26/12/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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News Channel. We are back with the late news at 10.00pm.


Good evening and welcome to Look North. Tributes have been paid to


the former Deputy Lord Mayor of Hull, Labour Councillor Sheila


Waudby who has died. City Council leader Stephen Brady has described


her as a "formidable lady who did a magnificent job for the people of


Hull." Wildllife crime officers in


Lincolnshire say they are will be clamping down on those indulging in


blood sports this festive season. It's a popular time of year for


activities including hare coursing. Linsey Smith has been out with


officers. It's an early start for wildlife


crime officers. They're soon responding to reports of suspected


hare coursers on the Fens. I have heard every excuse in the book.


Walking the dogs, breeding the dogs, setting the dogs. We have heard them


all. It may be the season to goodwill but not much is being shown


to wildlife at this time of year, with these officers as busy as ever.


It is not long before officers are apprehending a very well`known Corsa


in Boston. `` a very well`known courser in Boston. In his van, they


found items associated with hare coursing. Anything you say may be


given in evidence. Wildlife crimes are something that many people. The


above. We don't want to round here, we really don't. Officers say those


wanting to get their festive fun in the fields should be warned. They're


on duty ` to clamp down on this less than peaceful paststime.


Football ` Premier League champions Manchester United beat Hull City,


but not without a fight. The Tigers put on one of their best displays of


the season and were unlucky to lose. Here's Simon Clark.


On reflection, it is games like this that teams strive to be promoted


for. Could this game live up to the hype? We have got a very good


chance. It is important we play well and we enjoyed ourselves. Here is


what happened in minutes three. Ten minutes later, we had this. Cue the


Manchester United fight back. Smalling after 19 minutes. Then a


presentable chance to the snarling Rooney. In the second half, the


Tigers fight remained. And then. So painful. I thought there was


absolutely outstanding, and it was a pity. It was really good. I really


thought it would end in a draw. To beat the big teams like this, you


have to be faultless, and unfortunately, we were beaten by


making too many mistakes. This game had just about everything save a


whole city win. They have got to regroup and get together. They are


playing full here in a few days time and if they play like that, there


has every chance of getting three points.


Elsewhere, new Scunthorpe United boss Russ Wilcox saw his side draw


two`two at Bury in League Two. And in non`league's Conference Premier,


Grimsby Town won the Lincolnshire derby 2`0 at Lincoln City.


The BBC's much`anticipated new costume drama Death Comes To


Pemberley begins tonight starring Beverley`born actresses Anna Maxwell


Martin and Eleanor Tomlinson. The drama is a sequel to Jane Austen's


Pride and Prejudice and was filmed at locations right across Yorkshire


including some scenes in Beverley's Guildhall which doubles as a


Georgian courtroom. Paul Hudson has the forecast for the


rest of this evening. The dry evening across all areas. A touch of


frost across all areas. Wind and rain will sweep him from the


south`west. Lowest temperatures could be down to zero. Tomorrow,


that rain is out of the way. Lots of sunshine developing. Widespread


south`westerly gales. Top temperatures eight or nine degrees.


That is the forecast. We're back just after 10.15pm, with


a further update for you. Bye for now.


Hello there, most of us have had a quiet Boxing Day, mostly dry,


chilly, lingering mist, light winds. That is all about to change. The


next storm arriving on our doorstep right now, over night tonight will


see wet and windy weather. The winds peak tomorrow lunchtime. It has


started raining in Cornwall, the rain will sweep eastwards. For all


of us overnight wet and windy weather. Snow to the Pennines. For


most of us wet and very


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