27/12/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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England's road to recovery. There is more throughout the evening on the


BBC News Channel. We're back with the late


Good evening and welcome. People from a village badly affected


by a tidal surge three weeks ago are about to complete a charity walk.


They were aiming to raise hundreds of pounds for flood victims in South


Ferriby. Paul Lead has the story. When the surge struck three weeks


ago, many homes on the banks of the Humber were under water. South


Ferriby was badly hit. But it has brought people together to help.


This the start point of a charity walk this morning. It's brilliant.


These people are prepared to give up some of the Christmas holidays and


people here have Christmas cancelled. My grandma has happily


affected by the floods so I'm doing this to help others. It's a chance


to help the community and people that have been affected by the


floods. Their route through towns and


villages in North Lincolnshire took them to Appleby, Broughton and


Brigg, and people who'd heard about the floods were quick to donate


cash. It will be months before all the homes are repaired, and they'll


be keeping their eyes on high tides predicted next week. But in a


crisis, they now know they have neighbours they can count on.


Strong winds have caused some problems on the roads. It's thought


a gust of wind played a part in this lorry spilling its load of tonnes of


cat litter on the Immingham junction of the A180. Both the Humber Bridge


and the Ouse Bridge were closed to high`sided vehicles during the day.


Air display teams from around the world are being invited to help


celebrate the Lincolnshire`based Red Arrows' 50th display season. Events


are being planned for 2014 to celebrate the milestone, including


displays at the Royal International Air Tattoo in Gloucestershire and at


the Waddington Air Show. ?10,000 is being spent buying the


latest technology to loan to elderly people in East Yorkshire. It's hoped


if they learn to use the tablet devices, they will be able to get


access to health advice, as well as keep in touch with family and


friends, as Amy Cole reports. Since October, this group of pensioners


has been learning how to use a tablet. Today they are being taught


to make a video, something they've never done before. Where going to be


very busy. Peter Copley is aged four years old. The tablet is taking time


for used to. You could just walk around with the tablet and to show


it to the family so they can have a conversation with the person at the


other end. The rest of the class gets 13 to see how it works.


And a chance to have some fun with it. `` their chance. The hope is


that eventually, they use the tablets at home to video call family


and friends. My son and family live in Cheshire and my grandson is


particularly competent at iPads and the like so I shall enjoy being able


to compact `` contact him. Last week, I was reading a book, which


was great and it's great that I can enlarge the figures and letters. The


pilot is a joint partnership between GPs and the council. We've got a


vast area of thousands of square miles and rural projects `` villages


and this project makes it easier to connect people. The group will be


encouraged to download apps to help with their health care needs and


interact with their GPs. Hull City could be without their


goalkeeper Alan McGregor and David Meyler for the team's home game


against Fulham tomorrow at the KC Stadium. Both were injured in the


game against Manchester United, which the Tigers were at one stage


leading 2`0. However, a James Chester own`goal made it 3`2 to give


the visitors victory. Very good. They had their chances but they


played really well. The buyers did great today. I've lost all respect


for Manchester United. This is a ridiculous schedule that we have to


play when there is so much at stake but we'll have to recover in time


for Saturday. Scunthorpe United were denied a win


late in stoppage time when Bury scored to make it a draw. Sam


Winnall tapped this in to put the Iron 1`0 up. But after firing in a


second, he was then sent off after a second booking for the way he


celebrated the goal. Bury came back and levelled the game just before


the whistle. Third`placed Scunthorpe are away at second`placed Oxford


United on Sunday. Now the weather forecast with Paul


Hudson. It's been very gusty. There were


gusts of 75 miles an hour earlier on. Tomorrow, south`westerly gales


were moderate overnights and they will be squally showers which will


die away. Watch out for icy patches. Lows of two Celsius in rural


locations. Less windy but still quite breezy. A day of isolated


showers but most places try and find with a good deal of sunshine. Top


temperatures coming in at six Celsius. Widespread frost on


Saturday. Sunday looks dry with some sunshine but strong winds and


further heavy `` have you went to come. We are back just after 10pm


this evening with a further update. Goodbye.


Good evening. What a week it has been, a stormy start, a law through


Christmas, then a wild end to the week, had to keep up, isn't


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