24/12/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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struggled with an Australian barrage all tour. Let's hope this guy has a


lot more success with his deliveries. That is all from us.


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. Health officials say a


ground`breaking project in Hull is helping to reduce bed` blocking in


hospitals. Thornton Court is a sort of halfway house between hospital


and home, where frail and vulnerable people can learn to live


independently again while still receiving the care and treatment


they need. Our health correspondent, Vicky Johnson, has more details.


Hello. Hello there. When Viv broke her hip, she was


worried she would have to stay in hospital for weeks. Instead, she's


been transferred to this special flat in Hull.


There are some exercises you can do for me.


Visits from physios and occupational therapists have quickly helped Viv


get back on her feet. A home away from home. Gorgeous.


I'll be sorry to leave, really, but I do want to get home.


One of the scheme's main aims is to reduce pressure in local hospitals


by discharging patients like Viv as soon as possible.


We've worked really hard with the hospital and our local authority


partners to make sure we're not bed` blocking, because that is not right


for the individual who's sat in that bed. If you're ready to go home, if


you want to go home, that's the best place for you to be, and this


provides a sort of halfway house. Not quite home, but very homely.


In the past, patients like Viv might have needed residential care until


they were fit enough to go home. But 80% of those who've used this


service have either needed no support or only minimal help when


they've left. I think it's saved money for the


whole system, that's health and social care, because people who have


used the service here have spoken positively about it. They've had a


chance to invite their family to see how well they're doing, use all the


services, physios and the other therapists. They go home with a


total care package. The local council and NHS say their


collaboration on this project has been ground`breaking. It has already


been so successful they plan to open another four bedsits, so that many


more people like Viv can benefit from the scheme. Vicky Johnson, BBC


Look North. Lincolnshire Police has appointed a


new permanent Deputy Chief Constable. Keith Smy has been in the


role since August on a temporary basis. He's now been confirmed in


the position full time by Chief Constable Neil Rhodes.


In just over an hour's time, fire`fighters across East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire will stage a five`hour strike. It's the seventh


time since September that industrial action has been taken. It's because


of a row between the Fire Brigades Union and the Government over


pensions. People are being warned to take extra care because of the lack


of cover. Hull City Council say jobs and


services will be cut because of a large reduction in the money it gets


from central government. The authority says it will have to find


?48 million in savings over the next two years. Councillors are concerned


that essential services will be hit, but the government says the city


gets a fair deal. It's more difficult to make cuts


with the amount of money that is already removed, because in a sense,


the low`hanging fruit and the softer efficiency savings have already


gone. This will mean a loss of jobs. This will mean a loss of services,


and it's a direct result of those huge budget cuts from this coalition


government. Local authorities get different


amounts depending on where they are, what the need is. Somewhere like


Hull actually gets more than the average in spending power, getting


on for ?2,200 per dwelling for the entire area. So it's already above


the average in terms of the money it has to spend.


Christmas Eve services will go ahead at Boston Stump tonight ` less than


a month after it was flooded. These were the scenes after the river


Haven burst its bank. Organisers say temporary heaters and a sound system


means that they'll be able to welcome the public into the church


for two services this evening. Scunthorpe United have appointed


Russ Wilcox as their new full`time manager. Wilcox had been in


caretaker charge since Brian Laws was sacked a month ago. Since then,


the Iron have won four and drawn one of their last five matches.


Time now for the weather. Hello. A decent day for Christmas


Day, but it is rather breezy out there at the moment. The strong


gusty winds, gale`force winds potentially along the coast, will


ease overnight. A few showers through this evening, but then it


will become largely dry overnight. A frosty end to the night.


Temperatures falling back to one or two degrees. There could be the odd


icy patch into Christmas Day. Christmas Day itself looks like a


very pleasant day. Dry and bright. Spells of sunshine. Most places will


stay dry. The breeze will be lighter than it has been today. But it will


be chilly ` six or seven degrees the high.


That's all. I hope you have a safe and enjoyable Christmas Day. Look


North is back on Boxing Day. it from us - we are back on Boxing


Day at One o'clock. Merry Christmas. Hello. The weather has been a little


kinder today to travellers and last-minute Christmas shoppers


across England and Wales. Not as bad as we feared across Northern


Ireland. We have a warning out across parts of Scott and for that


strong wind through this evening. Up to 80 miles an hour across the far


north of Scotland


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