23/12/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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itself. Thank you. That is all from the BBC


Hello, good evening, you're watching BBC Look North. Our headlines


tonight: The local councils making record profits from parking charges


and fines. They can't set the parking charges


higher than they need to for parking policy purposes just because there


is a shortfall, works maintenance budget.


Delays and cancellations as stormy conditions bring a difficult start


for the Christmas getaway. The forecast was so bad, I decided to


leave a little bit earlier. This time last year, Burton Fleming


was flooded. Now engineers are looking at how to lower the flood


risk. And after putting Grimsby on the


map, Strictly's Kevin Clifton comes home to a hero's welcome.


And a warning in place across much of our region. Join me for the


latest. Our top story tonight: Drivers are


in Hull and parts of Lincolnshire are funding record profits from


parking charges and fines. According to figures released by a leading


motoring organisation ` the City of Lincoln had the largest recorded


surplus in our area. However, both Hull and North East Lincolnshire


have seen big increases in the amount of money they raise from


parking. Jessica Lane reports. Finding a place to park and paying


for it. Subjects which can drive motorists around the bend. The RAC


Foundation says we should know where our cash goes after we've put it in


the machines. We would want every local authority to be required to


give an annual report to explain why parking revenues Research by the RAC


Foundation suggests that, in the last year, the City of Lincoln


council made more than ?2 million from car parking charges and fines.


Are what they are. Local authorities across the rest of Lincolnshire made


more than ?2.5 million. Hull City Council had 1.9 million in surplus


money, more than double that made in the East Riding of Yorkshire at


?800,000. More than ?1 million was collected in North East Lincolnshire


and nearly ?700,000 in North Lincolnshire. Some say the extra


cash could be spent helping businesses. I would like to season


them like a disabled permit given to each shop in the area, then if they


have customers who are disabled, they can buy a permit. People in


Hull are surprised about the money made from parking. It is outrageous.


People come into the town to try to spend money and profit the time,


when all profit is being made by the Council. It is an absolute fortune,


and it could be used for an awful lot of things, I should think.


Figures are calculated by adding up parking charges and penalties


notices, and deducting running costs. The Council say it is not a


profits. They had to spend some money on improvements.


I'm joined live by the deputy leader of Hull City Council Daren Hale.


Your authority has continued to increase the money it is made from


parking charges. Our motorists are convenient cash cow? No, because


that money goes into a load of transport schemes. In Hull, we have


the bus pass for pensioners, so they can get a bus at any time, we have


to pay for Park and right, parking schemes cost a lot of money. We have


also got a load of money spent on road repairs and improvements. But


that applies to all authorities. Your neighbour in the East Riding of


Yorkshire has gone the other way. We only get funded for residents that


live in Hull. East Riding residence, induced museums and the


Art Gallery and so on. Councils do not make a profit out of anything.


That money goes towards general council spending. It will be cuts


this coming year. It goes towards funding transport schemes but also


paying for vital services. Wouldn't it encourage people if parking


charges were lower and they went good to get a ticket? A lot of


businesses need that parking turnover. They need to stay in town


just for a couple of hours. We do need turnover and we need parking


enforcement. As parking schemes are in force. It is important we


generate money and it contributes to vital other services like museums,


galleries and theatres. Thank you very much.


We'd love to hear from you on this story. If you're a driver who pays


parking charges, are you happy that the profits are well spent or do you


think they could be put to better use? Let us know what you think.


Stay with us for Monday's Look North.


The Premier League champions are coming to Hull ` the Tigers prepare


to take on Man U. The high winds which caused severe


disruption in the South and across Wales earlier today have been


causing problems in Lincolnshire this afternoon. Train services have


been disrupted, while drivers on the Humber Bridge have also been


affected. Forecasters are warning that the bad weather will continue


through the night. Caroline Bilton has been following events throughout


the day. Where have the main problems been?


The main problems have been on the trains. However, winds of up to


50mph has lead to the Ouse Bridge on the M62 being closed to high sided


vehicles. Speed restrictions on the Humber Bridge have been reduced to


30mph. Let me bring you up to date on rail services.


East Coast Trains are running a reduced service due to speed


restrictions being imposed to and from London Kings Cross. They're


slowing everything down in case there are fallen trees. Ticket


restrictions have been lifted to allow people to travel earlier


should they wish to avoid delays. East Midlands Trains will also be


running a reduce service to London. They're offering a full service on


their other routes but journey times will be extended due to the speed


restrictions. And there is disruption on First


Hull Trains between Hull and Kings Cross ` trains may be delayed by up


to an hour and some trains will start and terminate early. It's by


no means been chaos but it has caused disruption for those trying


to get home for Christmas. I decided to leave early because the forecast


was so bad. I need to try and find a way to get home. We were booked in


for one for 25 to three, but at Kings Cross, they are telling the


body to just get on a train. The bad weather is expected to continue into


the evening so there is potential for further problems on the rail


network. Train operators are warning it could have a knock on effect on


trains in the morning. The advice is to avoid travelling in rush hour


tomorrow and perhaps delay your journey til later in the day when


the weather is expected to improve. We have been urging people to travel


today because the worst of the weather is expected to come this


evening. We expect we will have to reduce services to just four trend


in in and out of King's Cross inside of the normal seven. It will be


quite challenging conditions out there. Perhaps today your journey


For the latest travel information do listen to your local BBC Radio


stations who will have updates every hour. Until later in the day. Thank


you. Hull City Council says it must find


?48 million in savings over the next two years after receiving


information about its likely funding from the Government. The authority


says that means it faces a cut of more than 23% and this will


inevitably change the way that some services are provided. The


Government says Hull's spending power will fall by only 5.5% over


the next financial year. Police have started a search for a


man who's gone missing at Bempton Cliffs near Bridlington. A camper


van belonging to 47`year`old Simon Hodgson`Greaves was found parked at


the RSPB visitor centre yesterday. Police say they're exploring the


possibility that he may have gone walking and got into difficulties.


An inmate who was found dead at Lindholme Prison near Scunthorpe at


the weekend was stabbed, a postmortem examination has revealed.


The 22`year`old man, who has not yet been named, was discovered on


Saturday afternoon. Two other prisoners, aged 23 and 26, were


arrested on suspicion of murder. They have since been released from


police custody and returned to prison while inquiries continue.


Three people from Hull who died in a crash near Malton at the end of last


month have been named. 40`year`old Iwona Bartczak and her 18`year`old


son Konrad died along with 47`year`old Rysard Orlowski after


the car they were travelling in hit a van on the B1248.


12 months ago, people in Burton Fleming spent last Christmas pumping


out their homes and businesses. Now engineers are looking at three


options to prevent future flooding in the East Yorkshire village. An


alarm system's been installed in the beck and the Council's investigating


ways to reduce the risk of any similar flooding in the future.


Gemma Dawson reports. Whenever it rains here, people


nervously watch the beck. That's because last Christmas, this is how


the village looked. We were not back open to the end of February. We were


out of work until then. Once we reopened, we have slowly, gradually


been getting our customers back, but it has taken a long time to get up


and running properly again. Prince Charles heard about what


happened here and visited in the summer to meet the flood victims,


including Joyce and Chris. We first met them in January, surveying the


damage to their home. Christmas Eve, wasn't it? Every time it rains, you


think, is it going to come again? An early warning alarm system has been


installed in the beck here ` and the council's bought its own pumps. A


recent report blamed record rainfall and high ground water levels for


this flooding. There is no guarantee it won't happen again, but the


council is investigating three ways to try and prevent it. One option is


to lower the carriageway, which would allow floodwaters travel


through the village in exceptional circumstances, and the road might be


close, but that is better than having properties flooded. Another


option is to upgrade the transport system.


It's welcome news for Gillian, the new landlady at the Burton Arms. She


wasn't here last Christmas when the pub's restaurant flooded, but


remains optimistic this won't happen again. Hopefully, there have got on


top of it now, and from here on, it will get better and be safer.


Hopefully, the measures they will put into place will not happen


again, and I really hope it doesn't.


So for now, residents here, hoping this Christmas will be a dry one.


Still ahead on tonight's programme: Strictly's Kevin from Grimsby gets a


standing ovation as he returns to his home town.


You couldn't wish for a better Christmas, really.


Sunset near North Newbald on the edge of the Wolds by Ian Lyall.


Thank you very much for that. So, on a day when we faced chaos on the


roads and disruption on the rail network, there is only one man to


blame. Good evening to Paul Hudson. I am indebted to you. Of course, it


was accurately forecast. Let us look at the warning in place for tonight


and tomorrow. I think bed`macro will return `` I think gales will return.


We are looking at 50 mph, even up to 60 mph in some places. Look how


tightly packed these isobars are. There will be a lot of shelter for


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. I suspect many places through


Christmas Eve will be trying. The main rain band is clearing. There


was a wave on this, and it will come back for a second bite at the


cherry. It will become dry just for a time. More rain sweeping up from


the south`west. Lowest temperatures down to three or four Celsius. For


Celsius is 39 Fahrenheit. Weather`wise, I think it will be


bright with some sunshine. Many of those will be dry tomorrow. There


will be that strong, south`west wind. Gales fairly widespread at


times. Let us look at the top temperatures. It will feel pretty


chilly outside. Highs of about six Celsius. That is slightly below


average for late December. Christmas Day and Boxing Day look fine, with a


lots of sunshine, and much less windy. Wind and leg`macro return on


Friday. So it is looking a bit better for


the white`haired man with a beard. I thought you were talking about


Peter at first. Yes, it should be better for Father Christmas.


Boxing Day at the KC Stadium in Hull sees the biggest game of the season


since Hull City's promotion. The Tigers entertain champions


Manchester United and that means a chance for Steve Bruce to meet his


former side. Bruce has yet to beat the team with which he once lifted


the Premier League trophy. Here's our sports reporter Simon Clark.


It's perhaps too early to call these heady days for Hull City, but this


game at West Bromwich Albion saw them claim their 20th point of the


season. After Jake Livermore's goal, the Tigers were pegged back by this


late equaliser. So far so good, though, this season. Just the small


matter of the Champions next. For lovers at Hull, what better day to


have it and Boxing Day `` for all of us at Hull. This is how Manchester


United warmed up for their trip to East Yorkshire. They plunged a


dagger through the heart of West Ham United at Old Trafford making the


team of David Moyes look ominously like the one bestowed by Sir Alex


Ferguson. Steve Bruce has done a really good job with Hull. He has


done a great job. They will be a hard team to beat. They have found a


bit of form. There were very convincing winners not the weekend.


It is going to be difficult. There is no real expectation. All the


expectations on them. So, the biggest game of the season is coming


up. Whether you support the Tigers, the Iron or any of the other sites,


the festive fixture list looks as tasty as turkey and stuffing itself.


And those festive fixtures begin at the KC with Hull City against


Manchester United It's a 12.45 kick off and you can hear full commentary


on that game on BBC Radio Humberside. The build up starts at


12. Scunthorpe United look for their


first Boxing Day win since 2008 when they travel to Bury. The Iron are in


good form and Saturday's 2`0 win over Morecambe means they're


unbeaten in five league games. Another win on Boxing Day could take


them top of League Two and make Russ Wilcox a strong favourite to get the


manager's job permanently. All I can do is keep repairing the players the


best I can each game, and give the credit to them. It is all about


them. It is not about individuals who is in charge. It is a great


group we have got here. The Iron's match at Bury is also


covered on BBC Radio Humberside they'll have full commentary from


Gigg Lane from three o'clock BBC Radio Humberside and BBC Radio


Lincolnshire will both feature Lincoln City's match with Grimsby.


It will be on AM, digital and the web on BBC Radio Humberside And


across all frequencies on BBC Radio Lincolnshire. Kick off is at one


o'clock. Kevin Clifton, better known to


millions as "Kevin from Grimsby" thanks to his starring role in this


year's Strictly Come Dancing, has been back on the dance floor in his


home town. 12 million viewers watched as he and his dance partner,


Susanna Reid, were beaten in Saturday night's "Strictly" final.


But just 24 hours later he was dancing in Grimsby and he says he's


been proud to put his home town on the map. Phillip Norton reports.


It was a welcome home like no other. With his fiance, fellow Strictly


Come Dancing performer Karen Haur, Kevin from Grimsby returned back to


the dance floor in the town he's put on the map. I invented a few dances


with my fiancee, Karen. Everyone is Marley and clapping you couldn't


wish for a better Christmas. 24 hours earlier, he had put his home


on the map again in the final. Where's Kevin from? Grimsby!! Oh yes


will stop by look where I am from. I am proud of Grimsby `` I love where


I am from. I am proud of Grimsby. The fact it gets mention the biggest


show every week, brilliant. Millions of people had voted him and BBC


presenter Susanna Reid through to the final three of this years


competition. They were beaten by model Abby Clancy, but in the eyes


of everyone at his family's annual dance school Christmas celebration,


he was a winner. Last night, when he's danced his showdowns, I cried.


I cried. It was beautiful. I am gone to watch him in one of the shows


because they are brilliant. It is unbelievable. To see that polished


performance, it is fantastic. And during the night, he swapped


Susanna ` for Sue ` a lucky winner of the raffle for a dance with her


hero. You are lovely. ??NEWILNE With his newly crowned ballroom champion


sister watching on, it was a proud end to an incredible few months for


the family Today the couple are heading to New York for Christmas.


He never body was a winner. Absolutely. Today, the couple heads


to New York but will be back again soon. I love my fish and chips and


my mushy peas. I am from New York. New York, Venezuela and Grimsby.


Kevin, the dancer from Grimsby, with a place in the nation's heart.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines: heavy rain


and gale force winds sweep the county causing chaos for people


travelling this Christmas. Local councils in East Yorkshire and


Lincolshire have made record from parking charges and fines.


A big response on the money gained by councils and parking charges.


Alan says, if you don't parking charges, leave your car at home.


Janice says, I live in market raisin, I go to Louth, Grimsby or


anywhere in preference to Lincoln because of its parking charges.


Kayleigh says, parking charges are too expensive. The roads in the


county of Lincolnshire are terrible. Brian says, I run a removal company


Hull, and I would do jobs in the city centre because I immediately


become a target for wardens. Thank you for your thoughts on that. This


is the last full length Look North for this year, but we will be here


with regular bulletins across the festive season. And we'll leave you


tonight with the voices of the East Yorkshire based "All for One" choir.


The choir was involved in supporting Hull's victorious bid to become City


of Culture for 2017. We caught up with them at the city's Holy Trinity


church to sing for us "Mary's Boy Child". Merry Christmas from all of


us at Look North. # Long time ago in Bethlehem so the Holy Bible said #


Mary's boy child Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day # Hark now


hear the angels sing a king was born today And man will live for evermore


because of Christmas Day. Mary's boy child Jesus Christ was born on


Christmas Day. While shepherds watched their flock by night,they


see a bright new shining star, they hear a choir sing a song the music


seemed to come from afar. Hark, now hear the angels sing, a king was


born today, And man will live for evermore, because of Christmas Day.


Now Joseph and his wife, Mary, came to Bethlehem that night, they found


no place to bear her child, not a single room was in sight.


For a moment all the world was aglow. Now Joseph and his wife,


Mary, came to Bethlehem that night, they found no place to bear her


child, not a single room was in sight. Hark, now hear the angels


sing, a king was born today, And man will live for evermore, because of


Christmas Day. # Hark, now hear the angels sing, a king was born today,


And man will live for evermore, because of Christmas Day. # Oh, my


lord... #.


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