby, divided by the railway line, will have to take a shuttlebus


to get from their homes on West Bank into the village. The work will


continue into the new year, as Jessica lane reports.


Preparing for their first family Christmas at home in years. Maggie


says being cut off won't be convenient, especially when people


are coming with overnight bags and presents. They are having to go up


to the sports field, leave the car, on to a minibus. Round to the


drop`off point, walk over the footpath and the bridge, on to


another minibus and down to our house and unload again. Network Rail


says the crossing has to be fully upgraded. The work was originally


planned for the summer but had to be put back when this route was used as


a diversion because of a spoil heap slip at a Coylierry.


Shuttlebus also take them to this footbridge. They'll have to walk


over and get on a bus at the other said. Network Rail said:


Simon runs a sub diving business and says Network Rail has gone out of


its way to help people. They have offered to help us carry any


equipment we need over the footbridge. The crossing gates have


also been the bane of our lives. With the new barriers, the train


will come, the barriers will go down, up they come. The work will


finished in January when the gates will open again, allowing West Bank


villagers to cross into their village once more. Still ahead on


the programme: # Good morning to you... #


As Kevin and Susanna prepare for the Strictly final, their support from


children at Kev's former school. He is really good. I want him to win.


I'm really proud of him. Kevin and Susanna, good luck.


Tonight's weather image is the Christmas tree in Queen Victoria


Square in Hull from Saskia Blacker, with what is it, five more sleeps to


go. And thank you for all your messages about Peter Leavy's


whereabouts. Derek did tweet and say ` has he got a bug, has he got that


Christmas bug called tinselitis? Paul Hudson didn't seem too


concerned and Keeley is here? Has Peter got you a Christmas present?


He wasn't poorly at all. I went out for lunch with him. He is slacking.


He has been scouring the pound shops for his present. That's definitely


Paul. Good weather for last`minute Christmas shopping? Some heavy


showers about tomorrow. Sunday doesn't look too bad. But I tell you


what, if you are making the Christmas getaway, that dash on


Monday, allow plenty of time. Horrible wet and windy weather to


come. Tomorrow breezy, with plenty of dry weather and some sunshine.


Watch out, a few very heavy showers in the offing. You can see that


weather system that will affect us through the coming night. Behind it


breezy conditions. I think this will be a theme through the next few


days, we will keep that breeze. You can see this mass of cloud out to


the north`west. It has spilt south`eastwards. The skies are


cloudier. Already patchy rain around. Through the course of the


evening, gutsy winds and along the coast outbreaks of rain from the


north`west. It'll clear to the south`east later in the night T


won't be a desperately cold night. Much milder than the frosty


conditions we woke up with this morning. Temperatures around to six


or seven. The sun will rise in the morning at 8.17 and setting at 3.42:


So tomorrow, a bit of a mixed bag. It is going to be a breezy day for


all of us. There will be a decent amount of bright and dry weather


about. But there will be the risk, on and off through the course of the


day of little bands of showers pushing through. I say "little."


Some will be heavy with squally winds and the risk of thundser but


it won't be raining all day. Temperature`wise into double figures


tomorrow. 10 is 50 Fahrenheit. Sunday, probably the better chance


of staying dry and it'll be cooler. Still we'll have that breeze. As I


mentioned earlier on Monday. Wet and windy weather sweeping in from the


west. I'm hopeful after a wet start it the day on Christmas day. It'll


brighten up from the north. Thank you very much. We'll keep an


eye on that whether as the weekend goes on. Our top story again and the


jailing of three men for a fire bomb attack on a Grimsby mosque. A judge


sentenced Stuart Harness, Gavin Humphries and Daniel Cressey, each


to six years in prison. They were caught after filming themselves on


CCTV, making and teling the petrol bombs. .ify as mug hall is from


Faith Matters `` Fijaz z Mughal is from an organisation aimed at


joining together different religious groups. Do you think this will deter


other attacks on mosques I think so, they are heavy sentences. It'll send


out a strong message. Strong sentencing. We welcome that. We've


had the conviction of Lee Rigby's killers for that terrible attack on


Woolwich. Do you fear there could be a new wave of attacks on mosques? We


do fear the possibility of some kind of reprisal on the back of what has


happened. However what we are seeing right now is not the level of


activity we saw post`Woolwich. The activity is minuscule compared to


what it is in Woolwich. So there are positive indications that what


happened after Woolwich and the backlash is not happening now.


That's a positive side. We say to members of the Muslim be community,


stay vigilant. In mosques, think about the safety and imam's safety


and watch around the bounds of your mosque. We had the situation where a


man, in jail now for 40 years minimum, put bombs and other


materials in the West Midlands. We say to mosques, nothing to worry


about you but keep a watching eye around your institutions. In recent


years, governments have worked hard to try to prevent the radicalisation


of young Muslim men. Do you think there should be a similar scheme in


place, targeted at young, white men with extremists views? This is what


the new extremism task forces paper, which came out last week, tries. I


don't think it gets the balance right. But it has inserted in there


the Irish issue of far`right activism. We say `` the issue of


far`right active. We say it is targeted towards the small number of


Muslim men. We say they need to keep an eye out into the small area of


trying to attack far`right extremists which predominantly


focuses on Muslim communities. We must leave it there. Unemployment


across the UK has fallen to its lowest level since 2009. The latest


figures released earlier this week, show the jobless total has dropped


by 6,000 across Yorkshire and the Humber and it has fallen by the same


number in the East Midlands, which includes Lincolnshire. Over the last


few months, we have been following these four, Teri, Stefan, Josh and


Jess, who are all hoping to find work. Gemma Dawson has been finding


out how they are getting on. This is Josh's dream job. He has been


helping out at this building centre in Horncastle for the last few


weeks. He wants to stay and with a eventually like a permanent job


here. Mainly it has been out in the


warehouse, helping a few customers get, for example, some cement bags


and bit wood and loading it on to the vans and stuff. Mainly just


helping customers. So we have been looking at functional maths and


English today. This is a little bit of a fun activity. Back in college,


Josh and Jess are half`way through their traineeship. The past few


months on in course has helped Jess make a big decision about her


future. I'm currently looking at a teacher assistant diploma that I'm


going to go on for a study programme next year. I think it was the fact I


was in work placement I felt so comfortable. I felt comfortable


there and it didn't take me long to get into the swing of it. Can I have


a toffee and the lemon drizzle case. In Ruskington Stefan has made a


decision about his future. He has been unemployed for 17 years due to


epilepsy, but plans to launch his own literacy business on February.


When you are on dole, as they put it, you don't get much money. It is


not like somebody is already working in a job, getting a nice income and


starting up their own business would be a dro. For me, I'm getting very


little anyway, about ?100 a week, so I don't have to earn that much to


actually replace the dole. Terry, too, has made a life`changing


decision. She has been looking for work for more than four years and


feels she has tried everything to find a job. She has lived here in


Bridlington for most of her live but is now planning to move to


Doncaster. I've no more connections here any more. So, I think the best


thing for me is to get out of this area, go somewhere fresh, and


hopefully, fingers crossed, there's better prospects out there for me,


in another part of the country. So, these four are all now hoping


the New Year will bring new employment opportunities.


We will be keeping an eye on their progress in their hunt for work. Now


thanks to all who got in touch last night about the incentives to offer


windfarms ` incentives to people to allow windfarms to be built near


their homes. Audrey Page phone us phone `` phoned us to say:


Finally, Angela and Steve in Grimsby believe this is nothing short of


bribery: Strong words there, to coin a


phrase. The Hull City manager says the team


has had a great 2013 and he wants next year to be even better. Steve


Bruce was speaking ahead of tomorrow's match with West Brom. The


first of four games over the festive period.


The Tigers go into the match in 12th position in the Premier League and


Simon Clark has been finding out what fans want for Christmas.


They may have drawn a blank against Stoke City last week but for the


Tigers, it was another point gained in their bid for a second season of


Premier League foot bau. 16 games played, 19 acquired. Steve Bruce has


been reflecting on a very happy 2013. Let's hope that 2014 can be


just as good as what 2013 have been for us. We have had a great calendar


year. Let's hope it continues. Te Kanawa heart of Hull city's success


has been their inpenetrable defence. We've not scored as many goals as


we'd like. To keep clean sheets, it gives us an opportunity to take


points. Four important matches face the Tigers over the festive period


with games against Manchester Manchester United and Liverpool


standing out. So as they wondered among the festive gifts at the Hull


City shop, what did fans want from their team over Christmas? A win


against United. To stay in the Premier League. A win or draw


against Manchester United. A win tomorrow. A great win against


Manchester United. After this next game it is back`to`back games with


Manchester United and Hull city are be wanting to nudge above 40 points.


Most teams that achieve that at the start of the season, remain in the


Premier League for the rest of the season.


You can listen to that match on BBC Hummerside. Commentary of


Scunthorpe's match against more come will be on the AM frequency.


He started by dancing in his mum and dad's living room. Now the boy from


Grimsby is preparing to dance in front of 10 million people on


national television. Kevin Clifton will take to the floor, alongside


his celebrity partner, Susanna Reid in tomorrow's final of Strictly come


dancing, and nowhere are they prouder of him than at his old


primary school. I'm from Grimsby. Good luck Kevin


from Grimsby. At this primary they have been doing a lot of dancing and


a quick look at the register reveals Kevin James Clifton, a am forepupil


or Kevin from Grimsby as he is better`known. We are watching avidly


to find out what he is up to. We are very proud. It is a big talking


point in the school. Our moat yoe is ` where little stars shine ` he has


gone ton prove from a little star to a big star. Fingers crossed for him.


It seems his talent was there for an early age, shining through within


these very walls. He was always dancing, always so good at dancing


and he loved doing shows. I particularly remember him doing an


assembly where he did a makal Jackson impression and he just wowed


everybody. He was absolutely fantastic.


An inspiration for current pupils. Some are even members at Kevin's


parents dance schooment Knowing he came here and one of my friends


knows him. It is amazing. And in the area where Kevin grew up, everything


is crossed I'm Brenda from Grimsby. I wish you all the luck in the


world. I'm doer even for Grimsby. I wish you all the success for


tomorrow night. I'm Lin from Grimsby. Well done for everything so


far. Have a fantastic night tomorrow night It is a woman's programme,


really. I'm Ben from Waltham, by the way. As we were filming, who should


pop in? It's Kevin's dad. Keep your fingers and your legs crossed. We


will be dialling tomorrow. A lovely euphoria going out. Hopefully,


fingers crossed everything will work out OK. Have you heard from Kevin?


Haven't heard from him. He is playing low key. I will not phone up


and pester him. Hopefully everything is under control. This time


tomorrow, one man from Grimsby and the BBC's Susanna Reid will be on


the dancefloor, with them the hopes and support of an entire town.


I'm Pam from Grimsby. I would like to wish Susanna and ketch the best


of luck. I think they are going to win. `` and Kevin.


Good luck. Philip, from Grimsby, for BBC Look


North. I'm sure they will be dancing in the streets of north`east


Lincolnshire if Kevin does the business. Now a recap of the


headlines. Nigh gel la Lawson's assistants are cleared of fraud


after claiming they were allowed to spend huge sums if they kept quiet


about her drug use. Three men are jailed for a petrol


bomb attack on a Grimsby boss which was carried out in readvantage for


the killing of Lee rig bi. Tomorrow's weather, another windy


day with sunshine and occasional blustery showers merging into longer


spells of rain. And, on the fire bombing of the


Grimsby mosque, glen on text says ` I fear these attacks will get worse.


Mary says ` more should be done about people who are ill literate


and uninformed in this neck of the woods. That's it from Friday's Look


North. Normal service is resumed on Monday. I will be back in the chair.


Have a good weekend. Goodbye.


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